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What is Hopium?
Hopium is the first community-driven index fund focusing on smallcaps (MC < 1,000,000 usd). There are many promising altcoins who are yet to be discovered and supported in their development. Hopium aims to invest in hidden gems and reap the benefits of the early investor.

Website launch imminent - Fri, July 10th
Whitepaper release - Fri, July 17th
Token swap - Fri, July 24th
Index fund launch - Fri, July 31st

View HOPE v1 on Etherscan - https://etherscan.io/token/0x51591d295077bb02413aef0153c3feb1b2386dcf

Uniswap V2 Trading LIVE - https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2&outputCurrency=0x51591d295077Bb02413aEF0153c3FEb1b2386DcF

Forkdelta Trading LIVE - https://forkdelta.app/#!/trade/0x51591d295077bb02413aef0153c3feb1b2386dcf-ETH

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Very very bullish, just put 1 ETH in

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>no rug pull?
no rug pull
>professional admins in tg?
professional admins in tg
>previews later today?
previews later today
maybe it's a scam, maybe it isn't.
i'm not risking missing on the next 10x just because some trannies throw accusations left and right.

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You r right bro. I will try too

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damn, I was 100% sure they will pull the rug in a matter of hours.

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Is this a long term scam?

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kek every crypto project is a long con.
the question is how to make money off them.
if these guys really deliver and launch the site on friday, it's moon time.
biz will be buying into my sells at 5x at least.

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not on uniswap lol, 3/4 of "projects" exit scam the first day.

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Grabbed a bag, might pull an ESH/BUIDL/STA etc

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fucked up my mental math, waiting for a transaction to go through so that my hopium balance is 100% certified gamer epic

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Guys please learn to understand the scam game: Why the fuck would someone start a project with WEBSITE TOMORROW lmao. 1000000% scam

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so the plan is to sell before the website "goes live"

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same, looks like this could be a legit gem.

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from what they say, it's not just a website. it's actually the index fund portal and the community area.
lets see what teasers they post.

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same set of scammers from TWU coin

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based and hopiumpilled

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Looks like a great project, threw in some eth, lets watch the gains come!

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who bought with my topic? already %80 !

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