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"Just use Kleros"

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Yes. He is right, you know?

>$1,00 eoy

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Bullish for Cardano

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Where to buy this Kleros?

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Haven't seen this yet
Gonna have to buy some more now

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uniswap.exchange, pick V1 for less spread.

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found the cardacuck, guys !

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Ethereum maximalists are so fucked right now.
The last four weeks has put you cucks on suicide watch.

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Why do you say this?

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"Slow and steady wins the race"

Just like Cardano has been doing. Using formal verification.

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>only zk-rollups with 1500tx per secs
get fucked you cardano faggot. your shit hasn't even launched yet

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Shelly has pretty much finished development now.
Goguen will deploy smart contracts onto the main net within120 days.. It's over Etherum are still years away from launching an inferior product.

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lulllllllll even when cardano launches, it will take years for it to catch up to the type of infrastructure ETH has on it. i'm not even ETH maximalist, this is just reality man

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>type of infrastructure ETH has on it

Name me one good dapp built on top of Ethereum?

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literally hundreds if not thousands of others

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TPS war? With Cardano?

It's a pretty useless metric anyway.
Not sure if you can see this, it'll be available on youtube later.

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Every single one of those dapps you listed are all speculative dapps used only to speculate on other dapps built on Ethereum. Does any one of them get any usage outside of the niche community of Crypto Currency?

Ethereum is the project of Today not Tomorrow.
Vitalik took his eye off the ball for too long and now the competition are first to market with the superior product.

Cardano is like an iPhone
Ethereum is like a Blackberry

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It will be easy to port projects from Ethereum to Cardano. Additionally, I would call all of these proof of concept alpha tests. I own ETH, BNT, LEND, and ADA that is relevant to this discussion. I'm bullish on all these or else I wouldn't own them I'm up on all of them so I could exit at profit at any time. But let's not kid ourselves, the defi projects are not driving real world productive loans (only if you count 14 year old cars notes for DMG). Most of this lending is not productive loans, but speculative loans. A lot of people leveraging for more speculative coin buys. What I mean to say is that we don't have anything built on Ethereum that isn't quite frothy and nothing that would give an advantage that could not be overcome by Cardano. Now, it's yet to be seen how this plays out. It's obvious Ethereum *does* have an advantage, but I think it's one that can be overcome if Cardano delivers on their roadmap and Eth 2.0 continues to languish. The problem I see is that Cardano solves many of Ethereum's core problems while early design decisions made by the Ethereum team have made fixing them for scale very difficult. They have to untie a very large knot and I do not envy them for having to solve this problem.

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You cardano faggots are almost as funny as the BSV fags. Top kek

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>cardano faggots
The nerve of an Ethereum maximalist to call someone else out as a "faggot" When I'm not the one wearing a my little pony dress?