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Where is staking on the Chainlink Pivotal tracker? It isn't listed on there at all

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First they have to hire a senior software engineer to design the staking system, then hopefully in a couple months development can begin.

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>he fell for the chainlink meme

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This. For the past few years they've just been tinkering with the logo. Now the real work begins.

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So they don't even know if/how staking will work and they've not even started it. So basically they might, and probably will, find a better alternative to staking or make it only available to private companies

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its called service agreement

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man you’ve really got it all figured out champ

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It's on the pivotal under some other terms but it's at the bottom and the progress probably wouldn't be tracked on the pivotal anyway. And more recently they've also been relying on pivotal less, it's clear there's a lot they're keeping semi private, likely to reduce the possibility of 'competitors' leeching off their vision and plans. Now about staking, they used to never talk about it but if you've noticed Sergey started talking about it in the few recent talks, so it's definitely one of the next milestones. The career page for new engineering hires also mention it as a goal. Now if you are smart you also understand there are many layers to releasing staking, there needs to sufficient demand from customers and growth/adoption from defi and enterprise integrations in the first place otherwise it will be a flop and a money sink. And even if staking was done tomorrow, you should expect another lengthy period for auditing, testnet and slow rollout with select use cases/partners. What makes more sense for the time being is to keep focusing on biz dev, and technical solutions like tsigs which have the immediate, practical result of slashing costs.

Staking is supposed to introduce a more legitimate form of decentralization, but even with staking the current format of the reference contracts, and defi protocols as well, are essentially centralized. Staking code itself should be easy enough to implement, the real challenge is in growing the network. You have no idea how complex the whole process is.

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Wdym? Logo was designed by a nobody during the design logo contest on twitter.

Poor guy won a tshirt and some stickers.

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