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How has trading affected your mental health?

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The 24/7 aspect has not been great, I find when I go to bed I have a fuckload of chatter in my brain and this was before crypto. I need to get back into meditating or something it's driving me nuts

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I am not able to maintain an erection unless my investments are green

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never been better anon thanks for asking

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Negatively. I just lost my savings

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Not sure if trading is the cause but I am getting increasingly irritable and hostile toward the people I care about. I always feel so bad when I catch myself acting that way but I get too embarrassed to apologize to them.

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h-ha of course not! having pictures like this saved on my computer is completely healthy

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Trying to navigate exchange interfaces is pretty Kafkaesque.

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At first, it fucked my nervous system very badly, because of my ego and retarded perfectionism. But then I slowlygained self-awareness and don't have mental breakdowns over the losses.
Stay conscious anon/

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what mental health?

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This, I had to paint all my dildos green, except for one big red one for when I’ve been a naughty little trader.

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The stress gets to me whether I am way up or way down. I frequently will take a week or two off. I won't trade when I am on an emotional high or low. You don't make sound choices.

Trading is a rough game on your mental health. Most people don't have the stomach for it.

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Uh oh

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is that image traced?

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Gives me some hopium. When i trade/invest im ready to lose it all so i dont care that much if i do.

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i hold link so in my mind im already a millionaire

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my mood is affecting by my gains. a series of drawdowns are depressing

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I dont care at all, red days i just cope.

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Have infinitely more savings (paycheck to paycheck to 200k) buy much higher stress levels and much lower happiness

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yep, am extremely depressed right now, put on 20 pounds in the last month or two.

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>paycheck to paycheck to 200k
Any advice for an anon starting out? Also, checked.

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sell options on robinhood

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It made me so stressed I broke down
I wasn't stressed because of trading
I was stressed because I had been wasting time working for monopoly money when I couldve retired at 20

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Once I found the correct way to do it, my mental state drifted to a strange aloof no fucks to give baseline from a previously negative as fuck gigadoomer mentality. Like waking up out of the Matrix. You look back and are like "holy fucking shit, the entire trading industry is bullshit...all those books, all those videos, it's all a big fucking lie." Then you try to figure out why do they lie? How do they get away with it? But you're too paranoid to give out the real actual knowledge you've acquired so you shut your mouth, do your trades, scale, make your money and post cryptic shit like this because you want to tell someone how to do it, but you have zero reason or incentive to create a competitor. All of the trading education industry is like misdirection.

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I don't trade, just hold Chainlink
It's been great, thanks for asking!

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It depends on how much you take in
If you have a decent income just lower expenses and start to invest here and there. Even if you aren't investing much learning the skill itself is worth it
I got pretty lucky timing wise to be able to buy the big covid dip but either way there will be more opportunities in the future
It seems like 1k is nothing but just keep stacking and you will go from 1k to 10k to 100k to 1mill before you know it. Just keep on learning what you can and investing what you can. If you are young the lessons are probably the most valuable gains you can get right now

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>Just keep on learning what you can and investing what you can. If you are young the lessons are probably the most valuable gains you can get right now.
That's the mindset I'm trying to adopt, rather than fretting over missed opportunities. It's encouraging to read posts like yours -- thanks for that. I'll keep plugging away and adding to my stacks.

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