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>This will enable future app users to make on-chain RSV payments without the requirement of ether.
HOLY FUCKING SHIT. We are all gonna make it.

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This is going to crush any remaining competition.

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I only have 930k. I'll never make it to 1m at this rate

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Sooo close. Won’t matter tho. Ur golden.

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You’ll still make it desu

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Where are the Satsgang fudders now?

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They are waiting for it to retrace back to $.0075 so they can pretend it's dumping

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Anyone going to try to swing at $0.01?

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Personally my fear of loss far outweighs my greed for more. But I do have over 1M so I'm ok with my stack, but I'm not going to risk losing any of it. I'll just keep buying more.

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Now we wait.

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Hitting $0.01 this week?

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worth selling 1k linkies for this?

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prolly tonight

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Imagine not having minimum 1m RSR by this point. The total wallet list is growing and the top 1000 wallets stack is beefing up, you at this point you need 914,277 to even be listed.

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Only have 175k :( But my portfolio is also only worth $8.8k in total

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Good. Imagine having 175k Link right now. That will be your reality in a couple years.

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Tough choice, you have the chance to get 1M, but also dangerous to FOMO into a big rally.

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I'll buy the 1m after the next -20%

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I've sold 250 Link for it which makes me pretty nervous
Won't do it, though I'll try to accumulate more

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I'll probably throw another $1k once we hit 0.0066 again as well.

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i only have 1.5M
am i going to make it?

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tfw you finally find the ONE shitcoin that will 1000x after unironically searching for 3 years.

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Good luck with that retards

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this is how i felt when i found about Reserve last year

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Lucky you,I only have 600k. Feels bad

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Trust me, you're going to make it

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>assets only ever go straight up and never retrace to support levels

fucking trading 101 man, support/resistance levels are the most reliable way to read charts

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This is mooning hard, the next support level could be $0.009 or $0.01

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dubs speak truth

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I only have 49k bro.

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Need to pump those numbers

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based pillow merchant

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Sell everything else and go all in ?

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Owning 1 million rsr is a big brain move

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>tfw only have half a brain
I'm seriously considering selling the 300 measly link I have and just put it in RSR

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mayday mayday

going down

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thank christ, was getting worried we might push through .01 already. I'm only at 170k, scrambling to get to at least 500k by .01

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My fault guys literally just dumped an ETH in it. I alway make things go down.

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You know a coin is gold when you don't want it to pump

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pls sell

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I was going to but I'm FOMOing harder on it passing me by before I can buy back in than I am FOMOing bout those 20% gains

Sell those stinkies now they're doing relatively fine and buy RSR as soon as possible. You can wait for the retrace to 0.0075ish but I wouldn't even risk it.

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who else here is comfy?

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Is 800k enough bros? Will I still be able to buy more?

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How does $2.30 sound after 3 years?

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do you have anymore money? if so, you can always buy more. i'll be accumulating until it hits $0.01

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Bearish case still 180x

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So incredibly bullish.

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That's gonna buy you a decent house even if you only put 1.5k in today

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bearish case makes me a multi-millionaire. fucking kek. god bless this team

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bearish case I'd have $30,000,000

kek is good.

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>tfw almost billionaire in 10 years (when it reaches $56)
this is where all the bad luck i had in my live evens out. feels good, man.

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Link + Reserve = Frens

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I don't even know how I'll cash out my RSR or how taxes will work when time comes for it. How can you prove that you held for over a year so you don't pay short term capital gains? Also is there anyway the government can see what you're holding in your MEW wallet?

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no reason to cash out
keep your money on compound and withdraw slowly

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I wonder too. Might be a pipedream but if RSR pumps that hard, it's likely RSV is being used so widely you might just as well cash it out in SRV and buy whatever you want off the books.

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Yeah i got 150k think how i feel

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like 3 eth?

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Anons, I have 500k RSR. How comfy will half of a make it stack be?

Like, will I be able to quit my job but not be on yachts and shit? I think I'd be okay with that.

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$300k isn't that bad anon

>> No.20153169

How reliable is this?

>> No.20153519

6.5M RSR Chad

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No one knows for certain, but the Core Reserve team said that they have worked up their own figures on what they think RSR will being the future. Obviously they can not share that publicly. However, Delphi said that they work with the team when making their predictions...

>> No.20153739

Right. Are there predictions for other crypto to compare?

>> No.20154677

I haven't even seen this leaked before.. i doubt they are that easy to find. not sure who else they have done tho

>> No.20155081

we need to get to the bottom of this
come on biz

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What the make it stack? also the suicide stack?
Intending on holding this goy for a couple of years and not trading it...

>> No.20155364

Suicide is 100k. Make it is 1m.

>> No.20155651

Will the Paypal back-end eventually be replaced by RSV? Only time will tell.

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RSR is a scam, meta transactions are implemented in other coins

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um guys, its mooning

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you had a year you sad sack o' shite

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HOLY SHIT LADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know if you're aware.. but this is... kind of a big deal...

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>Core Reserve team said that they have worked up their own figures on what they think RSR will being the future.
is this true? i havent seen this.

>> No.20157183

it's true
I saw it somewhere on their telegram
Reserve won't release any numbers though because of SEC niggers

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LOL non-RSR fags BTFO

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>Anon, where did you get ALL THAT MONEY from?
>I made a smart investment, mom!
Our lives will finally start, friends. We can do it, it's real this time.

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Literally just dumped another $1200 into RSR at $0.0082. Feels so comfy to have just ensured myself an extra $8,294,634 when this his $56.

>> No.20157372

"I made some well-timed investments in a highly speculative, emerging asset class"

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could this BE anymore of a comfy thread?

>> No.20158472

im fucking dumb as shit is there any way to make passive income off this coin?

>> No.20158484

yes, I don't know how much interaction in-app arbing is supposed to take tho.. i heard at one point it can be automated

>> No.20158558

What does this even mean

>> No.20158577


No transaction fees for rsv i think

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>Big BrAin
I spent $20,000 dollars on chucky cheese runescape gold and fire runes. Somehow this changed into real money.

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