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fucking piece of shit

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Sell sell sell, the tech partner isnt real

Team Iexec

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I bought 3,000 of these with LINK gains simply because I laugh EVERY time someone posts


Worth every penny really.

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nice stablecoin anon

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It’s like these new fags don’t know it used to be like $9 kek it’s not going back there. Look at GNT’s price on Coinbase, that is the future of rlc

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Ath was 4.25 during btc bullrun
Good to know the state of fud is literally misinformation and "gilles" and "pajeet"
So fucking bad
Just be thankful methanon even shined light on this project before it goes into the stratosphere, swine

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fuckin BASED

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I mean GILES is going to be at the LINK summit in August, the other reason I bought besides the memes.

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Why should I buy RLC instead of GNT, whAts iexec going to accomplish now that they haven’t already had years to do. I like making money sell me

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