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maybe you should focus on being useful to a man

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Maybe have money in the bank? They'll give you a card if you have more than $13 and an overdraft fee.

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Dumbass my first credit card I put 500$ down to open that credit line and they give you it back after a year and you can sign up for other credit cards after. Fuck you

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stfu + kys, credit is based

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>I don’t know how it works so it must not work but it some how does work because it’s obviously working! Reeeeeee!!!
>t zoomer

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Would bury

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only if you're using it like a retard.

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What's your scores, bros? Mine are 807 and 802. I'm hoping they help me get a lower interest on a business loan someday.

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i had a secured visa when i first started.
$500 limit with $500 put away in a GIC
if after a year i didn't fuck up they gave me my $500 back

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it's called a secured credit card you dumb fuck

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They wouldn’t approve me and I had 10kUSD in my checking. Once I had 300k+USD in my checking, they finally approved me for a 3kUSD line of credit. Don’t know what to tell you. I was in the same position.

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Lmao my bank was harassing me to get a credit card for over 2 years before I gave in and got one. Now they keep harassing me to up my 2k limit to 5k.

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This. Sucks to suck I guess

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I have like 100k credit limit. All you need is a job.

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Anyone can start building credit by getting a secured credit card.

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Am I a midwit for avoiding credit altogether? I understand there's such a thing as good credit but I systematically refuse to go near it for fear of getting burnt.

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I used to think that way but frankly it's retarded. Credit is a powerful tool that almost everyone will need to have access to and use at one point or another. If I could do it all over again I would take out small personal loans for things like computers etc. and make triple payments on them. Having good credit literally saves you money over the long term with a small investment.

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Avoiding credit doesn't make you a midwit, not having self control does

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if you don't need a mortgage there's literally zero reason to get a credit card. everyone blabbering about their 3% back is coping with how much money they spend on useless shit and/or completely fine with giving ever more control over commerce to megacorp jews.

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>secured line of credit
>implying I want to allow the bank to hold my own money as collateral for a loan

I just really really don't like the idea of this. I think it's beyond absurd. A bank should be able to give out a small line of credit to first time people without needing to do this. They've the fucking bank, they have enough money to take the minuscule risk of giving me a $200 line of credit.

I have been with my bank for 10 years. Over that period of time, I have maintained a balance between $15,000 and $25,000 at all times. I've never overdrafted or made any stupid mistakes. I put a steady paycheck into the account every single week. I am as low risk as it gets.

I inquired about a credit card. They told me that because I'd never had credit before, the ONLY thing they could do for me is give me a secured line of credit for $200 for 6 months, then upgrade me to an unsecured $500 line of credit. What a fucking joke. I find that insulting, that they couldn't take a quick look at my past 10 year history with them and see that I'm not a high risk borrower. I told them to go fuck themselves and emptied my account on the spot

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oh God another goy who fell into the usury meme. Take this as a lesson and never handle jews your money ever again

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>le good goyim points

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>pays $500 for a credit card
>calls others dumbasses

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The only thing you should be buying in your entire life on credit is a house. Everything else should be cash or debit cards. Your 2% rewards mean jack shit when studies show people spend 15% more at stores when using credit vs cash or debit.

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>they have enough money to take the minuscule risk of giving me a $200 line of credit
they don't lol
haven't you ever heard of fractional reserve banking?

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>but I dont want to put 500 dollars down for 6 months to prove my trustworthiness
these people are beyond help

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>literally zero reason to get a credit card
What if I maxed out my cc to buy chainlink in 2018? Literally the only thing I've ever put on it lol

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>Maybe have money in the bank? They'll give you a card if you have more than $13 and an overdraft fee.

>>>20257727 (OP)
>Dumbass my first credit card I put 500$ down to open that credit line and they give you it back after a year and you can sign up for other credit cards after. Fuck you

Shut up delusional boomers. I got denied a $300 PREPAID credit card at my bank after handing them $300 for collateral and had 5k in that same bank. Credit is a broken system that is a waste of time anyways.

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But what about muh consoooomer protection?

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Your secrets are safe with me kike

I'm not suggesting buying everything or even most of what you buy on credit, rather I'm suggesting buying things you know you can easily pay for, making large payments and accruing minimal interest and earning a high credit score early on so you can afford a house, car, a big business loan or take out a huge personal loan to buy guns and armor for Ragnarok.

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>the bank cant afford to risk giving me a $200 loan that amounts to less than 1% of the total value currently in my checking account
Yes, actually they fucking can. They probably spend more than $200 a month just by offering
the free coffee in the lobby

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usury is a tool of the jews

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Lol credit is a hack. Borrow money, multiply it, and pay back over time while inflation chips away at your interest.


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What's the current reserve requirement?

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Literally good goy points. If you suck Shlomo's dick hard enough, he will give you a rebate on the interest he charges you on your own money.

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lol this bitch is retarded. i got my first credit card through my bank now i have like 4, i only use one of them regularly and my credit score is 750. also i am a poor nigger.

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Credit is literally what holds together the world economy you dipshit. Get fucked you LARPing poorfag

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Probably corporate risk assessments based on the "debt maxxing" culture. Pretty shitty that the the employee you talk to can't make a judgement call based on your life situation, but they've probably been led to believe that would transition them into ex-employee status based on experience or policy.

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792 exp, 764 tran, 766 equ
recently paid off all my debt. gonna buy a house next summer when my lease is up.

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Maybe apply for a credit card that doesn't require credit

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so goyim you want to learn how to build your credit? follow me

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unsecured lending is about the only reason banks are superior to centralized crypto lending and defi platforms. aave is rolling about delegated lending, basically unsecured lending but that's really meant for peer to peer it looks like.

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It's also why defi is really only for those who already a stack. Basically crypto users building more uses out of what they have, scratching our own backs.
Tell a random person they can get a stablecoin loan if they have crypto.. and they'd laugh. "why would I need a loan if I already had money?"

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heh heh heh... try charging me membership fees now, fucking shitty gym!

>I just really really don't like the idea of this.
then don't do it.
If you're going to need a good credit score, then you're probably doing something that requires you to spend a lot more than the $750 you'll get back later.

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Imagine people willingly wanting to go into debt so that they can borrow more money to get into even more debt.

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>then don't do it
I didn't, and don't plan on doing so in the future.

>If you're going to need a good credit score, then you're probably doing something that requires you to spend a lot more than the $750 you'll get back later
Thats besides the point. They're being unreasonably risk averse. Giving an unsecured $200 line of credit to an individual such as myself should not be an issue. I have a decade long track record of being financially responsible, and maintaining a relatively large balance of cash with them. And yet I'm considered "too risky" for them to loan me $200? That's pants on head retarded. There is no excuse

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Wow that's so crazy it's actually impossible to get a credit card

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Imagine not utilizing leverage intelligently because you're a dumb nigger who's blindly fearful of having debt

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perfect credit score here

i took out a $100k line of credit and invested it in march
only poor people have bad credit

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>what is a secured line of credit
fuck off zoomer retards

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My bank gave me a credit card when I was 19, because I had a job I guess

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Credit and credit-scores are tools in life that every adult needs. If you can manage your finances, then you don't need to be so scared of credit cards. Don't blindly spend, and you'll be fine- plus, it's good to have credit for emergencies. Of course, having cash on hand is always better for that kind of thing, but you will and are going to be caught-out and will need a sum of cash *now* to use on something that cannot wait.

The monetary system in general is set up to benefit the Jews, I agree, but there are ways to use the system to your advantage.

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>wah wah why won't they let me spend money I don't have nor expected to receive

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My credit is shit because I refuse to sell any of my LINK to pay off my credit cards.

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Then tell them to bash their offer up their arse and find a bank that will make you a real offer. Show them your bank statements which reflect that you are a safe investment. In a first world country you should be able to get a credit card right off the bat with 10x that amount.

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this shitty loop has reached white peoples

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kek, living expenses go on the card, cash goes to link? I like your style

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Imagine being too retarded to get a credit card lmfao. They fucking give them away to retards because it's easy money.

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>your own money
It's literally not your own money, that's why it's lending
The Jew gives you a bunch of money for only a little money and it's up to you to invest that so you get a better return than your interest +inflation
In return for giving up his money now, the Jew gets a relatively more certain return and gets too keep you on the hook if you invest it poorly

Time value of money dipshits, look it up

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tfw pic related has no face but instead is the face of the devil himself

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What is Cody Cigar up to these days? Is he still making content?

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