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Ok /biz/. I feel it. Cpypto is the last chance in this decade to multiply our money.

I'm a euro poorfag. I didnt have much to invest. I bought 1 Btc and 1k link 2 years ago.

I feel like there arent big gains to be made on BTC.

What would you recommend I do?

Should I convert my Btc to link? Is there a next link?

What about stakenet (XSN)? Any other project?

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Arrr Elll Cee

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Aleph is in accumulation and is the next link. 3m mcap.

Ledger will start talking about them soon and some big exchanges integrating.

Top 100 project next year. Screenshot this.

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Link is guaranteed to keep going up, RLC, RSR, BNT etc could potentially moon but still its just gambling...remember if it's not link, it's a shitcoin.

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link is the next link
it's not a meme
prepare to cry next year at 100$/LINK

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what does it do? will it have any real world use? is it worth it? Expected future rank/price?

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what about pnk. There are shills about it.

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ARPA. Multi-Party Computation.

Businesses will use Link oracles but will also want private smartcontracts. That's where ARPA comes in.

ARPA was very honored to win the “2020 Privacy-preserving Computation Emerging Power” award along with other distinctive projects such as Chainlink.

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>pic related

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This. 20k STA suicide stack.

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Based and endgamepilled

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Unironically Link. Link will always be the next Link

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Next link was synthetix. The time for Edgeware is NOW. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/58234/defi-focused-venture-firm-framework-ventures-invests-900000-in-common-labs-and-futureswap
Thank me in the future OP

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I'm all in on on HIVE and DREP their decentralized flexible organization technology is slowly starting to dominate.

And obviously Cardano is a no brainer.

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that whore should put her tits away

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DOS is the next link. Screencap this.

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next link is DFOhub (BUIDL). Not even a difficult decision.

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unironically SNX
RSR is the next XRP

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>I'm a euro poorfag
in which exchange did you open your account?

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Huh, maybe of there was like ~10 Million market cap coin on a mainstream on ramp/wallet.

Pic not related or anything.

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We’ve told you time and time again. It’s Kleros (PNK).

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XSN and RSR, I'd say?

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Ocean protocol. This is the only right answer.

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RLC unironically

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Where is the team? They seem like fucking scammers.

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RLC and XSN is my protfolio for 2020-2021 gain

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Thats a man

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XSN is the next link.

>"We have already executed cross trades from BTC to ETH via Lightning and Raiden and have a proof of concept in place."


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Stakenet looks pretty interesting. Another project you'll never hear about on /biz/ is orion protocol. Guy who created Waves dex has made an aggregator for the entire crypto market and it has staking for passive income.

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All in RSR. Don't fuck this up

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buy suicide stack xsn.

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please sir do the needful pump my curry bags

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Pnk is good. Accumulate it on dips. It's already had a run today, so I'd wait. I'm hoping for a dollar, so it's still got a decent amount left to run.

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If only you had swinged STA you could have owned 75% of the total supply with just a starting 1k and abusing each version of the coin I mean token.
If only Statera had Ampleforth's mechanism where the harder you pump and dump the more gains you make. Seriously everyone would had automatically made 100x by holding when it fell from 15 cents to 1/10th 3 cents.

That looks like a little boy.

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When do you think RNDR will start pumping?

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Apparently large exchange to be announced in coming weeks

Check out the render thread i just made

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God I hope you're right. If this isn't it, im all out of options. Will be a cheap funeral too

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Not always, but for a long while

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This ho is lifting her ass cheek up to make her fat butt look bigger.

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Say it with me... BLOCKNET

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OP dont pump these people bags they are trying to dump on you

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What thread? Where?

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Link is still the next link....would you buy bitcoin for $8 if you had the chance?

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Verasity, brainlet.

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Anon you aren't funny

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>He's still posting this
Spamming that every thread doesn't make blocknet any less shit then it was yesterday
>6 trades daily

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Do you hate money? pajeets and weak hands are officially out. It is impossible for the token to fall beneath the current price.Get in and buy the dip from the retards that sold it. If you cant make money with this project you will never make money period. every person with above 50 iq will be loading up rn. You have not seen anything of it yet. Dont be typical biztards and fomo after it moons. Dont compare this token with the lazy shitcoins you see in this board. This is is the next step in defi and PoL tokens. I warned you

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pivvr . com
disc : apjrYsw
just read the whitepaper and you will understand what im talking about

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>if its not LINK or AMPL then its a shitcoin

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It's going well passed $1000 though. Do you think whales will really dump at that point?

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given that trades could be faked so easily, this is actually a good sign of honesty

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>being a retarded 7th grade dropout who doesn't know how to present data

Any graph is worthless without its axes. People from first world countries know this you paid curry fudder

>one Mc Donalds hiring application has been droped into your inbox

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SENT faggots

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BNT now is LINK in 2018.

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shal i do it anon? put 500 euro in it?

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she's a coal burner, don't bother

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>He's still posting it

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Holy shit Lition resurgence confirmed

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VIA coin ready for takeoff.
Moon mission incoming.

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This. I am all in with 46 dollars. We gonna make it bros.

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Ocean, RSR, Akro

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LINK is the next LINK is the next LINK

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give me sauce on that thot immediately

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>fake-news shit show
>weakest fud I've seen in a long time

ah yes right, suddenly the volume increases 20 fold due to "heavy accumulation" and the price keeps declining for months

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choose one of the list

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Unironically DGB. good luck

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is that you? if it is and your rich then you have hella luck and I hope you die but if not and just meme then okay i guess

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It's going to be the hottest thing to have happened crypto since Link/eth, maybe ever, seriously. Read and understand the whitepaper.

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I don't even think about women like on the op's picture, that woman would take a look at my massive 5 inch cock and pass out laughing

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>when you have to say "unironically" before naming your shill

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Are -the- foundational first mover market makers in their respective categories. BTC is money. ETH is programmable money. LINK is the protocol layer.

The thing that people won't realize until it is being discussed openly by the crypto community in lieu of LINK being top 3 marketcap, is that the protocol layer is worth more than any tokenized app.

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XSN is the bridging layer.
It's ecosystem works to the direct benefit of BTC, ETH, and LINK.

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Link is the past, present and future LINK

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Technically-speaking, this is 100% correct.

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Need I say more?

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anon this decade literally just started lol

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