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>haven't even announced staking yet

never been so comfy in my life

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Honestly I feel slightly sick. I'm worth more than $100,000 but I still have to go sweep floors tomorrow for $10/hr.

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>never been so comfy in my life
am I the only one who is not comfy right now ? I feel like the whales will shake out the new normie monies flooding in with a 60% crash, still not selling since I dont want to pay taxes right now but comfy hell nah

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Enjoy it. Once you hit several million you’ll miss the struggle a little bit for nostalgia

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kek i'm worth more than 100k and unemployed living off disability

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>I feel like the whales will shake out the new normie monies flooding in with a 60% crash
Why is that a bad thing? I hate buying high, I'd rather buy a manufactured dip than anything

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Priced in. The ocean of pink Womack’s once this runs out of fuel will be quite impressive. Sell and buy back at 3.80. You were warned, screen cap it.

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same. I was comfy while we were passing $5 because that was natural but right now I feel uneasy

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>have 1k link
>gonna make it
super comfy

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ID=Price EOY

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Sounds chill and comfy.

t. high stress six figure wagie

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Remember than even $10k may be FUD
You'll have absurd amounts of money and you'll be able to live under your own laws if you hold enough

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You should quit so that you'll be able to time the market better

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anyone else constantly smiling like a little kid for making thousands by just sitting on their lazy ass? kek

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>haven't even announced staking yet
Still a few years away

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So $99. Agreed.

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wealthiest jannie in your building

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Staking, and the flurry of announcements from exchanges and other projects will push us at least x5 from wherever we are at that moment. Are you ready?

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My only regret is that I didn't buy more. Frustrating seeing my stinky linkies moon but my btc and eth crabbing for what feels like months

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please, please, how do I buy? I'm brazilian and I want to be rich too, tired of trading only ETH and BTC

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They only sell chain link to white people sorry anon

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>told myself to stop buying once I had 10k invested
>told myself to stop buying once it hits $5
>now telling myself to stop buying once it hits $10

Anybody else facing the same issue? I legitimately think I’m addicted

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nice thread OP