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Resistance is futile, everything will become part of the collective

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i wear my starfleet tunic with no pants and masturbate to pictures of female vulcans

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Good buy! Good fundamentals. Gonna make you rich!$!$! Pumpping so hard I took a shit on eos

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The year lock up is interesting. You stake your locked up coins, and the staking rewards are set at 12%. If the $AVAX goes 8X in the first year, you sell the rewards to get your money back + keep all of the tokens.

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Get back in your cagie wagie.

>The day is July 24 2020. You wake up as the sun starts to rise. You don't need an alarm anymore. Two naked women lie beside you. You don't recognize the second one. She must be a friend of your girlfriend. You really need to lay off the cocaine. You're starting to get sloppy.

>You check your blockfolio, the value of pivvr increased by 5x while you slept, the new hype Wasape was talking about must have been better than expected. You think back to a month ago. You only bought 1 eth in the presale but when pivvr hit 100x you suddenly had 100 eth.

>You were very tempted to sell at 5x,10x,20x but you forced yourself to hold. You sat on your hands. It was even harder to hold when bitcoin did 20x hitting 200k each, but you told yourself that this is your last chance. You thought about how much you would hate yourself if you sold too early.

>Finally when you had $2m in ether you sold half. You couldn't resist any longer. Now you hate yourself for it. If you would have waited that $2m would be $10m by now, and you use a lot of cocaine and ketamine to distract yourself from the fact that you could have bought a yacht if you just waited a little longer.

>You push the new girl aside so you have more room to stretch and she yipes and shrinks away. You look around the room for the drug plate and do a line of ketamine mixed with cocaine. It's OK you tell yourself, $2m is a lot. But inside, you are screaming.

>But you will eventually get over it and stop using drugs. After all, it was only one eth.

https disc ord gg Qh xY qRt

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ETH will simply use Avalanche. 3 - 4 years when ETH2 is shown to be the disaster it is, they will use Avalanche

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Not bad anon.

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we are reddit.

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Price is going to pump in the first year. Just look at the release contract. With such a low liquidity it is going to 10X first month, possibly more. https://info.avax.network/

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Avangers assemble! pumpppppp ittttttttttt

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Ill bathe jennifer lawernces's pussy in AVA on the 8th

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Sell your stonks retards. Time to get rich

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Burger here. How tf do I buy this thing

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Avalanche is a psyop to remove POW from Blockchains.

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just say your a fagit bitch

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There is a link on the coin page (https://info.avax.network). I dont know where the actual sale is, check back in a week

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where do i buy this shit emin?

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Someones low IQ. First time on the boards?

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Doc Oc says Google that shit retard "AVAX Token Sale"

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RP me on this. What are the fundamentals?

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Man walks in, kils my wife, kids and cat. Before that he broke into my safe and took something. Why didnt I kill him?

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He memorized my seed pass and ate it. Had to get my AVAX back

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Get a fucking job TRANNY. Pathetic faggot who wastes his time making PATHETIC copypasta to shill his shitcoin. GTFO

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Avalanche is an entirely new protocol, stomps on Nakamoto, Classic, DPOS. Faster, cheaper, optimal. Its a tokenized form of consensus, and eventually all platforms will use it as their underlying engine.

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pivvr is a piece of shit pajeet coin. You are going to rope after losses

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Wow someone knows their math

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What will the actual circulating supply be?

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Super low. Most coins are locked up in a vesting contract, the coins that are not locked cost 70% more. Too lazy to do the math myself

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Going to the moon with this one for real!!! I got the sauce bitches.

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Less than 4% of total supply

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Entirely designed to lock up your tokens while seed investors dump on you. I fucking hate the VC capital shakedowns.

And why the fuck do people get excited for this shit when Fantom can do exactly this already.

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>>20053134Shake back nigga, shake back

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All in on this one

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No, VCs get same terms as everyone else. Also VC's have the smallest allocation of all. Do your research or go broke

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there will be chinese bots that will buy all the supply

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> "while seed investors dump on you"
> Seed investors are locked up themselves

TFW you can't read. You get in at same terms as seed basically

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Or be a fucking retard pata rajada pajeet and lose your gd keys

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Im bout to have a premi for the drop. then Im going to Hedonism with earnings, maybe ill meet your mom too

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>his twitter is: el33thaxor or some shit

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Read the white paper, Looks like a great staking coin! Where can I get it?

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ok so .sale is 50c price locked up for a year, .85c price no lock. looks like they do kyc and no burgers. probly just have to wait for it to dump on an exchange

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all the major ones?

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>no burglars.
And for this raisin, I'm out.

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Any Anons know who the VCs are?

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Heres the CEO Pretty chill dude also a hacker btw sick!

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Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain, former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan, Metastable, Initialized & Ramtin Naimi of Abstract Ventures to name a few but there amazzing potential with these guys for sure! Buy$Buy$Buy on the 8th!!

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