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1 mil market cap
Volume organically increasing
Big new exchange coming soon
Contract audited by coding autists
Next gen deflation and staking
Big brain devs updating the contract often
Decently sized and active TG

Why dont you hold a bag /biz/?

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very big things sir

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Oh sweet Vishnu, this will give many moons sir. If exit scammed, bloody fuck you bloody!

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I'm a whale and I promise I won't dump my bags on you.

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It’s not actually even $1m market cap yet.:. More like $400k when you look at actual circulating supply....

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IDEX imminent. You heard it here first.

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even better

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exactly, 1 more brilliant reason to buy

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i hope they will do another OTC. the first one lasted for 15 mins kek

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just bought some

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>wat does coin do sir ?

It makes u f*cking rich !

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