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Why do people generally dislike short sellers biz?

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cause its bearish and parasitic.

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It exposes frauds and decreases market volatility.

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It’s Jewish in spirit

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It creates an incentive for whales to dump good projects.

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Some of the projects pitched are insanely over optimistic. Short sells bring them back in line.

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most people do not have the means (capital) to ACTUALLY short sell.

for stocks, the barrier is even higher since retail does not have access to borrowing stocks on margin typically.

for crypto, you can short pretty easily with only $500k-$2m, but it's still risky and access to margin/leverage on a CEX for alts is limited so you cant juice your returns.

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Because they’re betting against other people and people get emotional about investments

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its just gambling.

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because holders of an assed don't like it if someone bet against them even if it just in the short term. then after a while they see that it benefits price discovery and gives them an opportunity for passive income by lending the asset they hold long term out to the speculators

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Because short sellers force the market to be honest about the real value of an asset and /biz/ wants a comfortable lie.

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Because boomers want the price of everything to forcefully go up forever even if full asset feudalism is achieved for the future. People assume number go up against dollar pair = some vague notion of growth.
Shorts are highly accessible with futures, idk what you're talking about.

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Short sellers are communists and nobody likes filthy communists

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Because they haven't mastered the reverse button.

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Can you redpill me on shortselling?

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u know nothing about liquidity because ur only trading mcflurry money, wagecuck.

futures have to be liquid. for example, you can borrow millions of LEND on AAVE, then sell AAVE for USD to lock-in your short, but you want margin/leverage on a CEX to juice returns. there are no liquid futures markets for LEND tho, so not worth the counterparty risk.

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>people hate shorts because the barrier of entry is high
>you're shorting just fine?
>nooo you're shorting with mcflurry money so you can't know how high the barrier is to AKSHUALLY short
take your meds

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Nothing wrong with shorts. I've been taking money from market manipulators for the past year. Just counter trade barts and chainlink surpression dumps.

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