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Chainlink is $8, allowing most of /biz to comfortably cash out and live a nice life.

The problem is, most of you are too scared to sell because you realize once you cash out it wasn’t about the money all along. Your lives will still be the same, and the money hasn’t solved your problems. LINK is the only thing you look forward to when you wake up.

My advice, sell and reinvest into a long term online business or service. Your life is more than just shitcoins and charts.

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suck my cock

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stfu nigger link 1k eoy

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Ahhh that you for caring about my financial well being.

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don't forget about tax season linkies

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bye reddit

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didnt read not selling

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fuck this is actually true, its the uncertainty that makes it fun

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thank you nolinker for being so smart to not buy a ton of link super cheap and think you can give ME financial advice

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I'm nt cashing out because only a fool would think it's a good idea to hold dollars if you don't need to. I might look at buying some property if LINK hits 20 or 30 dollars.

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If I cashed out, it would only be $20,000

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I deleted my private keys so I would never be tempted to sell

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Incredibly based. Fpbp

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Based. Safe as houses.

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thanks, kid

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drns. i bought enough to be comfy but not enough to be tempted to sell early. bye bye nolinker.

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red pilled

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Why Cashout? Never Sell, DEFI instead

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Damn, the first poster makes a point.
The last three months holding my suicide stack have been really hard and I check my phone too much also.
I'm hoping to make a lot of money that I can donate to progressive organizations like BLM and Planned Parenthood. He's not perfect but I'd like to help Biden win too.

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Nice try Moshe. Never selling.

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You gay nigger faggot I AM NEVER SELLING

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Based and redpilled

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too based for words

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I don't even know how to cash out lol. I guess I'm literally never selling.

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We are Warren E. Buffett in cryptocurrency era.
We do long-term invstment.

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most of biz doesn't even have 1k link.

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Can't you just swap it to a stablecoin like Dai and then send it to coinbase and sell it?

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I went from 70k equity in crypto in 2018 down to about 4k. This shit don't phase me anymore.

Either I make it or I dont and I lose my monet, and I aint gonna make it until link is at least $300.

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So fucking based.

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I hope you don't lose your Monet...those are worth alot. HAHA sorry, I'm a total art-queer. Who's your favorite painter?
What's your name, bro?
BTW what's equity mean in a financial sense?
I only know it from my work in social justice.

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I’m waiting to see the returns on staking my friend. I don’t want to deal with renting out properties if I don’t have to.

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Kys larpfag.

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Im never fucking selling

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could you fuck off you nigger

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don't sell it'll get to 1k

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why did this guy reply to himself 4 times

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who in the ever loving FUCK are you, to tell me my life is more than just shitcoins and charts?!?!

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>Your life is more than just shitcoins and charts
no it isn't

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not everybody is a miserable wretch my dude

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poopoo peepee haha

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Can’t cash out with coinbase as I’m not a US citizen,

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Based and fud destroying pilled

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I love you for this