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First for horse running wild next week

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what are some good theta stock

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Holding puts on nio over the weekend

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EVRI bro’s we’re making it

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I’m the dude who shilled you SOLO a week and a half ago. Back to shill it again boys. $7 coming at the end of this coming week. Everything is in place for it to happen: New Arizona Plant, European and Asian sales, and an unexpected high sales in the last quarter. This is coming from last nights shareholder meeting. Add to your watchlist for Monday.

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That’s a nice calf

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I thought I was the only person here who watched that. Fuck yeah bro, I have 500 shares and bought in at 2.75.

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What’s the case for MSFT

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My platform only runs options up till July 15, when those options expire will new options be written for August?

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Who are your broker?

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>He didn't buy the Jaguar when it was 60 cents

Stay poor faggits

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Does TD Ameritrade have an "overall" gains/losses page like Robinhood does? Where it shows your total account value since your started?

>> No.20262520

I only buy American and straight

>> No.20262523

Anybody hear about AgeX?

>> No.20262524

azure,teams,office,windows, covid lockdowns going indefinitely pumping money into their solutions

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Look at this mong

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>migrate at 290
Holy shit sometimes I listen to you guys

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Reminder that today was special. It was special because it means that buying TQQQ at any point during its entire existence would no longer have lost you any money including the day right before the crash.
The doombull is eternal and unstoppable. Always bet against America.
Yes on the home page under "overview". It isn't quite as pretty as RH's.

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Letting this guy off by transferring threads early goes against everything I've ever known about 4chan

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the fuck are you doing, use a real broker

>> No.20262620

That’s me. Who said I’m off the hook or that I have no honor?

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Pump and dumps are my favorite stocks
Money hot potato is fun

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>Yes on the home page under "overview". It isn't quite as pretty as RH's.
Is there any way to factor out the money that i've put into my account over the past few months?

Basically what I'm wanting here is somewhere that I can see the total amount of money I've transferred into my account, and it's current value. Like, this is how much money total that I've gained.

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EVRI 8$ monday premarket

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Give me an example of one

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You guys told me WATT would be $6 EOW.

why am i losing thousands of dollars

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Why is tqqq betting against america

>> No.20262660

Not already priced in?

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WKHS will stay fucked until Monday right? I have puts.

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what country are you in? gonna assume you're not in the US
A cursory google tells me that Plus500 is basically a scam, please do your fucking research before you sign up for shit

>> No.20262676

Honestly though, how long do you think it can keep going for?

>> No.20262678

I’m in Britain, Robin Hood isn’t available here yet

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The Russell 2000 is still 16% from its ATH. The Nasdaq is now 8% above its ATH.
It depends on if you think Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google are America and not the other 3000 companies listed on the major indexes (and untold thousands more traded OTC)

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Theres 2 folks besides me that dont believe you apparently.

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The Doombull theory is that investors have no confidence in the broader market and are using tech stocks as the new safe haven now that bonds are garbage

They are taking money out of other companies and throwing it at FAGMAN because there's nowhere else for money to go that will beat out inflation, thus they are betting against an American recovery

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Bro chill out I’ll show you my dick if I lose the bet. How bout this. What’s your name champ? I’ll put in on the note if I lose, I won’t, but I will.

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I bet longed 20 yr T-notes and volatility, and shorted the Russell, and also longed semiconductors.

I think I'm fucked, bros.

>tech stocks as the new safe haven
Even CNBC has caught onto that one

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How many late WKHS fags killed themselves already you think?

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also, anime

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Your entire stance is that EVRI wont even touch 8 dollars per share on Monday right? What's your fathers name? I'd like for you to dedicate your below average cock to his first and middle name

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Is horse dumping?

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I went into SOLO for like 2 days and rode the hype train until it came down and my trailing stop kicked in.

Made $300 on it so it's not terrible, but I can't possibly imagine risking money on this monstrosity again.

NIO on the other hand, that's a long hold for me. The cars are badass

>> No.20262811

Someone bought my 100 wkhs shares for 20 bucks

>> No.20262816

hinderberg attacking horse

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It's in your monthly statement PDF. It looks similar to a bank statement since it's for adults.

TD doesn't have the HR artsey Atary fagotry factor but at least it works at peak times.

Personally I just do an excel sheet every week with my day trades to keep track and see what I did right and what I did wrong.

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Not enough desu

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That got weird. You made it really weird.

and cathy wood dumping on Nikola

Gotta love it, things are getting way too frothy in that corner of the market, some of that money needs to find a safer home.

Too frothy in China too, but at least their Market Makers literally told the market to stop going up so fast.

>> No.20262878

Probably not if the lockdowns and panic continues to keep people working remotely and investors keep viewing tech as a safe haven.

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Do you assume all people you talk to to be mentally retarded? You’ll get what I jokingly put out because it’s harmless and funny, but if you think I’m going to give into your aspie fantasy you’re even more out of your mind than the people around you think.

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well wimi blew up. anyone know what the next chaiwanese pump is gonna be

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Texas here

Pretty sure we are going back to lockdowns due to retarded nigger protests. That's the sentiment anyways

I have several friends and coworkers who have been visited by Coronita-chan. They're sick as hell but they're doing fine.

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Current doombull theory isn't about whether the strategy works but about the composition and rebalancing to bet against America. >>20262707 summarized the basic idea.
TQQQ, FNGU, and SOXL paired with varying amounts of TMF (including 0%). FNGU is doubling down on the doombull, SOXL is having a little hope that its main customers aren't dominated by FAANG in the future. And that is the space of ongoing discussion. The rebalancing problem is the second.
What exactly do you do with your gains? The general consensus is that fiscal and monetary policy are almost certain to go overboard with inflation, but the question becomes where does it hit (and perhaps when).
If it only hits the equities market like QE in 2008 did, then you don't rebalance anything except perhaps have a small exposure to TNA (small caps are "supposed" to move first from crashes historically). If some of that inflation hits the actual economy, such as from stimulus checks and the like, then you want to hold onto non-fiat currency (gold or bitcoin) and possibly real estate if you have the capital. I personally am siphoning off some of the gains into gold and gold miners. Money velocity is the thing that terrifies me. If that moves upward, I start dumping into gold with gains almost exclusively.
Structural changes to the market also work to TQQQ, FNGU, and SOXL's benefit that didn't exist before. Circuit breakers prevent flash crashes from wiping you out from huge drawdowns (and give you time to exit at any cost) and the Fed's Modern Monetary Theory just pumps those bags when they hit the print button. The only way those 3 fall is if Tech collapses and since it was responsible for nearly the entire growth of the market from 2008, it would be a collapse of the entire market rather than a "rebalance" such as on June 8.
TQQQ bets against America. And betting against TQQQ means you also bet against the Fed AND the market. It is Pascal's Wager.

>> No.20262979

yeah ohio here and our cuck governor is mandating masks by executive order and lockdowns probably soon to follow very gay

>> No.20263012

we only have our own dumbasses to blame. I know everyone hung out with friends and family for Memorial Day and July 4th. We have a strong bias to “return to normal”

Prison REIT pals: I haven’t checked on your stocks, but I said before that I would hate to be managing a prison right now. Turns out 1/3 of San quinten prison is infected. Don’t know how that’ll play out for the private prisons.

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>Tfw I am about to buy the deepest and cheapest calls on gaysla and they will fucking print

They'll every attract even more months when they say gaysla rose to over 2k in less than a week, I want 100k this weekend and I went take any less.
Fuck America short it all

>> No.20263038

If lockdowns do happen again how much is oil and natural gas going to tank again? MRO is already stalling and I dont want it to go back to 3 if I have an avg 5.30.

>> No.20263042

Ah yes nu chan. See you Tuesday after you take monday off

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I bought MRO a couple of days after the first lockdown. I bought it for like $2.50 or so.

Having a world wide oil crash means oil will keep bleeding and is a long hold not a round trip trade, obviously.

It will eventually sky rocket but I would think it will be at least a few months of constant bleeding and healing.

>> No.20263116

why do people give a shit about this literal who twitter kike
it's literally a single dude pretending on twitter with a shitty name and typing "we" from his apartment

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But are russia and SAUD still pumping like fuck?

>> No.20263138

Could you explain to a tard why higher money velocity is a sign to go to gold? Doesn't it mean the economy is recovering?

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cute milk pupper

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Not sure exactly what the other anons thesis is but I will say precious metals is one of my favorite sectors to move cash to if I'm skeptical of current market and economic conditions, precious metals are bullish at the time, and I'm also not confident in the prospects of contrarian shorting the market just then. Other good sector for this is water and electrical utilities companies, except for PCG which is an eternal dumpster fire.

>> No.20263232

Isn't their truce supposed to be over by july? Also whats biz most themed Soprano/mafia themed stock pick?

>> No.20263245

>Also whats biz most themed Soprano/mafia themed stock pick?
WM. The mob always had their fingers in the garbage truck industry.

>> No.20263295

Personally I believe PZZA since Papa Johns got the making of a varsity "button" with his mulignan comments and stubbornness.

>> No.20263315

is kpop fag here right now?

>> No.20263336

Sup nerds

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No but I assume the loli one is given all of the above content. Absolutely heretical btw.

>> No.20263351

Money velocity is both psychological and how we avoided the mass hyperinflation feared by true doomsday prophets like the memer Peter Schiff. Basically, when money was printer in 2008, people preferred to save it, rather than spend it. For rich people, that really meant putting it into equities and was largely responsible for the 2009-2020 "bull run" and the continued run in real estate after a real estate collapse. It was also what assured the Fed that they could INFINITE money print without fear of hyperinflation this time around.
If the money velocity ever accelerates it would actually mean that that money enters the actual general economy. Imagine if the cost of everything from food, to electricity, to electronics, etc. increased by 50% in the span of a year. And that would just be from 2008 QE (2->1.3). Wages NEVER respond quickly to inflation and you'd be stuck holding onto USD bags. You'd effectively lose half of your purchasing power within a blink of an eye in market terms.

>> No.20263352

i'm not a christcuk so i could care less just wanted to tell em about the kpop thread of /gif/

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For some reason it didn't include my chart

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Surely we'd notice this in the CPI too? I still have no idea how to suss out what's happening there even after months of worrying about it kekkies
PZZA, AOBC, RACE (or maybe GM for the Escalade), some housing REIT with Jersey mansions, hehe the Sopranofolio sounds great

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I stole this from someone last thread and I’m going to keep it.

Try and stop me

>> No.20263403

no, they would have spammed the entire thread with autistic faggotry if they were

>> No.20263418

Why hasn’t this happened yet though, we’ve had this loose monetary policy for my entire adult life and the inflation never seems to hit the real economy just the real estate and equity markets

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elon just posted this what does this mean

>> No.20263423

Who is the GABAGOOL stock tho in the portfolio Hormel?

>> No.20263429

I was very tempted to add to my WM today. But I already FOMO'ed too high of a basis at 107.

I'm bullish though, and while I don't into TA, I believe they're under accumulation.

>the loli one
>the loli "one"
give it a few more years, you're here forever

>if the cost of everything increased by 50% you'd lose half of your purchasing power
I'm not a mathematician or nothing but I think that math checks out.

>> No.20263458

Grimes new music video if I had to guess

>> No.20263467

>give it a few more years, you're here forever

So are all 4chan boards FBI honeypots for CP?

>> No.20263468

He’s obsessed with this brain link thing he’s developing at the minute he wants to turn us all into cyborgs. He’s just a meme master and knows how to pump his stock

>> No.20263492
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Mmmmmm, yes! I know RICK owns strip clubs, and MO owns Nat Sherman who make cigarettes and cigars (to be smoked on the Jersey turnpike)

>> No.20263499
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>> No.20263511

god i want to be a cyborg desu

>> No.20263517

I think we are just missing construction companies and a boat company for the Sopranofolio.

>> No.20263528

>Surely we'd notice this in the CPI too? I still have no idea how to suss out what's happening there even after months of worrying about it kekkies
CPI is the most carefully massaged measure of inflation that exists. It routinely underestimates, for example, the real explosion in costs related to healthcare, education, and real estate.
The Fed has been substituting printing money to "create" GDP growth for more than 2 decades now. The other factor, money velocity, is driven purely by people's willingness to be spenders rather than savers. The decline is (probably) motivated by 2 things:
1. Boomers are starting to, or nearing, retirement which pools from their collected savings. Also, there are simply fewer people to buy or consume goods.
2. Gen X, Millenials, and Zoomers have now all lived through at least 1, if not 2, times of great financial security. Forget the stock market, wages have been stagnant for as long as this bull run has been going. Their parents have had less money and security with which to raise them. If you can remember your Silent Generation grandparents they probably had a habit of saving a lot of money and putting it in weird places with many redundancies. They lived as children through the great Depression and became very averse to spending as a result.
The only way we escape inflation again from QE is if money velocity sinks even more. Possible, but not assured.

>> No.20263540

Best let someone else it first desu, could cause irreversible brain injuries

>> No.20263575

>Gen X, Millenials, and Zoomers have now all lived through at least 1, if not 2, times of great financial security

>> No.20263618

yea that's true

>> No.20263621

Was the crash that we had in March this year the full thing or are we likely to see further fallout from this. Seems to me like this was a long time coming and corona virus was just the trigger

>> No.20263626
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Inflation isn't a real risk. Deflation is. Money is tight right now and Fed printing is a lie. Junk bonds and equities are going up because institutions are trying to hold only the most liquid assets in preparation for another crash. Yield Curve Control is smoke and mirrors, Australia hasn't bought a single bond since implementing it in March.

>> No.20263643

I bought at 1.5 and sold at 2 k3k

>> No.20263647

So how boned are we really since this in theory doesn't seem to be a liquidity issue?

>> No.20263653

Markets.com bro

>> No.20263660

pls dont.

>> No.20263667

interactive brokers / degiro

plus500 is a certified scam.

>> No.20263674

It is a liquidity issue in that there's a structural, global shortage of USD that the Fed can't fix because they are a domestic central bank, not a global USD central bank. This is what set off both GFC1 and GFC2. It's also tied into the interbank repo market in ways that make my head hurt.

>> No.20263679

Whatever, what we have is a shelf economy. The only thing stopping automated factories and basic service positions is the inadequate position of law enforcement and the entrenched interests of a prison-industrial complex. We should literally be getting our McFlurries from HAL100, but our government is a slow, unwieldy piece of shit and allows environmental pressures to crunch our workforce and ability to coomsoom.

Eventually a sensible UBI equivalent and an emphasis on property crime will enable the next generation economy and finally kick 50+% of people into the leisure class where they belong.

I'll be accumulating Tesla and Amazon the entire time, btw. 5kps EOY.

>> No.20263686

Yeah. I’m pretty sure it will fuck you up really bad.

>> No.20263693

I’ve requested to withdraw my funds, I looked at some others at they look the same what’s so bad about CFD’s?

>> No.20263710
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AHHHHHHHHH fuck there goes my oil and natural gas investments then. Should I just invest in SPAM for the great depression 3.0 and rise of Der new furhrer Tucker Carlson?

>> No.20263722

No idea what is coming. That is why I am slowly trickling into gold and gold miners for the moment. I assume that they overcome deflation with inflation at any costs and overshoot. It is possible that the bazookas aren't enough as >>20263626 suggests.
If that's the case then you want cash and bonds. My TQQQ/TMF split should be fine in that scenario too but the investments in gold will be losing.

>> No.20263723

Rates aren't low because the Fed set the rates low. Rates are low because opportunity in the real economy is low, so demand for safe havens like treasury bills in high. Liquidity is more important than anything else right now, because the market is scary and there's a very real chance you might need to liquidate on a moment's notice to avoid another massacre.

This is setting us up for a very sudden, very intense collapse in stock prices. It will coincide with repo market fails and possibly negative rates.

>> No.20263735

Who do you think is going to get the job in the future, the guy who has a computer in his head, available to access the worlds information in a blink of a second, or you. I could see people getting mortgage level loans for these things, if you do not have one you will be unable to compete.

>> No.20263739

The "bazookas" are purely a parlor trick for the consumption of the CNBC audience and for investment managers to be able to say "see, Jerome Powell said stocks only go up". There's no real effect from QE. There never has been. If QE was dramatic and powerful, we wouldn't be on QE Infinity. How many times do you need to do something "intense and powerful" to see an effect?

>> No.20263740

CFDs are contracts between you and your broker, so some unsavory brokers can manipulate the price if they so chose and con you out of your money through the leverage. There's a reason why they're not allowed in the US.

>> No.20263759

>sell wkhs, nio, solo gains for total of 190k
>buy tesla with 2-4x leverage to go along with my 50 shares and 1800 call

>> No.20263782

>playing with leverage on Tesla
Are you trying to lose your entire portfolio to Musk tweeting out a picture of Grimes' cybernetic dick?

>> No.20263797

I am not very well versed but I am under the impression they are too speculative. Also, I've heard one too many bad stories about plus500, along with the fact that the owner is a scummy cunt.

>> No.20263804

4x is kinda safe lol
the call is riskier

>> No.20263810
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I think oil and gas is kind of the right idea for an actual proper collapse and recovery. Historically, utilities and energies are the first sector to make moves in a recovery. It is why Buffett is ever so slightly making the tiniest of moves with his energy holdings. I just think how oil holders in this general went with it is silly.
Oil and nat gas in particular recover from any bust as most other commodities. First its the absolute enormous firms for the risk weary with solid balance sheets and asset holdings. Then the interest shifts on returns in less stable smaller firms that have survived. But the steps between these can be months or years in between. The real way to play oil is actually on the futures contracts. That will move before anything else.
There is a thesis that there are now secular headwinds to oil and natural gas that will prevent a return to the peaks they have experienced over the past few decades: pushes to "greener" energy, electric cars, integrated power grids, etc. But crude refining is more than just oil for cars but the loss of that sector will definitely cut into margins. Ironically, natural gas has been the biggest threat to both oil and coal as it keeps eating more and more of their market share.

>> No.20263823

I think you underestimate the opportunity this crash has given the western world to detach itself from oil dependency.

Renewables all the way. But I could be wrong!

>> No.20263849

What? No.
You can’t tell the differences between /a/ and /tv/?

>> No.20263879

Part of my background is in energy research. The overall sentiment for those not invested or with conflicting interests in a particular energy source is diversifying. For much the same reasons that you diversify anything else.
To properly shut down coal, gas, and oil plants for good you need geothermal, hydro, and/or nuclear. The first requires being blessed with geology (at least for now), the second with geography, and the third politically. Any country that does not have enough capacity for the first two and denies the third ALWAYS turns on coal, gas, and oil plants. Those case studies being Japan, Germany, and the United States.

>> No.20263901

>The real way to play oil is actually on the futures contracts
the fucking truth. while spastics in here where buying shitty tankers and oil stocks i made 400% on wti futures just rolling them over

>> No.20263955

I am going balls deep on airlines next week
Buying some calls hoping for earnings to not be as bad causing boomers to fomo into airlines

>> No.20263980

Jesus if you do that you have balls the size of bowling balls

>> No.20264002

Is interactive brokers good for aliens to invest in the US?

>> No.20264008

I didn't want to measure e-dicks buddy, but I still work in energy research, it's my engineering PhD.

You really should read the EU plans on energy along with China, south korea and japan. Diversification does not mean keep oil demand up. Every nation on earth that is not an oil producer is now striving to go balls to the wall on gas, renewables and h2, the writing is on the wall. Now, of course oil will not die anytime soon, especially at these prices. It will probably be used to kickstart economies all over the world.

>> No.20264093

What a coincidence, I was just about to ask if oil is going to recover. NRGU tanked from $60 to $3 as soon as corona hit, it would be a juicy x20 if it recovers.

>> No.20264165

Oil is gonna go up lads

>> No.20264185

>You really should read the EU plans on energy along with China, south korea and japan. Diversification does not mean keep oil demand up. Every nation on earth that is not an oil producer is now striving to go balls to the wall on gas, renewables and h2, the writing is on the wall. Now, of course oil will not die anytime soon, especially at these prices. It will probably be used to kickstart economies all over the world.
Renewables need nuclear, hydro, or geothermal to take care of baseline load. Solar, wind, and biomass are great for peak but not as inelsatic. Countries that have made the biggest strides in actually permanently reducing oil, gas, and coal in their energy portfolios have done so by coming at it from all sides. With an extra push towards natural gas from oil and coal. Efficiency losses (limited by technology and physics) and energy density (physics) is simply too low for even the most ideal of batteries to adequately and effectively to respond to daily power cycles alone. This is independent of subsidies placed for these sources.
Every country that has tried otherwise has either stumbled into having to turn on fossil fuel plants (United States) or had to "outsource" this need from another country anyway (Germany from French nuclear power plants). Plans are one thing, and its great at how optimistic they are, but the reality has been quite different and the former needs to acknowledge the latter.

>> No.20264204
File: 61 KB, 582x423, ssrl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stst / stakestreet.co




>> No.20264212

Gas turbines go well with wind as they have a short startup time, if there is no wind you can fire them up fast

>> No.20264216


>> No.20264256

What isn't? Tesla will break 2000 next week

>> No.20264288

I signed up to interactive brokers, app looks pretty smooth and user friendly thanks

>> No.20264312
File: 58 KB, 480x318, 1578977441837.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

best pic itt

>> No.20264315
File: 1.37 MB, 1500x2313, 1593908015116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20264318
File: 52 KB, 1051x379, Screenshot_20200711-111432_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks NIO :3

>> No.20264339
File: 655 KB, 907x972, 5BC9BE70-E5EC-47E2-9CD3-84A049570699.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s a nice cow, but it’s caturday anon

>> No.20264354
File: 3.52 MB, 665x374, 1586496061227.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20264357
File: 897 KB, 500x281, ueRS3W4eVdEzb4WVsqz9N8YNW7DYKOsvOQ0-nurJnTTAgoS5L4zgB5iY9ErLlMIbicXsq7LiLi7uZ5AudxTonMr4XkeDtDE6RLT7y8Z48LUEd_QoWFUX4JGeMkmcLKoZ (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm starting to think about giving in and buying calls on Tesla Monday. That's a pretty good sign you should sell.

>> No.20264378
File: 61 KB, 960x720, 1460522152-87180692af5ce756bf6a605101490eae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20264414
File: 264 KB, 1280x960, 1569925633037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Delet this and go away

>> No.20264427

I'm in trading212, which also provides CFD's, but I only have an investing account.
Is 212 legit?

>> No.20264441
File: 1.91 MB, 320x239, 8d3e10003295e45c7eadb129995dc626a014e658_00.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20264443
File: 229 KB, 1614x1464, 6545E265-54E0-44E9-AA8F-BD5E837E7B75.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ve been waiting for my genetically engineered cat gf for years now.

How much longer must I wait

>> No.20264661
File: 11 KB, 1072x314, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got in late as fuck ($13) and still made a bundle on WKHS, what kind of idiot do you have to be to have lost money on that. People need to learn to take profits

>> No.20264663

Ok, fellas. So afther a rush to tech stocks this week, I'm a little worried about my investments. CNBC and youtubers think they are smart buying in now, and the last month mass greed on recovery stocks showed that a 3-day rug will be enought to erase a month of growth. Should I cash out now, or wait? We have earnings next week, plus there is no doubt that rona will be gloating. Or as mentioned above, there are no breaks on the doombool run. Thanks in advance

>> No.20264889

>Fed adds Apple, Anheuser-Busch, Expedia to its bond holdings
you can't be serious, they are boosting Apple despite them having excessive cashflow for stock buybacks?
how are Americans not up in arms right now for them using their tax dollars?

>> No.20264895

Use stops nignog. Assuming you can read a chart with basic TA you should be fine.

>> No.20264917
File: 26 KB, 500x334, 2e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>listening to a youtuber

There's only one youTuber who is relevant. The rest are just retarded onions with a webcam

>> No.20264939

I vow to speed up the proccess, after my paypal has reached 100k and i get insider info on stock movement.

Pay me weeb.

>> No.20264950

Agree. But I use them as a measure of normies sentiment

>> No.20264964

Because we actually understand economics, our 'taxes' don't fund anything and if your government issues currency than yours don't either.

>> No.20264993

How are airlines doin ? With the second wave spook by the media, i expect some dips ? I know SAVE did quite well yesterday.

>> No.20265009

>unironically giving your money to literal jews

I'm using eToro for quite awhile now, they do support non-cfd trades if you don't use leverage but even with CFD' trades I'm still doing fine. My only complaint is their charting/interface is pretty dated compared to the others.

>> No.20265014

who's the relevant youtuber?

>> No.20265021

>debt will just vanish
alright dude

>> No.20265116

I’m withdrawing my funds, I have been asking here for weeks for a better platform

>> No.20265128

MSFT earnings prediction? I was about buy it until I got an email from robinhood advising me to buy it.

>> No.20265155

Look at companies that implement Microsoft solutions.
Accenture is doing well for example.
In books that is, not really in the real world. But that doesn't matter.

>> No.20265176

So basically is Degiro the only way to go in EU?

>> No.20265181
File: 243 KB, 1545x869, 1589824059718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20265215

Il be reposting this on funnyjunk.

>> No.20265302
File: 566 KB, 1512x627, Screenshot_20200711-065958_Drive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you are not all in a combination of UPRO, TQQQ and TMF you hate money and bring shame to your ancestors. As simple as it is.

>> No.20265378

I wanted to trade options, so I requested an active trader account on degiro. I suddenly got almost a 100k deposited onto my account. Why is this? I don't want that, i probably have to pay mad interest over that.

>> No.20265381

Another crash will happen. It will depend entirely on how this 2nd wave goes in October.

My money is on it behaving like it did in Italy. If that happens, a 2 week, 1 month lock down again.

Even if it gets less deadly, it's the fact that it's likely going to overwhelm the Healthcare system....again.

>> No.20265513

You sure that’s not just a practice account, usually they give you a simulated 100k to play with

>> No.20265552

mumu, did you lube your ass for your dad?

>> No.20265554
File: 453 KB, 1600x1200, 1556595520293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but it never overwhelmed anything the first time...

>> No.20265562

>Tesla earnings the 22nd
>Amazon the 23rd
I mean, this is free money, right?

>> No.20265567


>> No.20265577

hate these potato brained posters that keep regurgitating bullshit about this because they read it here how it's bad

>> No.20265583

Nope it was the same account I have a real 80k euros on. They gave me more than the amount I currently had. I immediately contacted them to downgrade my account because I was afraid I had to pay interest on it (they never answered that by the way). But now I'm again stuck with an account that can't trade options.

>> No.20265585


>> No.20265599

Does it make sense to waste money in buying fractional shares of companies I can't afford a serious volume on, or look for something else?
I'm new to this and fractionals don't look like a great move, despite how attractive the stock itself looks

>> No.20265645

I wouldn't be so sure. The current amazon stock price is based on a 27% revenue growth. Anything below that growth will tank it.

>> No.20265673
File: 161 KB, 1024x768, 1557573948178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fractional shares are for fags (gay)

>> No.20265675
File: 144 KB, 969x1500, 6C0A5A49-117C-43CA-9809-953703BFD79B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Stars are moving.

>> No.20265735

>check EVRI
I hate reddit

>> No.20265749

I think NIO's July sales will really determine if this company has staying power. The last two months have had great growth however they should really be swinging for a massive growth of like 500+%. They've recieved Billions in funds from Chinese banks so if they are able to use that money to grow their reputation and sales I will easily hold the company for years

>> No.20265770

I wonder how chinese companies actually feel about investors, specially western ones like 90% of this board.

Are they like greeks and jews, who are willing to fuck us over ?

>> No.20265818
File: 505 KB, 1080x1345, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Requesting simple investing advice.
I'm a full-time wagecuck uni student and I want to invest my money better but I am too busy to do any focused kind of trading. Last year I put a couple thousand in a CD and made like 30 bucks over a year's period and now I'm looking for something safe like a CD but with slightly better return. i've got a couple thousand in SPY as well but that's probably as risky as I'm willing to go.
what are some other options?
is it worth learning dividends investing?
how am I supposed to know if dividend stuff is more worthwhile/safer than just putting it in a stock?

>> No.20265853
File: 53 KB, 680x635, 3722A702-CAC7-4E6C-B462-ADCD0863D5A7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has NIO already mooned or is this only the beginning?

>> No.20265868
File: 1.60 MB, 1242x2208, 603E7988-449D-40C2-8403-370D91E988FA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20265871

Chinese companies are notorious for scamming people. The phone companies use faulty processors and even repair companies are corrupt.

The worst case of this is doctors given preferred treatments to people who pay more. They would 100% be willing to scam anyone.

However to look only at this fact would be tunnel sighted. China has a "Face" problem they want to look succesful, they are consistenly trying to appear good and rich the CCP has already backed NIO so there is a chance they will push NIO to be their Tesla.

In terms of economics China has the 2nd highest GDP and a quickly growing economy resulting in an influx of middle class families. In cities like Beijing it wouldn't suprise me if many families own 1-2 cars.

Basically it's a complete gamble really. Which is why im either going to sell on August 2nd if the sales are not high or going to hold for like the next 10 years. I guess the key takeaway is fear over china and it's shadiness is completely understandable however money is money

>> No.20265894
File: 274 KB, 1800x1205, 1541258403034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The worst case of this is doctors given preferred treatments to people who pay more

people who pay more should get better healthcare.

>> No.20265900

Dude Chinese dont give a shit about you LoL cry as loud as you can but they are smashing whoever appears

>> No.20265905

that is a statue of Samus from Metroid
that gay shit in the background is likely his newest vaporware scam

>> No.20265915

cool schitzopost nigger. the question remains how reliable is investing in shit like NIO.

>> No.20265921

>people who pay more should get better healthcare
Doctors scamming you because you didn't pay him enough lmao

>> No.20265926

I agree anon. But the money they pay isn't taxxed, it isn't handeled well. The families will give doctors "red envelopes" which are filled with money to bribe doctors. The funniest thing is when these patients die the families blame the doctors and kill them. Im 100% serious china has a problem of doctors being killed by angry family members.

>> No.20265932
File: 67 KB, 569x408, TSLA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not trading TSLA with heavy leverage
anon... are you still playing with fakecoins?

>> No.20265935

Yes, well no. It aint that, its
"Herro no bribe ?"
"We no have medicine"

>> No.20265947

>doctors being killed by angry family members.
Sounds pretty fucking based. Maybe we need do this so our doctors dont get uppidy and take political stands against guns or play favorites with protests during covid.

>> No.20265960

>file no longer exists

>> No.20265974

bought a nice spread of EVRI, BIOL, CLSK at close on fri with my wkhs gains

comfy week ahead

>> No.20265981

NIO's P/S ratio is extremely cheap like 5.5 compared to Tesla's 6.75.

It's future is entirely based on it's july sales which we will know on august 2nd.

>> No.20265985

I'm seeing it but there wasn't any identifying info on it, so idk why he deleted it

>> No.20265996

what pharma to buy?

Pfizer and Biontech look promising. Trials this month and even Phase 3 next month. I was also thinking on investing in Gilead for Remdesivir. Vaccines need time and Remdesivir is ready for use

>> No.20266001

Bad doctors should be fired and face trial. Not murdered.

>> No.20266003

You retards are still in on WKHS and NIO which now have 150k+ RH investors which is a sign to get the fuck out. Move onto something new which has more return potential like CLSK

>> No.20266015
File: 428 KB, 220x165, 1592861495411.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The brain zaps stopped all of a sudden. All day for three weeks zap zappy zap now nothing. Is this... it? Is withdrawal over. Have i beaten the pharmaceutical jew?

Welp that's gonna be another bubble and pop. Prepare your shitposts and astonomical price targets and your fervent insistence that the fundies are solid and you're in it for a ten year hold.

>> No.20266024

Is CLSK gonna moon?

>> No.20266026

I've never invested in workhorse. It was meme that people pushed way too hard because "muh electric vehicles"

NIO however has a chance to be massive in china and given it's new support from banks it's looking more to be reality.

>> No.20266030

QQQ for nasdaq exposure.

>> No.20266037

Is that brain zaps from stopping SSRI’s? My work mate had those and eventually went back on the meds because he couldn’t stand the brain zaps

>> No.20266042

it's like secret santa with 2000$

>> No.20266046

>people keep shorting TSLA
At this point if I was given the option to either short 50k on tesla or invest 50k of my money into the stock, I'd just buy the stock and take the potential gains or losses.
Trying to time the hypothetical bubble pop is stupid desu

>> No.20266058

Yes. I will win. I am not going back on them.

>> No.20266066

They can’t control themselves.
They are emotional about it too. Which is awful thing to do when investing. They created their own monster.

>> No.20266077

>what are some other options?
SPY isn't risky whatsoever if you're looking for something even safer then you can be a bond cuck
dividends are even worse and way riskier, where the fuck did you read this as a safer alternative? what the fuck?
low risk: qqq and spy
higher risk: tqqq and soxl
these are ETFs and is the safest shit you can put your money into

>> No.20266103

>They are emotional about it too.
>that one boomer literally sweating and shaking as if he is about to feint while trying to defend his short position
forget the name and can't find the vid but holy shit just give up already you fucking idiots

>> No.20266141

Everyone has been saying it's a bubble for so long.

At this point i fully believe this is not a bubble and is the future.

>> No.20266153

Does that emotion count the other way aswell though with people feeling euphoric when the price shoots up everyday and they pile more cash in?

>> No.20266177

Oh I’m sure.
Tesla is overpriced however imho.
I’m not going to fight the market.
I’ve gotten my ass handed to me trying to defend fundamental investments.

>> No.20266205

Didn't some anon do a break down of what is the best combination of those stocks to hold? I thought TMF and SOXL were the best for returns over the past few years..

>> No.20266219

newfag here. I've been learning more and more about options trading, and I'm wondering why everyone just doesn't do call options?

It seemingly has less risk, with multiple times the profit. You have to pay a premium for the option, sure, but if the stock goes down you dont lose tons more money. Am I missing something here?

>> No.20266228
File: 142 KB, 1545x817, kbe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thoughts on shorting KBE (SPDR's bank ETF)? Banks right now are getting hammered and the technicals look bearish as fuck

>> No.20266235
File: 479 KB, 1406x837, oh no no no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well well well

>> No.20266239


All good ETFs

>> No.20266242

It was profitable in Q3 and Q4 of 2019, and was profitable in Q1 of 2020(thanks to carbon tax credits). It just needs 2 more profitable quarters and it will enter the S&P 500 I believe, which will then explode since now major shareholders would be obligated to buy it.

>> No.20266247
File: 9 KB, 239x211, 61A8F68D-9EDB-4D48-B7BF-68904F112DB0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pay more
>still get scammed

>> No.20266251


>> No.20266257

>Didn't some anon do a break down of what is the best combination of those stocks to hold? I thought TMF and SOXL were the best for returns over the past few years..

60/40 TQQQ/TLT
40/60 TQQQ/TMF
60/40 UPRO/TLT
40/60 UPRO/TMF

All are valid combinations

>> No.20266261
File: 49 KB, 800x450, 26B876AA-4538-4285-9693-50BEDFE1B047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not buying Otm leaps

>> No.20266264

Defending fundamental-based investments when the Fed is pumping money like they have cotton diaherria is pretty tone deaf. Like, it's not a bad idea to know how to do, but when most traditional industries are clearly valueless in a post-fossil fuel world, it's hard to take the fundamentals at face value.

>> No.20266268

Whales betting on TLT to $200 by EOM because of bad bank numbers.

>> No.20266275

>pumping money like they have cotton diaherria
calm the fuck down Mr. Hemingway

>> No.20266282

Tech companies that beat earning and post nice dividends are getting fuck.
Meanwhile companies that go bankrupt see stock soar.
I’m done playing this game.

>> No.20266289

Keep up the good fight. Some anons will listen. Doombull, SOXL_shill, SOXL_Osteen, Euranon, etc

>> No.20266305
File: 64 KB, 1280x720, samus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah that's def Samus. The cyborg is from Metropolis I'm pretty sure.

What does it mean? Elon's a fucking weeb that needs to be an assistant R&D guy, not a CEO

>> No.20266331


You're going to lose money on most of your call options, and successful options traders make a profit by making big returns on the few trades that do hit to offset the majority that lose. Options are priced more or less efficiently ~90-95% of the time because of Black-Scholes. If it were easy money for call option buyers, no one would bother writing them

>> No.20266376

Its easy money if you know here the stocks are going

>> No.20266384

NIO at $16 ATH

>> No.20266401

Ask New York about that.

It's 50/50 whether this virus gets deadlier or not.

Maybe it only takes the right person to die from it to cause a chain reaction.


Either of these candidates dies, there will be a market reaction.

How about an NFL player, Drew Brees or Patrick Mahomes?

On the other hand, if this virus becomes a stale version of itself, I would say it's time to go all in on the recovery stocks. Calls on PLAY, AAL, CCL. Easy money plays.

Looking at Spanish Flu charts. The virus started it's death near October 10. Pucker your ass cheeks together....

>> No.20266404

Why do you try to do this? Like it's not funny and everyone knows you are lying

>> No.20266412

If everyone is jumping into the TSLA hype, can I not just sell calls to them and hedge out the downside risk?

>> No.20266418

I have slowly come to the terrible revelation that none of you know what the fuck you are doing. I have a Master's in Accountancy with a minor in Finance. I work for a fortune 100 as a corporate accountant with a CMA and CPA. I used to have some faith in anon.
None of you know how to actually value a company. You can't read financial statements. For fuck's sake you think TA works and the entire field of decision science churns out dissertations every other day highlighting their absolute dismay at the fact that brainlets ever consider using it. You have no idea what Dunning-Kruger is. You don't know what survivorship bias is. You are fucked.

>> No.20266432

Euro anons is degiro a good broker?

>> No.20266443

doubt. unless there is more news

>> No.20266452
File: 257 KB, 800x800, DE9E2C25-C67E-46AF-A822-07510FA5B4AF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Comfy copy pasta.

>> No.20266469

If they're covered, sure. I don't personally own enough tesla to cover a call

>> No.20266472

play will unironicAlly go out of business

>> No.20266476

Stocks only go up. Retard.

>> No.20266485
File: 150 KB, 960x680, 1593691799525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20266488

>Caring about business theory and financial statements when stocks go up/down based only on how many people want to buy them.

>> No.20266489

If you have enough money to buy 100 shares go for it

>> No.20266492

It is a good broker, but keep in mind that right now, the moment you begin the sign-up process you're placed in a waiting list of 1000+ people due to the nothingburger corona.
It took me about 4-5 weeks to finalize my signup back in April.

>> No.20266496

is TSLA just buying into the self driving software

because anyone with half a brain can see the car is a piece of poop

>> No.20266501

A bet for leveraged ETFs like TQQQ is a bet against volatility since these instruments do best in a low volatility environment. Incidentally low volatility usually means rising prices and increasingly high volatility usually means a crash like in March. A good way to visualize it is with a 200 day moving average. If the price is above the average, volatility is typically low and the environment is good for leverage. Below that average is bad and leverage works against you. The upshot is this: put a 200 day moving average on the underlying chart, in the TQQQ case that's QQQ, when QQQ is above the average, go all in on the leveraged TQQQ as that's when you'll get the best results. When unleveraged QQQ is below the 200 day moving average sell your TQQQ until you're back above the line. Maybe give yourself a percent or two of breathing room so you don't get chopped up.
To wit, if you look at the QQQ chart now with the 200 daily average overlayed, you'll see on March 11th we went under the average. The TQQQ price on that day was $63 and on April 7th we went back above QQQ's 200 daily average at which time TQQQ was $53. Had you bought and sold on those dates you would have missed the worst of the bottom and gained 16% to boot. But look at the QQQ chart and notice the price was $200 on both of those dates. So why was it better to sell and buy on the TQQQ chart and why did it gain 16% versus being flat on QQQ? Because volatility was increasing, working against TQQQ when you sold but decreasing, working for TQQQ when you bought. If you don't know when to get out of leveraged ETFs cuz you're banking and don't want to waste gains, but you also don't wanna lose big on a crash, this is as good a strategy as I've seen that requires no discretionary trading.

>> No.20266504

>It's 50/50 whether this virus gets deadlier or not.
jesus fucking christ
doomers are really something else

>> No.20266508

Fuckkk, Robin Hood needs to hurry up and become global

>> No.20266549
File: 57 KB, 1122x900, 65CB3A24-C3A6-4BA7-86D1-BC91827E842B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any TSM chads in here

>> No.20266575

I held TSM for a while in 2018 but got bored of it not doing shit and sold. Glad to see it's doing well now.

>> No.20266591

55 shares right here fellow TSM chad.

>> No.20266595

What's the projected growth? I bought 10 a weekish ago.

>> No.20266607

>he's still shilling it
just give up. buy soxl and log out. this is like shilling amd or intel or micron, there's fucking literally nothing special about it

>> No.20266610

Oh my god you people are so so so so fucking stupid that you give me hope I can make money. Taking investing tips from spam emails? CFDs? Ahahahaha. Holy shit.

>> No.20266611

Any anons in Japan?
How do you go about investing?

>> No.20266618

Thanks. I'm a bit too low IQ to understand that right away but i screencapped to check it out later.

>> No.20266625
File: 157 KB, 360x276, 1586879734150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there's fucking literally nothing special about it

>> No.20266644

If there's a vaccine or treatment by January, it won't.

It'll take 2 years, but they'll be back to their 48 a share status.

But if a vaccine/treatment doesn't come by 2021, most recovery stocks are fucked. Even with a vaccine by 2022, there's no chance they'll be @ 2019 share prices for 5+ years.

>> No.20266647

200 day Moving average simply means by how much the stock has gone up per day on average for the past 200 days?

>> No.20266648

The hardest part is that trading is from 10:30 pm to 4am

>> No.20266659
File: 24 KB, 600x600, 377B8B89-814D-410E-8A34-4B4466E81E75.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there's fucking literally nothing special about it

someone didn’t do their DD. Ngmi

>> No.20266661
File: 3.64 MB, 2000x2000, wage cage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Think i'm gonna go with the amazon earnings gamble

>> No.20266677

if you think haha line go up big then just buy soxl and stfu
it doesn't require 200 iq or shilling. this is like somebody telling everyone to buy tech stocks right now thinking they're a genius

>> No.20266678

Just sell when vix is above 20 and buy when vix is below 30

>> No.20266685

If they mention Tesla again they'll moon. Also they just won a large contract so if they get more it'll continue to go up. It's not just a meme EV company

>> No.20266696

You mean sell above 30, and buy below 20?

>> No.20266697


No, the average price of the stock for the past 200 days. Adding today's closing price, yesterday's, the day before yesterday's, etc. until 200 days ago, and averaging that.

>> No.20266711

Yep, that's it. Just open up trading view or something and click on indicators. It should be something called Moving Average. It might be defaulted to 9 so change that to 200 and make sure the period is daily. Incidentally getting in and out of your DBPG based on the SPY daily average is a good answer to what you were asking a few days ago regarding a good split between SPY, QQQ, and DBPG. I'd have responded then but I was away.

>> No.20266734

Chinks are like chinks. They are never to be trusted in a business transaction.

>> No.20266740

Ha, what the other guy said. 200 daily moving average is the average close price for the last200 days. Sorry it's early here

>> No.20266745

Thanks. I'll try that strategy out.

>> No.20266811
File: 11 KB, 320x278, 1590935380182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The 3 gorges dam is not going to make it unironically. Short China or at least pull your money out

>> No.20266813


250 day (or even 1 year) moving average are supposedly even safer, although you lose some gains from entering too late or exiting too early. The moving average rule when applied to indices is the only technical indicator that's consistently held up over the years

>> No.20266816

Just to make sure I'm looking at the right thing, the current 200 day QQQ moving average is 213.09 right?

>> No.20266839
File: 882 KB, 2560x1600, Screenshot_20200711-093259_TradingView.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Awesome. I'm going to run some more backtests on different ones. 175, 10 month, etc
Yep. Should look something like pic related

>> No.20266867

I use tradestation global. It's basically ib but fees are more favorable.

>> No.20266874

Isn't a downside of this strategy that you might end up buying high and selling low? (I mean I guess that's sort of the point but you know what I mean)

>> No.20266887

Is the data in real time?

>> No.20266901

What do I put money in if I expect markets to go down in the coming year?

>> No.20266929
File: 178 KB, 1280x720, 1578096508385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw the site form where you downloaded all of the anime images for the last 10 years is going down
no more cunny unless one of you rich fuckers is going to give me gold account on Danbooru

>> No.20266930

there are multiple downsides, that's why the best is to just buy often and buy any dip, then re-balance every so often (for tqqq or soxl or any other leveraged ones)

>> No.20266966

You probably know this but just to add to the conversation, trading the 200 daily moving averages with a regular index like SPY actually underperforms the market. The problem in the long term, the price action under the average only loses by a tiny bit so the practice of selling then buying, after adding commissions, slippage, etc. ends up losing money. Hence why nobody actually straight up trades like that. The twist here though is leverage. Leveraging above the 200 daily average significantly outperforms the market and then deleveraging when under the average mitigates the usual volatility decay and extreme underperformance of leveraged ETFs in a downturn.
In other words, a nonleveraged ETF doesn't have enough of an advantage above the 200 daily to make up for the losses of being out when under the average. A leveraged ETF on the other hand does

>> No.20266971


>> No.20266986

What's the catch with apps like trading212 and robin hood? Or platforms that banks provide like HSBC?

Looking at platforms but not sure what to go for.

>> No.20267005


>> No.20267007

>Jim Cramer bought deep ITM calls for tech companies in 1999

>> No.20267014

>Isn't a downside of this strategy that you might end up buying high and selling low?

You'll end up buying high when the market will likely go higher, and selling (or, ideally, shorting) low when the market will go even lower


Yeah, I forgot to add that it doesn't apply to actually trading the S&P500 or any other index. The SP500 only functions as an indicator for when your main portfolio (ideally a mix of value and momentum stocks) should be long and when your main portfolio should be cash and bonds.

Basically, S&P500 closes at least 1% over its 200MA = go long with your portfolio, S&P500 closes at least 1% under its 200MA = go short or go to safe assets like bonds or cash

>> No.20267033

i was bullish on them until the second wave of lockdowns. i dont see people going to a dave and dusters anytime soon

>> No.20267036

>What's the catch with apps like trading212

Trading212 and EToro are mostly CFDs (although both sell actual assets as well, but they used to be pure CFDs), and they have a limited selection of assets to buy.

>robin hood

RobinHood sells your data to high frequency traders

>Or platforms that banks provide like HSBC?

They're usually shit

>> No.20267040

gold/silver because of the massive money printing.

>> No.20267050

there is no second wave of lockdowns, I just picked up food at a restaurant in Texas yesterday and the place was 100% packed, nobody gives a fuck, they just accept the fact that the elderly and genetically inferior will die off

>> No.20267054
File: 314 KB, 866x1029, original_226983546.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who bought EVRI

>> No.20267065

NIO 100 usd EOY possible? I have a feeling CCP will pump it for nationalism.

>> No.20267087

Florida here. Can confirm. So far

>> No.20267099

>nobody gives a fuck,
the jews running american media sure give a fuck
not about heroin deaths, diabetes deaths, diarrhea deaths etc...
>b-but those are voluntary things you die from!!
yeah take one look at rural america

>> No.20267100


>> No.20267110

Mate, you do know there's a sticky with a list of brokers.

>> No.20267112

The chink problem is that the company will do fine, but im not that sure about investors.

Maybe NIO will be a pr font for a chinese company, with western investors and a sucessful EV firm.

Or they will stick to mainland and screw over investors, knowing they have the backing of banks and the nation.

>> No.20267118

Got it. Essentially the avoidance of volatility risk outweighs the loss of "buying high selling low"

>> No.20267119

well bars are still ordered closed in most states and PLAY is not a straight up restaurant like CAKE or DENN both of which i have far more confidence in. PLAY is closed in California and NY... also i think they will big problems getting people back into their video games which will have to be constantly disinfected. public video game buttons are gross now. maybe the return of live sports will help

>> No.20267134

I rather it not. Slow and steady consistent growth is much better atm. Day traders have been abusing it for gains.

>> No.20267144
File: 7 KB, 441x109, heboughtthetop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The state of WKHS

>I didn't cash out when my account was 1000%
>cashed out when it was 500%
>WKHS keeps dumping


>> No.20267146

Yeah I just read it, probably should read the sticky more often

>> No.20267163

I bought it at $5.87, feels good man. Expecting that the medium outcome is most likely because it was already trading around $15 before the crash.

>> No.20267169

If you are an americunt, try webull, 2 free stocks are still offered when you finalize your account.

>> No.20267199

bought at $4.. probably selling now that the kike is scaring paper hands and it inevitably dumps. this jewish fuck is really good at picking what got hyped just barely enough but not mainstream enough where nobody would give a shit about what he has to say

>> No.20267204

>Does it make sense to waste money in buying fractional shares
No, do you know how percentages work? or at least with CFDs. Not sure how the jew computation works for regular shares.

>> No.20267220

i registered and deposited 5$ and i dont see my free stocks

where do i see my stonks

>> No.20267228

Which site?

>> No.20267256

Which companies/suppliers benefit from electronic vehicle manufacturing?

>> No.20267270

don't give that kike what he wants just buy puts on the way down and buy more shares with the proceeds

>> No.20267284

Cobalt miners.

>> No.20267309

100 bucks minimum i believe.

>> No.20267333

Did your ssris help you be a strong person

>> No.20267346

NIO at $13, im buying in

>> No.20267353

Bro I love this image, so I saved it

>> No.20267526
File: 562 KB, 763x425, Russ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It is Pascal's Wager.
this guy fucks

>> No.20267759

Im thinking 10k into NRGU monday. Got a small position, 100 shares, of TSM yesterday and 2k shares LRTNF as well. Wish me luck bros

>> No.20267832

Bluepilled bootlicker
Self justice is the only justice one gets

>> No.20268008

here's what going to happen
>tesla slowly goes to $1800~
>gets included in s&p
>nobody is selling their shares
>moons to $2500 minimum
idk from there

>> No.20268082

Elon is going to cash out some of his shares to build the mass driver for launching orbital loads

>> No.20268159



>> No.20268188

Pretty much. $10,000 in SPXL (3x S&P) starting in 1928, rotated in and out using the 200 daily moving average would theoretically be worth 9 trillion dollars today. Not even kidding. Without the 200 daily average it would be worth a lot but still nowhere near that much.

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