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>jason parser
>nail salon
>token not needed
>scam that could just use ETH
>2 man team
>sibos toilets

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kek that 20-60 cent range felt like forever

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You are missing the part where link hits ZERO FUCKING CENTS IN LESS THAN AN HOUR LMAO

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> Delphi eye
Biggest fud out there

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This is still my favorite chainlink related image

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It was forever

I had to get off /biz/ until mainnet announcement because it was too depressing

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worse was watching everything else moon in 2017 except link and being all in on link

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at least the fud was genuinely fun and interesting back then

now all we get is:
>link is a scam
>this shitcoin is going back to 3$
>sub 4$ incoming

or that retard who constantly posts the price with the wojak crying with a gun. fucking boring

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i sometimes post wojak ironically when we are near ATH

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because your a lame faggot. 90% of people doing it are doing it "ironically" , and it is obvious to everyone nobody posts it seriously. it also stopped being funny years ago

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