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Alright iExecs, lets make some top quality memes for this project, I can do anything just need ideas. Comments or/and images welcome!

Also, general iExec thread.

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I'll make one tonight before I go play some vidya for a little.

I'll post a few after my shower right now for inspiration.

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Desperate iexecucks trying to save their dying shitcoin.

0.5 is inevitable.

fifty's the way, and fifty will not fomo in until it drops to 0.5

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Go away 50 we appreciate the bumps but you really don't have much time until the biggest moment in iExec history.

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I actually didn't realize how based that image is op. Until I looked at it deeper.

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Greetings gentlemen

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You know who sits inside that UFO right?

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Ah, a man of culture I see.
Should we meme Gilles? Or stick to randomness?

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Found a little easter egg did you?

Give me an image or an idea.. Ill do something.

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I have a hard time memeing. I usually just take the iExec barrels or logo and stick it on shit.

Maybe Gilles as the richest man in the world on stacks of barrels? Wearing gold chains?

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I just realized with the Intel collab.... intel/amd/nvidia could foreseeably streamline the process of renting compute via their processors, chipsets, gpus.

>Fucking amazing

I did some digging back in ‘18 when they were laying out roadmaps, especially with the Intel collab, Gilles and co did mention that companies could definitely implement/streamline the marketplace IU per computer. I.e. Intel releases say next gen chipset/cpu and integrates IEXEC tech for compute rental space when computers are idle. Again depends on how crypto is mainstream but I can imagine Intel definitely shilling that to customers.

Also bye bye, vampire energy drain. Just leave computer idle, let it do compute. Boom

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I bought last year and some more after the big crash happened, after reaching it I cam to the conclusion that they are a head of the cure and people don't see it because they are thinking like 2 steps a head of other projects.

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Intel shilling like
"The future of the cloud is here. Intel, along with iExec bring to you the latest in cloud computing. The decentralized cloud."

We are all going to make it

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Holy fuck that's sick dude you're good

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If you're good with Pepe I enjoy a solid RLC Pepe

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Non of you deserve to hold token of this chad

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Think of my memes when you all make it gents.

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I'm gonna make one or two just got out of the shower

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Come on gents dont let the post die.

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Hot off the presses

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Daaaaaam, how many you holding?

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Clever, I like that one.

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yellow pepe with logo in eyes
yellow lambo with logo in front
yellow oil with logo as drops

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>tfw you sold just before the pump

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We are the cloud people!

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POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING. Best part, Iexec and Chainlink are intertwined. WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER

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Are you on board?

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Here is top tip about rlc when pnd groups sell you buy

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>space X
>iE X ec
nice one
eating eggs now gonna make a meme in 5

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Here's the base barrel for any iExec's that wanna make some memes

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We are going places.

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We're going to have to make a high version of this... It needs to be huge!

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Good stuff!

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Thats a nice stash!

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It took like 10 minutes to make but 4 years to accumulate

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giles in iron man suit without the helmet / helmet open

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Based RLCpimp

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this blown up as an iexec bot over nyc / a city with skyscrapers

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or next to the Eiffel tower

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best i can do.

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2 shots, titanic scene

left side / top image Rose saying "draw me like one of your french girls"

right side / bottom image Giles as leonardo drawing a tranny with a dangling penis

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I need inspiration and ill make 1 more OC

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Here you go.

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Make a meme of an RLC Bull buttfucking 50cent

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Ha, that's good!

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dude you're sick lol
i just use paint 3d

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future space robotics electronics
altered carbon, 2001 a space odyssey, moon, scifi
giles vs sergey
yellow wojaks, yellow feels, yellow pepes,
french oil barrels,
baguettes, snails, hairy armpit women, napoleon
giles vs vitalik
tesla self driving cars
smug giles

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lel very good

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Put stuff on this chad, maybe fix him up a little? im trash at this but it sfun

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I made this one

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Memes are strong with this, reminds me of chainlink

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shit guys it is over what now?

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Yes its overing just now

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kek. it is really over now

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end is now we just moved to jakarta

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How is everyone tonight anyways?

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Working round the clock tryna enlighten niggas into falling for this shitcoin fomo.
Before it crashes to 0.5, it is not too late to pull out of the game.

Trust me on this 0.5 buy limit. You won't go wrong.

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based and saved
based and saved

pretty good about to go for the night though i will be back tomorrow, we should do this more often.

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I'm just having some fun dude, I don't really care if people buy or not. Everyone should make their own decisions.

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you jogged into wrong thread

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put an iexec barrel in the barrel

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My final work of art for the night, gnite chads

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that ones pretty good.

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fuck it's literally dumping right now

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Bro add in a fat sergey and make the bot smash him lmao

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IEXEC IS BEST COIN.. greetings from pakistan

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The creation of our leader Gil

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lovin these

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Our HQ

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Heavy masonic vibes

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I dumped it all for ARPA, kys shillers. RLC is a vaporware at worst, and in a very crowded space at best.

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>and in a very crowded space at best.

>Literally zero competition

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These are great!

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Holy shit its real.

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No shit why do you think biz is going crazy over RLC now. Now you see shitcoins popping up trying to be the next RLC but RLC is 19 years ahead of the game waiting for the market to catch on.

You will begin to see many "blockchain computing" projects popping up over the next few years as RLC begins to take over.

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I just accumulated 8700 RLC and made this to celebrate with you frens

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It's not AWS, it's a company in the CCC though

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Yes it is

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Hot damn we are gonna be rich brahs

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Yea we are.
Anyways, why the hell is Gilles so damn sexy?

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I keep shaving LINK profits into this shit, I better not regret it you French cheese sniffing fucks.

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Smart to diversify into rlc imo. LINK will pump again maybe tho, but RLC will have insane returns EOY

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Not letting this thread die NIGGERS

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Blair is too calm, he isn't saying much on Telegram. It's the calm before the PUMP.
We're all gonna make it!

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It's over GILLES

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yeah no way I'm investing into RLC, I'm not gonna participate in this shit

>> No.20348337

RLC should get shutdown by governments

>> No.20348348

The French government invested 2 million euros into iExec

>> No.20348350

Make the logo on the side rounded... is it a square barrel? Fucks sake

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>> No.20348451

>weak memes, very poo-tier
nice try pajeets, won't buy.

>> No.20348467

We're evolving, give us time bucko

>> No.20348559

Thats shut down money

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Found one more pepe

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We need more Real Life Chad memes I feel like. Make some Chad memes

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I thought you were going to bed mate. Cant believe this thing is still alive!

>> No.20348859

I can't sleep man. I'm in bed now though

>> No.20349139

Where you at in the world? Just hit midnight here I'm gonna hit the sack I think.. Paycheck comes Thursday.. more RLC!

>> No.20349172

Central USA.
Always buying fren.

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