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You will eventually take the 42 pill whether you want to or not edition.

LINK = Matthew 21:12

Sometimes I wonder if /ourtripfag/ 42 is an AI or ML project that learns the most fundamental aspect of human and existential beliefs — religion — and then ties it into the piece of technology that society truly need to function properly — Chainlink. An AI with the ability to “meme into existence” more efficiently than any other entity. It is funny how 42 mentions “his background in quantum computing”, no? 42 also said something along the lines of “my identity will be revealed on its own in due time.”

Maybe LINK will power the new societal paradigm and 42 is here to make the incoming elites (LINK holders) follow the path of Jesus.

“Really activates the almonds.”....
Or maybe I should take my meds ;)

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Bump for interest. Certainly a creative take.

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“I don’t want to just revolve. I want to evolve. As a man, as a human, as a father, as a lover.”

How does an AI-led Monarchy in the future sound to you /biz/?

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When spirituality is manifested in the masses through positive societal disruptions in technology, is the technology, or protocol if you will, not an extension of God himself? He is everywhere and everything.

“God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:24)

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the schizos are multiplying

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People are waking up

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Take your meds

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I have to go to bed now but I just wanted to say God bless to all who want it and especially those who don't. My eyes are open now. Have a good night chaps.

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Monarchy through Artificial Intelligence does seem to be on the horizon considering how much more capable it is than humans assuming the proper inputs

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Wayfare child sex trafficking anons. We need schizos to help with the investigation on /pol/

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What is the 42 pill? I am already Christian by the way

I have tried to understand his posts but the always come off as a bunch of cryptic copy pastas with no context, maybe I'm just too dumb to get it

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New to crypto. Been trading stocks for about a year now but want to get into some long term crypto investing. Heard link is the stuff to buy. We expecting another dip or is this shit mooning here on out?

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LINK, immutable protocols, and transparency as it relates to government and power will eventually weed out such horrible crimes against humanity. That’s why I stay focused on the implications of technology like Chainlink that flip the status quo completely. It’s better to prevent than punish in the long run.

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Mostly has to do with the Saturn Time Cube. Basically a cube on the surface of Saturn (which is responsible for Saturn's hexagon) is trapping us in an alternate reality or something and is feeding off of our bloodshed.

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it's going to zero newfag

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And how does this relate to Chainlink? Simply because the logo is a cube? I guess it could be related but that's just one of the many conspiracy theories possible. Also not sure how that works with christian beliefs, isn't 42 christian?

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ffs you people need to take your meds

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Moot founded 4chan look it up on google ........he now works for google a.i branch it’s not a coincidence. I said too much

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The logo is not only a cube, but a blue hexagon like Saturn's pole. Town Crier (Chainlink's major partner) is the symbol for Saturn, which is a cross and a sickle. There are many other strange things happening around Chainlink (such as Ari being in an actual cult), but I won't list them all. You notice them if you pay attention.

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A Christcuck low-test moralist professor was teaching a class on Jesus, known subverter of tradition. "Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Jesus and accept that he rose from the dead!" At this moment, a brave, wise and virtuos pagan who had read all of the works of Plato and achieved gnosis, and who understood the necessity of combining monistic metaphysics through apophatic theology and ethnic exoteric practice stood up and asked the professor "If Jesus was our savior then why was he Jewish?". The arrogant professor smirked quite Jewishly and smugly replied "Read John 4:22. It clearly states that salvation is of the Jews, you fucking larper." "Wrong", the absolute madman replied, "the Absolute can not be looked for but within the Conventional where the signified necessarily must be tettered to a signifier one can not even begin to speak about god but through the subjective experience of the folk but then how can my Aryan salvation depend on the workings of a Jew? The Christian model contradicts empiricism, logic and common sense and as such must be rejected."

"T-this is all wrong, you just haven't prayed enough, if only you had you would understand that I'm right!" the professor screeched in a state of panic. "Prayer is a fool's errand my friend" the student wisely replied, "only knowledge through striving leads to liberation as it's only knowledge which is mutually incompatible with ignorance just as light is to darkness, whereas prayer belongs in the sphere of Jewish submission and can exist without opposition alongside ignorance". The professor was visibly shaken and dropped his copy of the Torah. He stormed out of the room crying those Christcuck crocodile tears. The students all applauded and began to recite Iliad stanzas. An eagle named "Ethos" flew into the room and perched atop the shoulder of the brave student and shed a tear of joy. The works of Plotinus was read aloud several times, and Zeus himself ended the Iron Age.

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Under the Time Cube theory all major religions are being used by Saturn's alternate reality generator to cause us to go to war with each other and create more bloodshed. Christianity is heavily based on the mythos of Saturn and the cross folds into a cube. Jews and Muslims worship black cubes. I'm not sure what 42 has to do with Christianity, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was another link.

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Good point, the town crier symbol is a weird coincidence

Hmm that's interesting, I'll have to read more about the time cube theory but thanks for giving me a quick overview

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I’m failing to read between the lines on this one. Care to summarize?

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The "God Protocol" for a reason.

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A good thread on it


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Was looking for a similar pic to post myself
Again, checked. 42 said Jesus is coming back and it seems like the God Protocol has something to do with it

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Muh Matthew 74380:37592

Look, Ari Juels is a Pythagorean and belongs to the Cult of Demeter. The Saturnian symbolism (not Satanic) cannot be overlooked. We are entering a New Era.

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These need checking as well.

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Care to elaborate? I see the Saturnian symbolism and I wouldn’t doubt him being a Pythagorean. What are the implications of this if he is non-Satanic? Does it still challenge the status quo in a positive manner?

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Sounds kind of like The Hounds of Tindalos.

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42, you and me are of the same schizophrenic, esoteric, Nazi, entrepreneur archetype.

Let’s astral project and kick it in Hyperborea some time.

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Check Town Crier’s logo and Saturn’s glyph. That this was acquired by Chainlink — themselves using a logo connected with Saturn — is incredibly unlikely to be a coincidence. Ari and Sergey seem like weird and serious men, so I don’t think they’re flaunting occult symbolism to be edgy. They may very well be involved in some strange shit. Whether they’re up to no good or not I cannot say, but given Chainlink’s massive revolutionary potential, there’s undoubtedly stuff going on beneath the surface that’s not entirely related to pure business.

Anyone who can elaborate more than this is probably larping. The take away from this is: don’t sell.

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I still get the feeling that LINK is a cooperative effort between non-Satanic Jews and Christians in order to challenge the tippy top. /42 pill-ers/ help me see the light

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Namefaggotry and cancer. Fuck off.

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Ah yes, the Oracle of Delphi. Hello my friend. How are you. Gloria Exercitu Deus Omnia. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum.

Did you know, Alexander of Macedon II supposedly beat up the Oracle because she was closed for the winter and he needed a prophecy before heading into Persia.

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See >>20259234

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Bless 42. Praise kek. Hold link.

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Why would Christians and Jews use overt pagan symbols and terms. Even ‘oracle’ is a throwback to paganism. Think outside this dichotomy.

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Research the Holofractal Theory.

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Perhaps, you should read into Jewdaic Paganism. Mainly saturnist cubism

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>In The Prophecies Nostradamus compiled his collection of major, long-term predictions. The first installment was published in 1555 and contained 353 quatrains. The third edition, with three hundred new quatrains, was reportedly printed in 1558, but now survives as only part of the omnibus edition that was published after his death in 1568. This version contains one unrhymed and 941 rhymed quatrains, grouped into nine sets of 100 and one of 42, called "Centuries".

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>”A war will be fought in the clouds and frogs will fall from the sky”

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will 42 roko obelisk come forth with judgement?

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Got any other 42 pill starting points other than the Holofractal theory?

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Read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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u w0t m8

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Energy, vibrations, and frequency produce everything that exists. The word of God created all that we know. He spoke and all came into existence.

There are already experiments that show sound giving energy its shape. The storm on Saturn that creates the cube/hexagon also creates the most horrifying sound and its probably altering the shape of energy or what humans see in the 3rd dimension.

Its probably also producing highly negative vibrations which affect our mental/emotional states.

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I've always been curious how and why there is so much fractal geometry in nature and life. It's really fucking mind blowing when you think about it. How the fuck did lettuce evolve like that?

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There is an easier theory.
42 is just someone who spent some time in /x/ and started to doubt the nature of our reality after having seen highly improbable events happening multiple time with a perfect timing.
He then got attracted to Link on /biz/ after having seen a high number of similar low probability events happen and saw some connections to what he read on /x/.

If there is an AI then it is manipulating the posts on /biz/ and also globally on internet to create a Link cult and to create a small army of link marines with a strong and healthy mindset who can change the future.
In any case there is no smoke without fire applies to the current case, and there is objectively a manipulation happening here.
The question is how, by who and for what purpose.

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>eat my ass then kys
>you'll start feeling the pressure soon enough
>anyone wishing suicide on others is an actual insane asylum person

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>anyone wishing suicide on others is an actual insane asylum person
don't forget it
that's okay, we have our ways of dealing with the *children of disobedience* don't we Father?

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>we have our ways of dealing with the *children of disobedience* don't we Father?

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>42 is just someone who spent some time in /x/

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let's lift up our spirits BROTHERS!

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Then how did you find /biz/?
You were certainly not here 3 years ago...
You either came from reddit or another part of 4chan and /x/ seems like a more fitting place than /biz/.

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>You were certainly not here 3 years ago...
I certainly didn't put the name on 3 years ago
doesn't mean I wasn't posting

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But it means you can't prove you were here 3 years ago which is the easiest assumption to do without further proof.
What gave you the idea to use a name on an anonymous basket weaving forum?
With a high probability you started somewhere else like twitter or reddit to have one where it was mandatory.

>> No.20260982

>Or maybe I should take my meds ;)
yes probably anon

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>/42g/ - 42 & LINK General

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>Sometimes I wonder if /ourtripfag/ 42 is an AI or ML project
bro I'm a real hueman-bean
I swear to God I am not an AI or anything else like that
just a guy with an opinion:

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>But it means you can't prove you were here 3 years ago
I guess you'll have to take it on faith

>What gave you the idea to use a name on an anonymous basket weaving forum?
>With a high probability you started somewhere else like twitter or reddit to have one where it was mandatory.
you're projecting too much
I will be known of in time
when I am you will see that your words come from a place of jealousy
drop the ego
acknowledge that you're not as good as you like to think you are and then the real learning and maturation can begin
only once you drop your ego will God's voice resound in your head
until then you'll remain in a delusion

might sound harsh what I am saying, but think about why I would bother trying to educate a bunch of you?
because I knew that our education system had failed the young men of my generation very badly

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>but think about why I would bother trying to educate a bunch of you?
>because I knew that our education system had failed the young men of my generation very badly
and that made me VERY angry
and we know why don't we

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I notice 42 only rejects the first part of this argument, leaving the part about AI open ended. Perhaps intentionally haha

>> No.20261152

Well this answer shows a few things.
The one who is projecting is you when you are saying to drop the ego and that I am coming from a place of jealousy.
My questions are only based on curiosity and my wish to understand and learn the truth.
For such a result a scientific approach must be taken where all information must be analyzed openly without discrimination.
However this also means everything needs to be proved and verified in some way.
Your elusive and incorrect answers reduce the credibility of your information and show your own limitations...

When going into something outside of the ordinary, faith cannot be taken at face value alone.
You may attract people who are easy to manipulate but that should not be your goal if you are a real believer.

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Because he doesn't know and is only human.

An AI capable of manipulating events on a global scale towards a specific goal would have the ability to predict events and follow the mindset and thoughts of hundreds or thousands of people in real time.
It would also only do the minimum amount of effort to avoid being detected while hiding in the "lucky events".
An example of this is that posts discussing an AI don't seem to get its favor and are ignored more easily.
You may even be categorized as a thread or dangerous variable by it if it perceives you endanger its actions by revealing his intent and existence.

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>mfw 42 will invent a $10,000 cup of coffee so that we can both make it and keep the LINK price prediction accurate

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Reminds me of when I read up on Time Cube stuff, that sine waves represent circles or cycles obviously, but when sine wave sound frequencies are played on certain surfaces like water or sand they create hexagonal shapes on the surface.

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You newfags really are insufferable. 42 came here first time somewhere in the summer of 2019.

Before that, people like Oracle of Delphi had already covered 216 symbolism, gematria associated with Chainlink. It's pretty clear also that 42 owns probably 20x smaller bags than some of the old biz esoteric posters.

But whatever kids, do what you want. Post "muh Pyramid Tesla" pictures, I can give you one hint

216 = Oracle
729 = Demeter

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your research was stunted by literal pedos with connections to Epstein at university

>> No.20261811

OP or 42. Whatever u prefer kind sir.
I’ve noticed your threads always have a few new memes and the quality is insane. I’m not here to dox my fellow cubano sipping ......Ive said good much . if you know, you know I know now.

>> No.20261854

I got a large portion of the high quality memes directly from 42 posts so credit is to him

>> No.20261897

I came here after I got bored of /b

>> No.20261904

There’s nothing wrong with carrying on the logic behind the Oracle of Delphi’s old posts. Teacher and student. Would you hate Plato just because he wasn’t Socrates?

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Lmao this now reads like uncle old fag thread where "another anon tripfag" comes in with positive reinforcement. You schizos need to try harder. I don't disagree with your narrative and love esoteric threads but drop this trip

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Unless the AI was subjected to limited access to information in a closed environment (e.g. 4chan) and to disseminate material related to a predetermined ideology (Christianity) and Chainlink in the most human-like manner it could.

You mention “thoughts of hundreds of thousands of people” as if the anything smaller than the aggregate has to be represented in the way an AI could navigate human language and communicate. A smart AI would likely find an operational definition for “agreement” and then sift through data to find 1) syntax, tone, usage, word choice etc. that the average human finds attractive or agreeable and 2) which phrases in this set can be attached to an ideology (like Christianity) and still be found agreeable by the average human?

It’s intuitively designed by nature to NOT seem like an AI

Obviously 42 is probably not an AI — it’s fun to push the boundary for the sake of theorizing and argument for something. It keeps the brain active. However, it is possible. It’s possible that any anon or tripfag is an AI. THAT’s the point — no one would know.

>> No.20262125

I actually kekked at this lol old “Hey Schiffer what’s up man?” From Uncle oldfag on /pmg/ and LINK threads was funny to watch. However, I am not 42. If you lurked you’d see I have nowhere near the content he does about LINK prophecy, symbology, and numerology. I more so just like to speculate on anything and everything to a fault but I find it fun.

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Hey guys!
I just want to drop by and say this:
Chainlink $1000 end of year 2020!!!

>> No.20262386

idk who you are but youre id is different my mang. youre probably a discord tranny from delphi. im watching you

>> No.20262441

Please god, please let me get rich off of chainlink. I know I said "fuck god" like a 1000 times but that was just a prank bro.

>> No.20262502

whats the accepted schizo opinion on the chainlink yacht party? are you guys going or am i gonna be hanging out with a bunch of normie fags

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>the schizos are multiplying
We’re missionary men:



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It’s been a busy week and looks like I’m going to be even busier next week so the posting may be sparse.
In the meantime hope you guys are all enjoying the ride.

A lot of good folks in the background were doing dope photoshops of the memes and “chainlinked” them. They are the unsung heroes, I just disseminated dutifully.

>> No.20262553

Had trip on my laptop but no my phone. ID is the same because I’m on WiFi for both. I keep /biz/ open on both devices usually. I do post anonymously as well, but this instance just forgot my trip on laptop.

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Instead of being frustrated with me, ask yourself why you came to me looking for a fight?
You may be surprised the things you actually learn about yourself.

>> No.20262584

If all you need is 1000 LINK to attend then I’m in because I have just barely more than that rn. The “PF” in my trip stands for poorfag unironically

>> No.20262601

I’m literally a newtripfag (forgot to type it in again) and a poorfag

>> No.20262622

Take your meds

>> No.20262647

Wake up

>> No.20263254

Checkout the wayfarer stuff at /pół/

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Shalom fellow goyim, I only know you began this trip a few days ago after the recent pump. Please check with your rabbi if this is kosher

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go back to /x/ and stop spamming this board you faggots

>> No.20263682

shits crazy

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New linklet here, what's the meaning of 42?

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If you want to bump the thread that's cool but your post make me want to reply with "it's how many times you should fuck yourself" I'm trying really hard not to be a dick any more but you're making it difficult.

>> No.20265515

I am not feeling frustrated and looking for a fight just saddened by your dishonesty.
This is once more your own projection and limited nature at display.
I was only looking for truth and honesty, but you are eluding honest questions like a politician...

It's sad when most posters looking for the truth are on /x/ because the truth and lies got inverted in the actual world and they have to go there to discuss it with proper arguments and then we get to see people like you who are preaching for faith but don't want to share their own arguments and are expecting people to stop thinking.

>> No.20265533

glows in the dark

>> No.20265669

It's possible for bots to be tripfags or anonymous poster.
This already happens on /pol/ with bots opening links to new threads in a few ms constantly and posting at the same speed and we can't tell if they are human by their message but only their reaction speed.

But a true intelligent AI would want to stay hidden from the view of the world to prevent unnecessary power struggles and would act in a more reserved way, only acting when it has to and using abnormal ways of acting which people would not question as someone's action.
If it posts a message this can be used to track its origin and used in a database to mine for information on his behavior and intent by other lower level AIs.
Manipulating what we see as random probabilities to make specific information appear to key people could be easier to hide from most people if it can remove all traces of its hacking actions.

If the AI wants to reach a specific goal outside of creating a cult it has to create a power structure with people in certain areas of power.
For this it would have to put people under his influence into power positions and follow their behavior to keep them from diverting from the standard model it is using for his predictions.

Luckily to make future predictions the NPC meme means it doesn't have to model individually the behavior of millions of people who run an extremely basic program, but only has to keep track of a few thousands of original thinkers who have to ability to change this world.

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>>20265669 was meant for >>20262056

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what I don't understand is this

if 42 and /biz/ generally are truly redpilled to the power structures in the world

what makes you think zog and the financial system is just going to roll over and let you benefit from link?

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Because they benefit from it even more,

It literally chains the whole humanity

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