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Dear burgers,

be part of zeh German green energy revolution now.

Please pump Lition now on Uniswap with your Link profits.


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More like: be part of being a bagholder while the team dumps on you and then tries to hide it from the community.
Shameful tactics by the team

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The fact that they wanna get on uniswap now that it has become the flavor of the month shitcoin exchange regardless of the problems this may create in selling tokens to Burgers later down the line is telling how much of a fuck they actually care about this "project"

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Good one. Uniswap id giod for normies that don't want to be bothered with all the functions an exchange has. Uniswap is simple to use, regardless of many shitcoins listed there. LIT will be one of the few gems there. Will be, bc its not in the dropdown menu atm, but the team messaged uniswap abt this.

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[X] Quality FUD

[X] Mainnet Go-Live around the corner,

[X] Lition Energy has a working business model with millions of revenue,

[X] Top business angels and advisors on board.

[X] Microsoft and SAP partner

[X] Listed on Uniswap

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we need more FUD

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Rüdiger will fix the consenus problems until tomorrow he told me. Based german loan slaves

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Mainnet is not right around the corner.

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Screenshot or didn't happen.

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[X] GDPR-compliant
[X] joined EEA EMINENT Task Force
[X] Energy Use Case (see revenue)
[X] Loan Usecase with a Kraut-Bank

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>he doesn't trust Rüdiger

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MainNet Go Live is when you faggot will buy high and fomo kicks In

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Dude I'm all in.

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I have 9k LIT already and I’m a burger

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how are you posting without hands?

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That's a good start. Stake and keep buying if you can, it won't go lower than that and it will start mooning very soon.

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Quite possibly the least funny thing you could have said.

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how many to make it?

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Give me or a random /biz/ pajeet 5% of Litions budget and you will get a more profitable project.

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100k but 50k should be comfy enough in the long run.

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NGL the last few months of fud have been rough, are we turning the corner?

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Jürgen Müller shilled Lition to Merkel as he handed over the Corona App to her:

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give more FUD

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>Bojo btfo

12 out of 83 million is weak, especially for law-abiding Krauts.

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Let me try...

The tiny startup EWT from Swiss, with a pajeet funding of 2.5M$, is the better investment.

https://www.energystartups.org/country/Switzerland/ (EWT no. 6 in Swiss)

https://www.energystartups.org/country/Germany/ (Lition no. 1 in Germany)

https://www.energystartups.org/country/USA/ (Tesla no. 1 in US)

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Where's mike? Wouldnt be a lit thread without him

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15m+ as of today.

Enough to stop infections chains my friend and probably pretty close to the total number of deployed smartphones which are supported by the app prerequisites.

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your math doesnt add up. do you really thinkt that every baby and child has also a smartphone?

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just join EWT as DAPP you cucks maybe you can save your dignity

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This Shition never pump. There are too many vendors preventing the price from rising

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we need more and more

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dump it

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my order is waiting, dump it on me. :D

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no, I have more buy orders myself

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beeter choice. =) high IQ over there.

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because lit has bad consensus

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way better choice. =) high IQ over there.

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German autism in full-force.15 out of 70 million if you want lmao who cares? Are you that proud to show your dedication to Mama Merkel? Will you install the future app to help rapefugees know you're willing to let them fuck you in the ass if they have a sexual urge?

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not capable of reading properly? i've never said that i'm actually using nor will use this crappy app.

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That future app is called Grinder and is already installed on your smartphone you refugee dick sucking faggot.

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Lition doesn't deserve your support, they have constantly screwed you since the ICO and they still don´t give a fuck about your opinion, losses and wasted time.

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what if I have no opinion, losses and also no time wasted?

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The only remotely useful piece of software out of Krautland is probably Teamviewer, fuck SAP. No thanks Hans

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