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Let me explain. LINK isn't going to $1,000. It's hitting $3,300 by end of 2023. Chainlink is like early ethereum but I actually believe we are at the accumulation section of ethereums growth cycle marked in red. I believe the next time chainlink moons we will have an 8x, then a 30x, and finally a 4x in the altcoin bubble of Jan 2024. Strap in boys.

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It needs more exposure.

Chainlink subreddits have like 15k followers both of them Reddit.

Now compare this to normie coins like Monero that have +200k followers. Even projects that are 10 ranks behind Chainlink have on average +70k more followers than Chainlink

So when you see Reddit subreddit subscribers at 200k you know Chainlink is at the normie consciousness phase.

This is the only statistic you can follow, Reddit is the normie capital of internet it is where normal people go for their daily information about everything

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This is by far the biggest prediction I've seen on biz for Link.
Can you go further into how you came up with this number?
People will tell you your number is a cope post, but really wanting to understand if Link is worth a solid hold for a few years.

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Chainlink is a scam. Stfu

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Why is that, poojeet. Please enlighten us why link is a scam

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My initial thought in 2017 was that it could hit $3-5 and that's as high as it would go. So far I'm not wrong, but that could easily change.

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Sirgay holds more than 2/3 of the supply

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How and where do I buy?

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Sergey has 1/3 of the billion links for his team's development, bills and hires and 1/3 for node operators. This fud is retarded, it's been proven that they spend a shit ton on expanding their vision

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No he doesn't retard. Thank you for notifying us that you are dumb and also do not know what the word scam means

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Oh I see, the Quant network issue. I feel like without a bullrun or mass adoption nothing will happen exposure wise

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Linktards really have gone quite insane.

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Thanks for typing in caps because it's so hard to read

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Sound logic.

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This guys posts very logical and well expressed reasonings for why the next btc bubble will be in 2023. I'm not going to provide an explanation for why The end of 2023 is the most likely time point for the bubble but watch his videos for a good analysis. He also comes to the conclusion that the entire crypto market will hit a 10 trillion market capitalization at the top of the next bubble.

If you look at the dot com bubble of 2000 the combined market cap of every dot com company hit the market cap of gold and then collapsed. I expect crypto to the same thing especially because bitcoin being a store of value/better gold is the leading meme usecase for bitcoin this cycle. Gold has a current market cap of 8 trillion. With all the inflation that's been happening in this recession it's entirely possible gold hits 10 trillon at the end of 2023.

Now that i've talked about the macro part of my argument lets get back to ethereum and chainlink. Chainlink is viewed as the next ethereum which /biz/ also called in 2015 as they did with bitcoin earlier.

The top platforms in the next bubble will hit much higher market caps then in the bubble of 2017 and if Chainlink hits the top 5 by market cap like many in here believe it will then chainlink will also have a market cap far exceeding $100 billion many times over. Ethereum had a market cap exceeding 100 billion in the last cycle. BTC had a market cap exceeding 300 billion in the last cycle. My analysis on LINKs price hitting $3300 assumes that Bitcoin will retain it's ranking as the most valuble crypto project.


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Chainlinks current chart is bahaving unlike any other top crypto project that mooned before btc had a chance to exceed it's prior ath. Ethereums price chart is the best comparison as it is one of the few coins which managed to take off in a bear market. When ethereum ico'd it was sitting at a similar market cap ranking to Chainlink right now. It also ico'd much later in the crypto cycle. It ico'd at around a point in the current cycle where Chainlink had already mooned to $5. Chainlink is already a working product. We are just waiting on the team to finish up staking.

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>It's hitting $3,300 by end of 2023
Retarded dumbfuck.
It won't even get to $300 by 2023
Let alone $3300
Delusional faggot

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Same thing with twitter followers, Chainlink only has 60k while a lot of shitcoins have well over 100k

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>a smart contract is basically a piece of software that can oversee and execute a trade

Lmao, its a distributed if then statement, this guy has no idea what he is talking about.

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>Did old biz underestimate LINK?
Hell no considering the target was 1k 2020, in 2017.

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The target was $1000 at the end of some year. There was no concensus on what year.

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we will never have that exposure because of biz fud on reddit. OGs fucked us so badly

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don't come to a chainlink moonboy board and shit on chainlink moonboys

and we wont let up shitting on this racist alt right scam till $100

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Chainlink doesn't rely on investments from normies. It will be bought by businesses and firms looking to use smart contracts.

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Listen up retard:
If you watched other videos of him, then you would know that he calculated $10,000 per Ethereum as well in the next bullrun. This gives Ethereum a marketcap of around 1 Trillion.
Now let's be realistic here: Chainlink might climb some more ranks and go to $300, which gives it a marketcap of $300 billion.
But $3.3 billion and a higher marketcap than Ethereum is just retarded.
And don't tell me "only circulating supply counts"
Even then it needs to perform more than 10 times better from here than Ethereum.

Tl;dr You are propaply a LINKlet and you won't /make it/ anytime soon. Rather calculate with a 10 year timeframe

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The only buyers that matter for Chainlink are enterprise. I would rather wait another year than let redditors make it.

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OG here, you are welcome.

If it wasn't for the reddit fudding, link chart would look exactly the same as all the 2017 pump&dumps, now it's the best chart in all of crypto, it gave by far the biggest gains of the bear market and none of that would have happened if reddit weakhands were holding link. chainlink is at it's ATH in 20 fucking 20. show another 3 year project that's at it's ATH right now.

dumb fuck

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Ethereum is grandpacoin 2.0. LINK does not need ETH, ETH will continue to exist because of LINK.

I don’t think you realize just how early we are.

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you’re so stupid i don’t wanna believe you’re OG

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oh you're a redditor nulinker, that's why you are salty

got it

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We didn't underestimate it. It was a great "safe" investment under 30 cents. Wouldn't touch the shit now. Smart heads sold when they went above 30x and are now strapping into unmooned shit like Suterusu.

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>dopamine running low
>curtains closed
>vitamin d depleted
>feeling the depression coming on
>"w-we're going to be rich a-arent we??"
>breathe a sigh of relief
>other anons are reassuring you you're going to make it
>ten minutes pass
>the feeling has worn off
>time to make another thread
>"link price prediction thread"
>yeah that's nice... look at all those numbers
>put all the posted numbers and multiply them with your stack
>haha wow, thats a lot of money
>imagine what all you could do with that money
>maybe i'll finally have sex...
>sun peeks through the curtains
>you hear your parents waking up
>hehe, fucking wagies
>the depression comes back
>the dopamine rushes dont last as long as they used to
>time to make another thread
>"is 300 link enough to make it?"

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Tik tok

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BTC and ETH mooned almost exclusively on normie investments.
You have to be a complete and utter moron to discount normie money.

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Here's Link's Reddit followers vs the rest of the top 10 (excluding obvious ones like BTC and ETH).

(note: Link has two subreddits with about 15k people each, most of which will be the same people subscribing to both)

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Trade LINK on Phemex 20x leverage man, no ragrets

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"Normies" have absolutely no savings and bought the top of the bubble by taking out mortgages.

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And here's Link vs the top 20 by Twitter followers.

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None of what you say changes the fact that BTC and ETH mooned almost exclusively on normie money.

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Nice shitcoin nolinker

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It does not change the fact, that retard retail investors won't pump Chainlink to more than $300 by 2023.
And big business is still not in on LINK by that time.
So it is delusional.

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Ah, sorry, I didn't see that you're still a link maximalist who is married to his bags in 2020. Tell you what, Anon. I sold my link earlier this year. And by trading, I was already able to double my capital. Meaning that I could buy twice as much Link as beforehand. And it looks very much like I will be able to buy 3 times as much soon, while you wait for link to finally get over that $5 resistance.

Ever wonder why the price isn't mooning while link has turned into XRP v2 on Twitter? Exactly. Because people like me are selling for greener pastures with more short-term upside potential. But you keep believing your "swingers get the rope" meme while looking at random Reddit sub subscriber numbers. Thinking that the graveyard that is cryptoreddit today is more representative than cryptotwitter.

Keep hoping for "normies" to buy your bags you cultist. Top kek.

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All that shit you wrote still doesn't change the fact that BTC and ETH (all of crypto in fact) mooned almost exclusively on normie money.

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Well, if you have no idea about what to invest in, holding link is probably not a bad idea. It's a pretty safe investment I guess. But there are many better ways of increasing your stack right now. I mean, if you're looking at normie money, explicitly defi shit is going to be more interesting, no? If this is the new bubble.

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>link has turned into XRP v2 on Twitter
XRP has 15x the Twitter followers.

Nobody is this stupid, yet here you are.

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only linklets swing and trade, way to out yourself lmao

>> No.20136048

Why do you keep going on these tangents?

The point is BTC and ETH (all of crypto in fact) mooned almost exclusively on normie money.

>> No.20136077

>retail investors won't pump Chainlink to more than $300 by 2023.
The same retail investors pumped BTC to 20k, and ETH to 1.2k.

>> No.20136236

This. No-one with a stack worth hundreds of thousands just sells it all and starts swinging shitcoins.

And the Link OG's have stacks north of that. Funny, considering they're supposedly "bagholding".

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”Normies” are mot worth shit you fucking retards. What matters is institutions and high net worth indiciduals (of which the former function almost solely on the consensus of the latter)

You’d have to be an uneducated baffoon with no logic to dispute this

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We need new partnerships sir


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Reading this tells me you don't understand LINK enough. With arbitrum we do not need ETH to scale, and nothing is worth more than the underlying tokens of a decentralized Oracle. The God Protocol is the greatest technology that changes how humanity lives.
Don't let your limited imagination affect your judgement. LINK will be the Rank 1 asset of the world, not just crypto currency.
Let that sink in.

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>”Normies” are mot worth shit you fucking retards.
Then explain how BTC and ETH (and all of crypto) mooned almost exclusively on normie money?

>> No.20136631

Still on smartcontract dot com

>> No.20136645

No reason to go up at all then anymore. Its at its equilibrium

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>Chainlink were lying about Swift
Yeah, we all collectively imagined Sergey doing that proof of concept for Swift at Sibos lmao.

Also, Google is literally in his pic of the new website.

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Can't find it here sir

>> No.20136692

Smartcontract x Swift mission is done
Sergey is continuing on finishing Chainlink x DeFi mission

>> No.20136699

>Sergey is continuing on finishing Chainlink x DeFi mission
Yeah, Defi is kind of the kiddie pool for this early version of Chainlink.

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You can find it scattered across Swift's online presence.

>> No.20136710

It's literally the GPI Link, which is a the settlement oracle for smart contracts
Currently being used in Marco Polo and Voltron, which is now renamed Contour
Why do I spoon feed you fags?

>> No.20136714

>ameriburgers unironically think eating super sized meals at mcdonalds counts as "expanding their vision"

>> No.20136715

I will keep posting fud until I accumulate enough link.

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i'm here to think positive thoughts and shit myself
and i'm all out of huggies

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> Digits
> As above so below

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This anon fucks.

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I'm going to enjoy people like this get priced out and fucked over much more than the idiots from plebbit who didn't get any of it.

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I predicted price of chain link within 5 cents on each day of the year. So far I’m not wrong

>> No.20136802

I have friends that are smart and friends that gamble hard.

Most of them dont even know link. They do know monero or even dragonchain.

That is fucking bullish

>> No.20136805

Anon what about the end of this year

>> No.20136899

>Did old biz underestimate LINK?
1000 has been a meme from day one. There have been many threads about >1000.

>> No.20136928

erc-10 token soon

>> No.20136960 [DELETED] 

I got something better if ur looking for a quick 10x flip.

From the creator of Nuke Token

discord gg / aCBeGj3

Discord has 1000 members. Token launching tomorrow. Presale happening now, only limited to first 50 people who join!

>> No.20136975

not again

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It's been the best performing assest in crypto during a 2 year bear market as well as best performing asset IN THE WORLD during the first 4 months of a worldwide global shitshow already.

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You and all the people who agrees with you all fucking normies newfags that don't understand OG biz logic.


>> No.20137445

So explain how Bitcoin and ETH mooned almost exclusively on normie money.

>> No.20137474

Everyone can use smartcontracts with chainlink, but you dont need to hołd the token. Only businesses looking to run a node wants to buy the token

>> No.20137658

Holy shit, summerfags have arrived

I feel generous today so I will spoonfeed a summerfag and this will be considered my good deed for today. We don't need normies buying LINK because this is not a shitty payment cryptocurrency. Chainlink adoption doesn't mean a lot of people buying it and accepting payments in it, Chainlink adoption means enterprise requesting data for their smart contracts and paying node operators in LINK (and therefore they will be the ones buying it). We don't need normies because enterprises willing to use Chainlink will buy LINK since it's the only way to pay node operators to serve them data. Also ETH didn't moon on normie money alone, it mooned after Ethereum Enterprise Alliance was announced and a lot of hedge funds rushed in, plus the ICO scam frenesi (normie money).

No. Enterprises (ie contract requesters) will have to buy LINK in order to pay Chainlink node operators. Node operators will have to lock LINK in their nodes as collateral payments in order to be elligible to serve data requests to some contracts. The profitability of a node will be strictly related to their performance AND the amount of LINK they have locked within their node as this will allow them to serve more data requests at the same time. Most of the circulation supply will be locked in nodes.

tl;dr: the network incentivizes contract requesters to buy and node operators to hold.

>> No.20137670

>We don't need normies buying LINK
If you want the price of Link to go up, normies are extremely helpful.

After all, normies are the ones who pumped BTC and ETH.

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Crypto section of your local walmart

>> No.20137940

Cope and seethe.

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Umm anons is this fully posable serger with accurate genitalia still available?

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You don't even know the significance of the guy on the right do you faggot

>> No.20138052

What was the market cap at the peak of BTC's first real bullrun? When it was $700?

>> No.20138063

What shocks me about these figures is that most of those crypto's are totally useless dogshit

>> No.20138093

Normies have been burned by Crypto, they wont repeat the same mistake of buying high again

>> No.20138099

Nice headcanon.

>> No.20138116

Not all cryptos bro. Link isn't a crypto desu desu

>> No.20138118


How new are you faggots? Exposure on reddit and twitter? You realize the protocol wasn’t designed for us right? The fact it was even listed in Binance was a god send. Literally retards everywhere I swear

>> No.20138123

what will it be tomorrow anon?

>> No.20138156

I can already hear mothers and fathers telling their kids "I remember when BTC hit 20k, kids! So many idiots gambled their savings away, haha, don't you ever be silly enough to buy up that nonsense" as BTC breaks 30k during the next bullrun

>> No.20138176

BTC will never be above 15k again.

>> No.20138196
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Don’t feed the retards. World needs poor people, he will find his place don’t worry

>> No.20138246

man i love these memes, get me a bag real quick

>> No.20138257

Lmao, BTC went from 30 USD to 10 cents at one point.
Before 20k the most infamous top was 1k in 2013, after which it dumped to 170.

Bitcoin has had countless megadumps, and every time normies kept coming back for more.

>> No.20138263

This lmao every time swinglinkers can't post trades even though it would be easy for them. Fucking incels

>> No.20138321

>I don’t think you realize just how early we are
coping stinkies like you will still say that in 2045, CL will never break $5, wake up.

>> No.20138372

Could you acknowledge that people have said this about Chainlink at every new step up for the past few years? $1, $1.80, $2.30, $3, $3.60 etc.
People also said the same thing about BTC and ETH as they mooned.

>> No.20138385

>60 cent stable coin

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>If you want the price of Link to go up, normies are extremely helpful.
this is true, but the issue is that normies are fickle and retarded. if link were to moon due to normie fomo the average neet would eventually become priced out and meaningful accumulation would not be viable. after whales dump on normies the price movement would become as retarded and fickle as the bag holding normies themselves. what the wise neet investor wants is a long period of accumulation at relatively low prices (dca monthly good boy points) and then a proper moon from institutional adoption alone, just as sergey intended. only high IQs understand.

>> No.20138470

Once it gets past $5 they will need to forget all about that cup of coffee fud.

>> No.20138479

Based and correct. If the price becomes erratic highs and lows then this will hamper links progress, it needs to be as steady as it can.

>> No.20138490

>It's hitting
Stopped reading

>> No.20138513

Bruh we couldn't break $5 after BSN. We'll prob barely scratch $10 after SWIFT implementation.

>> No.20138515

Most of us OGs fall into the sub 80 IQ category that liked the FAT Big Mac memes hehe

>> No.20138542

If you're so smart, then why aren't you rich?

>> No.20138549

Can we just break $5 now? Why Btc fucks us when my stinky try to break that resistance?

>> No.20138559

Hes never seen the IQ spectrum to LINK wallet chart kek

>> No.20138562

It's getting pathetic.

>> No.20138577
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Fellow marines, please check Akropolis. This is been shilling hard and found some link og are already on it. Is Akro vetted by marines?

>> No.20138588

If the Link price doesn't go high enough, there won't be enough value to actually collateralize major industry usage.
Link needs all the pump it can get.

Also, the higher BTC got, the more investors it got, the more volume it got, the less violently it fluctuated.
More people = more stability.

>> No.20138635

Zoom out. If you can’t figure it out from there you don’t deserve to make if

>> No.20138681

Bought 200k Akro after seeing some link og’s tweet. Will add more but wanted to confirm with fellow marines.

>> No.20138694

I'm not smart but I have 37k linkies and I still don't really understand what it does. I just know number go up to 1000 eoy and I have a sirgay shirt

>> No.20138702

Dude schools have been cancelled since like March. Besides theyre all on robinhood trading options.

>> No.20138720

The analogy of social media users related to price or even hype is flawed. Chain link is operating in the B2B space. Who follows the likes of GE, Siemens and ABB on social media? Yet these companies have multi billion dollar valuations. Chainlink doesn’t need “Normies” to succeed. It just needs to deliver on its promises and sign the biggest companies in each space, something it is merrily working away on. Everything else is superfluous.

>> No.20138741

>If the Link price doesn't go high enough, there won't be enough value to actually collateralize major industry usage.
i don't think you fully apprehend the amount of money that's going to be flowing through this thing come full adoption. normie fomo will be literal drops in the river post-adoptioin and pre-adoption only acts to hamper accumulation. there is no point in the timeline where normie fomo benefits you in any meaningful way.

>> No.20138750
File: 625 KB, 780x2466, chainlink access per block tweets.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Chain link is operating in the B2B space.
For now, Chainlink operates in the crypto space, just like the rest of the top 20 cryptos.

>Chainlink doesn’t need “Normies” to succeed.
If you want the price of Link to go up, normies are extremely helpful.

>> No.20138790

>normie fomo will be literal drops in the river
Bitcoin is the best performing asset ever in the span of a decade.
Out of all assets that ever existed.
Nearly entirely thanks to normies.

>> No.20138833

Im a IQ 84 retard and I just keep buying link every week. I kek out loud thinking about how I got in to this so fucking early compared to the newfags.

Im still not sure what Link does, except it is somehow related to smart contracts.

>> No.20138901

Do you not understand the tokenomics? Genuinely curious to how much you actually know about Chainlink

>> No.20138923

Of course I do.
The Link token is going to have to represent a proportion of the total value transacted through the Chainlink network in order to provide enough value to collateralize node performance.

>> No.20138962

So why is it’s success contingent upon normies recognizing it when nearly all future pull requests will be initiated by enterprises?

>> No.20139005

Are you insane?
Is there some imaginary price you want to keep Link under?

Please explain why you would want to keep out a major source of price pumpage.

>> No.20139042
File: 49 KB, 800x750, DmclYbqU0AAH6ZF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bitcoin is the best performing asset ever in the span of a decade.
for now.
where we're going we won't need normies.

>> No.20139064

You realize it went 2600%+ in a macro bear market WHILE the very few autists who actually knew about the project spent endless hours actively fudding their own investment? It’s the recognition this project was never intended for us. The fact is was listed in Binance was sheer luck alone. You don’t understand the protocol if you think LINK needs normie attention for adoption.

>> No.20139087

And for the record I’m not trying to “keep out a major source of price pumpage”. I’m just corrected you on a clearly retarded comment you made earlier

>> No.20139088

>You realize it went 2600%+ in a macro bear market
Entirely based on normie speculation.

Way to defeat your own argument.

>> No.20139106

Congrats on having the point sail directly over your head

>> No.20139108

>I’m not trying to “keep out a major source of price pumpage”
Without normies, Link will not pump as high as it would with normies.

>> No.20139129

Link beat the entire crypto market with nothing but normie speculation.

Yet here you are, arguing that normies won't make a difference in Link's ultimate moon level.

>> No.20139140


>> No.20139153

Without normies you won't be going as high as with normies.

>> No.20139158

Thank you for this incredibly insightful comment anon. I wasn’t aware that the more money entering a market the better. Top kek. Lemme guess, sub 15k wallet?

>> No.20139163

It a utility token for fucking enterprises. The only use it use it has for normies is speculation if they can even wrap their heads around it. The service the network provides is for businesses and Dapp developers. I’d rather have sub $5 LINK and wait twice as long vs having some reddit fag make it.

>> No.20139176

I'm glad "Saint Normie" stepped out of his Golden Palace for 30 minutes to educate us lowly peasants

I can just see him playing a little flute, a flutter of normalfags trailing behind

>> No.20139194

>ultimate moon level.

The fact you use terms like this leads me to believe you are poor or foreign or both

>> No.20139210

>I’d rather have sub $5 LINK and wait twice as long vs having some reddit fag make it.
unironically this

>> No.20139215

Then you're agreeing that normie money is a definite boon for Chainlink.

>It a utility token for fucking enterprises.
No, it's a utility token for oracles, which make smart contracts more than just crypto token dispensers.

Smart contracts are inherently peer-to-peer, they cut out middlemen like banks, insurance companies, lawyers, courts, notaries, ...
The fact that they are hugely beneficial to financial institutions is just a bonus.

>> No.20139231

You say that, but you agreed that "the more (normie) money, the better".

Take your meds.

>> No.20139260

For the second time, I was responding to your original retarded comment about normie adoption essentially being a necessity. Are you illiterate

>> No.20139268

>I was responding to your original retarded comment about normie adoption essentially being a necessity.
lmao, quote me where I said that.

>> No.20139281

I’ll take my meds as soon as you stop using pre pubescent terms like “moon“ and “pumpage”. What’s poverty like anon?

>> No.20139289

No one wants to see link do a traditional fucking moon. We want it to go like amazon keep pumping and pimping for a prolonged period and it may take years for it to be ready to do this.

>> No.20139299
File: 1.96 MB, 400x300, 69A53C48-BDBE-4B4C-AAE6-8A2EE6E1E0CB.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Well it’s an absolute useless shitcoin just like everything else in the top 10 not named Chainlink, so it’s understandable.

I am still awed that people think the Sigularity can’t happen. Start adding up the market caps of all the shit between BTC and LINK.

>> No.20139311
File: 561 KB, 905x503, 123123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20139324

says the faggot using words like "faggot" and "retard".

Do this: >>20139268

>We want it to go like amazon keep pumping and pimping for a prolonged period
You do realize normies buy amazon stock, right?
It's one of the most normie assets to buy.

>> No.20139331

This is the statement I am referring to

>> No.20139358

So you don't agree that "Link needs all the pump it can get" in order to go high enough to be able to collateralize major industry usage?

>> No.20139360

> If the Link price doesn't go high enough, there won't be enough value to actually collateralize major industry usage.
Link needs all the pump it can get.

Also, the higher BTC got, the more investors it got, the more volume it got, the less violently it fluctuated.
More people = more stability.

>> No.20139382


>> No.20139385

No, that’s the point I was calling you out on. You went full retard here assuming that normies have to pump the price so that the underlying collateral can satisfy the contract agreement value

>> No.20139400

I dont disagree that if LINK had a cult following on lebbit that the price would be somewhat higher. Do i think they would pump it to $6 tomorrow? No.

But as i said before, and I think I speak for all of biz here.
"I’d rather have sub $5 LINK and wait twice as long vs having some reddit fag make it."
I sincerely mean this. If not having normies buy into LINK means I have to wait 1-2 more years to make it, I prefer that 10 times out of 10.

>> No.20139401

I said Link needs all the pump it can get in order to go high enough to be able to collateralize major industry usage.
Normies are certainly helpful in this respect.

>> No.20139417

I hold both; Link for a real, long term investment and BCH to buy and spend with. It’s a simple usecase relative to decentralized oracles, but it works abd people use it.

>> No.20139436

Your original post made it sound like it was reliant on normie adoption to attain levels to satisfy the collateral agreements.

>> No.20139452
File: 708 KB, 720x960, 1581293660927.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked. Oh gods I was strong back then obvious soft confirmation that I think was intentional coz sergey loves anons

>> No.20139457

You showed how much you actually know about the protocol with this statement anon...i hope you understand that. Most OGs are likely laughing at this statement

>> No.20139472

It could very well be.

If major industries come knocking on Chainlink's door and there isn't enough value to collateralize demand, they simply won't use it.

Good post anon, gj.

>> No.20139502


fuck off already.

>> No.20139508

>doesn't want leddit normies to buy cheap Link
>therefore wants to keep Link cheap

How are you this dumb, honestly.

>> No.20139517

You haven't seen the time traveller with the $81,000/link screenshot then.

>> No.20139527

>fuck off already.
lmao, I've lived here since 2016, I'm not going anywhere.

>> No.20139541

“Isn’t enough value to collateralize demand”

Do you realize how retarded this is? If collateral is needed, node operators will have to buy tokens to satisfy the SLA (Demand up). If the SLA requestor needs LINK to pay the operator, they will buy LINK. How do you even arrive at a situation where there “isn’t enough value to collateralize the demand” kek? You realize how counterintuitive this statement is right? If there’s demand for the SLA there is automatically demand for the Chainlink token by both parties of the agreement. Explain to me how an SLA requestor and an SLA provider could arrive at a situation where there isn’t enough value to collateralize the agreement?

>> No.20139565
File: 128 KB, 1000x558, 1593267914902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My average buy-in is under $0.50 and I'm incredibly comfy but we haven't seen anything yet I love you all.

Always remember, love Sergey and he will be the genie for all of your dreams.
T. 300k+ LINK

>> No.20139597

Anon you must be mistaken. Myself, 3 of my friends in real life, and I imagine a countless number of biz anons, are all buying LINK every single paycheck

I have amassed an amount of LINK under $5 that no normie could possibly ever obtain. The longer it stays low, the more I buy.
They aren't buying now. I am. This is why I don't care at all if LINK stays under $5 for another year.

>> No.20139614
File: 1004 KB, 844x853, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reddit is the perfect barometer for normal level consciousness. It is the bane for all intellectual progress for it relies too much on groupthink.

>> No.20139627

>This is by far the biggest prediction I've seen on biz for Link.

Did you just find this board last week?

>> No.20139630

If the Link market cap isn't high enough to cover the total demand for collateral, then it's simply not going to work.

You'll certainly get upwards slippage from acute demand, but Link isn't going to magically assume the total market cap needed.

>> No.20139652

And every second Link remains this low is another opportunity for leddit scum to scoop up cheap Link.

gj playing yourself.

>> No.20139670

So if collateral is needed what does the SLA requestor/provider do? Oh yeah, they take to the open market to buy more LINK to satisfy the collateral. What happens when demand increases? You act like market cap is static. Honestly I can’t tell if you’re just trolling or actually this retarded in real life. I’m getting concerned

>> No.20139692

>we need reddit normies to buy it so the price is high so reddit normies cant buy it
well done, genius

>> No.20139703
File: 344 KB, 3200x1800, implicitsteaking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

another point that i don't think has been brought up against normie adoption is that they'd undermine implicit staking. normies do not understand chainlink's primary purpose as a protocol (often times even if it's explained) and unlike biz neets they do not see the big picture. by the looks of it many in this thread do not see the big picture either. because normies are both divorced from the protocol's purpose and do not participate in they just see it as a speculative vehicle no different from any other reddit coin. essentially they have no skin in the game.

>> No.20139720

Also, sorry that you're poor and late, I guess.

An asset doesn't reach whatever value you want it to.
There will always be orders for Link that is as low as possible.

And when the market cap is insufficient to meet industry demands, they'll just not use it.

>reddit normies buy it so the price is high so reddit normies cant buy it
That's how markets work, yes.
You never placed a buy order only to see the price take off?

>> No.20139730

Does Oil need normies to buy Oil Futures?

>> No.20139745

What's your point.

>> No.20139766
File: 456 KB, 1954x712, tweets google cloud chainlink b2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All you normie haters must really hate Google Cloud, huh?

No wonder there's been all this salty seethecope for over a year now.

>> No.20139767

LEND has performed better over that time period. That's just off the top of my head.

>> No.20139781

>Also, sorry that you're poor and late, I guess.
Anon I have over $170,000 worth of chainlink

It truly almost feels empty depositing my $1000 every two weeks into more LINK, but I know it's the right move. I got in originally for 10k LINK at 15 cents.

>> No.20139799
File: 27 KB, 1182x668, aave lend chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love Aave to death, but holy shit get your eyes checked.

>> No.20139805

Reddit mod literally delete threads mentioning LINK LMFAO!

You have to be very fucking lucky to see a LINK post on the front page of their subreddit. The BSN one only existed for 45 minutes before being deleted.

>> No.20139824

Hoping the Link train won't take off is like wishing you could buy Bitcoin in 2009.

Nevertheless, every second Link stays low is another chance for Twitter/Reddit/ebaumsworld/... filth to scoop up cheap Link.

>> No.20139830

my friends 60 year old dad found out about and bought LINK by himself

>> No.20139887

I don’t mind if people can break their cycle of group think and search for themselves. I’ve literally told my normie friends to buy LINK after giving the whole spiel and they never did or it was a paltry amount ($100-$200).

These people are so ingrained in their thinking the majority will never actively seek it:

>> No.20139908

I'm not arguing that we're not still extremely early.

>> No.20139917

I can endorse that. Link marine since ICO.

>> No.20139932
File: 59 KB, 655x527, 1528597552337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

as retail investors normies do not participate in the chainlink network, they just use it for speculation. in order for implicit staking to work the value of link needs to be tied to protocol compliance. because normies exist outside of this relationship but can still affect link's price they undermine implicit staking, ie. one of the crypto-economic pillars of chainlink's network security.

>> No.20139943

>as retail investors normies do not participate in the chainlink network, they just use it for speculation
That's what made Bitcoin and ETH moon.

>> No.20139954

Simply put, it takes a certain type of mindset to understand LINK. It won’t click for these people until the network has matured, like how people thought google was dumb in its inception.

>> No.20139967
File: 86 KB, 816x931, 1440027086249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> still early
Nigga I've been here schizo posting for three years where is my suicide cover?

>> No.20139989

No, but in this case the underlying collateral must be sufficient to meet the SLA, hence SLA operators would take to the market and buy LINK to satisfy the agreement if it still meant a reduction in trust and overhead. I’m fairly convinced you’re trolling at this point...

>> No.20139997

The price gain we're expecting to see in Link comes from actual utilisation though, not normie speculation. As well, aren't normies still burnt out from the 2018 crash?

>> No.20140019

Old biz is smart. They cashed out and invested at bnt at 10 cents and dmg at 22 cents. Now if they were going to buy back they would have 15x profits and 6x profits

>> No.20140023


>> No.20140026

Lads I bought a different shitcoin when I should have bought LINK and got burned. I'm read to convert is now a good time to buy or should I wait a bit.

>> No.20140034

He thinks that normies have to pump the price so that the underlying collateral can satisfy the agreement for big enterprise. Truly some next generation backwards thinking, can’t make it up

>> No.20140067

Cant wait until link crashes and burns.

>> No.20140073

Investing is 10% entry, 10% exit and 80% waiting. Most of the money will be made while sitting tight on your ass.

>> No.20140083

Normies, who are mostly living paycheck to paycheck, are going to collectively pour in billions of dollars into a hard to understand technology project?

>> No.20140091

Wait for at least $20. Go all in BSV in the meantime

>> No.20140111

That’s what the one retard in here is trying to argue. Essentially that normies need to pump the price so that the protocol can effectively collateralize SLA agreements with big enterprise. Dude went full blown retard right out the gate

>> No.20140118

Find a super undervalued coin, go all in and just wait. Thats how you become rich.

tldr. Buy AKRO

>> No.20140138

From my understanding, the way the system works is that node operators are incentivized to stake as much LINK as they can to get collateral and have enough for any ad hoc jobs. Enterprises/Developers need LINK to access the network in a mature network they wouldn’t need a large amount of it but they need LINK to pay for node operator fees, like how they pay for API calls today.

>> No.20140146

>He thinks that normies have to pump the price so that the underlying collateral can satisfy the agreement
I literally told you that it "helps": >>20139401

Way to argue in bad faith, seethefag.

>The price gain we're expecting to see in Link comes from actual utilisation though, not normie speculation
Why the fuck would you not want purely speculative gains on top of actual utilization?

Explain this absolutely retarded logic to me.

Normies are what pumped BTC and ETH.
How are you this braindead lmao.

>> No.20140174

Like I said, most OGs are laughing at you kek. You clearly have little to no understanding of the protocol. Watched a couple YouTube vids and read a Medium article and you’re a pro now, congrats.

>> No.20140181

buffet just sank 8bn into natural gas and oil

>> No.20140204

There is only a limited amount of Link available in the market.

You can't generate whatever slippage you want to make Link go wherever you want.

>> No.20140209

I never said it wont happen or is bad, it's that it is going to be negligible compared to gains from actual utilisation. Damn nigga learn to read.

>> No.20140216

Is it too late to buy DMG old frend

>> No.20140244

Yes and it’s divisible to 18 decimals. It’s literally impossible to encounter a situation where collateral can’t satisfy the agreement. Please provide in detail a possible way for this to occur

>> No.20140249

>most OGs are laughing at you

Says the guy who didn't know Bitcoin and ETH mooned from cents to thousands.

>it is going to be negligible compared to gains from actual utilisation
Yeah, because the moons Bitcoin and ETH had from normies weren't that big right?

>> No.20140264

29 sats to 1600 sats > 1k sats to 50k sats brainlet

>> No.20140268

new id btw, on mobile internet

>Yes and it’s divisible to 18 decimals.
That doesn't change the amount of Link available.

>> No.20140291
File: 24 KB, 1188x526, aave lend chart sats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop emberrassing yourself

>> No.20140300

What a midwit. Always observe your constituents, this is a hard sell signal.

>> No.20140308

>the moons
Another poor pajeet, nothing to see here move along

>> No.20140319

Holy shit just rechecked LENDs at fucking 1900. Yeah, its BTFOd LINKs 3 years in roughly 8 months.

>> No.20140323

>Why the fuck would you not want purely speculative gains on top of actual utilization?
fucking retard. just take a step back from diddling yourself to the thought of an epic reddit moonshot for half a second and reread some of the counterpoints in here.

>> No.20140348

Absolute bottom to absolute top LEND has outperformed LINK. Cope more.

>> No.20140350

This is what you're reduced to after hours of embarrassing yourself.

There isn't a single argument imaginable for keeping out the very source of speculative gains that launched BTC and ETH.

>> No.20140376

I imagine normies are still wary of crypto since the last crash, you can't expect the same pattern to occur again. Plus the price rise in Link is going to be something no one has experienced before, because it wont be solely due to speculation. Stop thinking short-term, Link is going to change how businesses function and focusing on 'moons' misses that point.
Normies are not needed.

>> No.20140388
File: 36 KB, 360x328, DvUiZTrVsAAJcU0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Threads like these remind me how much dumb money is still in crypto. We need a serious shakeout.

>> No.20140393

Notice how when I ask the anon for a specific situation where lack of collateral could occur he disappears? Fuck I can’t imagine being both poor and retarded.

>> No.20140402

Buy Akro and thank anon later.

>> No.20140428
File: 1.13 MB, 1280x1280, 1502296232096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine basing investment decisions on normans who exist pay check to pay check

>> No.20140456

Imagine thinking you understand the value Link offers and still believing that normies are in any way required.

>> No.20140458
File: 957 KB, 300x300, 63DA7FAA-7817-4CCA-9646-3E3D738DAB62.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you not read what that anon said

>> No.20140516

That anon believes normies are needed to effectively collateralize big enterprise SLA agreements. Clearly a room temp IQ anon

>> No.20140525

>I imagine normies are still wary of crypto since the last crash
Bitcoin has had far worse crashes during its lifetime.

See >>20137007 >>20139767
You absolute morons.

If Link's market cap can't cover the collateral required by the industry, they will simply not use it.

>> No.20140531

I have an IQ of 100 and I hold 4000 LINK
omg that chart is real :(

>> No.20140550

Imagine being the blackest dumbest gorilla nigger and still buying Link early af. Muh value... Go and read Simmel.

>> No.20140553

This is the second time I'm telling you that I said normies would be "helpful".

On a scale from 1 to ramming a tv remote up your ass, just how butthurt are you right now?

>> No.20140586

There isn't a single argument imaginable for keeping out the very source of speculative gains that launched BTC and ETH.

>> No.20140587

>If Link's market cap can't cover the collateral required by the industry, they will simply not use it.

This is why everyone here is calling you a retard. Take a step back and recognize just how dumb this statement is. You’re clearly not cut out to make it anon, but don’t worry, the world needs plenty of poor people.

>> No.20140607

Sergey convinced salami who is worth x2 normies you fucking tards

>> No.20140617

>You absolute morons
Not an argument. Cope more.

>> No.20140668

The argument was about the past 2-year+ bear market.

One anon said Lend outperformed Link during this timeframe, which is clearly false since it's actually gone down during that timeframe.

You can't just keep buying Link when you run out, anon.

>> No.20140692

Even if normie money is 1/1,000th of industry money, why would you want to rule it out?

>> No.20140695
File: 66 KB, 683x360, 1544064993241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There isn't a single argument imaginable for keeping out the very source of speculative gains that launched BTC and ETH.
for you clearly.
if a significant enough portion of the available tokens are held by retail investors then we run into a situation where the crypto-economic function of implicit staking becomes compromised because these retail investors do not participate in the protocol. the value of the token begins to be controlled by the whims of traders and becomes divorced from actual protocol compliance. this degrades link's security and makes it a less attractive option for customers, undermining its long term viability.
you either do not understand what i'm saying because you're a fucking newfag idiot, you do not care because you are a reddit moonboi, or both.

>> No.20140699

>You can't just keep buying Link when you run out, anon.
Elaborate on what specifically you mean by this.

I am assuming you mean "When you run out of available LINK to buy"
You do realize this will never happen, because there will always be people who are willing to sell at a certain value, right?

>> No.20140711

It’s divisible to 18 places....explain a situation in detail where you “run out”. If the SLA needs it’s collateral satisfied, node operator will take to the market to buy LINK. Demand increases thus increasing price and the supply simultaneously shrinks. You act like there isn’t a free market where SLA requestors and providers can buy/sell LINK to satisfy internal SLA agreements. Please explain in detail and hypothetical situation where they “run out” of LINK and the contract lacks collateral

>> No.20140736

DMG is a scam. How can biz not see this. I thought you guys were smart.

Buy Akro under 100 sats. You will thank this anon in a year.

>> No.20140848

2018 FUD. Nice try poo

>> No.20140857

The more Link is kept in wallets, away from the network, the higher Link's price has to rise to cover collateral requirements.

Without a healthy speculative market to anticipate this, you risk not having enough traders/orders to keep up with slippage.

And again, all I'm saying is normie investors will be HELPFUL.
You want this to go smoothly, not run into problems because the market cap is too low.

I'm all for this luxury problem of NEEDING Link to go on an exponential rise to meet collateral demand.
In fact, the more Link is kept in wallets, away from the network, the higher Link's price has to rise to cover collateral requirements.

>> No.20140911

this is bad news actually.

>> No.20140937

>The argument was about the past 2-year+ bear market.
>One anon said Lend outperformed Link during this timeframe, which is clearly false since it's actually gone down during that timeframe
Sure but LEND has more than made up for all of LINKs gains and surpassed them.

>> No.20140948
File: 88 KB, 310x544, AE899BA5-3222-4192-AF19-8B3D500D287B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the most delusional link thread yep

>> No.20140990

I think a major fault in your logic is assuming that extremely (EXTREMELY) high value contracts will be deployed to chainlink immediately, or in the very near short term.
This will not happen. Yes, eventually Chainlink will likely handle contracts that underpin millions, even billions in assets, but not at the start.

The start is exactly the solution to the non-existent problem you are assuming will occur. As Chainlink is used for increasingly higher value contracts, the price increases as a result. As more high value contracts use chainlink, it increases reliability and overall trust in the network.

Nobody is deploying a 5 billion dollar contract to use LINK oracles 1 month after staking is released. But after 1-2 years, when theres numerous multi-million dollar contracts using LINK oracles they might.
At this point, though, ChainLink will obviously be higher value and will be able to support such valuations.

>> No.20141023

>you risk not having enough traders/orders to keep up with slippage.

Hahahahah how fucking retarded are you? I just explained that the “traders/orders” you talked about will be big enterprises who need the protocol to cut overhead and reduce risk. Holy shit it’s laughable how retarded you are, Godspeed anon you’re going to need all the luck you can get in life top kek

>> No.20141046

>Sure but LEND has more than made up for all of LINKs gains and surpassed them.
That's another "argument" than the one I was having.
During the past 2 year+ bear market, Link beat all of crypto, including Lend.

Also, Lend/Aave is built on Link.
Takes a true Pajeet to try and see competition here.

>> No.20141110

>I think a major fault in your logic is assuming that extremely (EXTREMELY) high value contracts will be deployed to chainlink immediately, or in the very near short term.
They could be.

>Nobody is deploying a 5 billion dollar contract to use LINK oracles 1 month after staking is released.
Why would you not want that to be possible with as little issues as possible?

And again, my only point is normie money made BTC and ETH moon. It would be extremely retarded to keep that out of Chainlink.

>the “traders/orders” you talked about will be big enterprises
No, they will be node operators.

>> No.20141191

>Also, Lend/Aave is built on Link.
It utilizes LINK, it is not built on it

>> No.20141192

And again: the more normie investors, the more Link is kept in wallets away from the network, the higher Link's price has to be to cover collateral requirements.

>> No.20141207

Here come the semantics.

>> No.20141393


>> No.20141734

What a retard lmao. Fucking summerfags go buy iota or xrp

>> No.20141936

>I want normies out of Link
>I also want Link to stay low so normies can buy cheap

>> No.20142201

>greener pastures
why don't you shill us already, hard to convince me without evidence, I'm truthfully just asking for a bread crumb on a good buy

>> No.20142318

It’s a scam retard

>> No.20142320

LP tokens are pretty pretty pricey right now. Has anyone else noticed this? Something is ah brewing.

>> No.20142439

Technically if I raise the market value of link by 1 cent, it would help.

>> No.20142556

normies dont even care about taking their money and investing it into something, or anything for that matter.
they are too busy consuming

>> No.20142579

How much are linkpool tokens and where can I get it?

>> No.20142630

Theyre literal free passive income with the asset they pay out being the biggest gainer in all markets over the last two years
The market is retarded that theyre so cheap

>> No.20142894

Completely different situations. Crypto won't have violent sudden growth spurts anymore, at least not to the same degree. I'd suspect Chainlink now is like ETH anywhere from $30-100, yeah that's a wide range but it's outright delusional to think Chainlink could do anything more than a x15-x30 max in the bullrun from 2021-2023 which is going to see probably peak 100k BTC.

>> No.20143064

Bubble will peak late 2022. Don't think all values will collapse, BTC is going to remain. The few stronger projects that show real utility will remain (link should be among them). Everything else scamcoins etc. will probably collapse though.

>> No.20143068

i have to say, you have remarkably good spelling and grammar skills for a helmet-wearing retard.

>> No.20143090

Well over 45 ETH right now and on LinkPool.

>> No.20143313

>Why the fuck would you not want purely speculative gains on top of actual utilization?
because we dont want reddit faggots and other normalfag filth getting rich. i am nowhere near the first person to express that in this thread. we are on the verge of a serious paradigm shift here. i actually got one redditor i know to sell his chainlink last year.

>> No.20143343

Nice. story?

>> No.20143356

Imagine caring about reddit THIS much.

Absolute turbocringe.

>> No.20143381

What is your opinion on this development?

>> No.20143578
File: 166 KB, 796x639, 927DCB36-B8E8-4BBE-B297-52E8EFD2B25B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where in link pool? Brainlet here. Manage to make a good profit from dmg so wouldn’t mind looking into linkpool and earn passive income and quit my wage cage.

>> No.20143655

Stop being a brainlet, I don't like it.

>> No.20143693

Thanks anon

>> No.20143721

Its in the DEX.

You need meta mask in order to Connect and buy

>> No.20143767
File: 830 KB, 600x1283, 8CC4927C-AEF1-4E85-813D-327ACE0D1CDE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scored 100 one day on Norway Mensa test and then 92 the next day I unironically bought because of meme magic and seeing coinbase listing and partnerships. Top 2k wallet holder, makes me laugh that I’ll be a multimillionaire soon and retired while 140 IQ programmers will be sitting in their wage cuck cubicles slaving away for Jews KEK.

>> No.20143769

Getting really tired of the LP shilling lately

>> No.20143940

This is so very based.

t.140iq og

>> No.20143983
File: 7 KB, 250x174, 654516846513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ctrl+f "reddit"
>33 results

Why are Link fudders so obsessed with reddit?

>> No.20144399

Based sperg.

>> No.20144471

Not worth discussing on biz anymore
Anyone engaging is a new fag now to link and still believes we are capped by BTC and ETH

Real believers watch and laugh as we know ETH and BTC are retarded dinosaurs

>> No.20144829

Ethrreum had more explosive growth than BTC did in a very short timeframe. Btc never had explosive growth that high in the past. Thete is no reason why chainlink can't have more explosive growth in the next cycle.

>> No.20145639

>But good luck to all of you, money can still be made through Chainlink.
Even the fud is bullish

>> No.20145954


>> No.20146063

You’re not fucking listening you absolute dumb fuck

>> No.20146333

Saw someone on reddit talking about this biz forum and sold my TSLA and AMZN stock for LINK, hold 19k LINK now and will buy some more soon thanks for all the info guys we will make it and bless Sergei and the entire LINK currency

>> No.20146400 [DELETED] 

Btc briefly hit 14 billion in its first bullrun.

>> No.20146988


>> No.20147422

LINK $1000 EOY check em

>> No.20147472

You’re forgetting the inter work alliance.

>> No.20147529

And checked.

And check this.

>> No.20147531


>> No.20147868

post shorts or shut the fuck up

>> No.20147869
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>You’re not fucking listening you absolute dumb fuck

>> No.20147912

I'm going to coom