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>T-They're not smarter than US

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Holy shit, is this real?

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My cope readings are off the charts.

I like how he refers to their "consensus" as if it wasn't LINK marines spam fudding the shit out of it on reddit

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redditors are closer to facebook boomers than they are to 4chan autists

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I hope this guy is being ironic

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the fact that linkies fud link confuses the shit out of redditors

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Basically the faggots are salty because his method of dismissing anything associated 4chan didn't pan out

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>collective consensus

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I can smell the low IQ from here.

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He's right, to be fair.

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>chainlink consensus in 2019 is that its a pump n dump

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If you can't identify pajeet projects on 4chan you are a brainlet. It's easy to tell when there is actual hype for a project.

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this is actual unironic cope. holy shit.

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LMAO this is gold

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A 3 year pump kek.

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I wish plebbitors were turned into chicken nuggets.
Their long winding paragraphs of pseudo-intellectual vaccuum triggers me to no end

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>Collective consensus

>of LINK being a pump and dump

These people have no idea what LINK is or what it does, do they?

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My God reddit really is for the most idiotic consensus thinkers. Even presented with complete truth they still cling to their upvoted opinions.

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thanks for posting

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good analysis

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>be me 2017 right after alt coin season
>every shit coin on the planet is blabbing about partnerships and fake testnets yada yada
>meanwhile, a coin emerges from the piles if shit and raises $32m ico. No bs talks of partnerships and no advertising. Simply states the problem and their mission statement to solve it.
>check out smartcontracts.com
>holy shit, this guy registered this domain in 2008

It really was blatantly obvious.

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This. I hate redditors so damn much.

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my brain shuts off the second I see the word problematic in a wall of text. why do they love that fucking word so much how do they not know they sound like drones when they say this shit

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I'm really confused. Link was literally presenting at SIBOS in 2017. Who in their right mind did not buy a little bit?

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... especially mods.

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LMAO nolinkers are already jumping through mental gymnastic hoops trying to cope. Imagine what theyll say at $100, $1000

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imagine having a consensus on things, litteral npcs

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watching reddit seethe over link this time around is going to be a ride for the ages

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>they will call us “lucky”

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Every redditor I know in real life is a smug BLM supporting faggot.
They also think they're morally superior too.
Such pathetic people who need validation.

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>And some of them act like the success of Chainlink was blatantly obvious from the very beginning and that they are just way smarter than the rest of us.

Yes, precisely.

And we're still so early at a mere $7 without even staking or full enterprise usage yet.
The cope that is coming will be mind rending. Imagine some onions chugging "journalist" from Vice investigating why all those LINK twitter accounts use those problematic pepes and then going down the pee pee poo poo rabbit hole of /biz/ and coming to grips with what has happened.

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Do you have that copy pasta?
I never saved it from 2018.
I should have.

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Why do they have their stack size by their name....

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>High upvotes/Karma means I am smart and therefore am the only trustworthy opinion

Imagine paying for different colored (you)'s. The disgust.

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What do you guys think, should i have OPs screenshot enlarged and framed? Or should I put it on a shirt? Link could have hit $1000 last night and this post is still a better reward. Limp-wristed unpottytrained communists always lose.

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what causes this? i cant figure it out, but i've noticed this pattern as well

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They all have insufferable personality types and have a constant need to act morally superior to you.

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the ensuing dopamine rushes from reading pathetic reddit cope similar to op is going to melt my brain once we get into 3-4 digits

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Do you think they still didn’t buy? I hope they buy at $50-$100.

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I get the feeling this is a slightly changed pasta I've read somewhere quite some time ago

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It's all actually happening. The last 4 years feel like they've been some sort of beautiful fever dream.

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I hope that anybody that can read will wind up rich at this point. Wealth would wake most of these manchildren up to the world as it's been set up against them. Bullying aside, I really wish all of them got in at 0.40. That said, such events would have forever hindered the project and is not the way success is meant to work.

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if we hit 1k, im absolutely framing a lot of seething redditors and throwing them up in the mansion

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>words words words
Reddit always takes an essay to say what could be said in 2 sentences. Adding more words doesnt make you smart.

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At this point I wonder if being a redditor is genetic.

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the belief that you're fighting for a just and moral cause, reinforced by the media, corporations, along with your fellow ''oppressed'' comrades is very empowering to many people.

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but how do they not see that the media and corporations aren't actually on their side? it takes like 10 minutes of redpilling to figure this out

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He's right, most of you 80 IQ zoomers just get lucky

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new 4chan is literally as dumb and shitty as reddit. all of you are newfags from the trump election and/or the crypto boom. kill yourselves.

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>holy shit, this guy registered this domain in 2008
the domain wasn't registered by serg, he bought it in ~2014
wish this myth would disappear, we don't need the dumb >sergey is satoshi angle to legitimize link

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that's a pretty problematic attitude of you, buddy.

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>it takes like 10 minutes of redpilling
You still need to be open to being redpilled. They arent. Their minds are closed off to observation.

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It's like it's their unironically, but gayer

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Sergey IS Satoshi tho

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You will be the new elite. Your duty will be to lift up all of God's children, or at the very least remember that people are not cattle. Now is the time for these jokes, it's just funny. My hope is that by the time singularity reaches, we can only feel empathy. Even for fucking redditors. Transcendence is a global phenomenon.

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Holy shit. I can't believe this level of cope
Yes, plebbitors my only crypto buys ever were BTC ,eth and Link. My portfolio is 90% Link since I bought in etherdelta. I got into the req ICO and managed to flip it for link when link was 1000 sats. I DCA my link buys since then every month. I still keep buying.
That's pretty much it.
I know I'm not the only one that had the ,'aha' moment about Chainlink in 2017 and focused entirely on Link.

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okay he is, yeah

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maybe in the long term they're not on their side, but they are certainly working together at the moment. in any case, i think you overestimate the intellect of your average person.

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Hahahaha amazing. Motherfuckers I knew from day 1. Sad for reddit.

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The karma system attracts conformist people, and then reinforce their tendencies

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You're not wrong that we don't need that to be reality, but he is that too.

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Yeah. They presented next to the toilets. I wouldn't buy either

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>I know I'm not the only one that had the ,'aha' moment about Chainlink in 2017 and focused entirely on Link.
Lots of us where just lucky and threw a few bucks at it just in case. I sure did

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you're being genuine, I'll do my part to make a world a better place for all frens

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All you retards talking shit about reddit are reditors. the bigger problem her is twitter scum. We should have done something about them. WE couls still be getting sub 4$ link right now

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Fucking chris humphries fucked it all up!!!

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Uh sweetie, that's rather problematic. Let's unpack this. Y'all need to calm down and respect other people's opinions.

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holy shit, we literally did though

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God damn this is comfy

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>Investing in a 4chan-shilled coin with some red flags is quite a gamble

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>They are going to call us lucky. They are going to say there is no way we knew how big it would be. Unfortunately, many are going to sell at $10, $50, $100. To those that don't, the world is yours.
>We saw the potential. We dealt with the fud. We deserve what is coming. There is no crypto project that comes close. We are in this together and we will make it.
-Random anon, circa march 2018

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I don't think i'm any kind of genius, but it did seem obvious after research that link was the real deal since the beginning. I've been almost entirely all in link since early 2018, and only attempted swinging or gambling on shitcoins with less than 5% of my portfolio value. Redditors are just sheep who can not think for themselves.

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artist is rinhee and it's animated

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more like finrekt and chainlink god

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It's indeed a PnD. Just long-term. It will pump for 7 years straight, then dump to $200 from $1500.

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>heavy bags
precisely fucking zero you dipshits
do these people just throw darts in order to determine what shitcoin to buy

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What a fucking mong! We shilled it all day every day for 3 years!! All he had to do was rely on his own logic and come to his own conclusion!! Instead he followed herd mentality as dictated by upvotes!!! Hilarious!!!

>> No.20324416

For real our campaign was glorious and even today still continues

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I swear reddit just turns people into chinks. They want to be insects, they don't believe in individual thoughts. Of course, because those can get you in trouble!

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lol epic troll xD

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I am glad that my fellow anons found as much joy in this as I did. I was just doing my daily FUD campaign and saw this post and almost pissed myself laughing.

It worked. It really worked. And I will continue to FUD chainlink on every single source of social media until it is $100. Only then will I stop.
We are all in this together, frens.

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The more I read redditors, pseudo-skeptics and the like, the more I think the gnostics were right when they roughly divided humanity between meat machines, meat machines with some kind of spiritual life, and fully spiritual beings who don't feel at home in their meat machine. Plebbitors and their kind are the most robotic of meat machines, their pseudo-intellectual babble >>20323390 is nothing but a constant rehearsal of their programming, a kind of auto-hypnosis >>20323639
I utterly despise those drones, they really are last and hollow men.

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Israel has no right to exist

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I almost wish we could go back to 2018 I really goo Nd to miss this place.

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they dont call it the hivemind for nothing

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thanks buddy, i actually fell for the fud and bought in too late. you linkies are seriously pathetic if you don't want others have a piece of the cake

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How can they not tell the difference between link and the weekly shitcoin?
Are they really this stupid?

>> No.20324825

>Tell us about the other alts you lost on

Sure, here's a list of the other alts I've purchased:


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You are all missing the opportunity here. These redditors, as confirmed by this manifestation of cognitive dissonance, look up to /biz now and secretly want the 4chan outlook on MOST things. don't need to give them any financial advice to free them of their mental chains, just know your audience and use the opportunity appropriately. Pity is a weird emotion especially for an anon, but it is incredibly useful when harnessed appropriately. Ask them if traps are gay, start a dialog.

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Are you the 35 years old asperger guy or you are another one?

>> No.20324924

I read the white paper after reading this guy named assblaster.
I told everyone I knew.
I bought as much as I could.
I read shaping the future of the 4th industrial revolution.

>> No.20324940

i don't think i'm any of those, i'm sandro 31 y/o

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Censorship by moderators steers opinion and once firm opinions have been set they are cemented in place by the karma hivemind. Its fascinating but disturbing how redditors struggle to see this.

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These same people where deluded into a sense of superiority based on their “knowledge” due to their consensus mechanisms.
These guys would sooner call for your death if they received enough upvotes.

Never forget that you’re dealing with the absolute dregs of society, the middle of the bell curve.

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I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO glad the fud campaign worked and they didnt buy. I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO glad redditors didnt get on the chaintrain before now

>> No.20325141

I do have 1 redditor friend who is a redpilled Christian. And 1 who used to be a channer until idk it got too waciss or something so know he uses it but acknowledges its shit? I guess he uses boards that get less traffic. They are completely insufferable online though.

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I mean, if Link is supposed to go to $1k, this is still extremely early. Don't know what you're glad about

>> No.20325147

The best part of all this is that they're still not going to buy. After everything, they're still going to doubt the power of LINK, and only when it's far too late to make a meaningful profit will they finally say "Okay, maybe I should buy into this".

They lack conviction, and so they will stay poor forever.

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It worked exactly as anons had hoped. Biz didnt even put much effort into it, you could tell the fud was dumb but redditors fell for it anyway being the brainless sluts they are.

>> No.20325194

Ted Cruz lies and Paul Walker died

>> No.20325311

>In 2019
Top kek

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>talking about genetic differences
Okay yall, now this is problematic, yikes!

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You did good, I wish I had been ad visionary. So what's your stack if I may ask?

>> No.20325513

Pathetic!!!! Ahahahaha!!!! The fud tests your will, steels you. You failed.

>> No.20325592

Worth fixing, even if you just save one of them from the life of the misery you describe. Whether the timing and mechanism are appropriate is worthy of debate. Was a suggestion. As you grow wealther, you should ask yourself: Do I not love my fellow man? At least for all of the things he can be, if evil were not routing in his path to block my own? Lift them up and over and past you worst case.

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Ledditfags unequivocally BTFO'd and priced out

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Cope is real,

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I laughed hard at that too, any 'consensus' against link was absolutely due to the masterclass fud campaign we waged there.

More generally though, this post makes me feel like we kinda deserve this. "At least 9 out of 10 projects shilled on 4chan turn out to be pump and dumps" < it does take a certain amount of shrewdness, lurking and patience to figure out which projects have real enthusiasm and which are shill campaigns. Not saying we aren't lucky, but to build a big link stack you really did need to cut through a lot of noise to see the potential.

>> No.20325775

Imagine if link moons and we actually make it. There's got to be at least a few hundred of us who hold a suicide stack or more. Pretty wild to think about that many anons becoming moderately rich or even filthy rich with relatively small initial investments.

>> No.20325816

Nature vs nurture i guess

>> No.20325825

lmaooo “9 out of 10 projects shilled on 4chan are pnds” yea no shit but any literate person can separate the wheat from the chaff here

>> No.20325840

don't post on leddit and come brag about it here, go back.

>> No.20325855

The real problem is the echo-chambers Reddit creates, coupled with their inherent inability to critically question themselves, while also banning everyone questioning them, even if said person questioning them isn't necessarily their enemy, but just a relatively neutral actor. The mass delusion this cancer website creates is both amazing and terrifying. Ironically akin to historical movements driven by those who ended up enacting fascist policies, with said Redditors still hating on fascism, but themselves propagating the enforcedly degenerate form thereof. I don't know whether they have lost their way or what, but surely this isn't what they originally set out to do.

>> No.20325864

it's all fun and games until the LINK scam finally dumps at the end of this ride. it's not too late to get out with some money made.

>> No.20325878

Survivorship bias.

>> No.20325908 [DELETED] 

>Uh, sweetie
>Y'all need to calm down and respect other people's opinions
Literally gay

>> No.20325946

Based and true manpilled

>> No.20325948

There's some pretty genuine posts in here that you are choosing to ignore.

>> No.20325967


Bait but fuck it: If link were a scam, they would have dumped long before this. Why bother to develop your coin and get it to the top 10 just to exit scam? It's going to massively increase the number of people who got burned, and therefore increase the chance of reprisal/investigations. If you were doing a scam you'd have dumped the bear, made millions, and nobody would have noticed. You wouldn't keep developing the project, giving tons of talks, making new partnerships.

>> No.20326038

Bait or cope

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I unironically love /biz/ and all of you anons

I rarely laugh in real life, yet this place gives me at least 2-3 laugh out louds a day

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The censorship went really fast too, I remember only five years ago the decision to ban /fatpeoplehate was considered to be a big fucking deal. Reddit even with its upboot system was still a true place of freedom of speech. Only five years. One can only imagine what will 4chan become by 2k25

>> No.20326184

why do u think Dimroc left the project? they also lost some other great minds and talent because they saw threw the veil and knew they needed to abscond.

>> No.20326190

mein negar

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>> No.20326286

Hurr durr developed companies cannot and will not exit scam. Alex, I'll take Enron for $1000

>> No.20326307

> the absolute state of leddit

Actually trying to lump linkies in there with the pajeet PNDs. We’ve LITERALLY had a Chainlink general thread for 2+ years. That’s on top of the hundreds of posts about LINK per day and thousands of threads over the years.

Reddit is just mad they fell for the “it’s a scam” meme when it was basically spoonfed to them. They still have daily Nano threads over there ffs

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>collective consensus
Oh God this is actually lowkey FUD for blockchain as a whole

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reddit should unionize

>> No.20326342

look how far a 'legit' business took a scam like WeWork did

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>mfw redditors couldn't even tell the difference between organic LINK memetics and some obvious pajeet shitcoins like snowblossom or other turtlecoin

>> No.20326604


>> No.20326679

>act like you knew all along and are smarter than the rest of us
It isn't act, its the truth. Behaving like retards is the act.

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>the absolute state of LINK fud in July 2020

>> No.20326746

>puts life savings into btc
>link doesn't fit my risk profile
lmfao what a dumb fucking faggot

>> No.20326766

>not folks

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>the collective consensus

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I remember the night bitcoin blew up. I was listening to some podcast where it was mentioned and thought ‘huh isn’t that something.’ Just had got in from a 4 mile hike through a foot of snow in -15c. That’s when I began to think about crypto. Obviously not enough, like a good pleb fucking moron.
Was only until March of this year with all the world uncertainty and potential future chaos that I started being actively involved.
I have 150links. Goal of 1000.
Essentially spending my whole paycheque from one of two jobs I have this week which will be about 5k.
I’m late to this ride but godamnit, I’m getting on now.
Just hope I’m not too late, anons. Should I Kms?
I just want an income that subsidizes my flying habits.

>> No.20326863

Noice. You missed this one:

>> No.20326921

I don’t think you’re late. Have an investment strategy and stick to it and stick to a time frame.

I told myself I prob can’t sell until 2025/2026. Five fucking years from now, if LINK does what I think it going to be doing I will have comfortably retired.

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You're my favorite type of poster.

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>> No.20327051

>One can only imagine what will 4chan become by 2k25
This place hasn't changed that much even from 2013 I think. The topics of shitposting are different but overall the site is basically the same. Maybe a bit too many normalfags now with all the political shit that draws them here.

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I told the old man about link. At the height of the rona I was learning how to invest in stonks. He said he would give me 50k to fuck with and I could keep 10 if it went to 100k.
Work got busy and some things changed, that didn’t happen.
Last week I described what it was In the best of boomer terms. I’m scared to ask for money to invest in crypto. It’s one thing to do it with stocks but fuck. To lose their money AND mine if linkies shit the bed..idk anons..idk.

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Thanks frens.
Lurking redditors, do you see this mod defining your discourse? Do you buy his reasoning? Shouldn't matter anyway, censorship is censorship. A baby step towards progress would be to ask yourself how someone could profit/benefit from moderating /r/cryptocurrency in these situations. Restore your own online home before you critisize the order of another. Criticisms here are born out of your simple failure to inquire, that's really all it comes down to at the end of the day.

>> No.20327238

What a fucking joke! All this web site is stupid frog pictures! Can't even navigate the layout its something from 2011! And if you think for one minute you racist, sexist pieces of human garbage will prosper, karma's got another thing coming to ya!

A big "fuck you!" to one and all.

>> No.20327247

There's a lot more spammers and paid astroturfers these past few years, not just on biz.

>> No.20327310

you have to try harder with bait anon

>> No.20327316

yes its real and the crypto "discussions" on reddit are some of the lowest IQ "investment" discussion you will find online.
the reason /biz/ is so successful is because theres almost no moderation here and the mods are not paid by projects to promote certain threads and ban users who point out "hey this is a scam"
crypto redddit is the definition of dumb money.
they are always always late on every investment and buy our bags at the top.

the only subreddit that isnt financially illiterate is WSB

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I don´t know what´s problematic about LINK = 1000eoy

>> No.20327437

I think WSBlets managed to lose more money gambling on options these past few months than all of /biz/ ever gambled away at the BitMex casino

>> No.20327439

this post was so retarded it was funny, thanks anon

>> No.20327853

You're not too late, anon. None of us are. There is still plenty of time before the Link train fully sets sail, so anyone on the fence needs to know that there is still time to make a fortune on this. Remember, a suicide stack assumes Link is going to peter out at $100 just to be on the safe side, but anyone who sees the writing on the wall will know that $100 is just the beginning for Link.

Don't be an idiot, just keep your head down and accumulate.

>> No.20327864

this guy is pretty clearly speaking out of both sides of his mouth, it's nothing but glowing unabashed praise of LINK superficially decorated with enough toothless "criticism" of linkies to seem measured
how sensitive would you have to be to take that criticism seriously

>> No.20327924

That was me you’re referring to.

>> No.20328019

Here to help any fellow redditors that have been directed here - this thread is what 4chan incels call a "backdoor beating", after their threads in reddit stopped being effective spam they make ones here purporting to be genuine "insider" sentiment and eventually "leak" the thread to reddit.

Chainlink is a scammy project undergoing a manipulated pnd right now, already currently dumping hard. Read the fundamentals, check out the team, stay away. Look at the number of "id's" (the 4chan term for user accounts), there is one for every 2 posts. That clearly isn't real people engaged in a conversation, it's the result of the dynamic IPs these scammers use to avoid incrimination. These people aren't right on race, why would they be right on business advice?

Btw type 'SAGE' in the options field to report the thread.

>> No.20328584

Thanks friend. Totally agree. Sergey is a known scammer who jas been involved with various shady startups from decades ago. This stinking house of cards is going to collapse hard and take a lot of investors with it. Stay away or be prepared to get burned hard.
Take care

>> No.20328711

This. Redditors are the ultimate normies. They deserve humiliation and suffering for being so kiked.

>> No.20328742

You type like the exact mod I called out.

>> No.20329158
File: 15 KB, 997x95, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20329206
File: 64 KB, 709x538, 1547488428248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mods are indeed cocksuckers.

>> No.20329217


>> No.20329274

fucking NIGGERS lover spotted

>> No.20329323

holy kek

>> No.20329351


>> No.20329365

anyone have the pasta from 2017 / 2018 where it talks about "if you hold LINK, you've already made it"?

>> No.20329404
File: 19 KB, 150x85, WhispersInRape9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>train sets sail.
no dear I'm afraid the cat is out of the box

>> No.20329442
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>> No.20329447

>sets sail

>> No.20329454

im literally in this shit for the dopamine
fuck money

>> No.20329516

idk i dont think that shouldve been posted. maybe when link is $50 or so

>> No.20329536


>> No.20329667

thanks for the new pasta.

>> No.20329769
File: 189 KB, 480x366, 11Ec0fsdFERGfUcAA6gZw_2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20329843


>> No.20329898
File: 12 KB, 1267x93, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This moron lives in a bubble of antifaggotry and sóy milk.

>> No.20329958

Now I realize what crypto is really about..

>> No.20330042

bolsonaro sucks ass tho

>> No.20330248

>if you Linies make 10x the profit
Fucking kek if only this retard knew.

>> No.20330789


>we don't need the dumb >sergey is satoshi angle to legitimize link

>we don't need...to legitimize link

Fixed that for you. /pol/ please start fudding LINK again, I sold all I had to propose to a grill and now I'm broke for a while

>> No.20330830


>> No.20331184

any newfag that’s been here for 3.5 years isn’t a newfag anymore anon

>> No.20331200
File: 33 KB, 436x436, 1579362498502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>reddit spacing
go back, nigger.
or follow 4chan's etiquette.

>> No.20331215

>spic name
>hates link fuds
Yeah typical nonwhite retard

>> No.20331239

amazing cope wrote an entire short story.

>> No.20331273

if you came here after 2008 you're a newfag, simple as

>> No.20331374
File: 229 KB, 1352x693, 4chanoldfagnewfagchart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20331693
File: 140 KB, 1280x961, 1515805317978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least they know how options work and are self aware of their own autism, just like us. Crypto reddit is 90% just comments like "feeling positive on [my -90% baghold] this week. Lots of progress and a good team!"
Comments with literally zero substance around them.

>> No.20331760

this is the single greatest thing I've ever seen, thanks OP

>> No.20331801

Based and FUDpilled

>> No.20331941

This. Everyone said I was crazy.

>> No.20332141

Oh cmon this can’t be real
Bahahahahahaha yes it fucking can faggot ass reddit dimwit niggerlovers

>> No.20332188

I'll be keeping an eye out for btc_clueless for if/when Link moons to heights beyond his wildest estimates.

>> No.20332209

I actually kekked irl at this

>> No.20332228

>reddit spacing
>selling link to get (((married)))

>> No.20332334

based & basedpilled

>> No.20332365

audible kek

>> No.20332438
File: 9 KB, 180x200, 1588210700439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


There's no fucking WAY this shit is real

>> No.20332495

I respect you the most. Never let them know. Never put your guard down because ultimately LINK is a SCAM and that's a FACT.

>> No.20332516

boomer cope, the future is now old man.

>> No.20332669

Twitter scum are just mostly biz fags who want more attention or they are completely new with their 50 LINK holdings. Fuck all to do about Twitter imo. The way it's structured helps to protect against fud since all the newbies can see their favorite "linkmarines" defend against fud(which they do well though).

>> No.20333500
File: 564 KB, 800x430, 1564337394332.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Reminds me of primary school

>> No.20333582

I was hanging out with them again on the 3rd of July.
I put on link anons chainLINK a meme odyssey and just laughed in their faces.
I said: “it’s too late for you guys, by the end of this week you won’t even be able to get a few hundred.”
Really prescient actually.