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first for frens

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Source please. One of these days I will enter smg for somerhing other than good pictures

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First for SPAQ master race.

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when the anime female has a disgusted expression I just want to sniff her anus even more

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kek was about to make thread with same edition name

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jjune, it's in the filename my blind fren

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>You're never gonna make it if you own gold, divvies, tankers, etc
>Netflix gonna moon
>Tech is a doombull bubble that's gonna pop on coronoa recovery news

There I saved the spammers the effort

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6th for the big tech bubble pop

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what the fuck are these futures. this week has BEEN SO FUCKING SHIT. GOD DAMN

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Aaaaaaaaaaaa the wheel flew off and my fren wojak is in the cargo compartment how do we stop the car!!!!!! Pls help us SOLO chads!!!

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>Ebang International Holdings Inc. Class A Ordinary Shares, also called Ebang, is an investment company, which engages in the research, manufacturing, and sales of telecommunication products, blockchain processing units for mining cryptocurrencies, and the provision of related services.
>chink shit brand new to RH
>already up a wee bit from listing
>muh blockchain for based retards wanting to trade crypto

thoughts /biz/?

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It’s happening bros

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you forgot:
>what happens when Workhorse wins USPS contract?

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>just migrated to /biz/
>renewed purpose in life
>/biz/ framed by kikes for hacking twitter
>probably gonna get shut down
Its not fair.

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Do you think GUSH will have a good run in the next couple of months? I have a few calls.
I was looking at getting some exposure in NAIL and DFEN as well

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Oh... so you're an unfunny cunt as well.

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Nobody could have predicted a crab market. Absolutely nobody.

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zoom out. Also is earnings season in volatile period for the market which puts sell pressure on, not because of necessarily bearish feel, but because of tendency to de-risk before important earnings calls.

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>You're never gonna make it if you own gold, divvies, tankers, etc
this is true, this stuff is truly for clueless retards, oil and energy companies too
you're buying a portion of s&p that is the weakest part of it. just buy bluechips and spy if you're in it for the long term

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honestly if 4chan got shut down tonight I wouuldn't care that much over this mismanaged shithole

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I just started to invest like a normal person, too

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>NASDAQ is down more than S&P
I hope you sold your TQQQ.

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what are you on about?

>> No.20397908

yes, sell the tiny dip, buy high and sell low the smg way

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But was ironically too lazy to

>> No.20397913

Oh no, I guess i'll just have to rebuy those calls I sold today. :D

Thank you RH for giving minorities access to options

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This site gets blamed for everything. This isn't new.

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Why yes I did close my SOXL puts at a profit earluer today, how could you tell?

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what are my fellows CAPR chads holding?

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Thoughts on their results this friday?

JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs surprised estimates.

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The hacker known as 4chan

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joke's on you, i'm not afraid because a chunk of my portfolio is already at rock bottom valuations and isn't even at risk of bankruptcy like airliners. Death of retail turned out to be overblown, and Q3 financials (not Q2 though lol, Q2 will be a bloodbath) will prove that now that shit is reopening in Canada.

(my money's in the other Canadian REIT though)

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nah i just always check the thread before posting so i don't duplicate and as i was about to post this was made

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Is Wednesday going to be a bloodbath?

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Wait so this is literally just watching twitter to see what CEO is shitposting and then gather sentiment on stockwits and here and then buy and close your eyes and pray to jesus that you become a millionare?

You guys think this is healthy?

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Who SHLL here?

>> No.20398004

don't do that to me, i'm still NEETing it up until next week or something and that seriously tripped me up for a sec

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We live in a world of funny money with satanic Jews running rampant. Nothing is healthy.

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>doesn’t know what day of the week it is
Found the NEET

>> No.20398024

can I join?

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imagine Dominos delivering half pizzas in those.

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You can never leave.

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Anon no! You drank the koolaid! What if I told you the NYT was founded and is led by christians of irish decent? And that the WSJ is owned by a christian? Also Twitter and Microsoft.

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sounds like a deal to me.

When do I start buying options and rope?

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>Holding twitter
>holding HQU (Canadian fagdaq tqqq)
>holding VSP (Canadian s&p 500 etf)

it's gonna be a fucking bloodbath.

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please sell so that it can go up for the rest of us

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>>/biz/ framed by kikes for hacking twitter

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Hard to see it going badly. More worried about Ally.

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Kek, saved!

>> No.20398247

Shill me something with a better divvy than IVR

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>TFW small cap value and commodities
Imagine buying NASDUMP at the top LMAO

>> No.20398275

Still holding IVR..... hopefully hit ATH in the next couple of years..... r-right anons?

>> No.20398286

Covered calls on JNJ

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The price of IVR is irrelevant. If you buy now, turn on drip and walk away, your next 10 years are stress free.

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That picture doesnt even make sense.

The car only allows one person.

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i shill my REIT pick all the time in the hopes that someone would share their insight of what risk I'm forgetting to consider or something
but no one ever does

>> No.20398314

Commodities are cool but you know small cap value is mostly financials right?

>> No.20398321

Now that people are rotating out of the NASDAQ into the Dow, are there any equivalents to TQQQ and SQQQ that I should be aware of for trading DJIA?
RIP CHADAQ, we loved you too hard

>> No.20398324

>t. solo bagholder

>> No.20398343

Lol, nah I was telling people solo had a shit cuckmobile that nobody would buy for 20k.

I'm holding nio like a real chad.

>> No.20398369

>rotating into the DOW
Jesus that hasn't happened in 20 years.
UDOW is the equivalent for what it is worth.

>> No.20398377

>If you buy now, turn on drip and walk away, your next 10 years are stress free.
imagine actually believing this

>> No.20398380

Riocan is also a landlord to movie theatres and Staples. The latter is American and didn't pay rent.

>> No.20398385

This shit will dump to $2 and will die, enjoy holding bags of shit.

>> No.20398386

So is it a good idea to dump ally Chinese stock with this Twitter hack ordeal?

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Yes the "stock of the week" may produce gains out the ass in an eye blink. But you've got just a 50/50 success rate. Why take the risk with your investment wad when your odds go way up by just turning to companies hurt bad by our virus friend. Then all you gotta do is sit on your ass and wait for the green to come to you instead.

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Diamond hands here. What should I sell nio at?

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/Biz/ I'm new to this. Give it to me straight, does anyone actually make money with forex or is it all just a scam? where do I learn to forex like a pro? Been googling around and all I find is all this "strats" that tell you to set up emas and wait for them to cross and none of them really work. The internet is full of false gurus and scammers and I don't know were to look to be on the right path

>> No.20398422

I honestly think dividend investors have mental disorders.

>> No.20398432

because both qqq and spy or bluechips is even less riskier with better returns brainlet

>> No.20398434

Lol the fuck is forex and emas?

Just buy fucking mark right now and sell before earning in august.

>> No.20398438

Well I have a 6.25 average. I intend to average down but im not sure how risky this company is turn of bankruptcy. I intend to invest for the divis long term anyway I never considered it a PnD like some

>> No.20398453

hey i'm definirtely bullish on REITs but only with a 2-3 year outlook. Don't hold for much longer because lease terms will start to expire and while retail/office real estate will always be needed, it's been on a decline since 08. Never mind the fears of a real estate crash.

definitely great buy right now to hold for at least a year, but it's not a buy and forget forever. Even semiconductors will eventually have a shift you have to watch out for once we reach the limits of silicon. When that happens, TSM might not necessarily be the top of the industry anymore as we shift to a different material like graphene or something.

>> No.20398458

where the fuck do they even come from honestly? they read some stupid ass boomer shit then come to smg about it??? what the fuck is going on

>> No.20398461

Complete apocalypse is already priced in to most small bank stocks, even if they dump it won't be as much as big tech.

>> No.20398466

I bought exclusively on dividends. WFC, XOM, ATT, VZ, etc.

I wouldn't say I regret it, but I am disappointed. Thankfully I bought a fuck ton of LINK

>> No.20398471

VZ > T

Some anon recommended No Nonsense Forex on youtube, but honestly forex sucks and is soul draining.

>> No.20398476

Foreign exchange and exponential moving averages.

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Does the GENE pnd have one more day left in it or did I miss it?

>> No.20398496

It's been dominated by algos, but it's a good training ground for practicing TA. Once you get a decent foot holding with forex, you move on to futures for actual profit.

>> No.20398551

you don't think these dividend stocks have a chance to rally upwards +20% within a month just like tech? They're basically growth stocks right now due to corona. Some of these shit are still pumping out reasonable div yields, and there are people who will be chasing those and pump the price up (potentially double within 2-3 years) as earnings become more certain and consistent with reopening

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you guys don't do forex and stuff? I thought this thread was about that, sorry
thanks will look into it
ok, but where do I actually learn and not get scammed in the proccess?

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surely you have cuter 3d pics than that

>> No.20398587

>you guys don't do forex and stuff? I thought this thread was about that, sorry

There are people here who might play forex on the side, but it's a different market.

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>practicing TA
you don't, don't listen to these retards and don't waste time losing money on currency peddling. it's for bottom barrel retards

>> No.20398595

it has a compartment for groceries just sit like a modern day pajeet ready to take a dump or a slav and wahlah seating for two albeit dangerously considering cuckmobile wluld probably tip over on a turn twith that weight.

I do not recommend doing that by the way.

>> No.20398599

>I thought this thread was about that
>/smg/ - Stock Market General

>> No.20398612

Only way I can see divs being worth it is if you can jack up your effective div yield to like 10-15% by buying them at the bottom and then getting dividends later based on the top

>> No.20398624

>all cash
Oh yeah, it's all coming together.

>> No.20398633

>but where do I actually learn and not get scammed in the proccess?
Learn what? TA or forex? there's tons of TA material out there for free.

I'm not implying anything else, but if you think TA has no use then you're a degenerate gambler.

>> No.20398641

I'm betting on this. On the other hand I also have HFU which is a 2x canadian bank ETF (and banks pay good dividends) but doesn't the ETF doesn't pay dividends.

You missed the point. Some high dividend stocks have high potential upside because of the meme virus, unlike for example ecommerce which has been pumped by the meme virus.

>> No.20398647
File: 272 KB, 976x1030, E5E0EA34-EA0C-43BE-9CCE-D60DFE632F3D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He is going to show his ugly face again

>> No.20398655

>/biz/ sounding the alarms, pinkjacking, bears cooming everywhere
this place is cancer

>> No.20398664

I always thought these threads were basically a weeb hangout

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It's ogre. TQQQ is finished and will never recover.

>> No.20398674

>but if you think TA has no use then
it really doesn't, hope you didn't waste money on a book about it or something. TA traders are losers.

>> No.20398678

If you go to any "growth" stock and look at the options chain for 1 year out you will see premiums that are better than most dividend yields.
Hell, I am looking at KO right now and you can sell covered calls for 1.60 at 55 for June of next year which is more than its current dividend yield. Even if you got assigned that would be a 20% "growth" if you really think its going back to where it was previously.
Dividends are worse than covered call premiums even at "discount" prices, and covered call premiums are better with growth stocks. You even get to "lock in" the capital appreciation.

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Okay, sorry. Since most borkers let you trade stocks and forex I sort of though the were kinda the same thing

>TA material
Ok, I want to learn TA, but like I said, there's ton of scam and bogus material too

>> No.20398697

>Only way I can see divs being worth it is if you can jack up your effective div yield to like 10-15% by buying them at the bottom and then getting dividends later based on the top
what time do you live in right now? so many shit are still battered and so oversold. 10% div yields are very doable, and i'm not even talking about garbage that trick you with their 100%+ payout ratios.

>> No.20398704

it's all a scam, don't bother

>> No.20398718

You missed the point too. You can buy the high dividend stocks now not for the dividend but for the potential upside and speculate money will rotate back into those sectors after the meme virus is forgotten.

>> No.20398743

>comparing to options
ok what? I was under the assumption we were comparing divvy stocks to holding/swingtrading tech stocks. Options are an entirely different breed.

>> No.20398751

>TSM earnings tonight
>40% of portfolio is TSM
The earnings will protect me.
The earnings will protect me.
The earnings will protect me.
The earnings will protect me.
If I say it enough it will be true, right anons?

>> No.20398764

What does the mean for the overall stock market? Everything going to dump?

>> No.20398765

Are you daft or what? was I encouraging the other anon to buy shit? what makes you think I myself paid for shit.

>thinking of TA as a standalone tool
Here's how I know you're just projecting, show port or are you just gonna keep projecting shit on me?

>> No.20398795

>TA traders are losers.
If people here paid attention to RSI there would be less whiners who bought the top of pump and dumps.

>> No.20398805

what price did you get in at? less than 60 right?
Just stop looking at it, there's no point watching TSM every day. It's a slow consistent gainer, crabs half the time, and the rally this July was a surprising anomaly.
TSM was shilled for its long-term fundamentals long before it had this rally.

>> No.20398826

Imagine being such a loser you actually believe this.

>> No.20398834

Look what happened today.

Small caps will do well. Tech will crab while everything else grows.

>> No.20398841

>ok what? I was under the assumption we were comparing divvy stocks to holding/swingtrading tech stocks. Options are an entirely different breed.
They are related because the growth aspect allows the premium to be much higher. Mastercard premiums a year out at 350 (which would be a capital gain of 15%) are at 5%. That is nearly 10x its dividend payout.
>You missed the point too. You can buy the high dividend stocks now not for the dividend but for the potential upside and speculate money will rotate back into those sectors after the meme virus is forgotten.
If you were in tech/growth when this all started you'd have more capital for these weirdly fixated underperforming dividend plays.

>> No.20398843

>Okay, sorry. Since most borkers let you trade stocks and forex I sort of though the were kinda the same thing

It's okay. Not unreasonable to ask about forex here. Few of us can say much about it though.

As for TA, I'll weigh in on that too. Basically, TA never predicts anything with certainty. The holy grail of TA would be the ability to consistently identify the beginning of a reversal or a new trend, and there are no technical indicators that do. The more popular ones are RSI, MACD, and VWAP, and the best way to learn about them is to apply them in charts and study how the indicators behave when trends change or reverse. You'll notice a lot of inconsistency and false positives, but TA isn't completely worthless. Videos and workshops are 99.9% scammy bullshit, but a handful of YouTube videos have little nuggets in them. You basically have to search yourself. The best pieces of advice have to do with managing your emotions and establishing rules for yourself, not with magic indicators that tell you when to buy and when to sell or specific "patterns" to look out for.

>> No.20398849

>show port
tqqq, bluechips, tesla, tesla calls
memes like nio and wkhs when they were $4
buying often, bought the big dip in march
i'm up nearly +100% this year, >>20397801
zero meme TA, just buying dips and riding momentum and looking at volumes

>> No.20398864

I have a DCA of 63.91.

>> No.20398871
File: 62 KB, 489x842, show port.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Show your port.

>show port
>just blurts shit
Show port anon.

>> No.20398883


Jesus Christ. What the fuck are you doing gambling a small fortune in this cryptomarket?

>> No.20398906
File: 46 KB, 585x485, Screenshot from 2020-07-15 21-26-39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

KTOV is an example.

>> No.20398918

Recent trades are small amounts because they are just future scalps I did in the past couple of hours.

>> No.20398927

>Ok, I want to learn TA, but like I said, there's ton of scam and bogus material too
Don't bother. I spent an entire year trying to understand TA and all I came out at the end of it was that the simpler the tools, the more useful they are. Something like 2 MAs or EMAs with a short and long period, and maybe a volume indicator is all you need.
Almost everything else about it is confirmation bias and tea leaf reading. Race to zero has constrained ordinary human traders to swinging based on catalysts. There is something to riding the over/underreactions to news items from firms. But everything else is just meant to get you to pay money to someone who will give you tea leaf tools that will just lose you money. Better to sell the pick axes than mine the gold as it were.

>> No.20398955

How long should I be looking at for TSM? 5+ yrs? I was thinking of putting in NVDA for my super long semi play, but I might split among the two depending on the risk

>> No.20398962

come back next quarterly (or i guess every month since TSM releases some figures monthly). I'm convinced TSM will just crab in the 60s ranges from now on but that's not a bad thing. Besides fundamentals, there's only the US subsidy and potentially more news on Apple-TSM to speculate on. Maybe Huawei after August if geopolitics change. Actually where the fuck is Huawei even planning to get 5 nm or 7 nm chips from after August? Samsung, their competitor???

>> No.20398975
File: 81 KB, 937x521, Screenshot from 2020-07-15 21-31-04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If you were in tech/growth when this all started you'd have more capital for these weirdly fixated underperforming dividend plays.
Not necessarily.

>> No.20398980

Why does it feel like we keep touching the market top? Really feels like we're gonna go back down from these levels.

>> No.20398987

my broker doesn't have a neat page like this
there is nothing special about what i wrote anyway
blame mostly tesla, it was that dump. still holding and i don't believe tesla is going under $1500 from now ever

>> No.20399010
File: 272 KB, 1821x798, tsla rsi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


RSI often gives false overbought signals. You didn't need RSI to know that KTOV was a penny meme shitstock.

>> No.20399014

>It's ogre. TQQQ is finished and will never recover.
It’s gonna recover and then some by lunchtime.

>> No.20399026

Welp, thanks frens

>> No.20399036

Will Thursday be a bloodbath?

>> No.20399041
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I'm such a poor new/oldfag pajeet dad and I'm not even worthy but someone please shill me an undervalued stock that hasn't mooned yet and is a good mid/long term hold. I suck at these game. Please sirs. My family I beg you

>> No.20399049

i'm holding TSM forever until I need to liquidate for a down payment or something. There's nothing (other than geopolitics) in the future that scares me from just being braindead with TSM at this point, everyone scared for the future has been spouting Moore's law for years but look at how we keep pushing the boundaries anyways. There are possibilities after silicon too, and while that is a bit scary, it's not like established companies won't have the advantage for pioneering into those (definitely keep an eye out though when that happens, but it's not like TSM's management is anywhere similar to Kodak's mentality)

>> No.20399053


>> No.20399078
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What do you faggots think about NAK? It’s about moon time I think

>> No.20399085

What most people don't get is that TA is supposed to be a reference as confirmation of your FA bias. You don't use TA as it is for your moves but yes you are right, the simpler the better you don't need other shit than averages, price action and volume.

>nothing special
Yes, you showed nothing. Why would your opinions have weight?

>> No.20399092


Too early to surmise anything from futures. There isn't any news or a specific catalytic event expected tomorrow that would bring the market down, but SPY tried to break 323 on Monday, this morning, and late this afternoon before close. I suspect it'll try to break again in the morning and if it does, well, I'll be watching very closely.

>> No.20399100

BIO-Pharma Geron Chads
july 27 big news get in!!
2.40 almost geron-teed

>> No.20399135

ZID (india ETF) was one of dumbest plays i've ever made, why india so slow growth

>> No.20399145

>Too early to surmise anything from futures.
are you sure

it feels good to tease the tip of a new price level

>> No.20399146

and your image is somehow proof?

>> No.20399152

They don't poo in the loo.

>> No.20399176

It's still better to have an indicator that has false positives sometimes but often prevents you from losing money on bad trades.

>> No.20399185

honestly stop playing the market, I made 700$ just today by swing trading FNGU when I was at work when it dipped to high 127.

>> No.20399189

>still nothing
Keep moving goal posts.

>> No.20399193

>What most people don't get is that TA is supposed to be a reference as confirmation of your FA bias.
I agree. TA is normally meant to help with an entry point for a position determined by FA. The problem is that FA has been in deep hibernation since March and so all you can do is play options.
I don't think anyone should be "investing" in ANYTHING right now. It's just that some people are desperate to get in to the market to not be left behind and see discounts where others see massive downside risk.

>> No.20399207
File: 29 KB, 450x450, WEAR THE MASK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally file for a tax extension
>feel extremely angry for some reason

>> No.20399212

>are you sure

Futures don't mean anything at 9:40 eastern. They routinely jump up and down all night. Right now they're higher than they were yesterday evening at this hour.

>> No.20399223

its long term price is $2.00 so good luck I guess, who knows maybe it will shoot back up to 6$

>> No.20399278
File: 80 KB, 925x520, Screenshot from 2020-07-15 21-44-04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's an amusing comparison to people shitting on dividend stocks. I didn't buy TF for the dividends but for the potential upside.

>> No.20399312
File: 55 KB, 892x535, 1545361949999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So apparently one of the Twitter hackers was named bobochan and had a bobo avatar. Which of you did this?

>> No.20399337

Long short of it is this: I don't need money right away. Hell my 401 and pension will provide me with enough income to do me till I die after I retire. The brokerage money is just extra insurance. Why cause I'm not ass deep in debt and my living expenses are low as fuck. So really I'm just counting down the years till I retire. 11 - 12 to be exact. I'll be under age 50 kicking back laughing enjoying the next 50 odd years (assuming I live to be 100). So as I said that brokerage money won't be needed. Imagine the green pile built up by just letting it grow for 40 something years...

>> No.20399350


ONTX anon, you're my favorite person in these threads.

>> No.20399380
File: 16 KB, 220x220, E9C1415C-18E7-4E5C-9777-D4A4B2DD9487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros where are we gonna go when the FBI shuts down 4chan.org/biz??? I don’t wanna shitpost with WSB fags

>> No.20399389

What's with all the retards against QQQ ? This shit is growing and growing, world changed. Tech is life. Stop being faggots

>> No.20399417
File: 115 KB, 900x941, 1587248315825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dunno nuffin bout nuffin famtbh

>> No.20399427
File: 216 KB, 750x1334, C50D4587-6E66-43A2-A069-699F243C5050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20399456

early 2020 brought in a bunch of retards that watched one too many youtube videos and can't stop drooling over dividends and other worthless garbage

>> No.20399465

Why do brokers still make you wait 2 days to settle your cash in the year 2020? This is fucking stupid.

>> No.20399466

Recent DO fucked the stock for the short term.

>> No.20399474

/biz/ is the hero America needs in these dark times

>> No.20399484
File: 39 KB, 672x583, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im confused
what the fuck is it talking about??

>> No.20399506

I blame the >dividends are your frens autist

>> No.20399518
File: 423 KB, 1574x2048, tqqq tmf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're a faggot and your shits retarded. GFC ratio spike was (like now) the banks shitting the bed, likewise it did not result in a tech crash. e.g. JPM (best performer GFC -> present) from GFC bottom to ATH was a 7x while even bluechip tech like MSFT over that same period was 11x

>> No.20399522

RIP anon

>> No.20399543

>Bobos are retarded cancer

This has always been knows

>> No.20399559

zoom out zoomer

>> No.20399568

Not that I use RSI, but you don't use it simply as 'overbought/oversold'.

>It's just that some people are desperate to get in to the market to not be left behind and see discounts where others see massive downside risk.
I also blame price memory, some people go into shit by seeing how much upside there is in current versus pre-pandemic prices without looking in its overall trend for the past few months/years.

>> No.20399569

NFLX is going to moon tomorrow

>> No.20399579

Yeah yeah new normal great stuff thanks anon.

>> No.20399595
File: 42 KB, 288x300, 1516554153053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>1 post by this ID
every time

>> No.20399612

>Not that I use RSI, but you don't use it simply as 'overbought/oversold'.

Precisely, which is what I was illustrating in my example. If you think overbought = top and oversold = bottom, RSI is going to sorely disappoint you.

>> No.20399619

>China 2Q GDP +11.5% On Quarter, Exp. 9.6%
Such a fucking joke

>> No.20399622

>he bought QQQ shares and calls at the top

I’m sorry anon

>> No.20399633


>> No.20399646

Have margin enabled and use the amount of cash that is waiting to settle

>> No.20399649

you invest now

>> No.20399657

hit a NW of 75k today. 13k car, 6k 401k, 12k stocks, 37k crypto, 7k cash. feel pretty proud for just turning 21. I know it's not the place but I don't have anyone else to share this with with, and I'm pretty proud of myself

>> No.20399660

Shout out to the 2 bros that convinced me to take my gains on GENE earlier. I took them a little later than I should have but I still made a quick 45%. Appreciate it when we get looked out for instead of just shilled.

>> No.20399661

Hahahaha they actually did it

Are you serious?

>> No.20399666
File: 961 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200715-190415.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wonder what sort of wizardry shit they pulled for those numbers

>> No.20399667
File: 834 KB, 750x1334, 1DD4C186-FB44-4361-A7BE-6B4C434C6E62.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How fraudulent are these numbers lmao

>> No.20399677

>paying interest

>> No.20399678

True, but the important question is, does the market believe the joke?

>> No.20399680

>quick 45%

We are in clown world

>> No.20399689

They're never not been fraudulent, I don't know why people are surprised.

>> No.20399692
File: 292 KB, 1872x804, happy futures.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Oh, relax.

>> No.20399714

>believing chinksectoids

>> No.20399721

stay mad nigger

>> No.20399739
File: 2.91 MB, 2894x4093, Ec6M3-CU4AEo4Df.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



oh shit yeah what the hell?
Maybe it's from IPO price or some shit, so the level they let party members and institutions buy in at??

Why you no wear mask waitu piggu?

You jealous? We make biiiig recovery. You get fat and sick and freedom, wear red hat, later white gown.

>> No.20399741

i am not mad you funny piece of shit

>> No.20399752

We sure are amigo 45% in a matter of 5 hours. Would have been more if I hadn't held expecting it to stay up.

>> No.20399783


Christ I knew I should've bought that CQQQ dip. Or KWEB. Or CHIK.
The drop in copper spooked me.

>True, but the important question is, does the market believe the joke?
yes. because they'll never need to report the real numbers.

>> No.20399784

But all those highs you showed me ended with everything on the stock market dumping soon thereafter.

>> No.20399785

seriously what the fuck, is someone able to explain to me how a 20 billion market cap company rose up +300% in hours

>> No.20399787

>asian markets except china are green
Yeah, fuck china.

>> No.20399795

So I lost 1000 this week and I'm tempted to put 11300 in TQQQ so I can recoup it in like two weeks but I'm fearful of the market plunging again. Redpill me on this decision, it feels like a risk-free investment. Market goes up, TQQQ goes up. Market goes down, people flood into tech again, TQQQ goes up even more.

>> No.20399812

No, that’s not explainable except for :100% clown world bro

>> No.20399816

All in July 25 msft 215c

>> No.20399844

>das ryte misah white goy we grow economy SOOOO BIG

>> No.20399848

just buy
buy more if there is a dip
market won't "plunge" again
don't try to predict or time anything

>> No.20399854

500 shares, average $71 in QQC maple version
I'm not complaining. However, I will buy your bags.

>> No.20399858
File: 299 KB, 1365x804, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not against it per se, it is just seems like a poor buy and the market is starting to notice. Tech is notoriously easy to disrupt, and anyone betting on a single firm on a decade long timescale is absolutely retarded. Betting on the sector itself is fine, making a 3x leveraged sector bet at ath is, again, retarded.

>> No.20399861

Eat shit fag

>> No.20399862


I lost that 1000 on 7/17 MSFT 220c ;_;

>> No.20399865

This is something I fear

>> No.20399867

im holding some TQQQ and i dont feel great about its prospects to get back to 125. there seems to be a broad sense of impending dump marketwide. mostly related to covid shutdown 2 / end of pandemic unemployment assistance.

>> No.20399875
File: 92 KB, 760x471, Screenshot_20200715-221138.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I didn't show you anything. But look. Smallcaps just grew all day

>> No.20399876

No different than the shit China has been pumping out for 20 years

>> No.20399893

gl kiddo... i hate it.

you got a 3 month extension get pissed off, for what? a grace period. just get mad for no reason.

>> No.20399900


Thanks. I think I just needed somebody to slap me there. Even if the market goes up from here to November, I think I'm just going to sit it out. I'm going to wait to see whether a new trend forms into August.

>> No.20399904

I meant the dotcom bubble and 2008. Both ended with stocks dropping off a cliff.

>> No.20399941

Nah. The fbi/glowniggers probably justify part of their budget by sending their interns to watch or try to instigate /pol/.

>> No.20399946

Yeah buying all time highs after a massive pump sounds like a gr8 idea m8

>> No.20399954

NFLX is going to moon tomorrow

>> No.20399959


You're right, see >>20399900

>> No.20399964

>dotcom bubble
look into what caused it so you can realize it's not possible again
we just had it and went back nearly 6 years of gains
if it happens again in some extremely unlikely way, you should be happy being able to buy that dip so you can speedrun years of investing

>> No.20399968
File: 13 KB, 324x291, Majestic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bro, Twitter is going down into the fucking DIRT TOMORROW.
Load up on PUTS and ride the wave down!
Theres no way it isn’t going tank, everyone’s fucking talking about it!

>> No.20399973

Illegal immigrant kids need their play station 5s pay your taxes

>> No.20399987

speaking off which... was there any sector that wasnt affect by the crash...

>> No.20399988

listen... taxes suck but pay your fucking taxes.... easiest way to stay ahead of the game is to be on top of your people and get revenues and not even worry about tax because iit's fucking ubiquitous and we just take it and move on. We are the best.


>> No.20399997

HAHHAHAH FUCK whoever gets those digits

>> No.20400006

Baggie how drunk are you right now?

>> No.20400012
File: 8 KB, 225x225, dude.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there any reason why there was a surge in weed stocks today?

>> No.20400014


h&r is dogshit though

>> No.20400029
File: 99 KB, 612x1024, 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what are some good ETF's to invest into? I know oil has been absolutely smashed which means I could be getting in at the bottom.

I'm just looking for recommendations for long term holds

>> No.20400039

Buy TQQQ puts instead and thank me when you’re a millionaire. I’d be happy to settle with a $1,000 flat fee commission when you make it with this play

>> No.20400048
File: 346 KB, 1929x1286, Ec6M4enVAAAZEf6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not even sure man
I guess it's because they made it so fucking complicated, and my W-2 and checkbook are on the other side of the state so I couldn't put in how much I should get in my refund. AND I had to give them my bank account so they can charge me whatever the fuck they want in the future.

They make you check a box that says they can take payments whenever they want.

Good part is maybe they'll direct deposit my gibs?

/pol/shit? I'm so surprised!
No I was waging, so I had taxes withheld and I'll be getting a refund. And then that will just sit in my cash pile while I pray for cheapies that Powell has made illegal.

>> No.20400065
File: 373 KB, 1080x1393, divvies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To everyone using eToro: check and make sure you get your divvies. This is the third time I had to tell (((them))) to give me my shit. They always do, but late and if you don't say anything you'll probably get fucked. Also they take 30% of divvies. Fuck them.

>> No.20400070

>markets won’t “plunge” again

That’s exactly what people say before a market plunge

>> No.20400082

Idk man not too familiar with it. SOXL starting to look shaky so I pulled out earlier today for a small profit of a little under a thousand dollars. Not gonna have about 40k tied up there. Maybe when it was march lows but right now? Nah no thx. Tech has gone higher than it used to be, heck the top 20% holdings are I suspect higher than they were in Feb 2020. Yet look at SOXL. Not recovering the gains anywhere near as fast. But it sure dropped a lot harder compared to the loss. Eg. NVDA from about $320 -> $200 -> $410, INTC $55 -> $40 -> $60, AMD and TSM as well which are, iirc, higher now than before. These 4 make like 20%of the portfolio and somehow it's on shaky legs that it seems to overreact to downward moves compared to upward moves. Nah no thanks I'm out.

>> No.20400085

>coke dividend

Jesus how old are you boomer?

>> No.20400106

Stay jelly poorfag.

>> No.20400110

This sounds terrible, why don't you get a real broker?

>> No.20400115
File: 5 KB, 278x181, images (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>engaging tripfags

>> No.20400125


Strike and expiration?

>> No.20400126

i had like 2 beers.... and over a liter of vodka. im still able to move and make a sentance.

>> No.20400136

Baggie is the best one by far it’s a low standard dough

>> No.20400138
File: 185 KB, 1242x1121, 2A879DAB-5E54-427B-9306-805E10ACE0E2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s been a month and I still have no idea what I’m doing

I have such small amounts of stock, any move will only yield like $5 as a win. And I can’t afford to invest more atm.

>> No.20400143

did you literally just get into this market thing? see what happened in feb and march

>> No.20400147

>place even slightly unconventional trade
>three emails and two phone calls later
or how about
>scalping options bubbles very short term (10 minutes or less)
>"hey uh we're gonna need you to stop that, it's risky and it takes up bandwidth"
Conventional brokers suck.

>> No.20400148


>> No.20400149

why the fuck are you telling people to stay poor... ii hope you lose it all.

>> No.20400151

yeah unless you are holding bags right now cash seems pretty good

>> No.20400161

>look into what caused it so you can realize it's not possible again
Now that's just a dangerous way of thinking otherwise I'd be all in and probably at a loss unless I did it at the start of April and didnt pull out at all.

No idea didn't care about stocks at that point just knew some stuff was bad and overall life felt different (businesses and school)

>> No.20400166

Can you still cut your dick off?

>> No.20400168

can you explain to me why H&R keeps outperforming my RioCan pick? I picked RioCan over H&R for a reason and it makes me sad.
Back in early June, H&R had rallied up ~40% while I only took ~20% profits on RioCan over the same time period

>> No.20400174

>dividend fag calls someone else poor

>> No.20400175

Bro unless you own 1 million shares of KO those div don’t mean anything

>> No.20400180
File: 704 KB, 714x558, EYEBROWS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good ol' fake it till you make it or until it's so fucked nobody can make sense of it, school of economics.

>> No.20400190

you assholes laughed at me for buying chainlink at 2.99, and look at me now... 100% not selling.

>> No.20400195

Will do so soon.

Haven't killed yourself yet?

>> No.20400216

they're meme stocks and move entirely on push and pull of the short term traders trying to squeeze profit out of them

>> No.20400260
File: 68 KB, 657x448, 13A0C197-267D-4A87-8F5D-B5F1EF0EEDF9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even the Chinese traders don’t believe it lol lol

>> No.20400264

Futures tanking

>> No.20400267

i did... i accepted jesus into my life and uhh, foreverr i am going to be a part of his will for me and all of our people.

im no longer a jew. the only way to find god is through jesus, and the christian faith.

>> No.20400269

it's funny how my penny stock picks make better net income than weed stocks, even ACB is still overvalued
fuck, they're just agriculture stocks, they're not even for brand products

>> No.20400317
File: 529 KB, 750x1334, 05D56455-E4A9-4B90-B277-FBC5B550E4ED.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20400321

don't chhase a crrowded trade... look for what you want. trading is fucking easy.

>> No.20400323
File: 95 KB, 594x900, Ec9XM2PUYAA8PzD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon, zoom out.
this isn't even a pullback yet.

Look at their market YTD

>> No.20400332

Check out the ARK ETFs.

>> No.20400337

>only getting 45%

>> No.20400343

it's going to drrop like a rock.

>> No.20400346

Lockdown 2 and for longer, the actual smart idea unless you all want to die

>> No.20400347
File: 292 KB, 1873x804, futures down.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Charge your phone, buddy.

>> No.20400355

Why is it so easy to time SQQQ for overnight holds? Am I going to see 10% up tomorrow?

>> No.20400362

can't wait for this to be another day where this suddenly reverses in 12 hours and we're +2%

>> No.20400380

What website or app is that

>> No.20400396


Trading View Dot Com

>> No.20400419

Fuck is the stock market crashing because of twittter drama?

>> No.20400423

Covid news

>> No.20400426
File: 39 KB, 568x809, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20400449

How much did you get?

>> No.20400456

>2006, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

>> No.20400459
File: 201 KB, 1501x935, sayonara grumman chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pictured: A Grumman LLV being carted off to her well-deserved rest.

Workhorse better hurry up.

>> No.20400463


>> No.20400465
File: 21 KB, 771x202, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20400470
File: 76 KB, 780x439, 704927107_780x439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.20400477

It's impressive just how long the Grumman mail fleet has been kept alive while we spent all our money blowing up sand niggers for 20 years

>> No.20400501

>as US cases surge
They're not going to mention the Florida hospitals caught inflating their positive counts by thousands of percent are they? They just want this to look as bad as possible no matter how pathetically it all falls flat.

>> No.20400504

Misinformation my friend. Gtfo

>> No.20400509

Who invests in the housing market

>> No.20400516
File: 51 KB, 597x615, 1582463278028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck happened to futures

They didn't call it the "Long Life Vehicle" for nothing.

>> No.20400539

My hand was literally on the sell button for my SPY. FUCK

>> No.20400611
File: 202 KB, 933x933, 1593642651643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

henlo fren this is margin calling

>> No.20400623

>they're still spazzing out about -1% futures
zoom out retards

>> No.20400645

like half the people here are /wsb/ yolo'ers with all of their money in a spy call

>> No.20400669

lmao no retards here are holding worthless oil stocks and divvies

>> No.20400680

Thanks friend

>> No.20400681

checked and lmao'd

>> No.20400688

Whoever shilled this can you shill me on the next monster run up too? I also need a quick 40%, something that runs up nearly 300% is perfect for a quick flip

>> No.20400705

chinese nationals? rich people with too many people? i can't imagine a real estate crash happening in Toronto, there will always be too many people wanting to snatch up a house that it's only getting harder and harder to get a mortgage from a bank (10-20% down payment requirement on a million dollar house?)


>> No.20400715


>> No.20400716

Me, holding until ticker change

>> No.20400757

Cucknadian housing market has reached yet another ATH amidst cuckrona. This on the heals of 2008 having 0 effect on our markets. 20% yoy increase in rent, even more on property price. Wages remain stagnant, and food prices are about 17% higher than they were last year.

>> No.20400775

I've got 6k in, waiting for ticker change also. What's your target?

>> No.20400779

Truly a beloved symbol of the Late 80s and 90s.


>> No.20400792

A recipe for a revolution if only the cucknadians were armed

>> No.20400793

Well I guess being the slush fund for communists parking their gains outside of China has its advantages

>> No.20400800
File: 72 KB, 750x397, C84B933C-1B7F-46C4-8540-0F9CCEB7BDDB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ummmm.....why did he sell?

>> No.20400807

when will cucknadia make this shit illegal

>> No.20400819

Those pussies won’t do anything

>> No.20400840


>> No.20400841


>> No.20400861

When our proven-corrupt leaders stop getting paid billions for it.

>> No.20400863

Because he probably wants to slowly get out from under the chinese sword of damocles perpetually hung over his head and retire as soon as they'll let him.

>> No.20400871
File: 28 KB, 473x500, 1593494285355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i-it's just 20yrs!
Kill yourself, boomer, oh, wait, time is doing that for you

>> No.20400902

it's fantastic, if it keeps increasing, i win out with my REI.UN hold which is essentially a Toronto REIT.
If it crashes, I also win out because i live in Toronto (suburb cities) and i'll actually be able to buy a house

>> No.20400936

they're both shit. I don't know them too indepth but generally the market hates diversification and riocan's shopping centers are subpar. You're better off picking something that doesn't have its hands in office and strip malls.

you could buy Dream Industrial at a 6.6% yield in an asset class with actual upside and a good story. Or go buy Slate Office at a well-covered 10.9% yield and wait for them to get taken out by Slate Asset Mgmt in a year tops.

>> No.20400999

Nobody shilled it. It got mentioned mid pump and I just acted quickly

>> No.20401049

You're a smooth brain, you need to look at the underlying, not the leaveraged project

>> No.20401170

i'll look into those picks

>> No.20401604
File: 316 KB, 1200x800, geron_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one is good long hold, It will pop, it is only a matter of time

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