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I refuse to believe this LINK rally is powered by unicorn farts and hot air. I want to know WHY this shitcoin pumped on zero news. Insider trading? Big announcement upcoming?? Does anyone on this stupid board actually know???

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if you were paying attention for the last few weeks you would know. in fact, it's being discussed in active threads currently but you're too dumb to read a little.

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linkies build hype through memes -> price pumps -> normies see price pumping and learn more about the hype through linkie memes -> normies fomo in -> price pumps -> more normies notice the price, see the memes, fomo in

we are no longer in stealth phase. prepare for a slow steady rise to the top

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If you need to retroactively rationalise every single price movement, by tethering it to this or that piece of news, then you're not gonna make it.

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In addition to this, it was artificially suppressed for months and finally managed to blow the lid off the pressure cooker

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>good news coming out every other day for 3 months while price stagnates below $5 in an obvious accumulation range

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big chinese money

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Staking, it's all about staking. Most of us never had a chance to buy Apple or Amazon stocks below $20. We don't have a chance to buy a house on minimum wage and sell it for 1000% profits or buy BTH at $60. Link staking is our generations chance at becoming rich. There will be more chances but this chance is here and happening now.

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This. The fact that my 150IQ brain concludes LINK is my best chance is fucking hilarious. Stock market is a meme. Real estate needs to correct.

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