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>Bullion dealers

>Constitutional/"junk" silver info



>Bullion tax info by state:


Nitric Acid

https://www.youtube.com/user/silverguru David Morgan

Additional /pmg/ resources and info--

previous >>20167615

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FWTDHWAHQUD status-- {making artisan homemade hand sanitizer}

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When copypasting the OP, please remember to remove the "[embed]" otherwise they stack up.

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who the fuck would spend money on paper instead of actual silver?

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Does the .925 sterling ever count as part of a stack?

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of course. all silver counts

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It all adds up anon

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>who the fuck would spend money on paper instead of actual silver?
people that don't want to lose money on buying, transporting, storing, insuring, transporting, and selling physical.

also people that want to be able to actually buy the low and sell the high without some coin dealer or pawn shop telling them they're not buying or selling at price extremes.

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>who the fuck would spend money on paper instead of actual silver?
Boomers like my dad. Has 10koz of paper.

>he wouldn’t listen when I said but physical.
>said he owns silver
>it’s in a kike bank in London
>trusts them
Now I know why Jews were able to destroy this country. Boomers are the perfect goyim.

That said he finally bought a few ounces physical but from some shady person online and is freaking out that they could be fake....

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>Now I know why Jews were able to destroy this country.
the country hasn't been destroyed yet, but if it ever is it'll surely be because of selfish morons like you.

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hey copper bros will my pre-1982 pennys ever moon?

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>will my pre-1982 pennys ever moon?
they already have hundreds of times since 1975

it's illegal to melt them though so it doesn't matter. Scrap yards won't buy them and you can't afford to smelt them.

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so wats the point of staking those little penneys?

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>Scrap yards won't buy them
also fair warning, scrapyards can't buy your smelted bars either.

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>so wats the point of staking those little penneys?
I mean the US changed the composition so the USSR wouldn't collect all our pennies and turn them into bars for a profit.

if you live outside the US it might even be a thing, but I doubt the profit would pay for the shipping since jet fuel and diesel are both worth far more than copper.

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>t. Boomer ass blasted and 100% in fake kike etf’s

Why did you do it anon...was the condomless sex and a decent hanshake for a job worth the absolute hellscape you’ve created? You had great men and could of listened..

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Does uncle sam really care if you melt a bunch of pennies? Imagine how many 20 dollar bills have been lost to washing machines throughout the years.

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you're our only regret

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who is that giga chad?

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>Does uncle sam really care if you melt a bunch of pennies?
yeah. It's not so much the loss of the currency, but that you're making money off their loss. That's not allowed because it's not equitable. If we're going to do that we'd have to hand out checks to everyone and make it fair.

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it's illegal to melt nickels or pennies -for profit-

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the boomer kike is angry

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also pennies actually help the consumer by paying sales tax in smaller increments rather than rounding it up.

they're important in commerce, though perhaps less so as everyone moves away from cash.

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Nice one gramps. Really got my ass with that one.

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>also pennies actually help the consumer by paying sales tax in smaller increments rather than rounding it up.
> they're important in commerce, though perhaps less so as everyone moves away from cash.
are you the same kike from 2 threads back?

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what are you talking about schizo?

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Why is /pmg/ the comfiest thread of all the boards?

Also why do people pay 30% premiums and shit for stupid aesthetics? Just buy simple bullion you retards

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your grandpa probably killed people like you.

or your great great grandpa I guess.

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nigger i think it is you

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George Lincoln Rockwell. He was a war hero who founded the National socialist movement in America to fight communism. Sadly he was assassinated. In my mind he was a rare breed of American patriot that had its last gasp in the 60’a when the Jews were starting to really sink their claws into the states.

He would give speeches at colleges they are still on bitchute and archive.org

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kikes mad

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Damn, didnt know Steve-O wore a uniform like that

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>Sadly he was assassinated.
i wonder who could have been behind that?

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Anyone got an Ornithomimus? Ridiculous premium but such a cool design. I wish Canada mass produced them like Maples so I could start dinostacking hardcore.

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>schizo defense
I think it's him too

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thats cool where u get it?

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>being this openly Jewish.
My grandpa and all his friends hated kikes (you).Had the honor to talk to that generation while yours could care less about them. They were disgusted at the state the nation was in then (90’s).

When this economic system Tanks I pray the white collective world really does gas you satanic demons and the world can know peace.

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>cervical series too short
>synsacrum too long
>caudal chevrons much too large
>gastralia fictionalized in
>dat ridiculous pygostyle
yep, that's Canadian science right there

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someday you morons will understand I'm just bait to get you banned.

but you're really stupid so it'll probably take a while.

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>Damn, didnt know Steve-O wore a uniform like that
I’ve had this same thought. Crazy how you can find people in history that look exactly like those walking around.

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JMB has em, it's like $99 for a 1oz round. Yeah it's antique finished, limited edition, comes in a cool little frame you can set up on your desk. But it's $99. Such BS.

I envision a future where /pmg/ has schismed between anons who stack Asahi cybersilver and anons who stack dino silver. New vs. old. But the wank fantasy can't come true until they start mass producing dino rounds.

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Oh christ, are you the tripfag? You write just like him. Fuck off even if not.

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Idk why. I think it's cuz of the "we all gonna make it" vibes and helpful posting and sharing of info. As for the aesthetic coins, idk I cant help it for real. It's a sickness. I started off my stack with 29oz of monarch pours for $18/oz but everything else has been pretty degen lol.

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so if i start stacking and have a bunch when im older to pass to my children,is it taxeable to my children

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>thinking about taxes on God's Money
You will forever be a slave.

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Okay, let's run a thought experiment:
Let's say the USD is just decimated and no longer the reserve currency. How will a power vacuum of such biblical proportions play out?
What will cumsoomers look to for financial safety? Clearly normies are brain dead retards, but how does it play out for the nation? I rlly don't want to be reduced to a 4th world commie shit hole

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>You will forever be a slave.
yes goyim evade your taxes so the government will take your family wealth

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>actually reporting your stack to the government like a good slave
holy fuck dude just give your dumb kids your bullion you dummy no one is gonna give a fuck
it'll be like peeing in the pool. no one admits to doing it, but literally everyone does it

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>get you banned.

>thh* thh* thh*
>e-excuse me..
>I have a-an announcement to make.
>t-thank y-you.

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>holy fuck dude just give your dumb kids your bullion you dummy no one is gonna give a fuck
>it'll be like peeing in the pool. no one admits to doing it, but literally everyone does it
you truly are a dumb gorilla nigger,you are the dumbest blackest gorilla nigger i have ever seen

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nice cock

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>I rlly don't want to be reduced to a 4th world commie shit hole
Me either anon.

But I think the only way it plays out is a rush to safe assets. This is the everything bubble. God’s providence will probably make the new paradigm better than this but it will be different.
>better families
>agrarian based economy and life
>no smart phones
>whore culture gone
>nigger culture not tolerated
>men only worth his labor
>women only worth their chastity and mothering abilities.

All the fake and gay consooomer economy will be gone and sadly people will probably starve. That said what’s next is an actually future with a soul and I imagine a religiously based agrarian economy. Could be maximum comfy but way different then now.

That said this is going to suck balls. We went up on an escalator and are coming down on a free fall elevator.

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I want this

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The biggest change is Amerilards wouldn't be able to import shit from across the world in exchange for nothing. They'd lose their status in terms of material wealth and the freeloaders would have to work. They'd probably riot every 5-10 years like in the Middle East.

I'd like something like gold or Bitcoin to fill the void, but it'll probably be something fake and gay like special drawing rights.

>> No.20184769

>riot every 5 years
the blacks have been covering this side of things since the 60s

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>Mass starvation and riots in the US, coupled with highest numbers of gun violence ever recorded. The rich are looted, the poor are gunned down, and the masses fight over cigarette butts and the last remaining parcels of food.
>Oil commerce around the world collapses due to the collapse of the petrodollar.
>China's false economy collapses due to the US default. Mass starvation, but the govt there keeps a firm military hold on everyone.
>Europe closes borders internally, Schengen is kaputt. Southern countries encounter mass starvation and disruption due to lack of resources and multi-kulti. Paris becomes Afrika. Germany separates into provinces again. UK starves.
>Russia waits as long as it can, but due to no one buying natural gas anymore, they have no choice but to invade the former USSR western territories and Ukraine. Russia wins, but the north-eastern territories starve to death.
>Afrika burns out. Australia burns out. South America burns out in the drug wars, along with Mexico.
>Canada suffers and is eventually taken over by Quebec.
>New Zealand is the only place in the world that survives. They mint their own currency, the 'Kiwi', and they live happily ever after in their hobbit holes.
>Until Gandalf comes to force Bilbo on an adventure....

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all these suggestions but so many bully

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So, to be one step ahead, I always feel like the Jews will concoct some other retarded plan that the normies will eat up like it was the last pile of shit on the planet.
I have no idea what chains they'll try to shackle us to next. Any ideas?

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Soooo... Do you guys want to go back to a society where everyone owns farmland and interacts only with there local society with very little modern comforts of today in which everyone trades with silver and gold? I'm not even saying that sarcastically or anything I'm just wondering, it seems like alot of people on here stack for some kind of scenario where the (rest of the) US becomes of 3rd world country, but I just wanna stack some silver to preserve wealth and have a physical savings account, I don't love consoomerism and I do want the system to be forced to make some changes but I don't think it will be that drastic that fast

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500x 1oz gold coins. Sounds like it's not taxed as part of the inheretance. On the day of the person's death spot price for the bullion is locked as the cost basis. You would be liable for capital gains tax if you accumulate enough profit to meet the $40k (I think?) threshold for CGT kicking in. Also IRS reporting doesnt happen except under certain circumstances from what I've been able to find in my limited research:
>Tax liabilities on the sale of precious metals are not due the instant that the sale is made. Instead, sales of physical gold or silver need to be reported on Schedule D of Form 1040 on your tax return. Depending on the type of metal you are selling, Form 1099-B must be submitted to the IRS at the time of the sale, as such sales are considered income. Items that require such filing include $1,000 face value of U.S. 90% silver dimes, quarter or half dollars, and 25 or more 1-ounce Gold Maple Leaf, Gold Krugerrand, or Gold Mexican Onza coins. Gold and silver bars that are 1 kilogram or 1,000 troy ounces require the filing as well. American Gold Eagle coin sales do not require a Form 1099-B filing. The tax bill for all of these sales is due at the same time that your ordinary income tax bill is due.

>> No.20184885

this is truly what will habben
thanks, fren

>> No.20184913

Besides the last part probably accurate. A collapse of the dollar would literally fuck 90% of the world in the ass. I can’t see the Jews making it out of this unscathed which is why I imagine the massive push in anti white propaganda. This corona event was either a black swan or a controlled burn of the economy. Either way it’s screwed. I wish I had more time and capital to prepare. That said, the lord will see us through.

I also think all their will be a natural rush into PM’s. If this does pop the entire would will rush into gold then silver. I really cannot fathom it and the jokes about FWTDHWAHQUD might more likely be a merc dime for both of them for their natural lives. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around population=silver assets of this fiat world=silver and We May have automatically stumbled upon the asset to rule them all.

It scares me anons.

>> No.20184967

We can only use our collective stacks to rule with benevolence

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I don't want an agrarian society and I don't think it'll be like that. I think cyberpunk dystopia is most likely.

I just want the parasites above and below to be dealt with. Humanity should be colonizing the stars, but we are going degenerating.

>> No.20185002

I'm so pissed off I did a half hours worth of DD on a company thats on the fucking Toronto exchange, not NYSE. Alacer looked fantastic of a gold stock. Whats yalls picks for a US gold stock?

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I want to be left alone to dig holes in the ground without government bugging me, but we all cant have nice things can we.

>> No.20185015

>I always feel like the Jews will concoct some other retarded plan that the normies will eat up like it was the last pile of shit on the planet.
Some form of gold or silver backed crypto currency.

They aren’t ingenious they are just unscrupulous. They just pick things that no one with morals would do. Usury, pornography, etc. they will just rebrand the same old shit with a new title like they do movies and try and pass it on. The question is have they bitten off more than they can chew?

I think they I think they got into control for the first time in their history and the parasite killed the host. I think they are scared shitless and that’s why you see banks stacking PM’s. When asked the fed says its due to “tradition” but other that the protocols of Zion level jewery of trying to collect the worlds supply of gold and silver for their anti christ I think it’s because they are trying to get out from under the mess fiat and usury create.

I’m no expert but what they are stirring up is to deflect from them taking the blame, and hungry bellies don’t care about tv, porn, or sports. That’s why we have all the censorship. They don’t want another National Socialist response to what they have done.

I expect them to try and start another war if not internally internationally. And I truly believe 2020 elections won’t even happen; But that’s at story for another day.

Tl;DR: I’m stacking lead, seeds, silver, and prayer.

>> No.20185026

Agreed. These feel like the early ETH threads.

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Canadachan does not need to pay capital gains tax on any coin that is sold for less than $1000. Any coin means any coin so long as it has a face value from an official currency and mint.

>> No.20185034

o boi.


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Not one ounce of gold when into Shanghai gold exchange last month lads
Not. One. Ounce.
Get fucking rekt you cheating lying theiving chink scum
t. internaional gold industry worker

>> No.20185049

>We can only use our collective stacks to rule with benevolence
Indeed anon, I see it becoming a quasi feudal system. Let us not be evil with the lords gift.

>> No.20185072

>muh merc dime mother daughter fuck fests

Are you guys retarded?

>world economy collapses
>mass riots and starvation
>pull up to a milf and her whore daughter
>"hey sugar tits heres a merc dime, its 90$ silver, it can buy you 6 months of food, all yours if you and your daughter suck my cock"
>confused look
>how do we know its real silver
>what the fuck is a merc dime
>arent dimes like 10 cents anon
>90%? sounds fake why is it just 90?
>its so small
>looks so faded
>looks fake
>how do I test it

This is how things will go down

>> No.20185075

Russia and China are developing a USD alternative using a token-based exchange backed by physical gold settled on net difference at end of a set period
Seems pretty based and solves many security concerns

>> No.20185089

What countries and institutions are stacking gold? Also if you do know who is massively stacking silver besides JPM?

Also have you noticed an increase in demand while seeing lack of supply?

>> No.20185094

> its so small

projection, anon. projection.

>> No.20185100

>What countries and institutions are stacking gold?
Everyone and all the banks

>> No.20185105

We will always need a form of currency that is universal to the buyers and sellers, and while PMs are great for storage, they're shit for practicality. Everyone carrying around sacks of PMs is robbery waiting to happen, far easier than guessing how much cash someone has in their wallet. We'll be shackled to what the bankers want us to be shackled to: fiat currency in the form of paper bills. Trade your PMs for these if you want to buy gasoline, food, clothing, etc.

>only 4?
>nope. Fuckin5!!

The USD is connected to every economy on the planet. It's collapse would trigger collapses everywhere else, and the only way countries would survive is if they have enough arable farmland to feed their own population. My understanding is that New Zealand could be self-supporting if need be, but I could be wrong (as the population has grown and they export quite a lot now). All other countries that rely on importing food will starve, and the ones that don't will go to war to prevent starvation. The banks and the owners of banks will prevent all this from happening because it destroys their legacy. It's one thing if a few countries are obliterated, but if all of them go kaputt, the banks don't have power anymore.

PMs would be rushed into as a momentary stopgap until the next paper reserve currency is created, then people would transfer it back so they could what they always do: invest in the economy through the stock markets in the hopes of making money. You can't remove greed from the human behavioral equation any more than you can remove farts from a good shit.

Sauce? Also, the western nations would never agree to it, nor would the banks. The power of banks is in their ability to manipulate currency and control nations; they're not going to settle for an exchange that doesn't allow them this power.

>> No.20185111

Checked and vague-pilled.

>> No.20185114 [DELETED] 

wtf are u even talking about anon

>> No.20185117

Demand is through the roof right now and has been since every man and his dog bought silver and gold bullion from retail outlets across the West. Remember the silver eagle shortage back in March? That happened worldwide. There are STILL backorders not filled. Miners are fucking LAUGHING.
JPM is buying massive quantities of gold at the moment and every cunt who can afford it is buying some quantity of silver - JPM's pockets are just deeper.
With China out of the market for so long, the situation is developing fast

>> No.20185125

There's no fucking way that a bunch of neets and street shitters can pump out a brand new crypto currency every fucking week to shill and major 1st world country on the planet HASNT been working on anything. I've thought a lot about this and I could see the rise in some "side by side" currencies. The USD/CNY/RUB and whatever their silver/gold/platinum (respectively) backed crypto becomes. The only part I cant figure out is how you integrate them into the spiderweb of existing financial institutions.

My biggest fear atm is what happens when the fed stops pumping money into the pockets of regular people. At a BARE MINIMUM people that arent working right now are taking home $800 ($200 state + $600 federal) a week in unemployment benefits. What fucking happens when the music stops? I'm 100% sure they will extend it before the federal unemployment turns off at the end of this month. How can they not? There's no work to do when almost the whole country is shut down. But eventually, somewhere down the line, it has to be stopped. Remember when Bloomberg was running and people pointed out that he could have taken the $500mil that he spent on the campaign and given more than $1mil to each American? Can you imagine how fucked up everything would have been if he'd done that? Even at $800+ a week they're not even coming close to that figure. The problem is that theyre taking a ruler and bending it, every action they take to keep people/corporations afloat applies a little more pressure. That dude who put out the video on his collectibles rising in value cuz of inflation seemed pretty spot on. There's no way collectibles should be increasing in value. What sensible person sees 20% unemployment and thinks "wow right now seems like a really good time to start buying up 30 year old trading cards and video games!"??????????? People being handed free fucking money that's who.

I sincerely hope we're not heading for a complete train wreck.

>> No.20185130

Describing how things will go down realisitcally if you attempt to use a merc dime for a blowjob from a fwtdhwahqad or w/e

>> No.20185136

>The rich are looted
Maybe the retarded rich are, the smart rich (most of them) would have gotten out of dodge or made their bunkers in the mountains many years prior.

>> No.20185142

Shortage happened because boomers panic buying and the us mint closing down for a while

>> No.20185150

Thanks anon, appreciate the info. I’m off to bed. Goodnight.

>> No.20185166

I was asked to assist with a certain piece of the puzzle by a certain extremely wealthy business group which I will not name so as to protect myself. Yes I am aware this makes it sound like a LARP, but certain top officials in countries not named would not appreciate me naming names.
Shortage wasn't just in USA my man. People were lined up for hours all over the world outside bullion shops only to go inside and find everything sold out.
My pleasure.

>> No.20185183 [DELETED] 

faggot maybe speak normal instead of trying to be cryptic,it doesn't make you cool

>> No.20185198

mints world wide shut down dude

>> No.20185200

>black swan
A worldwide pandemic is actually a specific example given in his books as a grey swan. That is, an event which on a long enough timeframe is almost certain to happen, even though the chance of it happening at any given time is small. We've had the black plague before, and we'll certainly have something else eventually.
Just writing this now I paralleled the concept to Mike Maroney's ideas about fiat currencies in my head. He would probably consider the inevitable crash of fiat currency in that same category.

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You should check out this cool silver talisman I just got, pic rel.

>> No.20185205

It was very detailed. Some woman and her daughter will not blow you for a merc dime. For many very obvious reasons.

>> No.20185206

See >>20185075
There will be a pgysical gold-backed crypto in our lifetimes
Corona-chan has fucked the timeline, but certain powers who are sick of US Fed controlling their country and sanctions want an alternative, and there are only two countries with enough military to resist US reprisal if they were to go ahead with such a plan

>> No.20185213

Refineries and mines did too in a lot of places.

>> No.20185220

I got a nice kek out of it. It would take a bit of luck and a little while for coins to be accepted like that.

>> No.20185234

Perth Mint did not shut
ABC Refinery did not shut
Metalor Singapore did not shut
Rand Refinery did not shut
Valcambi did not shut

I know because I do business with them all and this has been my busiest time ever

>> No.20185236

>there are only two countries with enough military to resist US reprisal if they were to go ahead with such a plan
Well russia isnt one and neither is china, throw in that three gorges dam and they are fucked, in fact they already are, ccp documents show they are preparing for mass food shortages.

>> No.20185240
File: 617 KB, 996x868, 1591921253485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Remember when Bloomberg was running and people pointed out that he could have taken the $500mil that he spent on the campaign and given more than $1mil to each American?
Holy fuck you must be kidding, that was literally the joke of the week on this entire website.

>> No.20185246

>of all mints mines and refineries only 5 specific places did not shut down despite lack of material to do anything with

oh no.....

>> No.20185259

Okay Uncle Sam
Ignore Ukraine and the conflict there at your own peril
USA is not prepared for the kind of fighting Russia could bring to a continental fight, which is what USA needs to engage in if they want to stop this sort of USD alternative they are planning

>> No.20185279

Australia is the #2 gold producer in the world next to China's hugely inflated and fake gold production numbers, and you think that because US mint shut, that fact stops being true?
Those are the 5 refineries that actually matter in the world and none of them shut.
Hell the Perth Mint produces more gold that any refinery in USA. But whatever, keep waving your flag

>> No.20185285

You forget: there's profit to be made from misery. Furthermore, these things accelerate pretty quickly, and there's always a feeling of 'it'll change back soon' in the minds of the secure. The people may have left for their bunkers, but their abandoned mansions will be looted like 5th Avenue was a few weeks ago. The ones that stay will be genuinely surprised that 'it could happen to them', and you'll have either the St. Louis couple with guns outside their mansion or you'll have the same situation without weaponry, and their house looted and aflame. It could happen so easily because rich people genuinely believe that they're safe behind beautiful gates. Civilization breaks down when people are starving en masse, and the rules of behavior and decorum disappear alongside and are replaced by quickly escalating violence and animal acts of greed.

Okay, fair enough. Why would western banks support this?

But the US could destroy both in a war militarily if nuclear weapons were not used. Russia doesn't have the demographics for a fighting army in terms of numbers that can assault the US, and China can't survive if it's oil supply from the Middle East is shut off in the the South China Sea. No single country in the western world would find it advantageous if Russia and China are the new economic 'superpowers'. It would be another full world war, except it's Russia+China vs. the world. They'd lose, of course.

US has better warfare technology though, and they'd win through the numbers. Your thoughts on this don't add up very well.

>> No.20185286

How hard are metals going to moon?

Gold or silver?

How long do we have?

>> No.20185323
File: 175 KB, 600x750, 1237886924596_zps711613c4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wasnt around for that. I never fucked with /biz/ up until this year :) Honestly I left 4chan years ago cuz it was such a pile of shit on every single board.

>> No.20185353

Compare today's price of 1794 with yesterday's 1770, then compare it to 5 years ago and then 10 years ago. USD is only going to go down, gold stays where it has always been, in prime position.
If you think the Americans are trained and prepared for the kind of fightinf that Russia is doing in its own backyard, then fine. I have seen reports and lectures on the subject, and while the Russian forces have huge demographic issues and organisational problems, their combined arms next-generation warfare approach is nothing like what the US has been dealing with in these endless counter-insurgencies.
Of course the US banking system which controls Congress will never PERMIT the Russians to do this, but we are talking an extremely bloody meat-grinder on Russia's home turf if the US engages that way. Not sure they have the will or stomach for that.

>> No.20185373

>Remember when Bloomberg was running and people pointed out that he could have taken the $500mil that he spent on the campaign and given more than $1mil to each American?
Anon are you fucking retarded

>> No.20185376 [DELETED] 

so we should start stacking rice and beans

>> No.20185387

I think he might have meant silver since the US is actually an important silver producer

we also produce enough gold to impact markets, but most of it doesn't go to our government mint. Most of our silver doesn't either, but we produce so much it had an impact when our mint shut down.

>> No.20185405

Stack canned goods for FWTDHW BJs, you know those will be accepted.

>> No.20185413
File: 56 KB, 672x658, 1238285782264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20185418

>their combined arms next-generation warfare approach is nothing like what the US has been dealing with in these endless counter-insurgencies
This this this. Ukraine is hardcore. US ground forces are way way behind in tactical EWAR. The only scenario in which the US mops the floor with the russians is if we bust out the really big hardcore secret weapon, but in that scenario nukes probably fly so we're all toast anyway.

>> No.20185422


As far as gold goes australia is only 14% of global gold in the top 10 countries and they make 15% more gold than the usa

Just sayin

>> No.20185424

the other half of the equation is demand rather than supply

the US has far more individuals buying metals than Australia or china does. And they prefer US mint issues for the tax breaks. So shutting down US mint production effects global prices for physical metal even if the US doesn't produce much metal and other countries continue to churn it out.

>> No.20185440 [DELETED] 
File: 681 KB, 720x540, 1593995304303.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20185444 [DELETED] 

350 mill citizens.nigger your the retarded one

>> No.20185448

They don't have to though. The world can economically shut off China and Russia, leaving them to trade betwixt themselves using their own exchange. That's all that is required. This is why countries that try to instate actual PMs as physical currency are rekt before it can flourish, because only direct PMs can endanger the fiat currency situation. Having a currency that is backed by PMs isn't as dangerous, because the currency still has to interact with all the other fiats. Direct PMs don't have this problem.

It sounds convoluted, but here's another way to put it. If everyone is on a fiat except one country with gold, then in order for that country to do business with anyone else they'd have to exchange their gold for the fiat that everyone else uses. If everyone is on a fiat except one country with a gold-backed currency, it's the same problem except that the other countries can simply say, 'we're not taking your currency, we want the gold instead for our products.' Furthermore, due to numerical superiority, the outside countries can force the one gold-backed country to accept their fiat currencies as payment instead of direct gold. Starve them out.

I know that it's fashionable to hate the US for its currency position, but everyone except NK, Russia, China, and Venezuela are on the same side. Those four would lose, and if nuclear stuff was used, everyone would lose.

Who wins in this scenario, and would the losing side let the winner actually win?

>> No.20185455 [DELETED] 

what does tihis taticool queer acromym mean?

>> No.20185457

350 million x 1 Million = 500 Million?

>> No.20185464

Its called desperation anon

>> No.20185467

Formerly well to do housewife
Lurk more

>> No.20185472 [DELETED] 

>350 million x 1 Million = 500 Million?
nigger you are so dumb,read the original fucking comment gorilla nigger

>> No.20185474

>I know that it's fashionable to hate the US for its currency position, but everyone except NK, Russia, China, and Venezuela are on the same side
The US would be too but this problem kept cropping up in the 1800's. Other countries would exchange their fiat for our gold and then melt it and sell at a profit.

this is a very old problem, and unless you can get the entire world to agree on mentalism it's not going away.

>> No.20185481 [DELETED] 

>Formerly well to do housewife
would not she just be kidnapped into sex slavery?

>> No.20185490

I did faggot. Can you fuck off please.

>> No.20185491

500 million dollars. 300 million americans. How does that split up? Retard.

>> No.20185504

Oh fuck I forgot to get spam. I unironically love packaged tuna and spam bros.

>> No.20185507

Yes or she would tell her pimp sex masters that some retard is carrying silver buying blowjobs and get him and his gang to jump you and steal your stack

>> No.20185515 [DELETED] 

nigger he has enought for the niggers reatard with chand left over stupid gorrila nigger

>> No.20185527
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Was my post actually that unclear?

>> No.20185534 [DELETED] 


>> No.20185541

You should go shit up some other thread

>> No.20185554
File: 63 KB, 799x502, 1283239883632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bro I thought spam was gonna be super gross but I made some musubi with it. Pan fried the spam, so simple but so fuckin tasty.

>> No.20185557


i don't think the usd will disappear or go to zero, but i expect a sustained period of increasing inflation, to the point that it gets very painful for the middle class within the next 5 years. i know people liked to gripe when gas was $4/gallon, but in reality, that didn't do much to impact peoples daily decisions. anything the average person did at $2, they still did it at $4...but lets say we see $10, and people start to get used to seeing that extra decimal place...and then we hit $20. at that point, every trip becomes a mental equation. is it even worth driving 8 miles to a part time job for a four hour shift? and those are just the domestic implications, the international implications of reserve status and the u.s. military policing the world are massive.

>> No.20185561
File: 82 KB, 789x460, minneapolis-riot-police-station.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everyone is on the same side
Give your head a shake. Americans aren't even on Americans side anymore. That's the problem.

>> No.20185566 [DELETED] 

nigger go fuck your self kike faggot

>> No.20185580

thats a man

>> No.20185584

Yankee jingoists should have been paying close attention to Ukraine if they really believe that Russia is their enemy and war is inevitable.
That's nice and all but has nothing to do with my observations. There was a bullion shortage globally due to a spike in demand. It wasn't a production issue, there simply wasn't enough premade stock to meet orders, particularly of silver due to it being more affordabke and demand being higher. The US mint being closed during this time changes nothing concerning the above because the globe is larger than USA.
Appreciate your contributions though.

>> No.20185642

Bro I was in that boat until I saw the Karber presentations. That shit scares the fuck out of me. I have a cousin in arty right now and if he gets deployed those ruskie bastards will turn him into hamburger.

>> No.20185645
File: 532 KB, 2501x1563, TELEMMGLPICT000198211178_trans++pVlberWd9EgFPZtcLiMQfyf2A9a6I9YchsjMeADBa08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Venezuelans are panning sewers for gold, Anon.
Yes, people will know what silver is because precious metals and humanity genuinely evolved together. It's in our DNA. Fake currency exists even thousands of years later. It's all a faith based system, and PM stackers are very honest and that will be rare on the other side.

Now get to suckin'.


>> No.20185676

fuckin oath mate
I saw what they were doing with howitzer-launched UAVs followed by thermobaric barrages at 0200h and wiping out a battalion of ukrops
fuck that shit man
I don't think the yanks have the countermeasures necessary for that sort of operation

>> No.20185757

We really do have them, but they're shackled behind layers of secrecy and politics. We haven't needed to deal with it so we just left it behind. Shit's fucked, and we're gonna lose good people because of it.

>> No.20185759
File: 722 KB, 245x300, yee.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hella appreciate your posts anon.

>> No.20185860

Glad I can be of service
If you have any hard (or easy) questions, pitch away
Look lots of blokes say this, right, but if it's secret, how do you know? Well, it's one or the other, right?
Military-wise, you don't want to show your hand because you want your enemy to commit to a fruitless effort. But what can you do? ECM shells fired from five miles away under AA cover, anti-air manpad ambushes for helicopters, UAV launched by howitzer, satellite communications and coordination of spotters and strike teams, thermobaric rocket systems, and just quietly the best military on the planet for fighting in urban envorinments
They have been putting in a lot of effort into preparing to fight Americans while Americand have been struggling with their own out-of-control Islamist pets. Meanwhile at home, USA is tearing itself apart as Soviet cold war propaganda finishes the demoralisation process, and Russia is mostly united behind their government, even if that is partially due to fear.
Doesn't bode well for the yanks, especially the ones that ignore the critical morale problem.
Ultimately, if push comes to shove, some Americans are going to be laying face-down in red snow so that some fed banker can get an extra 2% profit. Some fucking way to go.

>> No.20185905

Well, not at the same time, that would be incest. They'll take turns.

>> No.20185930

>There was a bullion shortage globally due to a spike in demand.
no, there was a retail coin shortage due to a spike in individual investor demand.

so coins went way up in value while bullion stayed roughly static. Because there's way more bullion for industry and investing than there are coins for collectors.

>> No.20185946


There were essentially no fiat currencies in the 1800s. All the main economies were metal-based well into the first decade of the 20th century.

Sounds like you're talking about the Bretton Woods system, under which the dollar was still convertible internationally into gold, and some countries particularly France attempted to get gold for their dollars, resulting in the Nixon Shock.

>> No.20185978

>but if it's secret, how do you know?
Because I can catch a glimpse of secret programs every now and again when info slips through the cracks. Anyone who lives here can do it, but most just don't. The US really is on top of the world technologically, but the margin is much smaller than it used to be. Chinks stole a lot of our tech, and from what I hear have been quietly emulating Russian doctrinal breakthroughs. The question is how many casualties our boys will take before those cunts in the DOE figure out the problem and start producing countermeasures.

>> No.20185980

>There were essentially no fiat currencies in the 1800s.
all currencies were fiat with the expectation that the notes could be redeemed for metal

in real life the notes couldn't generally be redeemed for metal. Almost nobody traded gold, and if you tried to cash a gold note in you'd almost always be refused.

>> No.20185993

Retail prices went up because retailers increased their premiums in response to demand. There was not only a coin shortage, there was also a shortage of smaller bullion bars, everything from 10oz down was sold out back in March. Did you have a different experience where you are in the industry? I can't comment on how things were in Thailand, for example, perhaps a shop in Phukhet was well-stocked?

>> No.20186016

I dont even know what to ask because my base knowledge is so inadequate. Beyond stacking beans/bullets/bullion is there anything a poorfag can do to prep? Is there an industry that will be most safe from the shitshow we're headed for?

>> No.20186028

>Did you have a different experience where you are in the industry?
I work in mining. I'm aware that my employer was sitting on thousands of tons of silver even while the premiums on consumer silver products was (and still is) mooning.

I count small bars in the same market as coins and rounds. It's all the same product for the same consumer.

>> No.20186036
File: 65 KB, 526x398, 20200517_042113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>Canada suffers and is eventually taken over by Quebec.
But you Dream!

>> No.20186082

I don't know about everywhere else in the world, but it was my understanding that most people in the UK for example didn't even have the opportunity to use banknotes until the 20th century, because they weren't used except for what were at the time extremely large denominations of £1 and up.

And since all coin denominations of sixpence all the way up to a crown were made of sterling silver, this meant that most people were using full PM currency until 1920 when the silver percentage in coins was reduced to 50%.

Yes, I've heard of how banknote convertibility to gold was suspended several times such as after the Napoleonic Wars and during World War I, but again this only effected rich people for the most part along with those who chose to lodge their wage packets in the bank.

If you simply stacked your silver shillings at home as so many did, there was no reason to ever use fiat really unless for making large purchases like buying a house or whatever.

>> No.20186107

Well I hope you're correct, only because that keeps the balance of power better and therefore postpones conflict. I don't have any love for the US government or American foreign policy, or even how most yankees act on this board, but IRL most Americans seem fine and I'd hate to see reports of some kid from a farm in Iowa getting burned alive and then torn apart by a thermobaric charge in Novorussia because Uncle Sam needed him to ensure Us Fed profits.
That said, I like Russians too, so I'd rather there was no war.
The crypto system the Russ/Chinks have in mind addresses all of this with crypto divisibility and actual real gold changing hands and the end of each settlement period. Super interested to see how it pans out. The ultimate goal is to insulate themselves from being cut off from the US Dollar payment system (i.e. sanctions), so don't think of it like LINK, it's more like buying paper gold, except the gold actually exists.

>> No.20186118
File: 484 KB, 2208x1242, 7E0B46C9-E3D5-466F-A826-F56EA862CE29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s just about time boys

>> No.20186126

Those are big ass man tits. You should go to the doctor and get checked for gyno

>> No.20186132

The US was plagued with constant coin shortages from the 1700's on. We ran out of copper dozens of times, we ran out of silver hundreds of times, and we were almost always out of gold.

not because metal was in short supply but because both people and banks hoarded it. Still do.

So our short history is apparently different from yours. But maybe not so much. When we switched to a bimetallic standard one of the largest arguments was that Britain was cashing in our notes for gold and then melting it, exacerbating the currency shortage here.

>> No.20186154

hey i took this pic! someone was making fun of my coppers so I had the girls earn their keep. copper chads unite!

>> No.20186155
File: 88 KB, 730x783, a1c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20186183

Mining has been having the time of its life due to demand and being mostly exempt from virius-related bullshit due to the nature of the mining business, so if you want to be in an industry immune to shitshow shenanigans, mining has worked for the last 4000 years.
Oh I see. Was/is he sitting on doré or refined bullion? What country?
I say to you that the US dollar payment system will be short-lived in the grand scheme of things, especially as their country slowly collapses

>> No.20186188
File: 308 KB, 1570x872, Peter Zeihan posts on pol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking russiaboos in this thread. You aborted all your children in the 90s which is why you now have a dearth of service age men. You are faced with the propect demographic decline with China going failed state to the west and the EU dissolving in the East (which will at least let you bring Germany into your sphere). You LARP incessantly about fighting the US when in reality you'll never actually get that war because the US is the greatest Thassalocracy the world has ever known, and there is nothing you have worth taking. The very concept of Russia and the US as big strategic enemies is retarded because both have their own regional interests going into this century with little overlap, and both would like nothing more than to see China dissolve.

>> No.20186252

Didn't read your post or image, but I'm not a Russian. I can swear in Russian though.
idi nahui cyka blyat
See? I just said something approximating "Go fuck yourself you fucking bitch"

>> No.20186256
File: 49 KB, 800x600, 9dbafcbffaa50da5d87a5d14e4ec43d2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jesus you have to be desperate to be panning sewage. They could do better out in the mountains but I wager those creeks are controlled by government forces. I have to say too, there are more people out now in the bitter rain and slimy mud of the cariboo and northern gold fields than I have ever seen, and more are filtering in every single day. The general population is starting to dig.

>> No.20186309 [DELETED] 

Fun fact: in Papua New Guinea, which for those Americans among us is a collection of islands and parts of islands North of Australia and East of Indonesia in the Pacific Ocean, has many tribesmen who rely on alluvial gold mining (i.e. panning/digging in riverbeds) for their livelihoods. The village men and young lads will go to the river and dig up gold, then sell their findings to a local company who pays them for it so they cna buy food and other essentials.

>> No.20186392
File: 80 KB, 800x528, 6c7cb098ca293f5634d5dea7d94966eb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yep, its also how that cursed scum De Guzman of Brex managed to fool so many with salted ore samples for so long. He had local miners bring him ore samples and panned gold particles which he would add to core and soil samples to prove up the grounds value. Local miners in the region have been working streams with hand equipment for nearly as long as metal working has existed. Those men know how to catch even the microscopic gold, with only tools made from wood and reeds. Masters of the prospectors craft.

>> No.20186407
File: 2.54 MB, 390x373, fag shield.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

O, now I see your that fucking trip fag again. So your suddenly Russian? Guess it makes sense you beat your wife.

>> No.20186506

I checked your ID before reading the post. I will hide your post without reading it.
Certainly not an easy job, and it's impressive that they have survived for so long just doing this. I much prefer my spot in the supply chain.
Some bleeding heart journalist recently tried to upset things in PNG by saying that The Perth Mint is buying gold mined with 'child labour'. The absolute nerve of these rats. Now they have to find a new buyer, and if they can't then these men can't earn. All so one journalist can justify his shitty political fantasies.

>> No.20186522
File: 31 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I checked your ID before reading the post. I will hide your post without reading it.

>> No.20186528

stop replying to the tripfag, it was already shitposting without its trip on earlier in this thread, now its picked a new character for its LARP

>> No.20186569
File: 38 KB, 600x450, 1592926189592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he thinks I'll read his posts if he keeps writing them

>> No.20186588

fuck not again. Understood.

>> No.20186589

you can use 4chanx to filter everyone else just like i'm going to use 4chanx to filter (You)

>> No.20186626

He's right about the russian ground forces, if nothing else - they've got the US read cold in terms of doctrine and tactics, and our EWAR is in a really shitty position. Anybody who wants to know how the next war will go needs to take a good look at Ukraine.

>> No.20186659

very true, and the russians really have us leafs in a bad spot for the arctic. There are tens of billions of dollars in PMs and hydrocarbons up there, and as the ice leaves, the russians will advance there I am sure.

>> No.20186713

>The next war
The next Russian wars will probably be fought with Poland and result in the Poles nuclear first striking because they can't win a conventional war. Do you think that a fight between the US and Russia is where both sides take an army group, pick a spot in Europe as a dueling ground, and fight it out? For what fucking reason would the US deign to put its boots on to fuck your ass raw? The US is done being the world police anon. Pay attention. Saudis want to fuck up the Iranians? Go for it. Chinks want to get their shipping annihilated by the Japanese. Right on. Russia wants to engage in a pointless land war with its Euro periphery? Neat. We're divesting from the world with the exception of our core trade partners.

>> No.20186715

Canada is a place I don't have much visibility on - what's the PMs market/situation like up there? I know the RCM has some interests down here and there are some Canadian mining operations in Western Australia (notably, the company that found the big fuckoff nuggets in WA that toured the globe last year was Canadian), but outside of that I have no idea what it's like

>> No.20186757
File: 32 KB, 680x540, apu spank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I really cannot fathom it and the jokes about FWTDHWAHQUD might more likely be a merc dime for both of them for their natural lives
what about briffault's law? i think if it came to this point, you wouldn't entrust any femoid with any PM directly, you'd feed and clothe them "for both of them for their natural lives" i.e for them to be your unquestioningly obedient property and breeding stock

>> No.20186802
File: 416 KB, 935x909, Deagle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you a deagle agent?

>> No.20186926

are you guys aware that multiple trillion dollar private companies are pushing for space commercialization, i.e. a rapid expansion in the supply of precious metals? that its trivially easy to fake gold? that you need to be a chemist, metallurgist, and have a workshop with the appropriate tooling to verify gold's authenticity? and that most gold in "custody" is controlled by HSBC, one of the largest criminal organizations known to man?

am i missing something?

>> No.20186938
File: 3.79 MB, 4032x1960, 20200707_204344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stacklett reporting in.
I gotta say I love these pandas. One of the most aesthetic coins imo.. even though they're a scam
And yes I never touched any of them yet... I don't have enough to feel comfortable tarnishing even one

>> No.20186940

>am i missing something?

A time line.

>> No.20186966

>Was/is he sitting on doré or refined bullion? What country?
"he" is Freeport McMoRan, and operates in lots of countries.

>> No.20186970 [DELETED] 
File: 208 KB, 1126x720, 1591622524525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nigger tounge my anus

>I want to be left alone to [X] in the ground without government bugging me
boom, headshot

>My biggest fear atm is what happens when the fed stops pumping money into the pockets of regular people.

The gravy train will end and it will be painful
One day soon, no more free gibs for anyone

>The US mint being closed during this time changes nothing concerning the above because the globe is larger than USA.

Lots of anons don't understand that westerners don't stack as a culture at all compared to easterners, Indians, turks, SEA's all have a gold culture that we can't hold a candle to. It does not matter if not a single westerner stacks, the east will never stop stacking and they will drive the market with or without us.

>> No.20186990
File: 121 KB, 500x500, stupidest nigga alive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hold a lot of gold
>Finance space mining to get more gold
>Pull it off
>Suddenly crash the price of the metal I went to get more of
>literally can't make money off my venture
>didn't matter anyway because its apparently impossible to detect gold fakes despite the fact that resistivity meters exist.

Well shit retard, you sound like you know how the world works. Pack it up boys, we and all others in history have been totally oblivious to this glaring fucking problem and literally no single human has determined a way to detect counterfeits.

>> No.20187011

stop replying to yourself tripfag. Don't you have a court date to prepare for related to your domestic charge?

>> No.20187034

that's the problem with paranoid schizophrenia

pretty soon you think everyone in the thread is just one person and you're left talking to the voices in your head.

>> No.20187156

buddy I want space mining, but the tech just doesnt and likely wont exist for another century. Were talking about exploring, identifying, capturing and than processing material in space. Not to mention how we get that material back home. Its just not on the table yet, even droid probes are only barely touching down on rocks flying by.

>> No.20187179

Ah I see.
India was a superpower of stacking prior to Corona-chan. Yankees can't seem to get their heads out of their asses for one second and realize that the majority of the gold trade does not involve USA whatsoever, and that the NY Spot Price is merely a suggestion or guideline when it comes to actual transactions or real bullion.
fucking hilarious right
mental how I read none of his posts but he reads all of mine

>> No.20187204

NEA mining is some fucking cool (and dangerous) shit, would love to see it happen, but I imagine it would permanently fuck prices over time as supply massively increases. Hard to model a business that way

>> No.20187230

Whats with so many retards worrying about space mining trying to derail these threads. Its not just pmg I've seen this argument, on other boards people always bring up "muh space rocks" to discouraging stacking.

>> No.20187233

>mental how I read none of his posts but he reads all of mine
he got banned a couple minutes ago, he's not feeling well.

could report him for ban evasion but honestly it's more fun to watch him flail

>> No.20187285

I mean it *could* crash metals markets, but that kind of scale and tech is decades off. We may never be able to do it.

Well, we could do it right now but there's no way to profit from it right now.

>> No.20187316

its being spread by people who have a minecraft level of understanding to do with resource extraction. Simple as that, most people have no idea how we actually process and extract resources from rock, let alone how we would do it in space. Hell I have no idea how we would make it work, unless we converted the moon or Mars into forge worlds and did all the refinement there.

>> No.20187393

>post deletion being a ban
>continues to post under same ID
But go on about how new you are I love to hear it tranny

>> No.20187417

Wouldn't need something that big for an NEA - could theoretically construct the refinery on the surface of the asteroid being mined. They don't have to be big places, but you would need different setups and tooling for different metals. Zero-G refined metals could be an interesting marketing tool, and certainly for something like steel, the crystal structure would potentially have different strengths due to forming without a strong gravitational influence. It's interesting, but how to monetize it without fucking the price of your product?
The best way would be to mine and forge steel for use in space, I think.

>> No.20187470

I think the current working model is mining comets for water, mining asteroids for hydrocarbons, converting water to rocket fuel using the hydrocarbons, and then flying the metals to earth using the rocket fuel.

the largest obstacle is each of those mining and moving endeavors requires robots built in space to do certain tasks. And we don't yet have the technology to turn iron-nickel meteors into mining robots or robots to build mining robots. That's probably decades off.

we're actually much closer to building simulated realities that allow individuals to own all the gold they want than we are to mining in space.

>> No.20187498

>post deletion being a ban
look, half your posts weren't worthy of being deleted but are gone anyways.

that only happens with a ban.

>> No.20187546

>7 posts in this thread
>1 post deleted

Stick to beating your wife, its all you're good at.

>> No.20187577

I was assuming you're the kid upthread that got banned. If not then I'm wrong. I don't know, I'm not a mod.

>> No.20187600

I have 300 oz of silver is that enough??

>> No.20187623

The bit thats got me thinking is the actual milling process part. Almost all our modern tech to do with heavy metal production involves either chemical dissolution or gravity separation. Both of these processes need gravity to work, and stable temperatures as water is constantly used in the process. Its messy, and damages equipment easily. Not the easiest thing to make work in space months away from human repair crews. No, I do not see space mining getting anywhere any time soon other than maybe space placer miners working the dusty surfaces of mars in a hundred years.

>> No.20187632

it's never enough anon

>> No.20187648

Depends on your purpose.

>> No.20187661

you're right, and I think that's why they want to get it to the surface of Earth before they mess with it.

otherwise we're talking nanobots working at molecular levels, most likely with chlorine. But that tech is even further off than regular mining.

>> No.20187669
File: 53 KB, 631x364, 1586522736133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Yankees can't seem to get their heads out of their asses
At least I know mein buttblasted yuropoor
Its the best thing to know. Everytime i meet a retard boomer over here thats like "hurr durr I don't care about gold" I just tell them that no one cares if they don't care, thats not gonna stop non westerners from buying it all up.
I saw an article recently about a good monsoon season that will surely drive a gold buying spree in the indian market again soon

You have to go back you legit retard
Gook Moot Dgaf /biz/ is a /pol/ colony and nobody gives a shit

>> No.20187710

>Gook Moot Dgaf /biz/ is a /pol/ colony and nobody gives a shit
then why were all those posts deleted?

is it just possible that you're wrong? Hiroshimoot actually wants /pol/ contained or even choked off? Seems likely.

>> No.20187727
File: 514 KB, 1561x1824, 1586758088199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't know, I'm not a mod.
We dont have mods
we have jannies and they are too busy eating hotpockets off the floor to care about our autism


>> No.20187750

jannies can't ban a fucker afaik

only mods do that.

>> No.20187790

can somebody give me their thoughts on this?

>> No.20187891

I have a masters in biology and a strong misogynist streak and I'm not even sure I'd go there.

Historically in contexts of actual chaos and danger, such as the Nazi death camps, women tended to offer sex without requiring any benefit on the hopes of being protected and spared. The battle of the sexes breaks down very quickly as soon as violence becomes a real probability. For women to have the power of choice they must first be protected from physical harm.

>> No.20187979

>For women to have the power of choice they must first be protected from physical harm.
this is usually accomplished by sexual competition and agonism. The males competing for mates must agree first to protect the women.

if men are destroying women without competing for them, nobody is protecting them. At that point briffault fails.

>> No.20188019

so what's the takeaway from all this? i don't get it. haven't had my morning cuppa

>> No.20188101

but on the flip side-

any context where silver dimes have value is a context where trade takes place. And if trade is taking place the woman can just as easily trade sex to Chad in exchange for him killing the /pmg/ fools and stealing their dimes.

which means they're in a very similar social situation to where they are now. They'll suddenly find themselves wealthy enough to afford some premium pussy only to have the women fuck better males and convince them to steal anon's wealth.

there's not a lot of scenarios where /pmg/ actually wins this struggle. If you can't get laid now, apocalypse is very unlikely to help you get laid in future. Not for money anyways.

>> No.20188147
File: 1.00 MB, 1280x738, Ruise Cruise[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Filhulh.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So what's /pmg/'s opinion on the current Chainlink phenomenon that external /biz/ is so excited about?
Personally I see an obvious correction incoming, however since I'm not as clued in on crypto in general I'm not sure what to make of its futures. Also, holy shit, Silver is above 14.5 GBP.

>> No.20188167

*so I'm not sure what to make of it's futures.

>> No.20188170

>so what's the takeaway from all this?
the FWTDHWAHQUD meme is a fantasy

the economics work right now. I mean if you're absurdly rich right now you can easily hire women and their daughters to have sex with you.

but in future if the rules governing wealth break down and make you rich, you can't expect the rules that currently protect you from being robbed or killed to keep existing.

if women are ever desperate enough to have sex with losers for a dime then men will also be killing losers to get that same dime.

>> No.20188212

ah well. i certainly can get laid now, it's just that the femoid market is a seller's market and i'd like to see it become a buyer's market. guess that's never happening

>> No.20188223

So Venezuela

>> No.20188275

>guess that's never happening
it happens all the time if you're attractive or wealthy or confident.

but if you're getting laid right now you're probably doing better than most of /pmg/ already. I wouldn't worry about it.

if you're a man, the older you get the more sexually attractive you get, while women are the opposite. So you hit a point in life where women are throwing sex at you all the time and you get to choose who you want. It's not really that far off.

>> No.20188294

>So Venezuela
or my timeshare in Cabo

stuff happens. Arbitrage.

>> No.20188322
File: 2.50 MB, 2227x3866, Silver2020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$20 spot end of month

>> No.20188333

not a yuropoor but I'm glad you understand. this market has been interesting these few months, as I have been India and China collectively (and perhaps temporarily) forced out of the market, and unexpected players reenter. There was an huge arbitrage opportunity a little while ago at the COMEX in NYC which made all sorts of players contact me, but certainly historically the biggest gold importers were the Indians. They love gold.

>> No.20188371


>> No.20188387

SMP becomes a buyer's market when you
a) get older and wealthier
b) make it clear to yourself that you are only interested in marriage
Having a gf is simping, prove me wrong

>> No.20188455

>Having a gf is simping, prove me wrong
you're not wrong

you should either have 20 gf's or one wife. the middle ground is surrender.

>> No.20188529

So gold is about to go on a massive bull run as the SE Asia and India get Europe tier wealthy in this century?

>> No.20188633

Lol wtf why is it so boney

>> No.20188769
File: 385 KB, 512x512, 1593557022350.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay I've been trying to figure out this shit for a long time
I'll bite
Wtf does FWTDHWAHQUD mean?

>> No.20188840

stupid forced meme where formerly well to do house wife and her questionably underage daughter will draw succulently upon anon's gonads and genitals in exchange for a single filthy mercury dime.

/pmg/'s wet dream

>> No.20188847

FORMERLY well to do. That means no food.

>> No.20188860
File: 75 KB, 329x291, Screenshot_2020-07-08_09-31-34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no shiney no sucky

>> No.20188979
File: 312 KB, 738x610, 1386304008122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Formerly Well To Do House Wife And Her Quite Underprivaleged / Questionably Underage Daughter

tl;dr the extraordinary common post-crash phenomenon where FWTDHWAHQUD's will sell sex for anything of tangible value (depending on your board; in /k/ terms that's bullets, in /out/ terms that's food, and here in /biz/ it's PMs - but it's anything that holds value in a major currency collapse)

>> No.20189009


>> No.20189072

It's already past 18.50, I don't think it's coming down anymore

>> No.20189084
File: 231 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200708-024723.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20189113

aiming too low

it'll probably break 3200 in less than 6 months

>> No.20189135

Society never collapses overnight. PMs will probably rise slowly enough that you can move to a safe region/country/residential area to protect yourself.

>> No.20189169

Ah I see. Does housewife imply a 30+ year old lady?
Surely /pmg/ doesn't fantasize about old dried up hags

>> No.20189171

true but by that measure society has already collapsed for most of the world and we're just wealthy enough not to notice.

PM's have nothing to do with that though.

>> No.20189180

European which website do you use to buy your gold / silver ?

>> No.20189204

Face to face only
Buy local :^)

>> No.20189229

Heubach Edelmetalle ist usually cheapest but their site is retarded. Current years maples usually are the cheapest.

>> No.20189285



I see thank you, is there any "guide" or documentation that I should read before buying? I don't want to buy on impulse without at least minimal understanding. Sorry for asking question like. This really sparked my interest

>> No.20189363

I'm partially being facetious, but I don't think buying from websites is really the best move. I'd recommend looking around where you live for assayers or local mints. Pawn shops work in a pinch, but be wary of them because the people who work there can get pretty damn predatory.

>> No.20189438

Gold on BullionByPost (Bong Only)
Silver on European Mint (VAT free, all EU)

>> No.20189444

1800 broken in gold. If 18.50 gets broken in silver you're going to see some serious shit. I can't wait for some gains in my mining stocks so I can sell them and buy more silver.

>> No.20189468

Checked and I hope you're right.

>> No.20189470

It was already accepted that if it broke 15, it'd hit 20 within a year. And this was before the bioweapon hit, and politicians set up the second crash because bored normalfaggots want a pint ASAP.

>> No.20189482

APMEX says 18.59

>> No.20189495
File: 117 KB, 640x480, 02115E4E-B670-4F30-9DBD-10530B531D0E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Goldsilver.be, sometimes Marktplaats (Dutch EBay) but here you have to be careful though

>> No.20189514

Thank you, Based belgian brother

>> No.20189538

>It was already accepted that if it broke 15, it'd hit 20 within a year.
given the charts post 2008 I wouldn't be surprised by $75 peaks before 2022

>> No.20189566

You seem oddly obsessed with Yankees. That is strange

>> No.20189645

Where my goldchads at? PAN MAN, you holding onto any good leases? If there's a boom in the gold price there is normally a boom in junior exploration companies looking to snap up gold ground and not afraid to pay top dollar.

>> No.20189815

fugg >:DDDD

>> No.20190241

Yes it is, and you allowed it you boomie scum.

>> No.20190273

>Heubach Edelmetalle
they legit? I want these maples man but it's so low it seems almost like scam

>> No.20190369


>> No.20190433

w-why do you have 2 busty girls? you lucky bastard

>> No.20190514

Interesting pics.
I watched a neat documentary awhile back about river dredging for Gold, Docu called "River of Gold" maybe it was, I think it was in the Amazon somewhere I cant recall exactly.

It was huge messy unorganized industry with many different people and small groups with all various kind of boats and barges of all sorts. They just floated up or down the river during the right season, and dredged day and night, processing and filtering the material on board the barges. these barges were old, rickety, with ancient machinery and equipment on board.
it looked like dirty nasty grueling work the way they did it, and a desperate enterprise for those involved

Documentary was way interesting though. some neat footage and crazy stories

>> No.20190533
File: 1.28 MB, 320x213, 1512931357801.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are americans so afraid of their government they declare everything they sell/give away, even though it would be basically impossible for the gubment to know about these transactions otherwise?
Why are americans so god damn afraid to the point of permanent self-denounciation?

>> No.20190536

yanks is what everyone in my country calls you
i say yankee here because it seems to rub people the wrong way and that amuses me

>> No.20190559

Buy direct from the refinery if you can
If you're in Western Europe, try PAMP, Valcambi or Metalor

>> No.20190572

According to the Neo-progressive socialist dems, its illegal to do actual business.
but its ok to riot, vandalize, burn, assault, batter and destroy (if your a nigger)

>> No.20190638
File: 38 KB, 640x480, images (13).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can we include discussions about gold prospecting and treasure hunting? I'm completely new to it and would like to know how to get started

>> No.20190695

American expat here, now living in EU with EU waifu. My dad and I were big stackers and before I left USA I put my stack in my dad’s safe. How should I get my stack to my new house? It’s 450 oz Silver and 20 oz gold.

>> No.20190715

Tell the government you wish to stake a claim
Pay the fees and paperwork (lots of both)
Get digging
Keep what you find
Sell it to a refinery for fake fiat currency
Exchange fake fiat for nice things from suckers
Problem is finding where to dig
Good luck

>> No.20190740

Put tthm in a condom and up your bum bum

>> No.20190749

phone Brink's and ask them to secure transport it for you
they're a yank company so they can help you
they'll move it in an armoured car with armed security so no cunt touches it

>> No.20190792

Maybe call up a goldmoney-like service and see if they'll take it as a deposit and transfer to their london or zurich vault? Otherwise you're gonna need to call Brinks yourself

>> No.20190883
File: 31 KB, 518x374, slv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im erect.

>> No.20190897

i just got my first shipment
3 10oz bars
20 1oz rounds
i particularly like the rounds
the way the glitter and jingle is very satisfying
i want more
you didnt warn me, /pmg/

>> No.20190899

Second scrape in two minutes, I think it's gonna give

>> No.20190931

Au or Ag?

>> No.20190953

He obviously went full bore and purchased 50 oz of gold as his first pm order

>> No.20190982

palladium and uranium ore

>> No.20190990

That's pretty hardcore.

>> No.20191023
File: 808 KB, 931x1008, one asset.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't forget you're here forever.

>> No.20191026

Yeah people are really sleeping on the u235 stacks

>> No.20191076
File: 419 KB, 1242x2208, E96D2071-9A2D-4912-A003-2AC54B307698.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20191130


What's that app?

>> No.20191137

Tradingview it’s dope highly recommend it

>> No.20191151

The last five times silver broke $18.50 resistance since 2010 it went to
>50 US dollars.

>> No.20191157

godspeed bro

>> No.20191187
File: 830 KB, 680x680, 2D8335D2-F450-4D57-9F9F-0E10EC7B46FF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cheers fren

>> No.20191207

>the other half of the equation is demand rather than supply
Yep this is the tripfag. Another breakthrough observation

>> No.20191264

>falling again
AAAAAaaaaaaaaaAAAAhhhhhh quit cucking me like this dammit

>> No.20191302

Why does two 1oz coin cost a different price?
Is it because of the country or quality?

>> No.20191308

I would if I had the dosh
Look at the price and the firection its headed

>> No.20191339

Seller's premium
Some refineries have a sterling reputation and therefore attract more demand
Buying direct from reputable mints ensure you don't get chink tungsten instead of sweet four nines fine

>> No.20191433


I see, thank you anon!!

>> No.20191935

I actually like being called a yankee
Yank is fine too
You brown teeth limey

>> No.20191936
File: 108 KB, 675x900, EB310774-9AE7-4A7B-8943-023DD25DF0C9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi /pmg/ chads, /smg/ brainet here. I own some DGP and it has performed swimmingly (ETF that tracks gold futures contracts), I want to add more Gold stonks to the portfolio like GDX or GDXJ. I’m also eyeballing some of the bigger mining sweethearts like Barrick and Pan American Silver. Does /pmg/ hold pm stonk or is this thread only for accoooooomulating physical pm stacks?

>> No.20192086
File: 9 KB, 205x246, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please go back down
I just started stacking

>> No.20192166

Just ask again at the beginning of the next thread. There's a few people here who have silver miner stocks
To be specific, I think pan man has some good info

>> No.20192172

throughout history when fiat currency collapse, normalfags have been flocking to gold and silver. Gold and silver has evolved alongside humans since civilization began like dogs and cats.

>> No.20192346

is it true that I should buy recognizable coin since Chinese are fabricating fakes one?

I'am wavering between mapple leaf or WIENER PHILHARMONIKER.

What would you recommend anon?

>> No.20192564

I have both. You have to think of them as different things. Mining stocks are investments. PMs are savings that aren't affected by inflation.

>> No.20192589

lol wiener

>> No.20192681

What can you buy cheaper?

>> No.20192695

What are your guys' LCS selling Maples at

>> No.20192771


Mapple leaf are 0.40 € cheaper

>> No.20192780
File: 16 KB, 263x400, fdc07e8179767651436326eebb3e8db8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm Steve-O and this is the masturbating death machine.

>> No.20192809

Buy cheaper coins, but before that check capital gain tax in your country. UK has no tax on british coins.

>> No.20192954

I think it's beneficial to go with a recognizable coin rather than some obscure memecoin
As an American I go with silver and gold eagles as they're easily recognizable and any dealer will know what they're working with

>> No.20193028


>> No.20193068

more or less this. but you will find good advice on etfs and mining stonks

>> No.20193123

where to buy gold in eu

>> No.20193126

based! backstory on this pic?

>> No.20193161

Guess again, friend
All in switzerland

>> No.20193252

>I have no idea what chains they'll try to shackle us to next. Any ideas?
They will try some other fiat currency, be it paper or a 'crypto' knock off. However, just like in Weimar each successive currency will near-instantly inflate out of existence as the deeper issue is not being resolved. The bleeding will only stop once a gold/silver standard comes into place, the literal opposite of what they need to happen.

>> No.20193308

It's gonna be hyperinflation -> white genocide -> consolidation of a police state under a form of communism

>> No.20193629

physical silver anons
its going to like gold on steroids

>> No.20193666
File: 1.07 MB, 636x353, 1587087246005.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20193681

We breaking resistance today boys??

>> No.20193947

Frens I am happy because silver went uppy
Sad because I was gonna go to LCS today

>> No.20194087
File: 486 KB, 383x681, f95.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is it

>> No.20194092

Silver broke $19, is the manipulation done or something?

>> No.20194108
File: 727 KB, 658x715, 1532775347457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Waiting on Silver to hit 26 before I can leave the market and go full Mike Maloney
I'll admit it, premiums fucked me. On the other hand, when I do leave, I won't have to pay a fucking dime of tax on any of it.

>> No.20194165

Silver's at 18.57 right now, the fuck you on about.

>> No.20194187

sep dilveries

>> No.20194260

Silver 19.087 +0.388 +2.07%
what chart are you looking at

>> No.20194360

It's fucking happening boys, the train is leaving the station. Next stop is 21 then 50 if they can't smash it down. I thought we had more time

>> No.20194480

new >>20194407

>> No.20195085

We aren't going to space, we are defunding NASA and Space Force to pay for reparations.

>> No.20195190

What the fuck does this mean

>> No.20195272

>I thought we had more time
...time, Mr. gold stacker?
Is it really that time again?
It seems as if you only just started stacking...

>> No.20195414

This. You buy physical to hold as insurance. You buy paper to speculate on price.

>> No.20195754

SO where does everyone see this spot price going to?

Also, I might never order from SD Bullion again. 5 days to create a label and 7 days until it gets here? What the fuck?I'll just pay the 3-4% more on APMEX.

Also, I plan on riding the doge pump tonight to make another grand that will go to a kilo sized silver bar, easy money if you Robinhood.

>> No.20195856





>> No.20195873

30, then the CME implodes, THEN silver actually moons

>> No.20196513

do the asahi cyber rounds come in tubes? if so, what is the quantity per tube? 20? 25?

>> No.20196640

checked and snibpilled

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