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>link moves 1 cent
>portfolio moves +- $1000

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I was proud of you for this post

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>anon still doesnt have any friends despite being wealthy

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Why r u trying to hurt our fren????

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Are you like 17 or something?

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Salty zoomer detected

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You so jelly.

Good job OP. Mine moves +- $475.

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post positions or get b&

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Yep I’m at 650 per cent. It’s pretty amazing to be honest

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Well done, fren
for me it's ±600.

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155 per cent. Feels bad man.

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he can buy friends

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Imagine larping that you have 100k link

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Will China buy today?

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>link moves one cent
>dick gets bigger

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> Anon has childhood/highschool frens that supported him when he was dirt poor and a depressed piece of shit. When his mother died and got even more depressed. When his long term gf left him just after his mother died, and when he lost his job after that.When he tried to anhero and failed. When he crawled back from all that slowly . They had hope in him even when he didn't have any hope left for himself.

I'm fairly confident that I'm gonna make it with link. And no friend of mine will ever be worried about money ever again. I would be literally dead if not for them.
And when I say them it's not only irl friends I'm talking about. It's you as well .

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Only Zoomers value friends

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lmao grow up nigger, you still want "friends"?

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Lmao how do you even calculate something like this?

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are you me? except $1,250 kek

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>Atleast I have friends...
Kek look at this soiboi fag

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I put 50 into link as a meme and now it doubled lol

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bag * 0.01

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less people I have to worry about getting my stinkies. You should have paid attention in HS English when you covered Death of a Salesman. Being Likeable doesn't account for shit if you've got nothing to show for it.

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dare I say...based

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= 1,250