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Yesterday i made several posts, predicting ampl will dump another 40-50% as expected i got accused of fud.
What people don’t seem to realize is that the protocol is BY DESIGN,will drive the price around 1$. No shit it works!
Now, you would better buy near that zone and sell when demands skyrocket ( normies buying your rebase everynight) but no intelligent person who read the redbook is going to enter the market when the price gets too far from 1$, (ex: 4$) as a takes a shitload of time to recover when the price contracts even with rebases.
What to expect for the coming months: a swing between 1$ and 4$ max. That will still push the marketcap into the billions.

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I'm sorry, but did AMPL already crash? Oh, that's right. The rebase hasn't happened yet. In fact, the rebase is stiIl hours away. Does dumping 40% in marketcap count as a crash? Is that what you're saying? Because if you're saying that I can assure you that you're wrong. Why would you make this post when the token is still printing every day? AMPL is being pooled right now and has been the top performer for how many days now? It's up against some of the worst establishment shitcoins in india who just happen to have a lead because they're feeding off the energy of the 2017 bullrun. But you know what? They still fucking suck. AMPL is one of the single greatest tokens in the world, it turned a small loan of a few ETH into hundreds and would have made more if not for whales trying to chase other pumps. Maybe you should shut the fuck up before you make retarded posts like this. You know why? Because you're going to be embarrassed when AMPL passes Tether and somebody shows you a screencap of your posts.

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you have a personality disorder, are you the same creep who keeps writing blogposts in every rsr thread,u need help bro.

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I sold my bags near the peak after I saw many posts here telling that ampl is a pyramid game or correction is coming soon. Thank you Anons!

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I am shorting the fuck out of it and making a lot, ampl is the golden market for bears

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You’re a maniac!

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I bought at the top. Totally rekt right now. I still think this is just getting manipulated by whales and we will have another huge pump soon. This asset is just too revolutionary. It will eventually stabilize around a dollar but I think MC is gonna be in the billions before Christmas.

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We have seen it all how p&d's turn coping investors into believers. You will be holding for a long time my friend.

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>doesn't understand compound gains.
>trades like a smack addict 12 year old with ADHD

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No that’s not me.

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uff shitcoin bag holder cope

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What's to stop this crashing down to 0 once it falls below 1 dollar/negative rebase? Why would anyone hold in that case?

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Price gets lower, I get more coins. When price gets to 1 its still all good. Riding this one out.

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Nothing. You lose more and more due to the negative rebate. It would cause the ultimate crash apart from "high IQ anons" who understand the tech and will hold to 0.

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Where can you short ampl? Kucoin doesn't let you.

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>still thinking in terms of price
literally ngmi

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I can only tell everyone who is doubting AMPL that they should just login during US hours and see how literally 50 anons agree that it is amazing and have actual technical discussions.

But since EUfags always wake up to huge dumps they make these passive aggressive posts like any AMPLchad gives a fuck.. I'm up massively even if it went to 1$ straight away right now.

>but muh pwice kwashed hohoho

E X E C U T E YOURSELF PAJEET and read the goddamn redbook and please understand compounded interest it's like the thing that rules this world and the thing that made jews the ruling elite

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I bought more today and if it still keeps dropping i will keep buying until im almost all in. I will sell everything except my XSN masternodes for this.

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This will crash to below $1 this week, around $40-55M mcap. I expect next pump to this weekend.

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He's lying

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I love it anon.

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>Does dumping 40% in marketcap count as a crash? Is that what you're saying? Because if you're saying that I can assure you that you're wrong.

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Given the rate at which ampl is bleeding i wouldn’t be surprised to see sub 1$ EOW, which Would make the mcap crash even more. Historically parabolic moves like this always retrace around 80%, That would give us 32m$ mcap from 160 high Still a lot more bleeding to come...i would rather sell now and rebuy at cheaper mcap

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Negative rebase is not a lot, only -1% at 0.9$ for example.

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This guy gets it.

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uniswap looking at uniswap vision, it is a gas race, but still works
you are a fag

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That’s not gonna happen. Whales play a different game, why make x10 when you can make a round trip by crashing the market and make another x8 or so. In addition, i bet there’s substantial percentage of buyers who have no fucking idea about the mechanics of this coin, and are not aware they get free coins every night, all they see is a falling knife.

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You can't short ampl or anything else on uniswap.

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if you are a brainlet, no you cant

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Well then please enlighten us with the method.

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If you take the whales out of the equation maybe there will be a common interest for everyone of us to not sell enough to crash the market. But thay only works if there’s a steady supply of newcomers buying the rebase everyday

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The price only pumps and makes this worthwhile because of whales.

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the mcap pumps because people hold, it's literally the only shitcoin in existence that can pump in mcap without the need of new money entering

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Either the whales can pump or new comers buying everyday the rebase surplus to keep pumping the price.

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here you go brainlet
uniswapex io/order

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whales are the illuminati

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That suppose you lock every coin in circulation. But people ARE going to sell those profits.

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yes, but still it's only possible with ampl. theoretically speaking, if everybody holds, ampl can overcome bitcoin in less then a month in terms of mcap, without zoomer's money

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The whales buy up liquidity to drive price up and bring in the crowds who also help. But it's the whales hogging supply that squeezes price up until they are out of cash and dump.

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Still no short option. How do you short? You know shorting as in borrowing an asset to sell and repaying it at a lower price?

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TFW? Is someone allowing to short a STABLEcoin when it's above it's nominal price? I want to know where such is possible?

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Maybe by speculative valuation, but actual value will have to come from a market buying selling a certain supply and price.

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my god, do I have to draw the entire process?
I guess these are the kind of 0 iq retards holding this piece of shit coin, kek of the year

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i think this dumps to around 75 - 80 mil cap, consolidates a bit and runs up again to around 300 mil

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and ampl is not a stablecoin, you bought something and don't even know the basics, this keep getting better and better

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Oh, I think I understand now. This is a crazy protip if it actually works. Jesus Christ I can't believe you are sharing this. Thanks.

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why would anyone hold this once it falls below $1 and negative rebases occur? what happens then? what's the plan to get it back above 1$ if no-one in their right mind would buy?

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It's much more stable (if it stays alive long enough) than other stable coins. Ampl only moves +- 5% whereas other stablecoins, pegged to a volatile FIAT currentcy, can have any price the USD or whatever shitcoin they follow, chooses to have. You think USD has been stable? Really?

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Don't short shit anon. Go stonk

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So this is manipulating the gas fees to slow down the order execution to get a better deal because the swaps are not instantaneous?

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Whales buy in to pump price creates cycle of FOMO again. It's a big game of chicken on both ends.

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so the entire value proposition of this scam is literally DUDE IF WE PRINT MORE EVERYBDOY WILL BE RICH

>> No.20344221

USD or AMPL? lol

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>why would anyone hold this once it falls below $1 and negative rebases occur?
people who think it's a stablecoin will buy below 1$ to sell at 1$ later

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this but unironically

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I love it when shills go into damage control mode like the 50% was planned anyway and it's a good thing anyway because xy

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>1$ stablecoin
literally braindead

>> No.20344262

*50% dump

>> No.20344270

if it was planned why didn't you just sell and x4 your stack size

>> No.20344286

i'll sell at 1 and i'll have 4x of my stack

>he still doesn't understand how ampl works
at least get educated on what you're fudding. the only decent fud i heard so far was that the devs hold 20% of the supply of the "crypto federal reserve", which is a huge red flag.

besides that i only see brainlets who have no idea how the protocol works

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Count on clueless normies, they will buy not knowing that they loose money every day even if price stays stable. They will check the price and think ok im doing well its not dropping at least....

>> No.20344303

this, can't wait for the coinbase listing

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Thats not applicable for people who got in at ATH 4$. U got in early did x10 with compounding, it has to go go below 1$ for several weeks for you to break even.

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>too smart to hold a coin that doesn't dump 75% within 2 days

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No reason to buy this coin until sub $1.

>> No.20344338

>buying a 1$ stablecoin at 4$
not my fault that people are retarded

>still not understanding that you can't get the full picture by looking only at the price
the red book is literally a 30m read anon, nothing's stopping you from making it too

based brainlet who'll buy my bags

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I'm going to imagine you have a cheeky cockney accent. Have a good day chap!

>> No.20344449

what's a cockney, i'm esl, lmao

>> No.20344631

a native of East London
What is esl?

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english second language

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You've managed to become a bagholder before the bull run has even started. Impressive.

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this but unironically, learn how ampl works brainlet

>> No.20344777

esl are better at both. I dig your banter.

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>Does dumping 40% in marketcap count as a crash? Is that what you're saying? Because if you're saying that I can assure you that you're wrong.

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you DCA during the sub $1 prices to keep your stack the same

which is hard compounding when it goes above $1 again

200 iq to make it

>> No.20345366


The question is when to buy in again and I generally agree, the point is to buy close to $1 in order to get maximum gains when this pumps again which inevitably it will.

>> No.20345617

Looks like we found a floor a 1.35$ for now but with 15% rebase of tonight, i expect one last flush -30%, then few days of consolidation. Next cycle in a week or when the whales decide to initiate the ride once again. Pretty sure they will not let it sink below 1$ as those guys are too smart to let the algo negative rebase their millions of $.

>> No.20346053

the rebase today will be around ~5% since the oracle rate is a 24h volume weighted average -> calculated 1 hour before rebase.

>> No.20346647

doesn't matter unless you sold 75% of your bag at the top which i have no interest in doing. this is a supply grab game until $5+ , that simple.

>> No.20346965

What in the frick was that?!~

>> No.20347007

hope u have a merry christmas anon lmao

>> No.20347206

are you though? you shouldn't be. do you not understand AMPL?


>> No.20348126

High brain play.

Low price = buy

High price = gain AMPL

low price = buy

except it won't. too many eyes now.

>> No.20348180

I think the most important statistic is number of holders, which is steadily rising.

>> No.20348217

I start to believe maybe we touched a floor at 1.35, I’m watching the numbers of wallets going up and up, by the hour. Time to accumulate more.

>> No.20348255

Right. If we reached a market cap of 150m$ at 4500 holders imagine what would happen at 165k holders (current link number). It’s going to shoop up to top 3 in CMC by EOY

>> No.20349287

how many ampl to make it?

>> No.20349592

>my god, do I have to draw the entire process?
Can you do it for me please. I'm retarded

>> No.20350047

i think 5k + as a minimum

>> No.20350108

>What to expect for the coming months: a swing between 1$ and 4$ max. That will still push the marketcap into the billions.
check you calculation. the marketcap will be pushed above 1 billion if it swing from 1$ and 4$ for 1 week. 2 weeks for 10b, and 3 weeks for 100b.

it's LITERALLY impossible to stay above 1$ for that long, unless whale wanna turn this into the next btc

>> No.20350291

can i self bump? test

>> No.20350300

get a load of these fags

>> No.20350375

You have to take into account that there will be less swings the further the mcap grows especially after 10b$+ mark.

>> No.20350403

it doesn't need swing, as long as it stays above 1 it will grow exponentially, which simply isn't sustainable in the long run, aka more than a 1 week (or 2 but it's extremely unlikely)

>> No.20350411

indeed, next pump Is starting

>> No.20350649

If MC from BTC starts bleeding into this, I will coom.

>> No.20350685

Realistically speaking how much % of marketcap as a minimum to make it to a million $???

>> No.20350702


>> No.20350801

Alright im at the safe side with 0,004%

>> No.20350904

For everyone that actually wants to make money, we're mooning now.
4/5$ is a realistic price in a matter of days but don't be too much greedy anon or this shit gonna swallow you.

>> No.20350955

realistic price in 1 week or 2 is 1$

>> No.20351078

did we actually hit 1.35? Fuck my life i missed the dip.

>> No.20351142

yes but you still don't get it
>t. amplewhale

this anon gets it and this is unironically a good thing

should've seen the EU/Pajeet FUD this morning...
> "hohoh ampwlefowth is dumpwing hohohoh told ya huhuhuhu"

>> No.20351145

That was quick i only could add 10% of my positions i pulled 100% of my stack on it.

>> No.20351209

>should've seen the EU/Pajeet FUD this morning...
yeah, holy shit, what the fuck was that? i though it was a meme but like 8 hours ago there were 10 ampl threads with pink wojaks, kek

>> No.20351296

>bought 3.7 AMPL for some BTC
>sold 3.1 AMPL for some more BTC
>look into assets
>4.5 AMPL
I'm a retard or a genius, I just don't know which one.

>> No.20351383

Yeah, I know that you can do more gains just waiting for 1$ with rebases.

>> No.20351469

Doesn't compound interest sort of defeat the purpose of crypto? Sorry if that's a dumb question. I'm new to all of this

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0,02% reporting in.

>> No.20352419

brainlet here, I have no idea what any of you guys are going on about but GL, Im just gonna chill with Bancor so I can just stack it up and eventually see what happens lol

>> No.20352813

>gonna chill with Bancor
You will unironically make it. Bancor is providing shovels to projects like Ampleforth.

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