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Will this piece of shit do anything in 2020? I've spent the last year throwing my paychecks into this coin instead of LINK and feel like a fool

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apparently not. im as pissed as you are.

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2021 it will. And PNK

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How much have you put into it?

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what's his fucking problem?

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of course it will. it forms the base of DeFi which is arguably going to be the greatest catalyst of the current bullrun. be patient. if LINK and other things weren't mooning, how would you feel? have the fundamentals changed? no. exactly. you're golden brother.

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Finally made it to 100 ETH last week and I'm barely up at all

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I'm starting to think eth 2.0 won't ever deliver

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Fucking hold this garbage at $280..I even sold my stocks twilio, TTD, adobe that fucking DESTROYED the market.

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Same here! DCAed into this and not LINK with wagebux and feel fucking dumb for it. fucking autist Vitalik

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ETH is the basis of everything. Just be patient

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The longer it takes the riskier the transition becomes. Eth is going to have a fork civil war like Bitcoin did. There will be so much value locked in defi and so many miners that will oppose trying something brand new on the chain with so much value at stake. Eth foundation will force it through, proving once again that eth is not decentralized. This hard fork will create another eth classic style coin.

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It's weird because chainlink runs on eth

Other coins too. The math never adds up.

Also has is expensive. It's a lose lose

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I can't decide if I should dump paychecks into XRP or ETH and to be honest both feel like long term losers right now despite them having the security of being a "top coin"

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XRP is cringe coin.
ETH is cool but there are much better gains to be had elsewhere (mostly tokens running on Ethereum).

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Yeah till eth 2 gets released and wicks to 1500 overnight

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Just look at last run, BTC was the safe bet, did 400 - 20k, but ETH did .50 - 1400, but 99% of altcoins are basically worthless now, so looking back you could say that you should have gambled, but there was no guarantee that you would have gone into link, you could have gone into something like REQ or NANO or whatever random shitcoin which were both shilled at the same time and both spectacularly imploded and bled out.

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Vitalik and Danny are talking tomorrow and i think they are starting to feel pressure from multiple platforms launching and starting to become have some success (cardano, harmony). it's good to be king until you're not. testing is all well and good but you've got to have a fucking deadline at some point or some other project is going to sneak up and eat your lunch

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Except the development is slow and has continual delays for years, and there are already other forms of staking in defi that give passive income already.

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every other ETH article mentions how they've missed deadlines. vitalik and crew have GOT to feeling fucking pressure to deliver phase 0 this year.

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none of the platforms that provide staking have anywhere near the adoption of ethereum. once phase 0 is announced it's going to be a price explosion

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Unfortunately thats like saying the AFL has football. The NFL does too. And people wanna play in the NFL a lot more.

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this is changing. ETH is slowly becoming the myspace to newer competitor's facebooks (of course, BTC is basically fucking xanga at this point, but that's another piece of shit altogether)

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this makes me not want to kms

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not yet. what other platforms do people use right now? but it could happen soon if they don't fucking upgrade their shit

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the writing was on the fucking wall. anyone who did an ounce of research in 2018 knew eth would not deliver.

if you lost money on this you are a retard

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High adoption doesn't necessarily translate to high APY. More people staking means more people to amongst whom to divide the gains up. They delayed ETH 2.0 for too long to the point where there a lot more attractive investments opportunities have developed than locking your ETH into a system that wont allow you to unlock until potentially years later when it's finished.

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Keep 50% in eth and move the other 50% in other projects. The majority of the coins mooning are ERC-20 tokens right now. Big money will be going into Eth to buy other projects

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higher beta things move first (shit coins)
medium beta things next (etherum, silver)
lower beta thing last (bitcoin, gold)

have some patience you fucking zoomers

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Xanga lmao. You must be my age.
What makes you think ADA or Tezos can sustain the volume that ETH is working on sustaining? We're talking potentially a trillion dollar market cap. Massive numbers of tps. A little team of like 9 dudes in a warehouse isnt going to make that happen. Eth has a conglomerate of THE best solidity devs in the world, and the eyes of the biggest investors on them. What would it take for anything else to get to that level? It wont happen by the time eth 2.0 is done. That shit is coming out THIS year, with rollups. It will sustain until sharding, and then its off to Mars. Not the moon, Mars. Tezos and Cardnao arent even out of their backyard.

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There is already working PoS systems coming out recently. I won't say more because I'm still accumulating but dyor.

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I would invest in Tezos 100%, I like it. But its not going to take Eths place. An ether will be a status statement in the new age. Much less 32 or more of them.

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Truth is so many people who are die hard bitcoin have never even used ethereum. We are early still lads

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Not Tezos, not anything in the top 50.

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That isnt a great analogy, just looking in crypto you can see that there are many coins that are functionally superior to bitcoin but bitcoin still has the market cap because it has the network effects.

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Yikes then

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Let me start by saying this isnt a dmg shill, but rather an mToken shill..

But anon, why are you not earning 6%o. That eth that is just sitting there crabbing? Unless I'm completely wrong, once you buy mEth you are guaranteed the ability to buy your other back at market price, so this is a no risk opportunity for a high apr on what is otherwise just sitting there and collecting dust

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It will.

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Isnt this what xdai stake is trying to address?

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It’s kind of like why Netflix is more valuable than Comcast (the substrate that it runs on). The end product is generally more valuable.

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How many eth to make it? Let's say $5M

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so is STAKE comcast or Netflix? Seems like broadly speaking defi projects like save, comp, dmg are the Netflix's and Eth is Comcast -- which i do think it makes sense for digital banks (i.e defi lending projects) to be worth more than eth eventually. Vitalik himself said he only though ETH would be worth like $15 or something ridiculous

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*AAVE not save

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if this hits 1500 and you don't dump this shitcoin you deserve to be poor.

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It always moons last. It's starting to moon, but even a 2x (which will be tough) is shit. If ETH moons, ETH tokens moon 5x harder.

Buy Kleros.

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this but BZRX

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Elrond probably

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eth will go up a good amount, but not as much percentage wise as top defi tokens

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What happens to my eth when 2.0comes out?

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That’s rii-iight!! Never forget the LVL99 Sharded ETH Shovel!

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I doubt it, that wouldn't cause eth to hit a new ath. Only the bull run will