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I have 86,000,000 RSR and I'm still buying more.
I'll die a billionaire, how bout (You)?

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I have 20k RSR and I'm not a LARPer faggot. At best I'll be able to have a nice holiday lol.

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>everyone is just as poor as i am
literally ngmi

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Could you redpill me on rsr why its going up in worth? what it has others dont?

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Got a 200k stack, feels comfy af

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I won't die.

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first off, RSR is entirely deflationary.
and secondly, the conditions for new RSR to be minted are so rare that its likely to not even happen in the first 20+ years of its operation.
lastly, its the only crypto project to ever be so highly connected business wise you'd have to be a fool not to buy it.

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1M reporting. Still buying more.

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Hi Peter Thiel

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Price prediction? Until what price i should be cumulating? Thanks for insights

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Will you be an upper class billionaire though?

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Up until 1c youre basically guaranteed a 50-100x

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Well, for me personally, what made me financially is turning small amounts of money into large ones is buying really low and of course selling really high. So when it comes to RSR, I'm going to just keep buying until $0.20 - We should see this bullrun at $1+ RSR very easily. When this position begins showing major returns is 2021 and everything after that is just an endless NUMBER GO UP cycle simply based on the tokenomics and how deflationary this is. Once the normans discover how great the passive income opportunity is with RSR thru the DeFi being built for it - the sky is the limit. Just keep buying more.

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I'll donate some profits so I can never die

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anon, I unronically am a truly poorfag (income about $20/year), but I have scrapped together about 30k in my crypto port from a number of winning trades and a bit of luck and good timing. Fucking fortune favors the bold. I'm thinking if I put it all on RSR, I might make it in one play by eoy. Shoot me straight anon. Is rsr sure enough for a poorfag to risk it? Sincerely.

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could you explain on passive income fren, you will be able to stake them or you mean providing liquidity

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Another thing I meant to mention, this is essentially "the last trade" i'll really ever have to make in my lifetime.
So, when you actually make the lifetime trade of your career in finance, the tendency is to never really have to ever worry about money again.
That's the biggest turn on for me at least about RSR, is that it's essentially more or less ended my career in finance.
Now I can just sit back, watch NUMBER GO UP year after year and enjoy my money instead of worrying about how to flip it into more.
All that will be automated thru the DeFi for Reserve, so its /comfy/ time.

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The DeFi being built for RSR/RSV will earn you passive interest on your RSR while at the same time arbitrage trading it into RSV for you, maximizing your stable bags while at the same time building your RSR position. It will be incredibly profitable especially for ppl holding large RSR stacks.

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Hey fren. You've worked your way up from your shit salary. While the Reserve protocol is a sure win, do not put all of your eggs in one basket.
>DiVeRSifiCAtIoN iS a MeME
Not in your situation. For example, I am heavily invested in 3 projects. You need to think about black swan events. Crypto isn't safe.

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thanks brah. (btw I meant $20k in my earlier reply, but you knew I think). I know what you're saying is the wise play. I just wanna make it so fucking bad. But I've made some bold and reckless trades that were wins to get where I'm at. But I have enough that I prob need to go for more cautious plays. 2x. +20%. Shit like that. Slow steady grind up. For real though, this is more money than I've had at one time in my life.

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>Is rsr sure enough for a poorfag to risk it?
RSR is a guaranteed bet. If I was in your situation I would take out the largest loan I could no matter what the APR is on it and buy RSR. I'd max out my credit line just to buy RSR. You'll make so much money from this you'll be set for life. Buying RSR is essentially the last trade you'll ever have to make. Just don't be tempted to sell any of it under $3 which should happen no later than 2025.

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do you know %?

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The details are still up in the air as the DeFi is still being developed.
Percentage wise, its going to be very attractive but I don't know the exact figures right now.

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2025...fuck man, we'll all be speaking mandarin by then. You really think that long?

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I'm being very conservative. But yes, $5 is even possible by then considering it will be on Coinbase by then and at that time have increased worldwide adoption rates with addition to the US markets being able to trade it. It is the most advanced stable currency system that has ever been invented so of course its going to be very valuable.

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I thought this was a satsgang scam pump and dump paid pajeet shillers shitcoin? Now everyone is bullish on this now? the satsgang shit just fud to accumulate and I fucking missed out because I believed it?? FUCK, FUCK EVERYONE

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I'm too autistic to know if you're posting that ironically. But even I could tell that the satgang fud was all bullshit. It's literally like 5 twitterfags who bought heavy into DAG. Why would anyone care about them?

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but thats why its so funny. those guys on twitter are only holding between both of them under 40 million RSR. thats not enough to even do a dolphin pump on the price. theres more volume on RSR than they are able to move its price. which makes the satsgang posts so hilarious bc the satsgang are so laughable they are essentially poorfags larping as whales bc they got a few $100k in crypto. they arent even dolphins and arent anywhere close to being whales.

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Satsgang, dump it

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>it's plummeting
is it over lads?

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I have some money in KNC and SNX that's pumped really well. Should I move the gains into RSR now or wait?

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Nah dude apparently you just have to wait until 2025 and you'll 2x. As long as you put 500k into it you'll be set for life. See anon's explanation above. You aren't poor and impatient, are you?

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2x? I'm liquidating my position. thx anon

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it's literally dumping right now

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no buy support, all the way down to like 4 cents.
rip :(

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It was never 4 cents.

It was never 1 cent.

It is half a cent.

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I mean, "no buy support all the way down to .004" RIP :(
this is just even sadder


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It's basically at support now. If this breaks, next real support is at 0.0047 usdt.

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Is is enough to make it, will also beg for more to make it..

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