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What’s really for sale here?

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wtf am i looking at. post proof you didn't shop this. Who would pay that much for an apron? wtf

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Apron has cocaine pockets

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Wow, another boring schizo post. Wonderful. I'm going to bed. I'm sleepy and this board is retarded.

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lol you havent heard?

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If it's not shopped he's insinuating that the child is for sale.

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Post yfw elites are laundering money through established e-commerce sites at best and at worst they're engaging in human trafficking

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mackenzie i love you

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i need all the legit info in this wayfare bullcorn you guys got before it gets scrubbed away.

is it for real or just another pizzagate

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Wayfair was selling pillows, cabinets, etc for ludicrous prices for up to $10,000+ and all the overpriced items had names of real missing children in the title
Not only that, but googling "USA SRC" with the ID code for the item would show up pictures of children, sometimes in provocative poses
George Soros also owns Wayfair, as an added bonus

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there is only one thing left to do in this absolute clown world

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Bro Mayfair said it was obviously not true and that they are updating the images and names to make it clearer. They said the cabinets were accurately priced for the industrial grade. Gosh you are so silly.

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tfw batman isnt real

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My guess is personalized input needs specific codewords to receive the slave it was on amazon too

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> They confirmed they're innocent!
> No investigation needed goyim!
Kys shill

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Industrial grade cabinets do not cost $10k+

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>Not only that, but googling "USA SRC" with the ID code for the item would show up pictures of children
You can google that without a number and it will give you children. Everything else is suspicious, but that's just a coincidence.

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Thanks jew.

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The Amazon reviews are creepy af

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which is pretty stupid to really believe. how many missing kids are there? one of them is likely to have a matching name.

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what the fuck is even an "industrial grade" cabinet. I installed cabinets for hundred thousand dollar equipment in power plants and they were the same thin sheet metal with brackets shit that they use in any other place

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indeed, the USA has vastly disproportionate rates of missing children. i love calling my cabinets and pillows anabel

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How the fuck did anyone find this out

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this is so fucked up

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This should be on >>>/pol/

Stop normalizing it glownigger just cause mockingbird was defunded.

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Yes, clearly its all just a coincidence. Nothing to see here anyone. There are plenty of Yaritzas, Samiyahs, and especially Duplessis' in the world.
This is nothing suspicious.

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>here's why

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All of this stuff is so tiring to read. Doesn't this make you guys tired? All of this stuff just makes me so damn tired.

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> People question the narrative or see something off
> Conspiracy!
Every fucking time

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Are the glowies trying to get us to take down ebay?

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ok Chang

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its been surfacing on pol for a while now
after they got exposed they lowered all the overpriced cabinets

twitter shills said it was a bug, fact checkers said the cabinets were industrial

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facebook dot com 100011665152188/videos/1157816001283894/
she made a livestream calling all of you weird

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stockholm syndrome, shes gotten weird, no oxygen in the cabinet

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>haha look at these retarded facebook moms, believing anything their pseud popscientists tell them
>Now take a look at these unsourced screenshots and tell me it's not literal fucking proof of a pedo ring?
If you were born a woman you would be shilling homeopathy right now

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salty latefags redditors want to tank the price

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A pizza apron with some pockets for a handkerchief.

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because 90% of them are fake troll reviews

>uses 4chan and doesn't know about trolling

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please don't vaccine my kids, I rather them die than get autism

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>doesn’t know about vaccines and sids

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Is there a pastebin or place where I can read all about this in an organized fashion?

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$EBAY and $W are both over valued and primed for a pull back.

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>doesnt realize I have an mph from the best program in the world

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Dead this thread immediately. These are topics that are not allowed to be discussed whether allegations or rumors appear to be false or true.

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I don't have a problem with the idea of muh globalists buying and selling children in a public marketplace. I do take issue with the idea of them being dumb enough to use the childrens' actual names.

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It's just a display error, goy. dont think about this stuff. go back to sleep

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damn, can you imagine buying $200 august calls back in march..

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just made one of these in 15 minutes googling ikea furni and missing persons, not hard and ikea uses obscures words and names

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>tfw no 5yo chinese girl to cuddle with
hold me bros, one day i will get one from my link gains

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Cool now do it 5 times only with furniture that is absurdly overpriced.

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This reminds me of selling runescape accounts since its against the TOS, Pay 200$ for joke comes with free runescape account.

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heres a new version

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Now find multiple pieces of furniture from IKEA that cost 10 thousand dollars each and have the name of kids missing recently.

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kek I didn't even notice he was using a girl from 1953, what a fucking moron.

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Definitely weird but the main issue I have is why are they posting publicly available and searchable listings? I guess you could argue plausible deniability but there has to be a better way. A darknet site would be innumerably more secure and easily nuked if compromised.

Also damn teenage sex slaves go for a lot less than I expected

>missing in 1953
>only $825
Thats not even close to comparable and you know it.

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kk, hows this

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I pity you.

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>dumb enough
a large appeal of power is the ability to flaunt it

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It's a very good apron.
I know right. What's with OP implying that there exists a cabal of powerful, wealthy pedophiles operating hidden in plain sight?
Why would billionaires operate a network of orphanages, siphoning off "ghost" children, without any official identity or records, to use as sex slaves in depraved underground rituals? What would they have to gain?

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Well this is what I get when I search incognito ie no cookies, through a VPN for "USA SRC". Is that the same stuff as when you include the SKU? I haven't tried it that way yet.

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they are selling the videos of their rape and murder

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let's say it's real & I buy one, what happens next? I mean, it's a real person we're talking about here

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found the jew

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