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should these schmucks just end themselves

youtube investors are pure cringe

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>sign up for my course and join my premium subcriber trading group

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My high school friends are now on instagram selling their “expert investing advice”. I’m a permabull but this is bearish

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Where we're you when /pol/tards bought a spy satellite to spy on China''s impending doom
Also how can I profit off this

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>how I went to the casino and bet all of my money in a hand of blackjack 6 times in a row!

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>ywn be a loli stock market guru

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First for nickel and FPX Nickel Corp.

Be there or be square.

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There are no good paid courses for economics. Just watch free videos and buy some books

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It’s easier for people that don’t know how to trade to make money by affiliate scamming like this than it is to learn to trade and risk your own capital. I’m seeing scams pop up everywhere at the minute the most common one here is ‘forex robots’ give us your money and our robot trades for you 100% hit rate

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Bitconnect pulled that old scam. It worked

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>it's 3am
>and i'm learning how to read RSI
is this productive?

>> No.20160908

none whatsoever. stop wasting your time.

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Yesterday I told you faggots to take your profits on the horse and run. But of course you didn't listen because you are delusional this meme stock will go to 60$ when we hav this contract!1

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People fall for it over and over, not realising that if somebody had a robot that could trade consistently forever they could just sell it to Goldman Sachs for a 100 million

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Dunno what RSI is. Quick run down?

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They would use it themselves and turn $200 into 10M in a year or less.

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The week of July 13-17 has HUGE MAJOR EARNINGS! Below I've compiled a list of three categories (good, neutral, bad). Each row contains: Ticker, analyst sentiment, call strike, and premium as % of market price (taken EOD Monday July 6)

TSM bull 62.0C 2.4% You can hold TSM forever. Its the best shit. Who cares if it goes up or down.
C bull 52.0C 3.8% Banks are in a tough spot, but there is some promise in this one
USB bull 37.0C 3.2% Bank, see above
MS flat 49.0C 2.8% Bank, see above
BAC flat 24.0C 2.9% Bank, see above
BK bull 39.0C 2.6% Bank, see above
EBAY bull 56.0C 2.6% Ebay is tech, and while I despise Ebay, it will probably do good with everyone selling shit desperate for money.

FNF bull 31.0C 2.2% Investments companies are probably doing good
SCHW bear 34.5C 3.6% Another investment company, not as good as Fidelity though
CFG bull 25.0C 3.3% Meh bank
RF flat 11.0C 3.2% Meh bank
TFC flat 37.5C 3.1% Meh bank
NUE flat 42.0C 2.0% Steel manufacturer, ok financials but probably wont do well
AA bear 11.5C 6.1% Aluminum manufacturer, been dying, so probably wont do well
SNBR bull 46.0C 3.7% Sleep number, people still need beds I guess?

UAL bear 36.0C 5.5% Airlines = dead
ETFC bear 51.0C 2.3% Etrade = shit
SKX bear 30.0C 3.7% Sketchers = shoes lol, Nike fucking tanked on earnings
ALLY bear 21.0C 3.6% Ally = bankrupt?
WFC bear 25.5C 4.1% Wells Fargo = fuck huge lawsuit

It will probably dip some time this week, so get cash ready and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

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Backtest it. Meaning compare what it said against what the chart did, see if that would have given you useful entry/exit or not. Keep in mind RSI buy and sell signals are not when thing moves in to oversold or overbought territory. You're supposed to buy or sell when line crosses out of those fringe readings and in to the center meaty portion. Ie, buy when line crosses from below 30 to above it. Sell/short when line cross from above 70 to below it.

It ain't great but that's the intended use.

It's a shitty indicator that biz media really likes to use in articles and tv programs for whatever reason. RSI and MACD is THE shitty combo for media and new traders.

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i'm up +850% on my tesla call jesus fucking christ
should have put in more than $5k

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another green day in a green week coming up

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Exactly, if it can produce compounding returns infinity is the limit. My assumption is these robots might trade fine for a few months then the market atmosphere changes and they blow up and margin call all the account attached to them

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gimme redhead with freckles

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My prediction is the bots don’t work at all. WAY too many variables that aren’t even included in the algorithm.

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hmm alright thanks for the tip. you say MACD and RSI are shit then what are good forms of TA?

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Yaya! Good post, I want to get back into the covvies rather than the verties
They're okay, bollinger bands (add keltner channels for double strength) and just plain moving indicators are the nicest beginner indicators in my opine

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trading view interface is very hard to shift throught so i'll have to look through it. Honestly maybe it's my undiagnosed autism but RSI isn't that hard imo i'm probs gonna have problems apllying it but it's p easy to understand.

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Thanks for your postings. How confident are you on this particular one?

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SOLO gonna crab now?

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Futures are still down

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The more important thing is that you learn how to backtest indicators. Pick any chart. Go back a few years. Slap on an indicator, make comparisons between it and price action that happened after key areas in the chart. Mainly look at what it had to say around reversals. If you were using indicator in question, did it tell you to sell before a major drawdown? Did it tell you to buy shortly after bullish reversal? Was is late or early? Was it even close?

If it's way off all over the place you can toss it directly in the garbage. If it's pretty close, fashionably late on entry and pretty quick on the exit, it's worth testing more. Try fiddling with the settings to see if you can make it better. Go through and mark entry and exit signals, measure how much you would have gained or lost. Some indicators will be good for entries but not exits and vice versa. Some work better with longer time frames and some with shorter.

None of the stuff I use is popular. I put it all together backtesting like I just described.

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Why is this girl glowering at me?

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Damn dude how many lines do you draw on your charts? By the sound of things you must draw a lot of lines. Are they different colors? Are some straight and others squiggly? I bet your charts look really cool

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TSM is good no matter what happens.
Otherwise, the "good" category will be pretty safe and if you need to hold it shouldn't be a big deal. FNF is probably pretty safe safe too.Like I said th

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InTheMoney is actually one of the better ones. He's not a "here's how I made $1,000,000,000,000 on the market with 1 trade. Buy my book." Plus he uses Robinhood so most of the helmet wasting retards around here could learn something from watching his videos.

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she fell in the big coffee bup

I don't draw lines usually. Indicators do all that under the hood if you set them right. Main strat involves three indicators, one of which is more of a moving average neutral thing I use to quickly check if trend is up or down at a glance.

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Why didn’t you believe in America anonymous?

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hoyl shit tesla is $1500 pre market

>> No.20161083

TSM is good no matter what happens.
Otherwise, the "good" category will be pretty safe and if you need to hold it shouldn't be a big deal. FNF is probably pretty safe safe too. Like I said though, do your own research! You have a few days to lock in. I usually buy on a red day, then sell calls on the next day.

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Yaya it's real easy, remember a high (even very high, above 75) is not necessarily indicative of an incoming downturn, it can signal good breadth and momentum. It works better on a long-ish time frame, taking it as gospel on less than 1-day candles can be dangerous

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Shkreli's series on investing is the only thing I've ever watched that really helped me.

His advice was, don't invest.

I figured I'd have some fun, and have made $1500 off $5000 since March. Which is pretty terrible, but I'm learning (that stocks are retarded, or I'm retarded, or this market is retarded, or some combination of all three) and having fun.

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WHAT THE LITERAL FUCK. I'm buying the next crash.

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Hey, /Aus/fags. What’s the best stock broker here? I’ve been seeing ads for Plus500 and EToro and they don’t have commissions but I’m a bit weary anyway and they’re owned by Israelis What do you guys think of them? Should I just trade through my bank?

>> No.20161109

there won't be one lol
$2000 before august

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>someone kept on buying TSLA calls over and over and over again for seven months and turned $6k into over $1m
Ok, lesson learned: it doesn't fucking matter what kind company it is or what it does, whether it be pragmatic real economy shit or pie in the sky decades from real profit crap, if eight million people give them twenty percent of their paycheck a month and the state and/or country they're located in give them huge tax breaks, just go with it.

>> No.20161119

premarket isn't even open right now. it's 3am

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I’m not an options man. I just buy shares and sell them. It’s good info either way.

Thanks fren

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it's open m8
opens with eu 30 mins ago

>> No.20161136

Midnight pump gotta be coming up soon

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I like that girl. I wanna fill her up with babies

>> No.20161153

Bullish for SNAP.

>> No.20161162

oh are you talking about EU markets? or american markets?

>> No.20161165

This is a parabolic short squeeze, it wlll tank like it did last time, then I will buy calls 6 months out for 2k.

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Is that how you view her?

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I'd expect us to bounce off ~3141

>> No.20161194

Yep, something like that. WKHS might still be a good long though.

I'm more interested to see how Dominion fares.

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>modeled after fake tits
Goddammit, Dan, use Google images better.

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>France won't ban Huawei gear from its 5G networks but will ask carriers not to install it
What the hell does that mean? Fucking baguettes.

>TSM is picking up the customers Huawei is losing as well.

TSM is a supplier to Huawei. Is Huawei losing customers? I think they're losing suppliers.

Unless you think TSM is going to go into the 5G infrastructure business.

yeah I'm wondering if that has anything to do with why BILI crashed yesterday.

it won't happen, like the "delisting" bill it'll be a toothless nothingburger

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eh fuck it i'll stay up until 4:30 just to see how pre market goes.

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Do you take stims or something?

>> No.20161228

nope just a fucked up sleep cycle

>> No.20161231

Who still holding wkhs?

>> No.20161242

>Australia back on 6 WEEK lockdown after a significant rise of.....200 cases

Nice knowing you SMG.

>> No.20161261

Is it possible for me to make 100k in a year if I only make 20k at my job ;__;

>> No.20161265

No one who wants to earn money.

>> No.20161266

What kind of crash are we talking if Trump loses, if one?

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>ahhhhhh that SECOND coffee of the morning

Feels so good man. But where are my /coffeegang/ at?

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yes. buy these etfs, tqqq and soxl. buy some nvidia too.

>> No.20161281

Recession-depression type dump

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It’s becoming more and more obvious this is an escaped bioweapon, why else would governments be so afraid of it spreading

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I hate coffee

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>6 WEEK lockdown
>200 cases

>> No.20161319

fucking hilarious how australia is pretending to have problems so they can have excuse to print money

>> No.20161322

just to let you know guys found a tiny gem. RUN is buying VLSR in an all stock buy out. If you were to buy now your 10 dollar shares would convert to their 20 dollar shares (from the time of this post) so you'll be make 11.7975 per share you own (didn't feel like checking the current price) you guys think i should pic this up quick?

>> No.20161331

I can't drink coffee
I drink energyb drinks and caffiebe pills

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>I hate coffee

How do you even live? Coffee is the reason I'm able to do everything instead of laying around

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File: 821 KB, 2584x3616, jeanne d'arc, jack the ripper, jeanne d'arc alter santa lily, ibaraki douji, nursery rhyme, and 2 more (fate and 3 more) drawn by saruchitan - e1d4873e930d50e997b9c090a73ce6ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I need to voice my dissenting opinion when I am not prompted and it's not truly necessary

>> No.20161346

Any reason for these in particular?

>> No.20161347

WKHS is ranked the most overvalued stock in the US stock market. Negative revenue growth. Insiders selling. Classic PumpNDump

>> No.20161350
File: 2.08 MB, 1600x1200, __paul_bunyan_fate_and_2_more_drawn_by_nanaku_teiru__b0aa6c6cff69afe1a6f7cbda4d5c5a2b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


WHY did I buy a block of NOK to run covered calls on, when I could've sold a put?

>> No.20161351

>she shorted wkhs

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>haha look what I found
>no-no I don't have a source
>if you buy into this, your value doubles
>I'm just being nice and letting you guys in on it
>d-do you think I should do it? Haha I mean, I found it and I already know but just double checking haha

You're retarded. RUN is buying VLSR shares at .55. You're not getting a 1:1 conversion. VLSR is at $17 right now and run is at $21, but you only get .55 of a share. You're losing money if you do this.

>> No.20161364



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>VSLR is at 17

>> No.20161375

Fuck you stupid I already have the source.


It says right fucking there that you're only getting .55 of a share. Actually, you know what. Do it anon. It's a great deal. I have a bridge to sell you as well.

>> No.20161389

ngl that made me kek

>> No.20161391

>4 monitors

How do you feel about tea?

>> No.20161406

Today, in early part of the trading session, the stock market have continued yesterday's rise following yesterday call by the Chinese government on official media which said "It is now even more necessary than ever to make the market stay as healthy bull". Short term worries against the national security law have already been erased completely with the backing of money and words from China.
However, later it's reported that more than a dozen of new domestic cases have been discovered in Hong Kong following three weeks of no new domestic cases, and infected patients have been to places like schools, colleges, hotel, disneyland, buffet, elderly home, and there are also workers at hospitals, schools, restaurants, and taxi drivers being infected, so the market dropped a few hundred points back.
Not sure what will happens to Hong Kong Book Fair, which is something attended by hundred thousands every year and is scheduled to open next week. Currently the government of Hong Kong have allowed these indoor events to organoze despite outdoor gathering are still linited to 50 persons, although the risk should be higher indoor

>> No.20161412

yeah he wanted 100k in a year, they are leveraged tech etfs so they move up like on crack. just hope we don't have a corona meme march tier dip again

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An anon here made a lot of money trading sunrun a while ago. Maybe year and a half or two year ago i forget.

>> No.20161425

Whats the next solo/wkhs?

>> No.20161439

Sold 2/3 of my shares and got back my initial investment plus a bit of profit. Holding the rest until that contract anouncement comes up

>> No.20161442


>> No.20161448
File: 1.34 MB, 1263x1006, jeanne d'arc, mash kyrielight, abigail williams, jeanne d'arc, shuten douji, and 6 more (fate and 1 more) drawn by parusu_(ehyfhugj) - 3d04962b578381e0978273d860651c5b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>call by the Chinese government on official media which said "It is now even more necessary than ever to make the market stay as healthy bull".
WOW that was considered bullish?? What the heck? Or did that mean the government was going to put more money in the market or something?

I invested in Chinese Semiconductors just last week! A little bit of SMIC before it had this crazy move!

I have not seen you in a while. It's always good to hear from you, friend.

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>> No.20161460

To my canadabros, what fees does wealthsimple charge for buying a US stock?

>> No.20161462

Will WKHS fall much further? Bought in at close yesterday.

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Market opens in 1 minute boyz, what's the play?

>> No.20161472

1.2 % of total asset POA

>> No.20161483
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Thanks lads

>> No.20161485

Yes. People realized they bought into the hype. It was a pump and dump from the beginning. 500% in a few weeks only based on that contract that is prized in long ago. This company has no fundamentals.

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Premarket open. Tesla jumped +3% on open. Boeing, AAL, Carnival early mild red. Nothing else of interest yet. I'm going to bed.

>> No.20161526

id say eToro and don't touch plus500, scammy shit site imho.

>> No.20161528
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Do I have to learn accounting, like Warren says?


>> No.20161529

Then don't drink it

>> No.20161532

Shit i sold the wkhs bottom because of you sons of whores fuck you

>> No.20161544

Why are all of yesterday's gains disappearing?

>> No.20161546

No, just learn how to sell airlines for a loss...when you could of waited for the pump on June 8

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What can I hold that's riskier than total market/broad ETFs if I'm too retarded/lazy to research individual companies to buy stocks in? Sector ETFs?

>> No.20161559
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Sweet dreams clangster
I'm gonna get some rest too

>Micron -1.20%

>> No.20161563

Thanks anon
Does POA mean price on average?
Do they also charge 1.2% when you sell it?

>> No.20161564

We had like 5 straight days of gains.....

>> No.20161575
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Imagine if NIO had meagers 10% of tesla market cap. Just imagine bros. Just fucking imagine.

>> No.20161579

You sound like a moron without any knowledge of how math works.

Just saying.

>meme lines

>> No.20161584


EASY 3X BY 2021

>> No.20161589

Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon.

>> No.20161590


>> No.20161593

Got my wkhs average to 18.43. Prayers needed bros.

>> No.20161600
File: 1.93 MB, 402x554, 1587152049560.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah ta is total garbage and you shouldn't use it.

>> No.20161603

tesla, nvidia, soxl, tqqq
buy these four and retire in a couple of years

>> No.20161617

It’s at about $14 now

>> No.20161620

rate my fantasy:
The stocks start to fall. Everyone looks at Jerome. He goes 'What?'. People ask if he's not going to print more money to save the economy. He responds that he already did. 'But the stonks are falling!' 'Yes, but the stonks are not the economy'
Let's imagine for a moment that this is true. That Jerome isn't in fact out to save Trump's re-election by keeping stock prices high. He's out to save the dollar and the actual economy. The reason it looked like he saved stocks is that stocks fell, he started printing, stocks went up. But it could be he started printing to save companies from going bankrupt etc, rather than to ensure a V recovery. Which implies that we could see a scenario where stocks start falling, everyone looks at JPow, and he shrugs.
In that hypothetical scenario, how far would stocks fall?
t. mr bobo

>> No.20161644
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I am a turbo bull but I feel like all these insane pumps these last two weeks are leading to a bloodbath very soon. Those dow futures tell me that there was a massive pump n dump for the big players to jump out the window and leave the kiddies with the bags today.

>> No.20161649 [DELETED] 
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is coffee good for you?

>> No.20161653

>WOW that was considered bullish
Chinese market is a policy-oriented market. Well the government want a bull market, then it will deploy policies to make it become a bull market.
And it seems like Hong Kong is now trending toward that too.
I heard people are buying SMIC because of share price different between A-share and H-share, but I don't understand why it have been quoted as reason, first A-share and H-share are inexchangeable thus differences in share price is normal, second the IPO price of SMIC A-share is only 27.46CNY while its H-share price is something like 38HKD.

>> No.20161656
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>> No.20161674

I think the video is Warren Buffett many years ago. You can't compare it to today's Buffett who might have medical problems.

>> No.20161683

Well I got greedy and thought it would climb again like the last few times. Lesson learnt.

>> No.20161684


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>he bought the top

should have bought NIO instead. Workhorse was always a meme stock. It ramped up based on Tesla hype only, but people quickly realized that America won't have another Tesla for a long while. Don't fucking bet against the house or big dick elon musk. This nigger will be more influential and famous in the future than Henry Ford, and you are delusional if you can't realize that.

China EVs on the other way... Their market for electric vehicles is ridiculously large. In fact, the largest in the world. And tesla can barely keep up with them because chink laws fuck fat american pig ass. And the cherry on the top, NIO just reported great Q2 results, and in total they've sold significantly more vehicles than Workhorse just in the past year. And oh, NIO is trading at almost half of Workhorse price.

Yall niggas dumb. NIO to the moon, horseniggers are fucked

>> No.20161691

will my SPY puts finally print?

>> No.20161693
File: 71 KB, 719x683, 1594050443621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's 3am
>and i'm learning how to read RSI
Dont sleep.

>> No.20161704

still up bro

>> No.20161710

>do I have to learn accounting
you don't have to do anything, but learning new things has all sorts of benefits. You never know if you might want to try starting a business, or even figuring out if you could, or going to work at a small startup.

God damn it Jocko
I fell off The Path and I haven't found my way back yet.

>> No.20161712

I bought at 19.49. I had sold out thrusday at 21.50 so I thought I was getting a discount

>> No.20161716

>NIO reported great Q2...
I have some NIO but you shouldn't believe anything they say. This is obviously the Chinese answer to Tesla and the chinks will report whatever they want in order to reel in RH kiddies. Don't trust the Chinese, buy all American like Workhorse. What are you? A fucking Commie?

>> No.20161756

>wkhs premarket

For those who are still bagholding I'm sorry, I ejected yesterday.

>> No.20161766

thank you
I thought people were buying SMIC because of high demand from institutions and private funds (Singapore’s GIC Private Limited and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority buying, China’s National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund investing, The institutional portion of the deal was nearly 165 times subscribed)

I bought it because I thought the party will have to keep putting money in to the company to try to catch up to TSM. What other choice do they have?

>> No.20161780

OOooooo has anyone watched this yet?

>Ray Dalio on the Economy, Pandemic, China's Rise: Full Interview
>Jul 2, 2020

>> No.20161783

I held onto BLNK, I can hold onto this

>> No.20161791
File: 54 KB, 768x768, 1591468957429.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whats the next solo/blink

>> No.20161794

Dude, we already did this during the day. I get you want to have fun with your friends and jump in on the action but you're almost 18 hours late. You need to post during US open hours, not 4 AM.

>> No.20161795

Do I unironically sell at a massive loss on wkhs, this bag feels like it's going to just get heavier and heavier, I fell for the meme at 19.50 and I don't see it going back

>> No.20161823

We can't see the future, so do it. I'm not saying it's going back up, but if it does, you're not allowed to bitch about selling it for a loss simply because you followed the advice of some random dude on the internet. It's completely up to you. If the bag is too heavy, let it go. If it's not, keep it.

>> No.20161828

Yes. Or baghold for very long and hope it climbs again. It depends on if you have something else to invest in and you are sure you can make profit.

>> No.20161874

this premarket isboring i'm gonna sleep while its still dark have fun everyone lets hope for a bull market

>> No.20161878

My move honestly would just be to put everything in a few "safe" stocks and stop looking at it, which at best slowly gains my loss back which is painful in itself but better than this. Fck it.

Yeah I personally think it's the right decision regardless of what is said here. Posting is one of those I had to hear someone agree with me or get mad at someone disagreeing with me to pull the trigger.

>> No.20161879

what the fuck horse bros? do I sell on open or what?

>> No.20161888

Who YINN here?

>> No.20161900

>china has huge, steady growing market for electric vehicles
>tesla can't keep up with the demand, tried to do it several times already
>china labor is cheap as fuck
>undervalued stock
>their vehicles look clean as hell

Even if it's proven to be a semi-fraud like most chinese stocks, it won't crash anytime soon before it reaches $50 per share. This thing is a moonshot and incredibly undervalued, 0 fucks given to all these retards and their "muh china stock bad" mental gymnastics.

>> No.20161922

Learn not to buy in 4chan memes and most of all don't buy into pumps because of FOMO. You can get lucky at times, but for one lucky stock you will baghold 9 others. Buy fundamentals, not hype. If trading was that easy everyone would be a millionaire

>> No.20161939

If this things turns out to be the Alibaba of electric vehicles in china, /biz/ fudders are going to cry and shit on the bed for years.

Reminder: Tencent has a 15% stake on NIO. You did not read wrong. 15 fucking percent

>> No.20161951

hey bobo

fuck off

>> No.20161966

>BLNK down 10% pre market
Anon, sit down over there. We need to talk.

>> No.20161991

>Tencent 15%
Is that encouraging?

>> No.20162005

It hit ATH yesterday after a couple of red days. Will hold until TSLA stops pumping, that will be the sign the EV meme is over. Until then I'm not off this ride

>> No.20162011

name something more difficult than parallel parking

>> No.20162016

unironically finding a gf

>> No.20162019

Markets open only o hours is fucking gay and so is premarket trading

>> No.20162020

TSLA will never stop pumping

>> No.20162036

OK but why did tech stocks rise? So Chinese stocks wouldn't feel lonely?

>> No.20162046

I think it will go to 50. All I am saying is that fundamentals like Q2 earnings don't matter for shit when you have the backing of the CCP so they need no attention. All you need to know is that, as long as there is the CCP backing it won't go down too much. Only risk is if the situation between China and the US won't escalate.

>> No.20162059

>EV meme is over.
>until the future is over
there will literally be only ev vehicles within a couple of years
it's not a meme, you genius

>> No.20162060

Eat shit, you communist faggot.
WKHS > chinkoid ching chong garbage

>> No.20162065

>getting off the horse
Not going to happen unless it dips below 8$.

>> No.20162069

Tencent is pretty much the equivalent of Facebook in China.

>> No.20162077

What’s with this pre-market dump

>> No.20162080

Dude ive been in and out of NIO for a year. Initially i thought China would back EV makers but they actually slashed subsidies. NIO was saved by a deal with a municipality, not the central government. China is not as monolithic as many want to believe. The CCP backed off and let the many many competing EV makers fight.

>> No.20162118

>Believing the CCP
I've lived in that shithole for a while and I can tell you that when the CCP says one thing they do the other. There is a clear motive for them here.

>> No.20162129
File: 80 KB, 393x393, 1399583823111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any SOLO holders still out there waiting for the next breakthrough? There was too much volume yesterday for it not to.

>> No.20162136
File: 25 KB, 839x526, tequila froggy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes it was tequila froggy, he had several great plays in a row! I got a little out of sunrun but I didn't have much money then. He disappeared after the KR bungle, maybe he'll be back one day
I'm way more hardcore than Jocko, or at least used to be. He wakes up at 3am to get a jump on the day? I'd wake up at 3pm, THE DAY BEFORE
oh jeez gotta watch :o

>> No.20162147
File: 342 KB, 768x1024, 873265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

strange green hue on the pre-market today

>> No.20162148
File: 36 KB, 596x263, betonblack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is his campaign bullish for the GAP?

>> No.20162157

They certainly arent transparent but imo they will eventually back the companies that show success on their own.

>> No.20162160
File: 65 KB, 756x756, 1589567811031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Red Tuesday?

>> No.20162164

sell WKHS buy TSLA

>> No.20162169

(don't listen to me btw I still live with my parents)

>> No.20162189

Doesn’t red futures mean green open?

>> No.20162199

futures mean 2 things on 4chan. If green it means everything will be good and we will have good gains. If red that means it doesn't matter futures don't actually predict the market

>> No.20162216
File: 96 KB, 900x599, 1594070627593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20162217

True, in the end they will do what is in their best interest. A strong local EV supplier could help them a lot. It is just that as a Western investor you are not actually owning the company and the company is not working for you like is normal with publicly traded companies.

NIO is a state company to me which is owned by the CCP. We just get to ride the wave up if we are lucky and Xi allows us to. For now it is in his best interest to let us ride.

>> No.20162226

Works for me

>> No.20162233

Futures being red on a fed pump day is quite concerning.

>> No.20162235

>americans for tax reform took a PPP loan
Even boomertarians have capitulated to GIBBS. Getting more gold mining stocks tomorrow.

>> No.20162236

all futures down at the moment because of germany shitting itself.

>> No.20162240
File: 100 KB, 640x1137, PowerEGTeam-1255327218433232896-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the us government should just buy up the shares of every company and give dividends to every american

sick of america not standing up to corporation mother fuckers

>> No.20162245

Tell me about it.

>> No.20162248
File: 78 KB, 352x550, Do you feel it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20162260

Eurozone GDP forecast was bad :/
I should really find a calendar of when non-US stuff like this is announced

>> No.20162306

Macd divergence on both the macd and histogram is very powerful.

>> No.20162312

Shut up already. I lost so much opportunities listening to you faggots. I will buy FAANG at the end of this week and will never look at my brokerage account. Faggot.

>> No.20162313

Holding TSLA is so goddamned stressful. I'm selling tomorrow, don't wanna fomo away good gains.

>> No.20162316

I should really just pay attention all together instead of just buying everything

>> No.20162319

It's all bullshit numbers anyway. The EU is trying to trick us into giving money way to the Meds. The French, with an economy that hasn't functioned properly for decades, say they will recover from Corona this quarter. Yeah, they actually said that. I think to push the Eurobonds through by pretending they are doing well so we only need to foot the bill for the other loser countries.

>> No.20162358

What a shit week i keep losing my hard earned gains

>> No.20162392

Ya it's hard, I only ever see these things after they've happened on squawk accounts on twitter. Feels like a herculean task to keep track of both the current situation and all upcoming developments coming out of just the US, much less EU and Asia.
Fugg see, I barely have time to read about what's going on with the US fed's bs announcements, much less how the EU's bs systems are going >_<

>> No.20162437

How many times have mediterranean shits fucked the EU by now? Fucking Italy, Greece, etc are always embezzling money and perpetually going bankrupt and taking the denbts. Looks like bongs exited just in time.

>> No.20162442
File: 109 KB, 577x559, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's what I thought when I sold at 900.

>> No.20162443

todays the big freefall?

>> No.20162458

>he still thinks there will be a march tier dip
hello boomer

>> No.20162465

Don't you dare try this on me. I'm selling. Even if I miss out, I am happy with my gains. HAPPY! YOU HEAR ME?!

>> No.20162477

No. Just slow painful downward crabbing again, enough to rape your gains but not enough to make anything not delusionally overpriced.

>> No.20162481
File: 67 KB, 583x426, June-11-tweet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the bear army lurks in the shadows brother

>> No.20162487

What are the Chances horse does good today?

>> No.20162490

>he still thinks they will let Trump have a good economy to campaign on

hello zoomer

>> No.20162495
File: 3.24 MB, 2858x2443, 20200604_223921~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20162503

If not today, very soon

>> No.20162506

I sold Tesla at 335

>> No.20162524

>tfw I sold NIO at $6.80

who would have guessed a car manufacturer that has made only 50k cars in it's entirety would quadruple it's stock price in 3 months.

>> No.20162528
File: 968 KB, 2628x2628, 8A8AA7EB-71ED-44D2-B304-30B97BB3D467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don’t know. Can I interest you in a nice car picture?

>> No.20162529

Just want to remind WKHS holders to step back a sec. 11 days of big gains. Had to go back eventually. still a promising company in a red hot industry. Im gonna hold i think. See it going to 30 before too long

>> No.20162544

Without the Brits and with the Germans now also in turmoil (flamed by the guilt of WWII) there are only a few countries (the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Austria) that have said they just don't want to give away free money (the rest is on the receiving end except for Germany but they will be after Deutsche goes down). The ECB (which should not be political) has even stated that it won't allow that and they will make us pay even if we don't agree by REPOing even more Med shit bonds.

Chances are we are going to give away a significant percentage of our GDP to the South. We have been doing that for years now with the REPO of mainly Italian shit bonds. They even forced our pension funds to buy Italian bonds only so we are now so dependent on the Italian economy that we can't not give them free money. It's terrible, anti-democratic and supports bad actors. My pension is being to be used to nationalise fucking Anitalia!

>> No.20162549
File: 41 KB, 525x720, 16076DF1-00AE-4670-B911-5901340AA304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sold my tsla short term call for 5800 profit did I sell too early?

>> No.20162580

I want to believe that but then again I don’t want it to be a cope

>> No.20162584
File: 24 KB, 1000x1000, 1581961529681.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BIG oopsie

>> No.20162612

Anyone else thinks Tesla has a floor of $800?
Normies actually believe in the company, they have no idea how to price it, they won't sell.

>> No.20162613

who here long ES

>> No.20162629

Have a 2.50 call open still, thought about just taking profit on it yesterday but we'll see how she goes today

>> No.20162630

ez RSI reset. Going to bounce off 3130 like a rocketship to 3220.

>> No.20162656
File: 133 KB, 1200x840, 74.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah you should never regret selling at a profit. But it hurts.

I also sold Amazon in March.

>> No.20162691

Tesla seems a bit undervalued right now.

>> No.20162694

Panic selling is likely THE first mistake of zoomer investors no matter how much a card carrying member of the cult they are

>> No.20162699

Give me some solid reasons to consider NIO during this pump

>> No.20162700

Remind me to by sdow instead of sqqq when I want to short. Can't stump the nasdaq very much.

>> No.20162709

Everyone rest for the gapdowm?

>> No.20162713

There are none

>> No.20162729


>> No.20162730

I bought a put and I'm always wrong when it comes to options

>> No.20162742

panic selling isn't a mistake in the case of a Tesla

worst than acting like the herd is trying to go against the herd and being trampled over.

>> No.20162743

What sucks is if we have a shitty stock day the black people will take credit for it because of their blackout day or whatever. Then we'll have to hear "SEE U NEED USSSSS" for the rest of July

>> No.20162755

>panic selling isn't a mistake in the case of a Tesla
The TSLA pump and dump machine is with billions of dollars. Zoomers are going to be taken for a ride
They see -50% on their investment they WILL sell

>> No.20162756

Fuck I did and missed 9k profit...

>> No.20162768

i have 2 hours left for my trading 212 withdrawal to hit my bank account. Once that happens im putting it all into an isa and then buying NIO. I want to do this before open but as the minutes tick by i doubt it will happen.

>> No.20162785

Welcome to Gains-ville

>> No.20162799

Can anyone link or explain to me option trading ? I might just be retarded, but i have no fucking idea how the money is made.

I understand the concept and what options are, and i understand why would would buy put, to take on the premium and why someone would sell that put.

But what the fuck is call and how is money made there ?

>> No.20162808

buy low, sell high

>> No.20162824

>up to 410k from 270k in a month
i need more, faster

>> No.20162829
File: 928 KB, 564x1116, 1583778688053.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rule #1: remember to buy the dip when it dips
rule #2: remember to stay completetly emotionless when trading
rule #3: respect cunnybros, Yotsuba and other anime on /smg/

>> No.20162835


Options were originally intended to be insurance. For example a logistic company is trying to make sure that if fuel prices go up massively, they won't take a huge loss, so they pay a premium to the OPTION to BUY fuel at a lower price (call option).

Speculation over stocks is not what is was created for.

>> No.20162841

What do you guys trade on I’m thinking about buying a MacBook Pro or something similar

>> No.20162847
File: 184 KB, 850x1265, 15874208683329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

golden rule: cunnify your gains before you get cunnified

>> No.20162862

Call says you think price will go up (but aren't sure), so you basically put the stocks on hold at the current price and if the price goes up to the strike price you can buy the 100 shares for the original price instead of the new higher price.

>> No.20162867

Be careful of time decay

>> No.20162868

*for the OPTION to BUY fuel at a lower price in the future

>> No.20162871
File: 316 KB, 1080x640, Screenshot_20200706-104629_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's because their cars look like fucking lambos, not corollas

>> No.20162873

So using the dead horse WKHS as an example.

Do i buy a call closest to current price ? And how do i make money off of it ?

>> No.20162886

It's... cold... anon...

>> No.20162890

So its more for "i dont want to put down 100 shares worth of money, so il pay the premium to have the opportunity to do so when the price is up" ?

>> No.20162893

what does being cunnifed feel like?

>> No.20162896
File: 107 KB, 850x1200, 1521442348976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I intend to short Nasdaq today, open shorts with FULL DEPO on x20 leverage and hold the short until we reach 9900 points and then reverse my position on longs and go all the way until new ATH above 10800

my new deposit is 15k and I intend to make 100k from it in the next 4 weeks

I only post it because I need somebody to hold my balls when I do it.

>> No.20162897
File: 1.63 MB, 2048x1152, 1590909388064.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Literally any computer with a ce"lol"ron processor will do the trick lmao

Keep your money rather than buying meme shit tech

>> No.20162902

Fuck bros horse not looking so hot

>> No.20162905

>Speculation over stocks is not what is was created for.
I take its a bad idea then, to buy puts for the premium on stocks i speculate wont go that far down ?

>> No.20162907
File: 327 KB, 477x504, A961EE52-2E5F-46FF-A82A-7398FB87A684.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don’t ask him. He might have to explain it to all of us and I don’t wanna hear it. I don’t wanna hear him drone on about some bullshit.

>> No.20162911

leave the EU then. It's working out so well for the UK, they can't find any trade partners and their economy is on the brink of a great recession. Best outcome for them is to accept becoming a US vassal state for the next hundred years and allow US tech giants to rape their economy, allow the US basing rights in all your ports, build a couple US airforce bases outside of London and Scotland, and in return they MIGHT get a few trade concessions and some gibs. Also circumcision will be mandatory for all males.

Your best best is to cling to dear life to the EU and hope it doesn't collapse because the only other solution is Judeo-American Vassalage or Chinese slavery. Globalism is dying and the only survivors will be NAFTA, China/Russia, and HOPEFULLY the EU.

>> No.20162912

>door comes off while you're on the highway and the entire thing bursts into flames

>> No.20162917
File: 495 KB, 880x928, 1593691799515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's the worst

>> No.20162922

no big positions right now except tesla
putting everything into etfs and some handpicked stocks for now i think and waiting until something obvious comes again like wkhs

>> No.20162925

How do follow the stock market?

>> No.20162935

what are your thoughts on the phev?

>> No.20162944

Please teach me your ways. I'll pay you 10% of my gains.

I'm not joking

>> No.20162949

Depends on everyone's individual risk tolerance and strategy. Options can get kinda complicated with all of the greeks and various different credit/debit spreads that you can make, but the general concept of options is the same. If you think a stock is going to go up, buy calls. If you think it's going to go down buy puts. Me personally, I trade exclusively near expiration calls/puts. For liquidity and volatility purposes. Some people like to buy super otm options months out. You really just have to find what works for you.

>> No.20162951

how high will the TSLA pump go before the drop to 900?

>> No.20162960

Exactly, yeah. As >>20162835 says, it's insurance.

>> No.20162962

you have to follow /smg/ and buy the tickers that are mentioned the most

>> No.20162966

Anon. He was probably gambling with options. Or he put 100% of his stack into a very volatile stock.

>> No.20162969

But what if i like cunny will it still be the worst?

>> No.20162990

>a supercar looks like a supercar
WOW you are a bright one

>> No.20163002

Dubs don't lie. Thank you.

I just honestly wish I understood trading more while I'm working from home I've stared at charts everyday. Made a few gains here and there but have the feeling I could be making much more. It's depressing to think how I should be better at this

>> No.20163034

The concept of the EU is good. But the execution is terrible. They just add another bureaucratic layer to an already absurdly bureaucratic system making it even less efficient. Countries in the euro can't make their own policy while the differences make it that there is no one size fits all policy. What the EU is trying to do is ironing out the differences as fast as possible as otherwise no policy will ever work. Sadly this means that countries like the Netherlands need to be taken down to the level of Italy and Greece as those countries are just not going to grow and they know it. the original idea was that the weak losers could work their way up to Northern European levels but it is just not going to happen. The alternative is that the Northern countries stoop down to the level of the South whilst financing a slight comeback of said Southern countries. This is not the mandate of the EU.

I blame them for mirroring the dollar with the euro. The dollar works because it is the reserve currency and because US states are integrated much more than the EU is. They are now forcing this integrating down our throats to save the euro. I for one say: fuck them. Be honest to your citizens and tell them what is going on instead of guilttripping member states in paying for other people's laziness and inability to take care of themselves.

>> No.20163043
File: 3.04 MB, 2000x1125, 1567347495574.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think that you completely cunnified the point of my post

>> No.20163044

Trading stations are a zoomer meme

>> No.20163053


>> No.20163072
File: 126 KB, 699x1024, 1593989541311m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I long cunny?

>> No.20163080

Is wkhs really dead at this point? I got in at 7 but damn why has it dipped so much? Everyone taking profit?

>> No.20163086

>buying overpriced computer as your starting capital
Your high speed internet will matter more than the shitbox you use for screens. Even if you wanted to do some serious big boy coding you still wouldn't want a LoLbook pro.

>> No.20163100

We here.
We buying CHR and not giving a fuck.

>> No.20163101
File: 342 KB, 595x842, 1592765253934.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you load up your FULL DEPOSIT inside the DIP and then you PUMP IT

>> No.20163104

So il use NIO as an example. Il buy the $13 strike call that expires today at 3:59PM.

Since i think its going up, i can just sell back the option when it reaches that price or goes beyond instead of realising it, yes ?

>> No.20163106

20% institutional investors so the reat would be speculators. Doesnt necessarily reflect wkhs value

>> No.20163162

10 year yield is pumping

>> No.20163171

What the fuck do I do 800 shares of WKHS in at 9

>> No.20163173
File: 163 KB, 960x1120, 158742086832015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


the dip on stonks is coming

>> No.20163175

$2000 then back to $1500-1800
Tesla calls, tesla shares, large amount in TQQQ and SOXL, WTI contracts with leverage, nvidia calls, nasdaq futures contracts, WKHS since $4, all these EV memes from two weeks ago

>> No.20163176

Do whatever you want. Sell it keep them. I’m not your mom

>> No.20163191

No, because if an option expires otm it becomes worthless. If you think that NIO is going to increase in value in the near term (like very near term) you would buy 7/10 or 7/17 calls. You don't have to guess the exact price point that an equity will reach in a specific timeframe. Guessing the general movement is enough. You don't have to hold until strike to make money on options.

>> No.20163206

What if no one buys your calls or puts once you make money on them?

>> No.20163252

The premium wouldnt increase if people werent buying.

>> No.20163259

You are buying it from somebody. They have to buy the agreed upon shares for the agreed upon price. If they don't, it's illegal.

>> No.20163262

lmao lmao this

>> No.20163290

This rarely happens. The MMs/algos will fill your order 90% of the time. One of the nuances of options is something that's called a "marketable order". If you want to get in or out of an option position you have to pay the spread between the bid and the ask. You need to make your order "marketable". This is something that I rarely see people talk about but it's a HUGE part of trading.

>> No.20163337

Fucking Workhorse, didn't expect it to keep dumping. Had entry at 6 but still. These are some sick gains I am losing here.

>> No.20163351

Just warning you guys I'm selling my horse at open so hold yours for the inevitable immediate gains I cause

>> No.20163364

Thanks for taking the loss for me anon.

>> No.20163370

I want to sell mine too but I’m not going to I guess

>> No.20163371

I got in at 7. I feel your pain

>> No.20163384


>> No.20163393

Thanks, il be sure to buy put.

>> No.20163394

It's over for me guys. I bought more wkhs at 4am and not its gone down even further. I am going to just pick up a weekend job or something. This clearly isn't going to work out for me

>> No.20163405


In all seriousness though, I hope it jumps to $40. I truly want all of us to make good gains on it. We deserve happiness, dammit.

>> No.20163407

Suddenly I know what people mean by "Losses are twice as bad as winning the same amount". The fact that I am losing profit hurts me more than how good it felt that I got it in the first place. Can't win.

>> No.20163415
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Based shkreli, not enough people watched his stock investing series (maybe that's a good thing?).
But i don't think his point was "don't invest", but rather how to understand in what you are trading/investing, with regards to the randomness of the market.

>> No.20163421

NEW >>20163413
NEW >>20163413
NEW >>20163413
NEW >>20163413

>> No.20163430

I need to be better about taking profit and having a strategy. This greed thing isn't working out for me

>> No.20163437

i think the wkhs hype was stolen by all the other EV news and hype so people just kind of forgot about wkhs and had no reason to buy and pump the price up

>> No.20163485

Had a few good bets the past week (up 1200$) and secured some profit for WKHS at 20$. Really needed to force myself to do it. Happy I did, sad I only sold a sixth of my WKHS.

>> No.20163627

Sell most, hold a few.

>> No.20163639

Bump limit.

>> No.20163715

you never heard of a stoploss?

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