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You niggers want to know what metal you should be investing in? Silver? Gold? Platinum? No. Fuck all of those, at worst they'll just store value.
Invest in Lithium. lithium reserves in the chilean brine pools are getting lower and lower by the year. It's required for just about everything nowadays. From batteries to medicine to general metallurgy.
In addition to this, there is a perpetually increasing demand for such products as electric cars and smartphones. A single model S uses 63kg. Estimates say we have only 12-16 million tonnes left.

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where/how do I invest in lithium?

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Know of any Lithium miners?

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Lithium batteries are good.... But Silver based batteries are better. The conspiracy theorist in me really wants to believe Trump's plan is a Silver backed dollar(versus the petro-dollar) to lead a manufacturing electric automation revolution in the West....

But politicans simply just aren't that based anymore.

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