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Why were we chosen?

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Checked. Because we are blessed. And we are based.

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Link is your pension for fighting in the meme war of '16. Each share in proportion to how hard you memed

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God loves us. We are the reason he made the world. All the tears, all the suffering, it was all for us.

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Because the jews killed Jesus

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because ive had nothing but bad luck my entire life and im finally owed compensation. Just graduated from college into a pandemic too

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reptilians are cleaning house and need impressionable new faces to be flown to their islands and blackmailed
a linkholder will be president come in the 30s-40s

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You've been preparing for this moment your entire life

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Our Lord Jesus doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called
$1000 EOY

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the ride is only just beginning. stay humble and hold on tight

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>implying neets are going to accept a party invite

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I believe this. Every choice I've made has led me to this point in time. It couldn't have happened any other way.

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when they come, its not an invite anon

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A bunch of holocaust deniers told me to buy it and everything else they were telling me seemed to be true so I figured I'd buy link as a test as to whether or not my bullshit meters were malfunctioning, apparently not.

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I didn't fuck up all those opportunities with girls and skip those times going out with friends for nothing. I did it so my life would be in a state to end up at a place like this, at a time like this, to invest in LINK. (those girls were mostly skanks anyway.)

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based and the law of one pilled

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we are awakening to the new world. i'm not sure we were chosen. reality feels too surreal.

it could be
>Souls get tricked and decieved to join this matrix world when you agree you submit to their terms of service and get mind wiped before being sent here, of course you can also come voluntarily here with the knowing and risk of getting mind wiped and after death recycled. This matrix is basically someones created amusement park and you agreed to join it. What the creators of this matrix don't tell you is they harvest your soul energy you produce via suffering or joy, love emotion. You are basically entertainment and food for the matrix creators.

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either you are being paid off to be complacent towards the implementation of inescapable global autocracy
you are being funded to fight the implementation of inescapable global autocracy

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Law of One is a CIA psyop you turd gobbler. The New Age Movement is as much a scam as the 60's Counterculture.

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Sergey chose you. Why else do you think 4th channel was the first to know about chainlink?

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whats this from? very law of one and hidden hand pilled

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>hasn't read the Ra material
>hasn't read hidden hand interview
>hasn't read any law of one books

ok sure thing buddy, stick with yer jew religion

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Haha brainlet.

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Same reason they chose Greta and why Bill Gates is trying to force vaccine on the cattle. Autism is a super power the next step in genetic evolution and (((they))) have decided to let us in only to retro engineer our DNA strain for their own transhumanist goals. Don't succumb to their trick, they're literally just vampires trying to suck your IQ through bribery.

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>doesn't post anything useful to add value and love to people's lives


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are you in the schizo linky discord?

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Amen brother!

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You don't want to see. I can't help you.

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This is our reparations for the rise of radical leftism aka feminism

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what is this schizo linky discord and how do you get access

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>shittoken does a 30x
>he thinks this is significant

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it was created for the discussion of esoteric materials and generally somewhat schizo link correlations. i have a feeling the ra poster above is in it

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I genuinely see it as this. It’s the universe balancing out a great injustice

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The first one is most likely true and also, it was probably an experiment in social engineering.

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They call us Bizraeli's for a reason anon. Just remember that Gentile women are just practice for the woman who will be the mother of your children. Don't waste all your time practicing when you could journey with her instead.

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I feel some shame about my previous perceptions of the fairer sex. Chased so many useless skanks. Used to be floored by beauty. Older and wiser now. Also have a lovely woman.

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in the end there won't be a difference

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Based LO1 anon

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love you

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