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I missed the train, bros. But you go on without me. I'll be very happy for you if you make it.

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don't worry, the train picking up the cripples and retards will be along shortly

the destination however may be different

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It’s not too late fren. Don’t neck yourself later when you see shit at a 10x from where it is now and just buy in even if the stack feels pathetically small

>> No.20371623

is kraken a good exchange?
will I get hacked or have problems withdrawing funds?

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Quit being a faggot and just buy in when it retraces again. Imagine not buying ETH at $20 because you didn’t get in when it was <$5.

t. 2017 buyer

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geez if only you could still buy in................

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Then please answer >>20371623

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Unironically just buy LINK on coinbase. Maybe Binance if you wanna get into some other alts

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Buying link is never too late before it hit $1000, my fren. We are waiting for you.

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Kraken is garbage just use coinbase and send it to a paper wallet / ledger

>> No.20371698

I heard that coinbase fucks users when withdrawing funds..

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you unironically have not missed the train. Recent price pump was the sound of the engine starting, but it still hasn’t departed the station.

>> No.20371720

What's worse? Coinbase or Binance?
>currently 3500 Link on Binance and wondering if they'll fuck me over when I'm a millionaire.

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Ask a doctor to prescribe you estrogen, then go to guatemala and get your cheek bones and adam's apple shaved down.

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I come to 4chan because I don't have any friends and too socially awkward, I don't think money will fix my autism. At least it will let me live in solitude.

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Not how you greentext wannabe stealthy newfag

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Coinbase fees are fucking criminal but using Coinbase Pro is far less harsh and you use the same CB account for Pro

>> No.20371764

maybe if you’re an illegal alien

>> No.20371789

I'm an eurofag from a country that doesn't tax crypto.

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>3500 link
good luck retard LOL

>> No.20371835

Y'all eat bait like sharks in a tank.

>> No.20371838

>Kraken is garbage

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are (you) me fren?

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it's ok fren, vidt will likely match or exceed the link gains this year, especially as profit takers look for ways to exponentially grow their wealth
...and you don't need $100k for a "make it" stack

>> No.20371917

Even 100 LINK might make you a multimillionaire anon

>> No.20371960

I too missed the trian, do you guys think it’s smart to ride another shitcoin pump and then move to link?

>> No.20372012

It’s harder to tell what’s bait now with the redditfugee influx after those subreddits got banned

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Just take the flat 1,5% withdrawal fee man. No "funds are safu" when big pumps happen on coinbase as opposed to binance

>> No.20372215

You missed RSR? Sucks being you.

>> No.20372233

so you're saying I should go for binance instead of coinbase?
what about kraken?

>> No.20372249

where do you even buy that shit?

>> No.20372282

>a 3k stack is the price of a new car
Reddit is forever priced out, and boomers won't figure out how to use Coinbase until they're priced out too

>> No.20372423

>he missed on RSR

>> No.20372446

awesome answer

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