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>Hey! You here for the /biz/ meetup?

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That looks like a /fa/ meetup

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This. Bizraelis don't meet up because we're too rich to risk people knowing who we are

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It is

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This is why the draft is necessary

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What a cringe LARP

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every single one of them looks like a complete sperg, it doesn't matter what you wear, it's your fucking face that will hold you back, omegakek

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>he didn't buy link ICO

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literally nothing wrong with any of these people

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Man kids these days need to pick up some weights. I can snap these motherfuckers in half like a twig.

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Yeah ANONS whats up whats new? Got any bags to shill?

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Whitebois I'm ere 4 da efreum meet up. Put ur private key in the bag

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>tfw was around for this
>tfw got memed by this gay website into thinking dressing like a Japanese gimp ninja was cool

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unironically me on the far left

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wrong pic op

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Who is 3 from the right, this biological female is cute

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Is that our little subjanny I see?

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What the fuck is wrong with his neck

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The joke is that the original pic is gone. Only the distortions people proliferate are around, typically they extend that guys neck and put Dylan Roof (guy who shot up a black church) in the pic. Look on the far right. There are plenty of other versions though

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there's nothing wrong with his neck

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>linkies being rich yet
even a 100k stack which maybe 1 person on this entire board is worth less than a million. only btc/eth chads are rich

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They are some pretty well dressed spergs though Im not gonna lie. Would hang out with

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you have to wear the clothes, not let the clothes wear you – most people just don't carry themselves in a way that meshes well with rickowens gothmode shit so they look like massive dorks

fashion is about how hard you can LARP without looking like you're LARPing

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Yes, yes we are sirs

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We sure are my frendos!

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5th from the left and far right seem alright to me
5th from the left should wear longer pants though, high ankles is a skinny look

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That's cause it is

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no u

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>Why yes, we are all-in on Chainlink, how could you tell?

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me in the adidas jacket and Jordans

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t. Gulible

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>Cripple with Hitler mustache and gay sun shirt.

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Quintessential /pol/ack on the right, what a madlad.

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is this a hypogonad manlet meetup? What the fuck?

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also the androgynous manlet seems to have a larger head

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/fag/ meetup you mean

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holy shit I thought that guy's neck was shooped

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roof unironically has the best fit

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perfectly normal neck

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Me on the left

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If this is seriously a biz meetup. I am fucking done here. Fucking zoomers.

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Is that Jack Black?

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Fuckin stagasaurus neck in blue hat

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The bulbhead in the middle

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>not social distancing

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Answer my question guys. Was this a real biz meetup?

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shut the fuck up whiteboy

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now thats a lot of insecure faggots in one room

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Too much petting

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>me on the right

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why yes, we decided to carpool together

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>in a Mercedes-Benz 770 Grosser Offener Tourenwagen

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It's like whatever board you go to is the complete opposite of the name. Biz is about nothing but pajeet coins and fashion is the most autistic clothing on earth. Literally not a single person looks good

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How much PNK is required for entry?

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greetings gentlemen, hope i'm not late

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I actually went to a ChainLink event and spoke to a few bizraelis afterwards. They looked surprisingly good. One guy was also a neo-nazi

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