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Download the new SENT Android dVPN application on the #Google Play Store today!

The new Android application makes tremendous strides towards an improved user experience and aligns with one of Sentinel's core focus to decrease user learning curve.

> https://medium.com/sentinel/launch-of-sentinels-revamped-user-friendly-android-dvpn-application-2d27f1137ed

> Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.sentinel.sentinellite&hl

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IOS dapp release next, this is a preview of the updated UI

"The SENT iOS application is nearing the final stages of development with the focus primarily being on UI.

The application is available on Testflight , and will be open for suggestions and comments on how the UI/UX can be improved.

Currently the application will provide access to community hosted servers that are supporting the IKEV2 protocol so the node list on the iOS application will not be the same as the current OpenVPN node list. Future integration will include WireGuard which will also be supported on other platforms, allowing for further consolidation of nodes.

The iOS application will be fully open-sourced allowing for individuals and organizations alike to customize and build on it the way that the Android client is currently being built on. The iOS application will further expand the reach of the Sentinel dVPN application"

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after the IOS app there are many releases leading to main net launch:
>wireguard integration
>v3 client
>private nets/hardware integration
>tendermint 3 test net
>main net

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The most important thing before main net is sent team members revealing their identity imo

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they will also establish a for profit corporation based probably in switzerland , so all people not trusting the project cause of anon team now will have some pretty faces to look at

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Then they should be able to negotiate with exchanges

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Dump this shit for FUND.

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i think they are doing that already, they surely had meetings with okex as they have been invited to host a validator to okex testnet chain.
sentinel team amazing performance during game of zones has surely made lots of people and tendermint focused fund notice

"$ENT would like to thank OKEx for the invitation to host a validator on the OKChain testnet.

OkChain is being built on #Tendermint and will host OKEx's exchange token, OKB as well as a cross-chain DEX environment.

SENT would also like to commend the
OKEx team's performance and participation in the cosmos CosmosDevs GOZ competition.

To find out more about the upcoming OkChain mainnet and it's interoperable design, read: "



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sent has been in a steady uptrend from 8 sats to 17 sats right now, next few weeks we should be at 30 sats ,dont miss out

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HAHAHHAAAA. nobody use this vpn. Its either developed by retards that know nothing about crypto or glow in the darks. Any app that defaults to CBC or let's an end user chose that cipher is a shitty app. I can't imagine what other shitty misconfigurations or buggy code this shit has.

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In the last months a lot more projects confirmed they are switching away from ethereum to cosmos, soon we should see cosmos/tendermint focused funds, sentinel being one of the first and more well known tendermint project will be in all their portfolios

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Stay poor simp. SENT is the best investment in crypto right now. You have NO IDEA how ATOM profits are going to drip down into SENT and 10x its market cap in a matter of weeks.

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explain pls fren? I run a node on Sentinel and can choose past 256aes but it gets very slow.

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yeap many projects like aragon are porting away from eth (or simply cosmos community will fork them)
sentinel has been one of the first vocal supporters for cosmos and won both incentivized testnets and after 2.5 years its finally launching their main net everybody from cosmos will support this, its in their interest to do so, it will show that projects built on cosmos are successful

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the openvpn configuration has not been updated in months, but all feedback has been gathered and changes will be deployed with the V3 desktop client, which will include wireguard integration.
tho im not a dev so i can't understand if what you are saying is correct

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using AES-CBC with any MAC and streaming it over a potentially hostile internet is hard to do correctly due to padded oracle attacks. Attempts to fix the oracle usually introduce new ones through timing side channels or other less obvious ways. The solution to this is to probably use something akin to GCM, which is AEAD (theoretically easier than some block cipher chained in a suite with a separate MAC anyhow) and it's mode of operation is more like CTR, so it's basically faster anyhow.

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Nice will send this to sent admin on tg, do you have any other suggestions ?

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use an openssl cipher suite list that doesn't suck as default? it's harder to do then you'd think though.

OpenSSL cipher selection is error prone shite:

I usually use:


which basically has a lot of redundant exclusions but only allows PFS and AEAD ciphers. It still allows for Preshared keys, which may or may not be useful? I don't know how OpenVPN works.

The long and skinny though is cipher suites fucking suck and crypto is big gay.

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More as trump turf for a failed scam project. Fuck off losers. Buy Link and RSR

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It's one of the biggest scams in crypto and no one falls for it other than pajeet retards

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Why is Charlie Sheem shilling OXT?

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thanks, seems like something the devs can pick up on. Do any other VPNs (inside or outside crypto) make the same mistake?

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He was paid on cameo to do it. personally i wouldn't want to be involved with someone who is on Epstein's flight log. but they are a SF based company so they must think it's normal behavior.

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man, it's not really even a "mistake."

The attacks, like POODLE, are mostly "resolved" and we're now playing a game with speculations based on the non-constant time of doing MAC validation on padding; the translation is, it could become worse as technology moves on but the attacks are a bit harder to pull of realistically. It's still shit, but it's not "END OF THE WORLD" tier mistake, it's just unfortunate. AES FUCKING SUCKS. A lot of stupid shit misuses it almost as much as they misuse RSA, which I imagine people misuse even moreso.

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100% anon. TEB-CBD with a Windows is far better tho. It allows Hostile environments to exist in a surplus state, and avoids all horned looking glass attacks. The only way around this is to verify a NGT, which is similar to a AEAI.

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Redpill me on this. So is it a truly decentralized vpn where node operators are paid in sent? Is that the story? Seems like a potential risk for operators since their traffic will be sketch as fuck

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2/3 of the world has no monopoly on violence that is capable of such monitoring. Or maybe the ops are Intel.

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anyone will be able to host nodes yeap, but there will be multiple types of nodes:
-relay nodes aimed at consumers will never come in contact with unencrypted traffic
-exit nodes are aimed at data centers with idle capacity ,expert users or people in 5 eyes jurisdictions will have higher risk but also higher reward
-tor exit nodes are aimed at people that already host tor nodes to help them get some revenue by funneling all sent data directly into tor

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cause they payed him


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The defense of POODLE tho exist in a linear frame work. Calling it a non constant is pretty dangerous. It's more like playing a game of known possible error than out right speculation. As of now most systems suck, all the labour on this stuff was beta males working for global homo corps, who had to develop cheap to pay their kids. In the age of the trap, the tranny will operate freely and uncucked. No kids, no slaving for google. Misuse is fine, hiding in plain sight is an finding a needle in a haystack.

Now go buy LINK you jannies. ALL TIME HIGH SOON

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while you have been calling scam ive been buying and im sitting on a nice x2
SENT has way lower mcap then the coins you mentioned, way higher possible roi

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I can get into this. What's a suicide stack? This is the kind of stuff I really think is where defi shines.

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Charlie is a Pedo, Why do all the Pedos know each other? What do you guys think about Maker DAI?

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dai is just a very risky derivatives with increasingly shitty collateral most of the newly minted dai ends up in compound , at some point the peg will be broken.



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Brad mills has a SENT bag

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SENT IS FOR RETARDS, BRAD IS A RETARD. Charlie is a PEDO, Crypto is for PEDO's. Get off of /biz

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i just checked when you launch a node its up to the maintainer to choose encryption standard GCM is an option too

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200 gets me like 125k

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Take your meds schizo. If you dont like something dont give out free bumps.

Why is sentinel better than mysterium? I cant find a reason OP.

>> No.20321754

based schizoposter


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You guys are such incels, discussing the tech. Tech is a meme that sells the narrative. This baby is a small cap gem. Tiny market cap, an easy x10. Hard to move big boulders vs small ones.

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I have tested all the dVPNs available: Sentinel, Lethean, MYST, Privatix, Orchid, etc. Sentinel is the only one with the proper long-term vision. They fundamentally made several key decisions, if executed as announced, will end up pushing them to top 50 with ease. Key strategy decisions:

• Building on their own chain to avoid bottlenecks like Orchid on ETH. Yes it took much longer, but now they will be able to scale without any issues. Smart long term planning.

• IBC cross-chain interoperability: allow users to pay with BTC, XMR, ETH, etc. No need for a third party, worthless middleman token.

• Solid token economics: for most dVPNs the token's primary purpose is to pay for bandwidth. However, this introduces a couple extra steps and transaction fees to the onboarding process: buy BTC/ETH, send to exchange, trade BTC for dVPN token, send dVPN token to wallet, pay for bandwidth. That is a terrible user experience. Sentinel does it a bit differently:

The primary value of the SENT token comes from staking and securing the decentralized dVPN network. Since this is a decentralized network, you need validators to make sure there are no malicious node hosts and to validate all transactions. In return for staking SENT tokens, you get a % of all fees transacted on the network. If Sentinel launches their token mixer, the staking profits will skyrocket. I would also recommend they also introduce a discount if bandwidth is paid in SENT tokens to drive token demand even more.

• Build a Layer 1 dVPN infrastructure that other developers can easily implement and incorporate into their own applications. Now any dev can include private dVPN connection features for their app without having to maintain a whole VPN network. I have already seen several examples of white-labeled dVPN providers using the Sentinel infrastructure. In no time, we will see SENT being included natively in dAPPS, gambling apps, privacy tools...

No other dVPN has these key features.

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idex has the most sent for sell right now, hitbtc sell side is gone there is really only few thousands $ worth of sent for sell right now, the biggest sell wall is currently at 30 sats which is double current price

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YOU TOOK THE BAIT, KNOWING ABOUT CRYPTO MEANS YOUR A PEDO. Just look at OXT, paying Pedo shills to shill their garbage. What would the world come to if the Blue chips did this stuff? /Biz is for SPX and DJI discussions only.

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I want a 5m suicide stack.

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Look at this virgin. Only chance is to marry a BBC Karen with 18 versions of HPV genital virus. I am going to take my SENT and LINK gains and order a Russian mail order virgin wife while you rot in your tinfoil hate world.

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you can put a buy order and hope to get filled or just buy everything up from idex and hotbit (there is around half a million for sell on hotbit and few millions on idex)

>> No.20322484

You are right. Guaranteed good investment right now no matter if the vpn is good or not.

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SENT will hit at 50 sats in 3 weeks from now.

Last chance to enter before lift off.

Uniswap is going to absolutely moon it, just you watch...

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well OXT partnered with pia with is a well known mossad honeypot so i wouldn't be surpised if they are pedo too

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Buying more SENT here!! Uptrend confirmed!!

>> No.20323024

6-8m if you want to make it

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Copy pasta but I love it. Sentinel is innovating. Truly amazing tech.

>> No.20323101

Are you a pump and dumper? I’m here for the tech but if you saying this thing is gonna pump... I would be interested in buying more as the fundamentals are strong.

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Yes it already is. I’d say you have about 1 more week before it goes parabolic as ATOM profits start coming down into SENT and it’s lift off time. It’s going to absolutely sky rocket.

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i think monetization will not be enabled till main net

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when monetization will be enabled i expect sent to get as many nodes as nordvpn in one year

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that seems realistic, there is a fuckload of datacenters with idle capacity, and people who run tor nodes already would get revenue on top.
all consumers would be able to monetize their unused bandwidth.
given that most of the world will use vpns by 2025 sentinel needs to grow way more to be able to service everybody

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i think that the most obvious partnership to test sent network would be brave, thanks to cosmos IBC it should be very easy for sent chain to accept BAT

>> No.20326039

Fuck off, go back to wallstreetbets

>> No.20326118

Sent already has more than nord VPN. Quit with the fud. Trying to fill your bags up you sperg.

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Damn this chart looks like it is ready to explode. Solid accumulation, beautiful bottoming pattern and breakout above multi-month downtrend and above all MAs. We will see 55+ sats here soon.

>> No.20326409

Shooting for 90 sats, with ETH at 380

>> No.20327082

ATH and beyond before the end of the year

>> No.20327088

Where do you guys pick it up?
Uniswap or the other place?

>> No.20327198

Uniswap worked for me

>> No.20327269

I have a MetaMask i have never used before, but also never used Uniswap before.

>> No.20327324

hotbit idex and hitbtc have most of the volume for now

>> No.20327733

too little sent for sale on uniswap

>> No.20328373

some people have been asking in the trollbox to provide some liquidity on uniswap

>> No.20328982

uniswap team needs to list sent on the frontend first

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File: 266 KB, 800x600, CFC2A12A-FBE2-4445-A5D5-83BBAE2D8568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just bought more SENT. I am comfy af with my suicide stack. 2 Lambos coming up: Urus and Huracan, matching.

>> No.20329668

wtf did it just get removed from uniswap

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