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If you're holding either MRDN or UNC you have about 2 days with MRDN and until the weekend for UNC to get out.

The MRDN news will be a big disappointment and the audit outcome will not be what people expect/assume.

UNC is being drip dumped, but the intent from Day 1 has also been malicious and nefarious.

Don't say you weren't warned. Cut your losses now, don't hodl into the abyss.

Stay safe anons.

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shut up why do you care lol

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Because he has a toilet

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Would you ever help a stranger on the street? Assuming it was something small and didn't take up more than a couple of minutes of your time?

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I told them to sell MRDN when it was still 30c. They're either retarded or cultists if they still hold that shit. It's not even a good cult either.

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Shut the fuck up mongoloid. You're just trying to fud the project. you dont know shit

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OMG thank you anon once again for keeping our sanity and financial wellbeing in check. You are such a good person to make whole larp thread about 2 of your holdings that you want to drop so you can accumulate longer...


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>You are such a good person to make whole larp thread about 2 of your holdings that you want to drop so you can accumulate longer...
We have IDs moron, I didnt make this thread. Kek
Also that's exactly what pajeets say when they want to dupe the next round of bagholders. Durr fudders are accumulating they just wanna get it for cheaper!!1!!

No. I sold this the whole way up to 40c. I dumped on you retards the whole way up and I'm not buying it again. Cope.

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MRDN has exploded today you idiot, kys.

My bags will never fall into your scummy hands Aneesh. Sounds like someone has missed the train again, stay poor and most of all salty.

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Yeah, I know you didn't make this thread idiot, but you agree with OP given your comment above.

Wow man, you are so smart, you knew that 0.40$ would be the top so you droped your 10k bag on nobody and earned thousand or two. If you sold and moved on, why are you fuding with OP than with no proof of anything sinister at all?

once again, gtfo...

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Exactly, if you don't like project, move on, nobody comments or project they are not part of and if you had any proof of something fishy going on, you would post it ...

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Had no idea 40c was the top. I just knew this was a p&d. A pretty decent one too. Again, cope. This is going to amount to nothing just like Statera did.
Looks alright, I wouldnt say exploded though. Good for you guys, lightening that load.

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You see by the way he says it, he is fudder that was thrown out of the train or just wants to accumulate more.

"Guys, leave now, it will be a scam, I know thing that you don't, quickly, you have 2 days to sell, sell ANON NOW, please, listen to me, I will warn you once" Get fucked idiot

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lol the mrdn fud attempts are getting really desperate now

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Cope with what smart guy?

With STA that earned me more than 50k$ out of few ETH's, and even over STA going down 90% I am in a plus with leftover bags?

Or that I hold more than 100k MRDN which is also just leftover bag after taking profits?

Move on smart guy, this is not for you, if you are SO over with this project why are you still here?

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And unlike you idiots, I can post proof about my statements and holdings, not larping like you fudders that you are

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Love those larping fuds like "guys, sell now, nothing will happen, source: dude, trust me"

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You're spending an awful lot of time replying to every message in this thread. If you don't like my opinion, let the thread die. I'm not intentionally bumping it, so obviously I'm not trying to mindlessly fud to accumulate..

Meridian is not what it appears to be. They're also using modified code from UniPower which is hilarious.

Cope with that how you will, idc, just warning anons. I have nothing to lose or gain, so I hope everything I said is demonstrably untrue and you make it. Happy?

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>sell everything it will dump
source: I know things

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Haha, good one buddy!

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