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1st for fuck jannies

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xth for horsie is a scam, sell while you can

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Nth for NKLA warrants can be exercised starting today and if you hold NKLA good luck brother.

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>government backed, $70 mil single investor funded, other funds bought in at $2-4, trump forcing his hands onto the contract, etc
think i'll stay long holding since $4, while you stay mad and poor

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I have never left the house on the 4th of July (and I sure won’t start now). Where do crowds generally gather, and for how long?

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What the fuck is wrong with black people?

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i saved that one as "art"

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the dance of my peoples

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Parks, beaches those types of places. Crowds start to form a few hours before it's dark, usually cooking or grilling, and quickly leave after the firework display.

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let the funk become activated


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i'm going to a pool party this weekend so a lot of people are gonna do similar stuff

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I liked it before :50 seconds in. reminds me of Squarepusher. just can't handle that beat and dub-steppy-ness after :50 seconds.

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I am holding some solo calls over the weekend how fucked an i

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for sure, you might like this one more, same album. more atmospheric like bonobo, still break-beaty with some thick bass tho


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>buy Tesla at $400
>sell at $1000
>feel like i am the biggest brain on the planet
>it hits $1200

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Yo will I make it?

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>the company was able to make up that revenue elsewhere eventually
it just happened, and they said they already made it up, and while that could be complete bullshit, I kind of believe it. They sell to everyone.

But I am spooked about trade tensions.

HOWEVER I know very little about charts but uhhhh IBD thinks they're in the buy zone I guess?


I asked about them once before here and surprisingly they got praise or at least the guy who started IBD did.

I wish I knew how to dance

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jeeeeeezus christ
I remember Web 1.0...

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Bought 1111 wirecard shares at 1,11€, sold at 6,09€. Saw how it hits 8,40€.

But guess what..

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Anybody holding JOB?

Can we just make this the new shill meme but not actually buy more but reference it like it is holy.

Say anon, did you get a JOB!

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reckful who just killed himself today bought tesla at 100 and made millions off it

and then dumped it all into his video game and it wasnt released

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thanks anon, I enjoy this a lot.

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I don't even care about the money, I'm a code monkey eternal bachelor, not like I have expenses.
I just want to feel smart, like I played and won, and this is ruining my shine.

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im surprised you even bought wirecard in the first place, trying to time the deadcat bounce can end so horribly, especially with a company that is 99.999% going down unless they can magically make 2 billion appear out of nowhere

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sin of pride anon, sin of pride.

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>propose to your ex-girlfriend on twitter
>she doesn't immediately answer
>jump off the balcony of your skyscraper
This is bad decision making.

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Sounds pretty comfy desu. Do people usually get along or lots of fighting the norm? Say last couple years, is it like someone shows up with a maga hat and hell breaks loose or more like everyone wants to chill for once?

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ya but i watched him for years he was always ready to neck

its expected any day

he was even though a millionaire has problems when nobody wants to just hang out and you find yourself very alone even though youre rich. youre still alone because nobody is forced to hang out

he tried to pay people to sleep in his house

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damn, RIP. that was a sad dude right there

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On the 14th banks are going to beat earnings somehow and then the market's going to rally 5% or more. I know this because I want cheapies but the market isn't allowed to give me them.

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buying 200 shares of SOLO at open, hope you fags are happy.

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Unless you’re party with some extremely ghetto blacks or some extremely white trash random fights don’t just happen.

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The nigger came out.

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How would they not beat earnings? It’s a fuckin bank they’re holding peoples money and lending it out at interest. How bad can it be? Hopefully it’s the beginning of the end of all the bullshit fud crap

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Unfortunately, yes.

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wait he jumped off the balcony holy shit thats gruesome. i expected like overdose or hanging but damn

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Make that nio

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I literally bought the top yesterday. Then circuit breaker ruined the bull run. I’m so pissed.

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??? Circuitbreakers are outlawed since March

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Trading was stopped like 5 times on JOB until the bull run died. It was going to $3 otherwise.

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I was holding Job and sold last week...

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a reverse split is the same as a split moving backwards in time.

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I'm getting fucking rekt, I sold the bottom again.

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>three fucking days

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might as well find other boards to home board for the weekend since i doubt any good shills will be said

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that means the barbeque is at your house this year

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Opinions on going in on JNJ right now long term? Any better value health stock?

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Hmmm... interesting. Nice div

>> No.20086996

How high will horse be the 14th?

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i think he just really hated her and wanted her to feel guilty.
mind games

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did he?
Never heard of this guy, but saw that he did try to get therapy... On his fucking twitch channel! That's so absurd, getting help but having to keep your persona up because you're being watched by all your followers.

>> No.20087009

alright we'll smoke some brisket and blow shit up in my back yard saturday. weather permitting.

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> i have an extra 3 bedroom place (identical to mine) and i really want 3 friends to come live here... who wants to visit or move to austin? i need some excitement in ma life
Jesus... well, shows you that money isn’t everything

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There is no other home board, if prefer to just listen to baggie talk shit all weekend then go somewhere else

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Think that’s the best ID I’ve ever rolled

>> No.20087036

I’m happy to hear that. I must also admit I’m a bit surprised, I thought the country was polarized to the point where conservatives and liberals couldn’t share a park. Or is it simply you have republican cities with republican parks and democrat cities with democrat parks? Seems so weird. Does antifa just go all patriotic on the 4th, why don’t they take the opportunity to remind us black lives matter. I just don’t get it, but I’m grateful for the reports from reality.

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wait.....isn't this illegal?
buys a shitload of shares, makes vague announcement to pump

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Who is ready for $35 horse forcast

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>no a cutEy like me

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I thought the US market is closed this Friday, why are futures still open?

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She seems nice. I need to find a girl like her to marry. Does she have a sister that's 18 or up?

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Futures will remain open until 930 EST then they'll close until Sunday at 6pm EST

>> No.20087216

i'm puzzled by this too.

>> No.20087239


930 am Friday?

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How much room does workhorse have left to grow? It seems like its getting into too heavily manipulated by whales territory to continue skyrocketing

>> No.20087308

>LA Clippers training facility closed due to Rona
I keep telling you guys: it's just a matter of time, all sports are going to postpone or shutdown again. Prepare accordingly.

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i dunno, consider NKLA's performance with literally nothing but hype.
WKHS has a factory and a contract all but in the bag

>> No.20087340

in like 6 hours.

>> No.20087345

Yeah, but, that took less than a week to go from 30 to 90. Everyone knows about wkhs now?

>> No.20087347

One day we will get DoomBunney.

>> No.20087351

Anyone know what the smart watch / wearables market is like? I've been looking at Fitbit and Apple. It seems like especially with coronavirus, people are going to want to monitor their health more.

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fucking burgerclap holidays
i was gonna buy some stonks today

>> No.20087365

All my money is tied up in BP. When is oil going back up lads?

>> No.20087367

>Prepare accordingly.
so what video game stocks do I buy?

What the hell do boomers and normalfags do when they can't watch sports? Besides, possibly, buy stocks.

Have you had any success investing in companies based on the charts of companies you aren't investing in?

>i was gonna buy some stonks today
and you should

>> No.20087375

Did any of your etf options got exercised?

>> No.20087383

NKLA is a total scam, top to bottom.
WKHS is a pump and dump.
>muh contract
for 700 vehicles? less than 200 employees? Worth over 1 billion? Yea ok.

>> No.20087385

You're stretching with that logic. I don't know a single person who is buying any kind of apple watch or Fitbit due to corona. Now on the other hand, we're getting another $1,200 check. If someone was looking to pick one of those up already, this might be an incentive to do so, but I wouldn't place stock on it.

>> No.20087396

>he thinks oil is gonna go back up with ev pumping

>> No.20087399

The contract is for 186000 new trucks and is worth 6.3B

>> No.20087409

how are my aston martin bagholders doing?
need a rope?

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>buying just before the correction
When are USA companies reporting quarterly earnings?

>> No.20087428

By who? When? And its actually signed? Who the fuck signed a literally who contract for a company that can't possibly deliver? They could have just fucking bought the company.

>> No.20087430

Why would you ever invest in exotic cars? There is almost no growth or potential for new products. It's such a niche market, I don't understand.

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Nah, things are getting better in the usa. Better climb aboard Russian bruh

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Now stop that. You made money. In fact you made quite a nice amount of money. That's a win. That's the game. Lots and lots of people don't make money, lose money, get mad about it, make shitposts about how it's all a scam anyway.

What do when you sell and you find your exit was a fair ways away from the top of the move? Work on your trading procedure and decision making on when to take profits. In swing trading I consider capturing 50% of a move adequate, 80% excellent. That amounts to allowing space between the bottom and your entry if you buy on something like a reversal confirmation, or the drawdown you experience if you knife caught. On the other side, either selling early or waiting for confirmation on exit usually in the drawdown phase off the peak. Whatever you do, don't trade blind. Don't wing it. When you buy you should have a plan for all scenarios: how much drawdown from entry you will allow before cutting your losses, how long you want to wait while it's sitting in a flat crab with no momentum, what do and when sell if it goes parabolic.

>> No.20087460

Jesus fucking christ read for ten fucking seconds about something before you start blasting off some retarded nonsense proving you know dick about shit

>> No.20087471

I'm not the one falling for scam buddy.

>> No.20087479

>wait.....isn't this illegal?
Nope. So long as the SEC rules on insider purchase or sale are followed, the documentation filed and all that, it's allowed. It would be illegal if he slyly accumulated those shares on the downlow without reporting, or even worse told friends/family/associates to buy before announcement, then made announcement.

>> No.20087483

>the whole world uses green energy

people will use oil for the next 50 years

>> No.20087495

if you can't get into TSLA and want some of those gains i found an ETF that 11.29% is made up of tesla its called ARKK

>> No.20087500

I've been looking to get an oxygen monitor. Could just get a cheapo one, but it'd be nice to splurge on something higher quality. You're right though that the health aspect is probably more of an excuse / incentive.

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>ahhhhhh that SECOND coffee of the morning

Feels so good man, where my/coffeesquad/ at?

>> No.20087515

What scam? I bought in at 6. Do you not know that stop losses exist?

>> No.20087525
File: 715 KB, 964x1240, karyl and kokkoro (princess connect! and 1 more) drawn by kuavera - f75b52875696d4170ec51c3bdf652708.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mastercard switched volume

I want more MA by the way, but damn it's the digital fintechs that are really rallying, and there's still good shit that looks poised to get crushed even further. LMT is getting sooooo tempting.

some of those violations only require that he doesn't get to keep his winnings kek
>it's fine, don't do it again, now donate your winnings to the SEC and you get to keep your principal

>> No.20087529

Why are you drinking coffee is the market is going to be closed until monday?

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>tfw it's almost 4am

>> No.20087533

Ok, just because you got a win doesn't make it not a hype scam.

>> No.20087547

>some of those violations only require that he doesn't get to keep his winnings kek
Yeah, when you're talking millions of dollars on insider share purchases you have a group of lawyers making sure you're doing it properly and for best advantage within the law.

>> No.20087550

GNUS is nothing but a pump and dump scheme thats been surviving off of offerings for 10 years. Take a look at the number of institutional investors that have sold all of their shares, and look at the CEO's selling activity....Get ready to load up on puts Monday

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do- do you not drink coffee on weekends? That'd be weird. I would have withdrawals if I did that.

>> No.20087562

I got a cheap knock off chinese fitbit, its pretty cool I can check my blood pressure any tiime. Like right now it's 117 over 73 and I'm smoking a cigarette making money on that big ass Euro/Dollar move we just saw. It's pretty cool even though its like 4 oclock in the morning this euro dollar is still giving me some action.

>> No.20087575
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That's literally the point, get rid of your tolerance.

>> No.20087583

> it's legal.
Huh. If the stock pumps on this statement about an upcoming announcement, and then he sells right before the announcement, and the announcement is disappointing and the stock plummets...is it still legal?

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Nah. NAH! I've weaned off pharmaceuticals before and I'm in the middle of weaning off another -the last one!- right now. I have accepted that I am addicted to caffeine for life. No getting around it. Or I guess maybe if I had a condition that meant if I don't stop caffeine I will die... then I would have think about it.

Your question goes beyond scope of my meager knowledge about legal insider trading. I really don't know exactly where all the lines fall on okay/not okay.

>> No.20087609

>then he sells right before the announcement
I suspect that doing this right here would not be okay.

>> No.20087614

I drink coffee all day at work and then very rarely on the weekends. So maybe I really only hate weekends because there's no market and my hang overs are always compounded by caffeine withdrawals

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Oh dang futures are still open! I've never traded them before a holiday. They kinda look like they wanna move up :o
caffeine is a vitamin, if you don't have it in your bloodstream you're operating at a diminished capacity

>> No.20087761

US market is closed but my tesla call just went up +40%? huh?

>> No.20087795

Nigger, you are retarded. The Horse has been manufacturing modified truck and van platforms since 1998 under the original name Utilimaster when they were owned by Navistar. They were bought by Amp in 2005 when Navistar shuttered their division. Sales and distribution of their trucks is currently handled by Ryder.
They are one of two American based companies with a submission for the USPS contract, the other being Oshkosh. Oshkosh will most assuredly be given some of the contract, but definitely not all of it. They already have two major cushy government contracts for MRAPs and the JLTV HMMV replacement. Oshkosh's entry is based on the Ford Transit, which is an epic piece of shit. There is no fucking way they are going to give the contract to Mahindra (Indian) or Kusan (Turkish), especially since the contract will be awarded while Trump is in office.
They are the only electric entry out of the four finalists. Electric vehicles would be perfect for 90% of postal routes, as the vast majority are under 150 miles round-trip.
Electric drivetrains will save the USPS a metric fuckton of money in the long run. The drivetrain is simpler and more durable than a gas competitor. The stop and go inherent in the delivery routes is terrible for gas engines, but a non-issue for electric powertrains. The significant reduction in required maintenance is a huge fucking deal for the USPS. Less money spent on parts is always good, but the reduction in the labor force responsible for maintenance is the big deal. It always nice to not have to pay a bunch of tard USPS mechanics some ridiculously inflated government wage to keep the trucks running. It's far better to not have to pay the associated legacy costs attached to those tards, i.e pensions.
Yes, there will be a significant upfront cost to building out the charging infrastructure. That aspect will more than likely be handled under the pending infrastructure bill.

>> No.20087846

Also, I know this article is old, but it's very interesting.
>"W.B. Mason has also placed an order for those larger vehicles, Ryder is providing sales and support, and Workhorse has one other large order pending that Burns can’t yet talk about."
>Who is the other large order they can't talk about? It's not UPS or USPS.

>> No.20087873
File: 801 KB, 1000x1412, __shimada_arisu_and_boko_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by_asanagi__0b53efeb3a6e2058fc5d0bfd51da5c6e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought we were all in agreement.
We're weaning back ON the benzos.

>> No.20087876

Why don't we just eliminate the postal service and privatize the whole mail delivery industry. We can sell all the post office real estate and get those properties back onto the tax roll, then use the money we save by not subsidizing this to bomb the fuck out of Iran?

>> No.20087888

>get those properties back onto the tax roll
silly rabbit, it'd probably just be yet another business we have to keep alive with subsidies

>> No.20087889
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Benzos are BAD news. They are ok if taken a few times a month (or less). But taking them on a daily basis is a terrible idea.

Seriously don’t

>> No.20087898

Fucking Tesla is so rerardedly overbought. If I had a platform I would short them. Toyota seems a solid buy.

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>> No.20087921

today is peak snibbedy

>> No.20087923

>use the money to bomb the fuck it off Iran
Yes pls, we need RTX to fucking MOOOOOOOVE

>> No.20087925
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How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man

>> No.20087927
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You look smart. What are my chances lookin’ like on Monday?

>> No.20087932

what you are saying is that if I dropped a knife right now, you'd catch it?

>> No.20087934

>>then he sells right before the announcement
>I suspect that doing this right here would not be okay.
He sold over 1/2 million shares at 2.94 on the 19th

>> No.20087939

If you are talking about Toyota? They are a good buy, but it will be a long hold.

>> No.20087946

if I see that fucking shell one more time
fuck oil stocks now and forever, I only trade in certs now

>> No.20087960
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I have only had a bottle of those evil things once and thankfully never developed a dependence on them. The thing i'm trying to get off now is cymbalta. It's not pleasant so far but i read it's not the worst in the anti depressant class for withdrawal. Effexor is supposedly a real mother fucker.

Gold and silver stop crabbing please. I know you want to go up. Go up. In timely fashion.

>> No.20087977
File: 1.73 MB, 1200x1520, A78D5A50-C36B-4E7D-A022-529A7BA67E45.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh come on sissy-hands. I’m down like 35% with Marathon Oil. Royal Dutch is my “best preforming” oil stock.

It’s gonna be a bit before I make my money. But I’ll make 3x easily

>> No.20087991
File: 18 KB, 1014x149, Screenshot_20200703-104307.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck this shit.

>> No.20087996

>Effexor is supposedly a real mother fucker.
you don't say?

>> No.20088001

That is what i have read.

>> No.20088042
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I got off of Celexa like 4 years back. I got down to like 2.5mg (1/4 of the smallest dose pill) and then I just stopped taking it. I had the brain zaps for like 2 weeks. Wasn’t particularly depressed. It wasn’t pleasant though.

You should be fine anon

>> No.20088047

20k tucks already sold at lordstown plant at 52k= 1.04bill. horse owns 10% and gets royalties from each truck sold... 100k cash to horse just this year with plans to ramp up production to 600k trucks a year? 6bill potential contract from ups, crazy air taxi drone copters passed by fed safety regularly Jews, been making steptrucks since 98, two production plants with tangible real estate?... Only worth 1bill cap? I'm all in at this point.

>> No.20088065
File: 257 KB, 800x1119, 0B2F6BF4-4391-4E1E-8A46-35AA86E8FBB3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I buy Horse on Monday, will I get fucked? They seem like they have big plans for the future

>> No.20088067

>costs you 10$ a night to recharge your battery from electricity costs for a tesla

what a fucking joke vehicle

i thought the whole point was so you didnt have to pay for gas

>> No.20088091

Very informative, thank you.
Any estimates on roughly how expensive building charging infrastructure is going to be? How fast they might recouperate such increased upfront investment with savings on gas and maintenance? If they don’t get a check from the government for it, would it be feasible for them to finance it with a loan, if it really would be very economically attractive for them to go with workhorse?

>> No.20088105
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I figured it would be more to recharge. And no. The point of Tesla is to drive a Tesla. It has zero emissions because it’s electric, but it’s not zero impact obviously.

>> No.20088107

people on twitter going fullretard saying mean comments killed him.

Meanwhile I bet his "gf" was going to say no anyway and didn't respond because that shit was downright banana.

The proof is on her statement where I think any sane person would start with a sob story of "of course I will", but instead she asks for people to understand mental illness.

Hilarity all around.

>> No.20088119
File: 2.93 MB, 362x594, 1592395263126.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20088126

nobody cares about emissions its a fake problem

global warming isnt real

>> No.20088129
File: 1.66 MB, 320x400, 1567368037518.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20088132

Just keep holding like the rest of us. Baggie

>> No.20088150

Planet of the apes

>> No.20088153

uk markets the fuck?

>> No.20088156

Is it a bad idea to sell puts on GLD and SLV. I’m totally okay with having to buy.

>> No.20088157

So pump and dump is legal as long as you file the proper paperwork for it? Amazing. I guess these would be pretty good times to pull stunts like that, with all the rush and confusion and volatility and robin hood and bankruptcy being the new buy signal and whatnot.

>> No.20088159

assuming horsie gets the contract, it wont be announced till august, right?
what is a realistic price for the stock to hit in case it gets parts of it? it rose from 2,5 to 20 dollars in a few weeks already

>> No.20088163

>people on twitter going fullretard saying mean comments killed him.
He has been talking about suicide for 5 years. This clip https://clips.twitch.tv/YawningShortToothSSSsss is representative of much of his streams.

>> No.20088165

>you will never by the bottom
>you will never sell the top
>all you can hope is to be green like this text

>> No.20088187

Imagine being that far gone

>> No.20088230
File: 419 KB, 600x580, Dying pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AMD is shitting on intel
>what does intel do?
>they buy shares of some pajeet phone company

>> No.20088243
File: 57 KB, 998x671, Screenshot_20200703-111606.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Obviously. But in the meantime...

>> No.20088248

I want in, but I’m terrified to buy at $20. It just skyrocketed

>> No.20088255

>/biz/ is full of schizos talking about their meds
Fuck I’m out

>> No.20088261

Just did research on WKHS. The stock jumped based on speculative info that they will be awarded a contract with USPS? 0% chance of this happening, especially when you look at the rest of the roster. I have to retract my original $5 position and reevaluate it to $3 max.
WKHS will tank next week.

>> No.20088276

I sell the bottom and buy the top all the fucking time. One of these days I'ma fuck up my order entry and actually buy the bottom and make it purely by accident.

>> No.20088281

I would imagine that will play some part in it, but I think the immediate reduction in USPS mechanic workforce and associated future pension liabilities will be the biggest cost savings, both upfront and in the future. Pensions liabilities were the primary driving force in the bankruptcy of GM.
USPS is definitely going to get a check from the government, it's just whether it will be from a dedicated funding bill or rolled into the upcoming infrastructure bill.
Like I said, I don't think that Horse will get the entire contract. I do, however, believe they will get a significant portion of it. It will be Horse and Oshkosh. I can't envision any scenario in which a significant portion of the contract is awarded to literal foreign companies.

>> No.20088282

Make that $2, I heard they put the steering wheel on the wrong side.

>> No.20088293


>> No.20088341

You make a good case. The thing that worries me is if USPS feels the time for electric is “not yet” for some reason, buys only a handful of workhorses for symbolic value and “evaluation” and this ends up taking the air out of the whole EV bubble.
That, and baggie’s scoop with the steering wheel.

>> No.20088343


>> No.20088362

>not daily re-leveraging x16 certificates on 200%+ margin
your balls are so tiny

>> No.20088366
File: 1.11 MB, 1100x1300, 77846509_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this reads exactly like the AMRN posts before the FDA approval

>> No.20088403

tiny baby balls indeed
but as long as I can get away with making 1-2 grand extra a month, I'm happy

>> No.20088413
File: 81 KB, 482x623, c59769b4ea86b261e1ffb6a4c4376612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I foresee a minimum price of $25 by the 14th of July. I might sell 25-40% to take some profit and see what shakes out of this contract. If we look at and compare Nikola thats kinda a theoretical company worth 23bill or Rivian that has 4 employees worth 2.9bill. The horse that has actual tangible assets and revenue streams I can't figure out why it's only valued at 1bill... If they get a good chunk of this contract they could easily hit $100 buy the end of the year. The risk is well worth the reward.

The only thing I'm worried about is the fact the the electric vehicle market is growing suspiciously parallel to the tech bubble... I'm not going to hold so heavy for very long. Maybe see where this election goes.

>> No.20088426

Having a product and revenue stream are pretty bearish desu

>> No.20088441

>UK shitting itself dragging rest of the market into the ground
fucking mongoloid bongs get your shit together retards holy fuck imagine ending this amazing week like this

>> No.20088517
File: 140 KB, 900x793, D39A1663-8049-4D13-8121-79DB1F60A5DE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>The only thing I'm worried about is the fact the the electric vehicle market is growing suspiciously parallel to the tech bubble...

Some dipshit was saying that Twitter is a good buy at his price. I told him if it’s above 20¢ a share it’s not worth it. Twitter is headed straight for the shitter

>> No.20088520

Lol at you
>Mahindra - Indian company that hasn't even built the manufacturing facility yet to produce en masse
>Karsan - Fucking Turkish company
>Oshkosh - American company that manufactures the MRAP and JLTV ; likely to be awarded a significant portion based on previous successful government contract
>Horse - Only other American company ; has current ability to manufacture significant amount of vehicles ; has potential secondary manufacturing capabilities through Lordestown Motors
While the current valuation is almost purely speculative, Horse is the only other meme electric vehicle manufacturer besides Tesla that actually manufactures real electric vehicles. Nikola, Rivian, and the other meme companies are valued solely on marketing materials. They have no manufacturing facilities. They haven't even made a fucking vehicle yet. Lordestown Motors is the only other meme EV startup that actually has a functional truck ready for manufacture...because Horse fucking sold it to them (the W-15) to focus on their primary market niche of commerical vehicles. This is a good move, as it insulates them from direct competition when big boys like GM and Ford enter the retail EV market.

>> No.20088548

As much as I hate myself for it from time to time I'm historically a pretty bearish investor, I like my dividends. Mostly so I don't feel like I need to watch the market for 12 hours a day or feel like I have an ulcer on a 1%red day.

>> No.20088578

Never understood the reason anyone uses Twitter or snap... They don't do anything that other platforms can't and it doesn't add any value to anyone's life so how can you value a IP with no intrinsic value. I wouldn't hold them if they were giving to me for free.

>> No.20088590

The inherent nature of USPS routes are a literal perfect application for electric vehicles. The constant start/stop and idling is terrible on gas engines. EVs solve all of those associated problems. The vast majority of routes are short enough that range won't be an issue. I don't see them buying just a handful, but I also don't see them awarding them the whole contract either.
As far as the steering wheel, who gives a shit? I imagine that it's on the wrong side because they didn't want to spend a bunch of money retooling their production line to change the position of the steering wheel for less than 200 prototypes.

>> No.20088616

>So pump and dump is legal as long as you file the proper paperwork for it?
Andy has been doing it for 10 years...people buying GNUS stock actually deserve to get shorted right down to the fucking ground

>> No.20088625
File: 798 KB, 1240x1754, 158742086832007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's weekend already
call for prostitutes
it's time to fuck, drink, do drugs and gamble until Monday

>> No.20088632

Hypothesis: in my neck of the woods a good chunk of rural mail is contracted out to citizens like a paper route. These ppl drive around at sitting in the passenger seat at 25mph so they can reach the mailbox from the car. I've known a few to import cars with wheels/peddles on the right hand side to make this easier. Maybe this was the intention?

>> No.20088663

what are those on?

.t bagholding x15 oil longs lol

>> No.20088664

Post office vehicles use right hand drive. Have you guys never seen one?

>> No.20088676
File: 65 KB, 760x368, mailtruck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all USPS mail trucks are right hand drive for that reason

>> No.20088679

german postage already did that with their own small EVs, own development as far as i know, but they wont be continued so somethings gone wrong probably

>> No.20088695

Knockouts on Brent, 3x 5x 10x

>> No.20088698

take pics of the jeanplay prostitutes
I'm sure if you supply the wigs and attire they'll wear it or whatever.

getting the contract might pump them but I expect it to dump completely on the same day. No one wants to read through all the contract details and figure out what possible benefit they can get when all is said and done, that's shit for the lawyers and accountants and engineers and the rest. The easy money is made the day before a decision is due.

the wkhs prototype has the steering wheel on the left side?
That's dumber than hell, I thought people were just memeing. kek wow. I hope anons take profits before it's too late

>> No.20088708
File: 41 KB, 640x640, 1AAD3EAE-FFA7-44BC-AAA1-AE74FABF53F3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No sir

>> No.20088714

I think it's just a tooling deal more than anything. Not like they can't switch the final production line to right hand drive. Pretty sure USPS is primarily testing for reliability, longevity, and general operating cost savings and not right-hand driveability.
A vehicle like Horse makes wouldn't be good for rural routes anyways. Regular mail trucks aren't even used in most rural routes. At my house in Indiana, our mailman drives a late 80's Cutlass Supreme.

>> No.20088715

i see, hope you sold then

>> No.20088717

So that's why it's dumping, should've known it's somehow the anglos' fault anyway even when US is closed.

>> No.20088727
File: 209 KB, 800x400, workhorse.hackney-USPS-prototype.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

other way around, they had it on the right side but people memed on it because they thought it was wrong

>> No.20088771

I just want to have a serious discussion about the horse but you fucks only meme.

>> No.20088799

Want to ride a horse together, anon?

>> No.20088803

Seen them from my window but have never studied them up close no lol

>> No.20088808

peepeepoopoo, my good man

>> No.20088810

I'm thinking this thing goes slightly up leading up until the 14th based on the USPS hype alone. Then based on the announcement plan your next step. If they don;t get the contract just set a stop loss and get out with some profit quickly. Otherwise obviously ride that pump

>> No.20088867

why would he?
brent still has some space to close the gap and the production cuts could lift just wti above 41 next week, opening a freerun to 49ish...with brent always a bit higher - i see printers.

>> No.20088885

To be fair.. losing 99% market value was just retarded overselling I thought and losing that 1k something wouldn't hurt me. In the end nice profit but I was also too scared to buy more.. it was just a gamble

>> No.20088927

Why are all these meme coins fake money?

>> No.20088991

Markets closed on Monday, too.

>> No.20089012

Just bought wirecard with about 50% of my capital. How fucked am I?

>> No.20089018

Because the Post is full of civil service boomers
All they had to do was sell the thing, the market is there, people wanted to buy it
but they wanted the opposite, they wanted the car industry to build it for them
The german car industry is full of boomers who think e-mobility is stupid tho so that didnt happen
As they dont sell the thing they only made "losses" on it and stopped production
>I even thougt at investing in the Deutsche post because of that truck
>That whole project surprised me massively
>Luckily i didnt because i knew every leading role is filled by a ex civil service cuck boomer that want to "save jobs" over automation
I had an postbank atm and a post office in my street, they disassembled the atm, not because it wasnt used but because it was used too much and nobody would visit the post office
So fucking retarded, now i can only get easy cash in my street when the post office is open on workdays between 9-12 and 15-18 instead of 24/7 and it even costs the post more wagemoney
Fuck civil service cucks, this shows everything that goes wrong in Germany

>> No.20089033

50% fucked
Sell the bankrupt company with lots of debth now to be only minorly fucked

>> No.20089052

WKHS price after the 14th, assuming they win large parts of the contract?

>> No.20089061

because with x10 leverage on wti or brent you might as well be at -60% fast, like two weeks ago, im bagholding x15s for that exact reason

>close the gap
oh nevermind...

>> No.20089068

hey i have no idea about valuations and shit, im new to this stuff. All I know is itll go up I've heard estimates around 35

>> No.20089075

the irony is that in probably less than 5 years they will buy EVs from VW or something

>> No.20089076

4day weekend???

>> No.20089083

Is about to fucking plummet back to 2 bucks before it rises again, I don't even know how this shit went to 20 in the current market

>> No.20089084



>> No.20089098
File: 120 KB, 750x544, D3E0F626-C9D8-481C-BFE8-3055C283D2F7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would argue it’s a really big green dildo. It’s probably gonna dump hard before it breaks $20 again. I’m too scared to buy

>> No.20089168

But that wont be a "loss" but just typical cost for new vehicles
I dont know what they are even thinking, that self production is somehow free?
How do you even calculate these losses?
I found numbers of 100 million in losses in 2019 and a resulting total fleet number of 11000
Lets say its 200 million "losses" for the total fleet
If it costs them just 20000€ for one of those trucks thats not a loss but a bargain compared to buying anything new
I guess the whole project was assigned silently by a non boomer in a high position and they just looked for reasons to shut it off

>> No.20089173
File: 8 KB, 327x218, WKHS_Oopsie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How bad did I fuck up doing this before a 3 day weekend. Literally bought in at the top

>> No.20089224
File: 9 KB, 177x284, images (12).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Twitter pays celebrities to shill and I wouldn't be surprised they also pay options with a long expiration date.

I personally don't see any value in any of this social platforms specially when they start imposing random rules based on arbitrary faggotry.
I got to give it to faceberg at least on this regard sucker cuck has not given an inch, 2 days ago a bunch of negro centric business decided to boycott Facebook because sucker cuck will not comply to their usual nagging, sucker just straight up told them to fuck right off that he will not be manipulated because if he gives the usual inch they'll take the usual mile.

I respect that fucking alien more now

>> No.20089229

the first thing they should have thought of was how to make money with it, the guy managing this must been the stupiest boomer ive heard of, probably someone from Gruene

>> No.20089252


I will have to loan money on Monday then

>> No.20089266

I got 4 going to 29, just buy puts next week to hedge the shit out of it, it'll dip but it won't drop, this shit will settle around 15 bucks for a while, I can hear the anxious hands just ready to drop the bag.

>> No.20089289

Grüne are nothing against people working for the state
They are incredibly stupid, incompetent and lazy
>They are barely able to do the same stuff with the same papers and the same stamps all over again, one little divergence from their learned system and they act like turtles on their back, no ability for Independent thought at all, peak NPC
also they are the most risk averse people in germany by far, and that means Something
They work for the state because of this in the first place
Civil service personall cant be fired in Germany, irrelevant how stupid and lazy they are
Its fucking horrible
And the post is full of ex civil service Personal because it was once state buisness

>> No.20089314
File: 136 KB, 363x296, Miserable Apu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I tell if stock is pinned by options?

>> No.20089326

>all my stocks are in a bearish engulfing pattern

see you guys in hell monday

>> No.20089334
File: 321 KB, 480x650, 1548704718967.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20089336

What can we expect Tesla to do next week

>> No.20089358

I'm so sorry Reckful :(

>> No.20089377

To hit a road block and burn

>> No.20089421

>AMD is shitting on Intel
When will that show on its stock price? The last time I yelled at it to do something, it fell to $49/share. I'm not even checking the price anymore because it's so tiresome

>> No.20089468

I think so too, the price needs a pull back

>> No.20089534
File: 53 KB, 786x590, lick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've sold all of my stock, except for Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson&Johnson, Walgreens, stuff like that. I won't re-enter the market unless it crashes. I'm talking over 15% drop.

Am I being wise or a chum?

>> No.20089542


>> No.20089577

Bundoony has spoken, everyone short Tesla

>> No.20089585

what if the market goes up 10%, 15%, or higher?
will you stay out, or will you FOMO in?

>> No.20089595

he'll wait for it to come back to where it is now

>> No.20089596

My F as in FOMO is lesser compared to my F of FOMO itself.
I would bee too scared to enter late, more so than being scared of missing on the entry. I've read too many horror stories.

>> No.20089598

Called wells fargo to do a trade AH yesterday. They've shut down that department completely due to covid. Why the fuck do I use those shitbirds

>> No.20089631

Jesus christ I never expected to see ink here

>> No.20089649

Unironically based hope i go the same way.

>> No.20089663

>markets are closed
>can't make money
>can't chase the daily dragon
>legitimately depressed
I think I have a problem, and need to seek professional help.

>> No.20089664

Sell call spreads under stock price

>> No.20089671

The market could go way up and crash way too late, so in a potential future 10% dip you'd still be buying at higher prices than today. Many such cases.

>> No.20089696

what if it doesn't

what if it keeps going up forever?

>> No.20089715

Ultimately we don't know, and we don't have the tools to guess, so we just wing it on instinct. My instinct is that it drops.

>> No.20089798

lmao wtf is the other girl doing

>> No.20089851

Why would anyone propose to that gremlin. Also who typed with 0 capitalization I hope shes next

>> No.20089923
File: 35 KB, 600x639, B474372B-C144-4B4A-82CE-BEF54385EFF4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone redpill me on dividends? Wouldn’t you need to own hundreds of thousands of shares of some blue chip stock for it to be worth it?

>> No.20089948

I took a trader nap and the Jews just fucked all my positions. Does this ever happen to you guys?

>> No.20089958
File: 1.92 MB, 400x300, 1593733520652.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do i invest in apples?

>> No.20089964

>Wouldn’t you need to own hundreds of thousands of shares of some blue chip stock for it to be worth it?
Yes, also don't forget that the stock drops by the amount of the dividened which effectively nullifies the whole concept.
>hurr durr they go up again
Then just buy the stock after the drop and swing it. Or better buy calls.
Dividends only make sense if you're a lazy fuck who wants to retire.

>> No.20089968

start an apple tree orchard

>> No.20089977

do i have to become a member of the merchants guild to prevent being gang raped like that girl?

>> No.20089986


>> No.20089992

Also many high dividend companies pay the dividend by diluting shares. So you end up losing money in the long run due to share dilution + taxation on dividends.

>> No.20089996

Start an apple blight

>> No.20090007

You shouldn't be selling the apples to consumers in the city yourself, for the most profits you just want to grow them and get some kind of distribution deal. Basically don't try to be the merchant/salesman yourself, get someone else to do that part
I didn't watch the webm that you posted


>> No.20090056

>pay the dividend by diluting shares
I didn't know about that. I've seen companies though which issued bonds to pay the dividend only to get rekt by the same bonds later on. Funny shit.

>> No.20090106

Which stock do I dump into now that workhorse is done?

>> No.20090133

What kind of stock do you want?

>> No.20090140


>> No.20090141

I feel sorry for you anon

>> No.20090159

O boi.
My pt for otlk is 2-2.50 for the next 6 weeks.
You could try that.
Sava could double in the next 4.

>> No.20090179

what am i supose to do now

>> No.20090181

Yeah some do. The tanker meme FRO is one. But you’re right most will just take on more debt to pay a fat dividend. A lot of people see the fat dividend and invest thinking they will get 8% a year, while their principle depreciates 90% over ten years. It’s much better to pay off debt than pay a dividend.

>> No.20090238

You could double your money in like 20 minutes with some well times short term spy calls or puts.

>> No.20090253

Pls stop, Baggie.
That's gambling

>> No.20090257

Stocks ONLY go up, retard

>> No.20090321

Oh fuck I didn’t know today was Friday
What do I do /biz/

>> No.20090326

lads, some good european equities to buy calls ? Lufthansa?

>> No.20090334

Oy vey, eat a fish?

>> No.20090350

a day off is a good time to do some yardwork and clean up around the house
for me, it's dishes and laundry and exercise, I did yardwork yesterday

>> No.20090355

I just traded all my euros in for dollars and bought the dip on this nasdaq composite thing. Lets go big tech!

>> No.20090380

If that's gambling what do you call fomoing into Workhorse when it's over $15?

>> No.20090391

thats bullshit


>> No.20090403

Canadian markets are open, but probably a quiet day up there as well

>> No.20090414

Making money on a stock valued at $26

>> No.20090418

I'm all in on GRAF. Hopefully I can make a decent buck or two. Afterward, I'll probably park the gains in BMRG... or maybe SOLO.

>> No.20090422

Lufthansa will probably go broke I would stay away from that one. If you want airiation go for airbus.

>> No.20090435

I don't support that either but what happened happened.

>> No.20090437

I can post my positions and the thread can laugh if you want?

>> No.20090456

they signed a rescue package, really doubt lufthansa is going under

>> No.20090496
File: 394 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200703-090951_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought the kraut government is keeping them afloat?
Anyway, here you go /smg/.

>> No.20090516

What's a no-deal hard brexit going to do to the shekel exchange market? That won't have any impact on it right?

>> No.20090522

the only one of these that I own is SCHW, but it hasn't been doing too well recently...

>> No.20090536

Send Britain into the greatest depression in history and they will crawl into the arms of Trump and suck America’s cock for the next 100 years

>> No.20090544

didn't that already happen in the past?

>> No.20090556

Ok...but NKLA is selling to the SEMI industry. A 800 Billion dollar market. Workhorse doesn't sell semi's. Only Package cars. Which is less profitable.

>> No.20090596

NKLA is photoshopping semis

>> No.20090600

Why don't they just negotiate bi-lateral deals with each member on a case by case basis. I mean trying to work out a negotiation with the union is like trying to negotiate with a bunch of cry baby autistic communists.

>> No.20090637
File: 32 KB, 801x595, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>90 day restriction again

I always do this to myself

>> No.20090645

>what if it keeps going up forever

This is how you know we are in a bubble.

>> No.20090658

Literally how

>> No.20090669

No self control I guess. I am a degenerate gambler.

>> No.20090724

i want a bionic flex pro, bros

>> No.20090733

Me too but I've literally never done a single day trade

>> No.20090734

Then don’t get a deal. Find a trade partners elsewhere. EU countries don’t want bilateral agreements because it would just be a race to the bottom amongst themselves and benefit Britain.

>> No.20090743

They got 9 billion in a loan. They usually burn 30 billion a year. They are still in deep shit. Especially if a 2nd wave of Corona hits. All this deal does is buy them some time. And even if they survive they'll be a shell company for the next 5 years.

>> No.20090747

And I want a ass fisting machine but such is life...

>> No.20090756

Where do you guys go to follow the status of contracts for WKHS?

>> No.20090761


>> No.20090791

wait why are futures still moving?

>> No.20090797

i was already laughing at you since you showed up

>> No.20090798

is it a burger holiday today or sth? wtf

>> No.20090805

all weekend baby

>> No.20090813

We (Not me, I mean people with lives and families) are all making car trips for the 4th

>> No.20090816

because they are still trading in non american markets

>> No.20090821

I nabbed some on Wednesday at 33.14 a share. Bought CHMA since the RSI says it's oversold. TSM since the MACD says it's breaking out currently. Same with SOLO and WKHS. ODP had a stock split 1:10. And 5 shares of KTOV just to see what happens. Honestly I'll probably throw my future deposits on VOO.

>> No.20090825

Please do this I'm very bored and "working" from home

>> No.20090833

I am resurrected after 6 hours of sleep!! Shit commencing in 10 minutes..

what the fuck do I do with myself today.. I may boot up comfy SimCity 4. I wanted to hike a little outside but it's muggier than a june bug on a bear's ass yknow what I'm saying

>> No.20090836

Glad I got something out of all this then.

>> No.20090848

Here anon

>> No.20090856

How difficult is it to get to the stage where you earn 1.5k a month it’s on trading?

>> No.20090857

Brewing a pot now. Already shit twice today so I'm worried. God I am hungedover

>> No.20090875

If I didnt know better I'd say you liked buying the top

>> No.20090877

you've got to be like the only person alive in the negative on TSLA

>> No.20090893

It's not a bad idea if Workhorse got into the semi industry. Fat $$$.

>> No.20090898

Oh Jews only trading lasts until 1pm EST and reopens Sunday night.

>> No.20090899
File: 121 KB, 814x750, 104292728921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

trading doessnt work like that u dont make a set amount
you either go homeless or you win a couple times

theres no inbetween some genius dork with his glasses on making exactly 1.5k a motnh

>> No.20090920

Sell puts and calls in a crabbing market.

>> No.20090922

I don't understand, aren't you above the 25k margin for day trades? Why is your broker still putting a freeze on your account?

>> No.20090926

Big money makes it in mixtures of bonds.

>> No.20090929

Doesn’t selling options carry a lot more risk

>> No.20090937

I don’t get it. I thought if you could save enough money then you can swing trade blue chips to generate enough money over a month to make up rent and basic expenses. Just want to work less.

>> No.20090939

come on amerishits dump the market like you do every other day! I want to buy cheap!

>> No.20090940

Cash didn't settle before trading
WKHS swings so wildly every day, so I was doing my best to buy the bottom and sell the top everyday and it bit me

>> No.20090951
File: 658 KB, 1200x800, why-dispatch-could-never-sneak-a-bad-photo-of-dahyun-twice-9-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no thats how you become broke and wish you never touched the damn thing and stayed at ur job

ur gonna fuck up one "swing" and then get pissed off and become more agressive and then not want to work because the dopamine you got when you won the first couple days

and then youll quit ur job and then ull be left with 4$ in ur account

>> No.20090958

that's timing the market
if timing the market was feasible somone would time the market 1000 times a day and become a billionaire within an hour

>> No.20090965

I know, I just started this week after playing around with the investopedia game for a few months.
It will continue to go up, at least until their earning report on the 22nd.

>> No.20090967

You could probably do that with about $100,000 by selling options.

>> No.20090969

Today's extremely comfy here.

>> No.20090986

oh i won't doubt it'll go up
but at the moment being down on TSLA at all is kind of funny because it means you didn't buy shit until the actual top

>> No.20090989

I been imagining what it would be like if I bought Amazon or Tesla stock years ago and kept it. I would prefer do to something long term, there are stocks like KO and MCD that grow at a steady incline.

It would be amazing if I could pick a golden goose like amazon. I've been meaning to look into Crispr companies.

>> No.20090993

What do you make a day on avg?

>> No.20091004


Yeah fair, I figured something like that. Is it possible to Palm money off the top of the trades Then or do most people live off of divis?

>> No.20091007

Depends on your stack of cash. It's obviously not easy if you sit on $1k in your savings account, but very easy if you have $100k to play with

>> No.20091008

considering the fact that the entire market is going parabolic, if you buy any of the big boys you are pretty much buying the bottom even at ATH

>> No.20091012

LMAO these unamerican algo's tried to trigger a rug pull at the usual NYSE open and ruin our holiday, but the dip was absorbed and we're going strait up!

>> No.20091020

>It would be amazing if I could pick a golden goose like amazon
That is how people get roped into absolute trash, especially penny stocks. No one has that kind of foresight.

>> No.20091027
File: 203 KB, 750x1289, GNUS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck
This is bullshit

>> No.20091029

Yeah if you had told me netflix was going to be huge in 2006 I would have laughed. It was a DVD rental service.

>> No.20091060

It kept going up until 1225, then I waited for a slight dip, bought at 1219, and it kept dipping until around 1200. AH price is currently at 1212.

>> No.20091061

I thought you just needed enough equity including stocks to be above 25k to day trade. You're saying you need 25k liquid cash?

>> No.20091066

You could have told that Netflix was huge in 2012 because that was when rappers started mentioning it in their lyrics all the time

And personally signed up on amazon in 2008 and immediately knew it was superior to all other online shopping

Unfortunately my parents never told me anything about investing. Otherwise I would have gotten both

>> No.20091096

Yahoo finance app not updating for anyone else? Still showing after hours changes for me.

>> No.20091098

I just remembered that Americans can't trade today

It seemed so strange that the market wasn't tanking on a Friday 15:30 Uhr

>> No.20091128

I only started buying stock because of the current situation desu. I don't think I'm good at mastering the market. If I do it in the future I'll do it through groups. I've made some money over this period so that's something.

Ture unfortunately.
I bring up amazon because it was doing pretty well in 2010, I could see someone buying that expecting to make just a little and then be very pleasently surprised in the long run.

>> No.20091134


>> No.20091137

I guess since we still have 3 hourrs to trady here's Baggies trading ideas of the day. This is the part of the thread where Baggie gives you some free picks and we basically all make a pile of money. So today's idea is to go long on thhe nasdaq composite futures. Baggie got his buys averaged in at the 10353.1250 level. We're looking to grab a few points on this before we go to the store and pick up american made alcohol, and some meats to put in the smoker and have a good time and then light off some explosives tomorrow after dark.

>> No.20091194


But imagine if the fed actually stuck with raising rates in 2018, the market be at 1/3 the value right now. No way to know whether the 5 people running the national bank decide to change 100 years of monetary policy and pump the never ending shit out of the market. The top biggest public companies are effectively nationalized at this point, no more free market, the government will make sure no small company will ever replace them. 5-10 years ago it would have been impossible to predict the insane level of market manipulation we have now that results in these mega bubble stocks.

>> No.20091307


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