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What's your made it car of choice link marine?

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everytime I post a car I like /biz/ is mean to me

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Lmao this car screams pajeet

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just what i'm driving now, and old truck. i like cars but i live in a city and that would be basically unusable for me. i'd rather just put it into boomer investments.

honestly if i make it I have no idea what I'd really spend my money on other than more investments. people always have this list and stuff, but, I kinda have everything I need.

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always been the linkbo

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>Hey ladies

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an old truck*

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Toyota Corolla.

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>wasting your money on useless luxury
Never gonna make it. If you wanna ride a lambo rent it for a week.

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Fuck cars, when I make it I'm starting a software company to just like make game like I always wanted, and putting enough money away to fuck off and do nothing if I hate it as well as pay for my daughter's school and future career if she grows up to deserve it.

If she grows up to be a retarded hapa whore then she can fend for herself kek

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dont show a shitty car then

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I'm intrigued anon, show me

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Not far now anons

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Based af. Reliable, dependable, and you can soup them up a little bit if you wanna be a faggot

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To name a few I've posted a Lambo Diablo, Ferrari Superfast, Aston Martin Superleggera. Got shit for all of them.

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I'm not much of a car person myself but they look classy

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0 supercars, thats how you get jumped by niggers
some autopilot EV, probably tesla

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2k Civic with a few simple mods.

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you'll get shit for anything you post on biz don't be a snowflake

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>ostantous public displays of wealth
A sign worn by stupid people that screams "free for the taking". Its more than just the rift raft that will target you. Intelligent rich people will also devise a way to fleece you or steal by force that which you do not deserve.

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2 year old low mileage Subaru wrx sti flannelized.

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I already have my car of choice, an Alfa Spider. I might buy a Toyota Landcruiser to fool around in, though.

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Sells for like 20k used. Will probably snag one if I make it to at least 500k.

>t. 5k Linkies

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Something cheap and efficient.

If I make it I'm not going to waste all my money on buying flashy and gaudy merchandise.

There is amazing stuff you can do with a lot of money besides being the perfect coonsumer.

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Hyundai Fastback i30 N

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I'd get a used Tacoma. They're reliable as fuck, run forever, and easy to fix. I'm not falling for the new car meme and I'd rather spend that extra money on traveling or renovating my house.

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Ultimate utility + conversation piece

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What's that, a cayman for less than 20k? Where?

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not trying to be mean but those are total nigger-rich cars that irresponsible people with a taste of wealth would buy.
you'll get a chance to drive them with their actual power maybe 1% of the time and you're paying a 6 figure admission fee that could be doing so much more for you in terms of practicality.

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My civic is amazing and I love it. It has a hatchback and it repels golddiggers.
Maybe if I make it Ill get a cybertruck for the sheer meme of it but that's it. Luxury cars are for suckers.

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Looks fuckin sick

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Neat looking but built by some shitty builder. If you want to get a boat like that get a Cigarette 59' Tirranna. 50+ years of high performance boat building experience and a design that is actually usable while still looking beautiful. They did a collab with Mercedes-AMG if you want the car connection.

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Am Dutchfag. A lot of ~2007 models sell for like 20k-25k EUR. Mileage will be high, but sometimes a gem with <100k km is put up for sale. Gotta be really careful with buying though, since people try to shaft you with shitty Porsches that have been maintained poorly.

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i'll probably get a self driving car

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I'd go with a classic 911. Classic, fun, simpler to work on and will appreciate in value over time.

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It's either a kart, because I grew up racing, or racing in a club-style single seater series like Formula Renault or something for fun.

No point in driving a fast car on city streets if I can't push it to the limit.

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Certified pussy wagon right thur. Its over the top, but immaculately over the top.

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That's cool, thanks Käskopp

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Idk really there are so many different cars for different places with their own unique stuff like how they sound and how they feel etc. There's the practicality factor and then the fun factor. If by "making it" you mean at least $10m where you can be somewhat ok with spending a total of $1m(max $1m in this case) on cars, then you can have multiple cars with their own different purposes. One SUV, one sportier car, one older cool car and maybe a supercar like a lambo or mclaren or ferrari if you live in a place with good roads.

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Toyota Corolla.

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None. I'm not gonna fall for the auto-jew. I'll buy an old shack in the woods and live the rest of my days a free man.

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Could I politely ask chainlink marines to hopefully throw a few beautiful LINKS my way? I’m a poor third worlder stuck in Quebec.... please anon..



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Not a bad choice. A lot steeper price tag though I assume. I'm definitely getting a 991 somewhere down the line but for my first Porsche it's probably going to be a used Cayman or 996.

Geen probleem vriend

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Does this mean I already made it?

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What a sad, pathetic cuck. Quit begging.

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I got 19k LINKs total. I can give you 7.77 LINKs no problem my friend. Just post your hand with a timestamp.

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this guy fucks

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>itt goyim

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Buying one of Magnus Walker's Porsche's would be a dream come true.

That and a Kott custom café bike.

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What a waste of money.

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suck my dick

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The Patrician's choice, of course.

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>not a Singer 911

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Unironically this if I get rich in the next 3 years.

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You don't have to be rich for a Cybertruck, it's only 40k new.

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Nothing ever beats the classic.

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seen the h2x?

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This is a Porsche thread now. Truly the patrician choice, whatever model you like my friends.

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In your shitty Infiniti? No thanks.

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first car I ever wanted as bad as I do... if I ever truly made it, this is it.

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Vector M12

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Such as?

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The road legal version of the RX9

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the only car I'll ever want

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just not that girls model

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This with an ahegao decal

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And I'll be chaffeured around by a tall indian model who wears a big red ballgag between her thicc lips, since driving stresses me out (and ill be fucked on psychedelics so it would be unsafe)

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a Sierra cosworth, and a RUF yellowbird if I make it really big

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wait I want to change my answer to

and a swedish blonde in an SS uniform, with a red ballgag.

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Improve your taste retard

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How exactly do you make sure the car has no problems? It's not like the owner will let you take it to a mechanic so he can evaluate it carefully and I doubt you have the skills to do so, especially in the field with the owner sitting behind you at all times.
It could have all kinds of problems that you fail to notice or have been nigger rig fixed and the car breaks down one or two months after you buy it.