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A boomer in my family got me into DigiByte recently. Never bought crypto before, but now own 100k DGB.

Tell me what I am in for here. Anyone held this before?

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What convinced you to buy?

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>Anyone held this before?

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The technology stack, the low price, and lots of hype

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Binance listing was the top for me. I'm out. Bye digifags

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from this post I can tell you did not research the project

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he shilled you the wrong coin

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explain pls

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Those women can explain

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it's actually very fast and is one of the few truly decentralized coins out there. I believe it's time will come and when it does all the bag holders will be very happy.

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jesus fuck. they are real

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DGB is one of the real gems.
Decentralized asset, unlike 99pct of shit you can buy on the market.

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Wait a minute, Digibyte still exists?

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They are and the asset evolved well, very advanced. ETH is complete shit in contrast.

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It seems like the project is good and the technology is sound, but it doesn't seem to be moving in price

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The hype is with the defi erc20 shitcoins now. Just wait, ultimately the market will realise that its not that great and erc20s are shit and the value will go into the decentralized assets like XMR, DGB to name two.

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That is the only problem of dgb. But maybe binance and coinbase will push adoption.

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