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almost bought 10k link at 16 cents. like I literally hade the money locked and loaded, finger on the trigger. but I was like "naaah its all bullshit, Im not buying this even for the lulz"
now I could be sitting on almost 80 FUCKING GRAND this is ridiculous. my BSV bags look more and more like a scam. BTC is a pile of garbage. fuck I hate crypto so much, it literally rewards memesters and suicidal all-iners

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I feel the same. Close to buying at 0.50
I literally wanna go rob someone. I´m never gonna support this clown world again. I will become a welfare criminal and you will all pay my bills

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Buy pnk

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imagine not even dropping $100 on link just for the memes

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This. You have a second chance staring you in the face right now!

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Same here, except I wasn't a pussy so I went all in at $3.50

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This. We keep telling you fucks. Don't listen to us though. Listen to the anons calling it a pajeet scam.

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>Buying folks of bitcoin

Kek what a retard. Bitcoin IS the real deal and will probably go to a million.

1k link is fud

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Ahahaha faggot reddit nigger

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i didn't buy it based on memes, i bought it based on reading the white paper and seeing the potential of it

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If you bought BSV you may just be destined to pass on opportunities in favor of scams. There are many people like this who get thrilled by dramatic narratives (democrats are satanists and trump is fighting them, Tesla is going bankrupt next year and no one knows)

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None of it was memes
You’re all morons
The meme part was an inside joke of sorts because /biz discussed it so seriously in 2018-2019
Dissected every single piece of the project and had intellectual debate on everything
You should have paid more attention to these discussions and educated yourselves

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I went all in LINK for the memes,
I went all in XSN for the memes,
I haven't touched my stacks and I'm literally just winning.

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Er... sorry, yes... do the needful sirs

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once again the low IQs get filtered by not being able to read between the lines and distinguish between the useful and the insane or funny. most of you reading this shouldn't keep browsing forums like 4chan if you missed out on link; you'll only get yourself into more trouble.
I assume it's largely the kinds of dumb kids who couldn't handle reading books

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there literally has never been an intellectual debate about link on /biz/. it's all 110-120iq retards who couldn't send a smart contract transaction without a GUI hyping each other up about a fundamentally centralized project, now lucking out because the big scam of the year is DeFi, all the smaller scam startups suddenly face their own technical incompetence in designing a basic price feed, got to placate the VCs long enough so let's hop on the chainlink train
fools leading fools leading fools leading... there's more respec to be had for anons who bought based on memes, sentiment alone drives this and they were good judges of sentiment
"i read the whitepaper and invested" is unadulterated dunning-kruger. that "whitepaper" is a sales document marketed towards non-technical people

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is it legit?

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It's too legit to quit.

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this I spent hours arguing with linkies and most of them were straight retarded. this project doesnt make any sense, nobody is using smart contracts, its all a bunch of hype and smokescreens. the tards who bought based on memes, good for them. but the "hurr durr I readt he whitepaper" folks are literally dunning kruger retards. that is what I hate about this space that complete nonsense projects like link can catch on and do a 40X for no reason

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they may be retards but you still bought bsv

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Wow you're both hopeless
Poor persons mentalities
Keep on coping

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>dunning kruger retards
you said it buddy. whats your portfolio?

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Just all in RSR or SWAP and come back in 2 years

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there have absolutely been some intense debates on here, it just has ALWAYS been mired by memes probably because early adopters realized what the fuck they were onto. you're overstating the IQ needed to wrap your head around the idea of betting on LINK based on what it purports to do, and also really overestimating the average IQ here. the threshold isn't writing smart contracts without a gui, it's being able to sit through sergeys talks,d debate it with other anons, and compare LINK to literally any other project.

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lol? it was evident that this was the next logical step in the development of the space? that's it, it was that simple dude...you really don't know how decipher between trolling and real discourse on this site? AND you bought BSV? Yikes dude, maybe reddit CAN be an appropriate place for some people

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Seethe and cope

You deserve it normie for hating on nerds and memes

Also buying BSV instead of LINK proves you're retarded

Here is some advice: buy chainlink now and you will still 20x your money, at least

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I can't read books but I bought a 10k link suicide stack when it was 40 cents

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You might have narcissistic personality disorder, like your idol Craig

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$BAN literally rewards memesters.
thank me later

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>democrats are satanists and trump is fighting them
That is objectively true though.

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checked and truthpilled
Craig is obviously Q and BSV is magacoin which will stamp out the satanists
but back on topic with link being a scam...

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I dropped 1200 for memes, when it was 1$.
Actually almost miss the train, i bought in about a month before going up to 4$
Kinda happy but kinda sad too.
Coulda had at least 2k

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it probably is Craig ITT

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> thinks Link was a scam

Did you ever think to yourself that maybe you're not as smart as you think you are? Cause that's the issue right here.

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Tell me right now. Did you ever read ANY of these articles here?


Because we all know you didn't. So shut the fuck up. We've had weekly discussions on ALL these articles and EVERY SINGLE partnership announced for the past 3 YEARS.