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Can we have less LARP in this one please?

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The horse has financially Ruined me


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I do believe this entire fucking fake market is due for a correction, and soon. Will the three-day weekend be the catalyst? Should I buy VIXY and TVIX?

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We got too horsecocky, bros.

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First for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Heaven.

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Reminder that WKHS is part of the Russell 3000. Watch IWV to get a better idea of which direction the HORSE may be influenced towards.

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Horsey took a hit today but it's trending upwards. Don't panic. Things will be alright.

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>Sell Exxon Stock Ahead of Earnings, Buy Chevron ConocoPhillips, Says Goldman
Uh guys

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Now would be an alright entry position into WKHS, assuming you think they will receive a decent portion of the USPS contract. Easily a 50 dollar stock if they do get. If they don't, you better have a stop loss during the announcement.

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>FB $232
What ad boycott?

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Tesla seems undervalued right now.

>> No.20049075

I thought TVIX was getting delisted.

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5 heads

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watch TNX, 10 year yield for its ultimate master

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I was up for a second. A second. And then back down to hell again.

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so whats up with Tesla's high alpha?

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I will never financially recover from WKHS and BLNK. Going all in on SLV.

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the shorts win again this time permanently, we are fucked horsebros

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Alright boys, horsepill me

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What happened to her nose

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To the BLNK anons:

Please take this as a lesson to ALWAYS research a stock before buying it, and be extra thorough if it's a small cap.

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Go ahead boggs make my day

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All in on


I'm not even going to look at my app until eod.

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Insider here
S&P is going to close 2-3% down. Thank me later..

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Lmao that many companies are boycotting? That reptilian boy is aight.

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I will pray

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>made $1k on the horse
>promptly lost $2k on BLNK
so it goes

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I own all those except chevron.

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Is there a forum or something to see when Robinhoodlums are gearing up for a pump n dump? Once I heard of BLNK it was already pumped.

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I got fucked today /smg/, and not in a good way.


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Went to bobs

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tqqq @ $100

>> No.20049170

I told you retards WKHS was a pump and dump. I told you to take profits. I warned you not to fomo in. I told you they have no assets and no value proposition. I told you yesterday was the top. I hope you listened.

>> No.20049178

>wait for exxon dip and buy the shit out of it, sell chevron and cp right now

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>literally all of my calls are green
>even the meme airline one
Last time this happened was June 7. I think that means its time to buy some puts

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How did TSLA go from 220 to 1200 in 1 year? Did they outsell Volkswagen or something?

>> No.20049186

the sky didnt fall on BLNK yet

>> No.20049190

god i need the source

>> No.20049191

It's 3% of my total portfolio, i'll be okay.

>> No.20049194

What the fuck is going on with TSLA

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I haven't used it for that purpose but see what you can make out of it

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>WKHS has 10mil more volume than fucking spy

>> No.20049200

Greed is too stronk

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its over

>> No.20049203

Not really. They are worth more than Toyota but only produce like 300k cars a year. kek.

>> No.20049204

hope you guys are ready for the greenest horsecock of all time today...

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Collected my 1000$ of premiums for next week.
Now just sitting around and waiting for the theta to roll in again.

See ya next week

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Perfect, thanks anon

>> No.20049218

this. never trust the financial press.

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I'm not 'hodling' UPRO. You don't 'hodl' 3x leveraged ETFs, if for time decay alone. If you can't see that we entered a bull market after historic P/E returnings yesterday and don't notice a pattern July 4th week idk what to tell you

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I got $1200 to spend on stocks. What will double my money by this time next year?

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>> No.20049258

Nothing that does not involve active trading

>> No.20049259

Hiiragi Yuuichi author/artist

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Tesla is basically stuck as a luxury automaker but its being valued as if it was literally the only car company on the planet

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>> No.20049267

this guy sells cp call the fbi

>> No.20049268

Not even Buffet could answer that question homo

>> No.20049269

junior miners. gdxj not jnug.

>> No.20049274

Those posters telling people not to buy TQQQ are legitamately giving out some of the worst advice here

>> No.20049278

A job

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Literally me except remove a zero from both of those.

>> No.20049287

Day Trading tesla options

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I honestly can't believe there isn't more of an even divide on the FB vs Twitter / free speech vs moderating racists issue. I don't like Trump at all but I think it's absolutely unbelievable that Twitter as a platform is putting fact checks and violence warnings on a public communication tool of the POTUS, fuck american "leftists" who think that's somehow alright

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its the number one growth vehicle in china and usa what do you expect it to do

>> No.20049297

Bought in at 14.50
Hopefully I didn't make a mistake and it can retrace.

>> No.20049301

Macy's loses $2 during earnings yet it's still up. Wtf do I have to do to make money in this market

>> No.20049305

yep I want to grab more at 40

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When will it fucking end

>> No.20049315

SPY 350C for October

>> No.20049317

Yeah I'm definitely buying a stock that's fully recovered right before the fucking market crashes again. Are you some kind of asshole?

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Private company.

>> No.20049325

nothing to daytrade on TSLA, only going up.

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>Yeah I'm definitely buying a stock

>> No.20049335

same here horsebro

>> No.20049336

PLUG bros where you at?
sold my blnk at a loss but sold PLUG to recoup it easy
only 50 shares of PLUG at 7.3 but happy

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Leftoids are subhumans who are authoritarian racists parading under the guise of being "the good guys" and "anti-facist"

Real talk my man

>> No.20049345

Congrats on being clinically retarded.

>> No.20049347

>muh private company isn't held accountable for what it publishes

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>tfw you bought the horse for 8 and this still hurts

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>> No.20049365

Crystal ball

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I believe in the Horse.
All this great news and then an immediate 20% drop? This is a shakeout. I’m holding strong.

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>> No.20049378

Even R*ddit has banned almost all right wing subs on their platform while r/communism is still alive and well and I dont see a single redditard think its a bad thing.
Clown World

>> No.20049379

This, why didn’t I sell at $18

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Not a publisher, they're a platform. And they can't chose what to platform. Nice try sweetie.

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>> No.20049389

Buy the rumour sell on the news

>> No.20049404

hard to get around when hosting companies and any monetization companies ban your ass. The whole lolbertatian mantra of make your own isn't a thing any more when they will even go after your banking like with gab. Let me guess, just make your own bank and internet service bro.

>> No.20049405

No way this tesla pump is sustainable, like what the fuck

>> No.20049408

Or 19.99 it was such an obvious sell point

>> No.20049409

I really need to work on not getting greedy. Fuck.

>> No.20049411

>we have teams and boards that decide what is allowed and not allowed to be posted on our "platform"
FB is taking a way safer path than TWTR. The whole landscape for the "freedom of the press" is out of control and desperately needs to get updated.

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What the fuck is up with this clown market? How in the world do completely unrelated stocks follow identical trend lines? Are algorithms really running that wild on literally everything? Airlines, oil and REITs shouldn't mirror each other but for the last three months they've all been acting like one fucking person has them all and keeps buying and selling essentially at random

>> No.20049420

There’s no news yet except for price upgrades and ppl pouring in money.

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WKHS is a definite hold, getting in on the ground floor of a company ahead of it's competitors. ~$30 sometime in July later. Longish term hold

>> No.20049422

We're gonna make it bros
>300 shares at $7.00

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Friendly reminder about beta-slippage to the non smoothbrains ittt shilling things that are actually viable today https://www.therighttrader.com/3x-etf-decay-time-triple-leveraged-trade/

>> No.20049427

they had workhorse shadowbanned on their site under the guise that it was a pump and dump when in reality its because Workhorse is a 'green' company that has republican backing and that goes against the narrative that all republicans want to do is destroy the environment

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Fucked up my shitpost.

>> No.20049434

Have you heard about tankers, been a months long shake out, bro

>> No.20049435

It's not, but you'll get yourself killed if you try to fight it. Be careful.

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SQ just doesn't stop lmao

>> No.20049444

>lost $440 on blnk
>other $500 all in on horse
>on the brink of losing literally 50% of my net worth
if I could just go 24 hours without wanting to kill myself I would be amazed

>> No.20049447

Seriously? Now the “long term” hold cope? You assholes do this literally every time. SSL. IVR. TTNP. All these “long term” holds that tank after the pump. Don’t even try to deny it, history is repeating itself again

>> No.20049449

TSLA alone is the perfect reflection of the current stock market sentiment.

>> No.20049451
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About beta-slippage and rebalancing

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>sold horse at a loss
>letting go of horse instead of buying the dip

Volume is half of what it was yesterday but its steadily bouncing back

>> No.20049455

>Friendly reminder about beta-slippage to the non smoothbrains ittt shilling things that are actually viable today https://www.therighttrader.com/3x-etf-decay-time-triple-leveraged-trade/
TQQQ literally suffers the least beta slippage of all leveraged ETFs. LITERALLY.

>> No.20049457
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>they've all been acting like one fucking person has them all and keeps buying and selling essentially at random

>> No.20049463

watch DXY, Gold, and the Ten year yields. It should tell you most of everything.

>> No.20049469

Could you imagine if that was fucking true? Man if I had dummy amounts of cash like Bezos I’d do that

>> No.20049475

The bid has been priced in over the last week. Buying now is betting on whether or not you think they'll get it (inherently more risky)

>> No.20049478

TQQQ has outperformed QQQ at pretty much every timescale including 5 years

>> No.20049487
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Weirdly similar but I'm holding

>> No.20049488
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They just secured $70 million of financing convertible at a price of $19 per share. You think you know more than institutions?

>> No.20049493

we have been saying long term hold since it was 4$ you jealous reddit faggot

>> No.20049495

Holy shit Tesla is skyrocketing!

>> No.20049496

thanks for these rare bogs

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>> No.20049499

The fuck happened, and is it oversold?

>> No.20049501

!) I never shilled those stocks or are in them
2) WKHS is a legitimate hold based on the company's movements and press releases, not to mention their actual tangible business and product
3) I never said to buy into WKHS now (I think you missed out bud) and there is nothing wrong with holding
4) WKHS is not a pharma company

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Don't beat the dead horse.

>> No.20049506
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O look another weak hands faggot that thinks real estate, oil and EV stocks are short term plays lol

>> No.20049509

Thanks blessed dippy - I added more WKHS

>> No.20049522

I guess I picked the wrong massively overvalued EV

>> No.20049526
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Is that on thingiverse?
>tfw pic related

>> No.20049529

If your only experience is pharmashit and crypto the words "long term" might mean like 5 days

>> No.20049531

Wow, tsla might crack 1200 by EOD

>> No.20049532

oh, a note on gold, it seems really overheated, hence why inflationary expectations and depreciation isn't offsetting changes in price today.

>> No.20049533
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>AMD about to 0% itself
>MRNA due for EOD 0%

Absolutely crabbish.

>> No.20049534

I love the JPOW meme but really what the fuck is happening? How can they literally have the same lines, day after day? Indexes that include all of them?

>> No.20049535
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Who here iron fists with the horse?

>> No.20049540
File: 1.46 MB, 3840x2160, you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine being this much of a faggot that you pretend to be the dude who chose to keep his workhorse over his wife for a couple (you)s

>> No.20049547

Averaged downed WKHS a bit today.
Nothing left but to hold and painfully watch this crabbing.

>> No.20049554


>> No.20049556

broader market forces are dictating the swings. The normal changes are just the error coefficient now.

>> No.20049557


>> No.20049558 [DELETED] 

because communism isnt doxing people and talking about race supremacy

>> No.20049560
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nah I just grabbed a quick 3D preview of that giant horse dong Bad Dragon sells in a green color
>You see this approaching rapidly at mouth level. What do?

>> No.20049564
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>> No.20049566

Just regular relaxed fist here. The HORSE is an obvious winner and will reward those with patience.

>> No.20049569
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I've been holding WKHS for a year. It was always a long-term hold. It's still a long term hold.

You're comparing literally-who pump-and-dumps to the company that is going to replace all of America's mail trucks.

>> No.20049570
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damn for the first time ever I agree with baggy on something. You may be a tripfag, a retard, and have an ugly wife but maybe you're not so bad after all

>> No.20049571


is it a girl's or a boy's?

>> No.20049574

Never ever ever do what Goldman says

>> No.20049576

Do you hail from bizarro world? Or was this sarcasm? It's so hard to tell nowadays.

>> No.20049577

>gonna be diluted by 95%
>stock holders get to buy new shares at a discount, but they're too expensive still
>down only 10%
SAS's stock's behavior doesn't make any sense. The airline should be at 1/10 of its current price. What gives? Normie bagholders don't seem to care that their stock is destined to be, essentially, worthless.

>> No.20049578
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Keep going horse, we believe in you

>> No.20049584

>when it broke $15 and is still climbing
well at least you bought the dip. Good job.

>> No.20049585
File: 10 KB, 300x177, chesapeake-energy_small-300x177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many energy/oil stocks do you think can go bankrupt this year? want to make sure NRGU is safe after the battle

>> No.20049586


>> No.20049587

could, be worse, he could have been with a SEAnigger

>> No.20049589

Didn't Cramer give horse his approval yesterday? That's what fucked it

>> No.20049592

Meme aside nobody knows what will happen, maybe in a couple of months it will be over and some people are betting on that, others are keeping cash, others are hoarding gold, it's just caos.

>> No.20049597
File: 45 KB, 422x509, 5af7cb5a5c085f196546969b077fb89ef609fefaeef20905e69072382b9f20e7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a giant horse cock so idk girl probably

>> No.20049598
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i'm struggling bro

>> No.20049602

No, he fudded the horse.

>> No.20049603

Is nobody at all concerned that the economic data for the US has been dogshit the last 3 months and will likely be dogshit for the next six, yet the fed is backstopping everything?

>> No.20049610

Look outside. During the night your car was replaced with a shitty Tesla.

>> No.20049611

It had a net change of -217.97 and the RSI is at 18.41. Any anon here has an insight?

>> No.20049613
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Good to know frens, ty
No problem fren

>> No.20049617

i dont understand the value in watching his show. if you are getting the same take as 50 million other investors, what edge could it possible give you?

>> No.20049618

So tqqq will hit 104ish then we crash down again right?

>> No.20049619

>because communism isnt doxing people
lol You're ridiculous, you commie subhuman. That's all you leftists do. Meanwhile, hardly any rightwingers do it. Reddit is banning rightists because they leftists, and there's nothing faggots like more than censorship of political opponents.
>muh wrongthink
dilate and kys

>> No.20049624

All of us on /biz/ gave up on making sense of fundamentals, it's obviously not getting us anywhere. Green line go up and that's that.

>> No.20049627

You greedy fucking cunt
You take the risk and it pays off and you half your shit because you want to bet on further hysteria

ngmi you horsecock loving faggots

>> No.20049628

Iron hooves

>> No.20049634
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Long term retard. Don't like to wait? Then sell.

>> No.20049636

>historic 20 year high p/e

>> No.20049637

I am, although I do wish I had sold $18 like I had originally intended and bought back in today.
Does anyone remember this? >>20032921

>> No.20049640
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tells you what to avoid or if your meme pick is about to moon when 50 million retards think they're getting in at the bottom I suppose

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>the next six
years, right? we've all been boo'd off the stage. it's fine. let the kiddies play around. They might make a ton of money, that's good. I'll keep playing gold and the broad markets.

>> No.20049650

What’s making gold drop

>> No.20049654


>> No.20049656

Alright, we actually going up because I'm at my average now and would rather step off if this is it.

>> No.20049658

is WKHS run over? went down alot

>> No.20049663


>> No.20049667

weakening dollar aswell, hope a balkanization happens

>> No.20049678

If you can't handle long term holds, sell and chase pennyshit

>> No.20049681

Gold always drops. That's what gold DOES. Only retarded boomers and mememeisters who worship the buffet ogre of omaha actually get into gold.

>> No.20049682


>> No.20049686


>> No.20049688

Normies crave approval. They want to be told they are smart. TV tells them the correct opinions and choices so they can be told they are smart

>> No.20049689


>> No.20049690

do you have a source on that
are you talking about the low March prices over Q1 earnings

>> No.20049692

correction after crazy 9-day run, investors taking profits

$20 eow

>> No.20049693

Yes. The last 3-5 months has been absolute shit for the economy
>jogger riots
yet the market is acting like growth is strong. this is all the fed. it cannot continue forever. they spent $4 trillion to do this.

>> No.20049699

What few value investors are left checked out in March. Hell, even most of the TA doesn't make any fucking sense anymore. The whole market is feeling like huge batches of shitcoins. Thus why the thread has a FOTW right now like WKHS.

>> No.20049700

>sold TSLA yesterday
pass me the rope, brothers

>> No.20049701

Should I buy more plug or is this the top?

>> No.20049702 [DELETED] 

I have to ride horse to minimum 20 to get my gains back. Guess I'm in the beholder brigade

>> No.20049707

My paper hands fucked me the last time I held the horse, not again.

>> No.20049708

Horsecock about to squeeze the bear's organs out

>> No.20049713

wew, Great Lakes Federation, here I come.

>> No.20049717



>> No.20049720

There are A LOT of rich Chinese here in Vancouver Canada, and they are all ditching their other cars and going in on Tesla. It's the new iPhone on wheels lol

>> No.20049721

>Horse blitzing through 15-16

lmao imagine if we end green on the day

>> No.20049723
File: 95 KB, 980x812, WKHS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20049726
File: 56 KB, 680x536, 11944cfb-04c0-4842-a17b-b123cc636df5..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he doesn't have shiny rocks

>> No.20049739

>buy all dips
I predict BIG earnings surprise to double
>20 by DEC

>> No.20049742

Based, let those retards lose boatloads of money due to never being able to repair them, can't wait for a massive price drop on used gasoline engine cars

>> No.20049743

Oh we will

>> No.20049746

We end green I'll blow your dad

>> No.20049748

Based horse believer

>> No.20049758

this is my play money gambling account on robinhood you dumb cunt. I have a real broker with the other 99% of my assets.

>> No.20049760

these posts aren't funny asshole

>> No.20049766
File: 153 KB, 280x754, never.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For meme purposes, here's a red one as well.

>> No.20049775
File: 441 KB, 3000x2000, 1593605598225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only kind of person I have less respect for than materialistic smoothbrain americans is materialistic smoothbrain Chinese expats who are here to use the country as a tax shelter, kek

>> No.20049777

Jewsus Christ of Nazareth. I had to attend a damn televisit with my doc for aderal and missed the dip.

>> No.20049780

You realize that chinks never repair cars in the first place? Everyone in China just runs their car until it breaks down and then they get a new one, some never even replacing oil. It's just how they traditionally do it in China and is a company's wet dream.

>> No.20049781

Might get me one of them second hand BMW M3s dirt cheap. Those retards don't care about money; they literally have billions of embezzled dollars to play with

>> No.20049785

I don't get it. I'm up $10k but that drop still hurt. Yesterday I was up $20k.

>> No.20049796
File: 391 KB, 599x656, 1585439864796.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>resting over 1.7k
idk. it might be to switch to equities on the bullish sentiment. Yield on the 10 year is up too. The spike yesterday was mad.
If it was deflation, we'd see the yields going down, but they're up. The broad market should be dropping too.

>> No.20049798

wait for now, it'll dip back once it touches $10

>> No.20049801

The horse is generous, it gave people yet another opportunity to buy at prices that are basially stealing

>> No.20049802

BMW has shit parts, get a Lexus if you want luxury

>> No.20049805

I'm literally down $1500 on BLNK, fren.

>> No.20049810

Stairway to green is forming on the horse

>> No.20049812

I got the horsies in the sack
Anons here on crack
Bought the dip and now we’re on the way back
Gonna ride it til July
When horsies’ll learn to fly
Sell half of the puts on a thirty point high

>> No.20049813


Or Volvo

>> No.20049814

What a kind fellow, he's about to do that again! :D

>> No.20049818
File: 394 KB, 808x844, 1593566159035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know, they are the worst consooomers in the world. Eventually the game of musical chairs is going to end with a BUBBLE BUBBLE POP

>> No.20049820
File: 829 KB, 810x1888, 20200701_095951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20049823

>now the only call that is (slightly red) is one for BAC
I am buying more puts. This euphoria makes no sense.

>> No.20049831

Roger that

>> No.20049832

Gains don't feel like much until you cash out and make real purchases. I'm up 100% in less than a week but that 10% drop made me want to kill myself.

>> No.20049833

>"Tesla keeps firing workers for staying home despite musk's pledge" 38 min ago
Stockholders "based buy more"

>> No.20049841

Based Tuck

>> No.20049842
File: 126 KB, 924x521, chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there a charting service that lets you use custom images for the candles?

>> No.20049854

Why are crypto miners pumping?

>> No.20049856

its been like this for months lad

>> No.20049858


>> No.20049862


>> No.20049864

Power hour is going to put every bear on suicide watch

>> No.20049869


>> No.20049877

I think it's not if but when at this point

>> No.20049878

Approaching 16. If you actually shorted the horse I hope you covered already.

>> No.20049880
File: 126 KB, 800x450, 1580703874129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i alongside most of this board will act like i didn't see your dumbass question

>> No.20049881

Holy piss. It's gonna shoot up again, better buy in now

>> No.20049885

Who gives a fuck about their low tier employees? If you don't want to work for Tesla, someone else does.

>> No.20049888

>first mover advantage
ohhh fuck thats nothing to joke around about should have bought more on the dip damnit!

>> No.20049894
File: 81 KB, 800x450, 1580327539613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn I feel pretty good for tuck, I haven't watched his show a few months after he started but I'm glad he's doing well, his antics during/post elections of inviting absolutely rabid retards was comedy gold

>> No.20049900
File: 37 KB, 758x556, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20049901
File: 74 KB, 1475x830, BA40F271-7BA1-404C-B3E2-6E8AEB2CD1C4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shill me a ticker and I WILL all in

>> No.20049902

Motherfucking horsefaggot, I had just set my limit buy at 15.80. Come back here you piece of lasagna.

>> No.20049909
File: 1 KB, 327x30, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get the rope ready, Bears

>> No.20049916

Poor lives matter anon

>> No.20049921
File: 47 KB, 618x502, 1421781532105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20049923

TQQQ, sell EOD and buy back in tomorrow

>> No.20049924


>> No.20049928

I think WKHS will be able to ride the coattails of Tesla quite a bit, but I'm still not touching it.

>> No.20049937

He's got a good team as well. I do genuinely believe they care more about exposing the retardation of our government than playing party politics, not to say that they dont. Their Schiff should resign expose was a masterpiece. I think either Fox or YT are still killing the comments, because you know, aren't allowed to have a discussion on stuff.

>> No.20049939
File: 1 KB, 322x37, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


hope you covered

>> No.20049940

UONE all the talk of black investment will have to go somewhere... Or IVR,shll yep these are definately good buys

>> No.20049942
File: 3.03 MB, 1836x3137, 20200701_110836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just walked by this in my way to the supermarket. Extremely bullish.

>> No.20049946

OXLC, ridiculous and comfy dividends

>> No.20049947

Fuck them, there are plenty of others who would want to work and fat fucks cry about the flu wanting to stay home.

>> No.20049949

we going green horse bro

>> No.20049954

based horse country

>> No.20049956

Jesus christ it just crushed it as well, already on the way to $17

>> No.20049959

bogged once again

>> No.20049961
File: 911 KB, 739x839, ass shattered.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've seen motherfuckers ask what a stop limit is and get answers that weren't "look it up retard" and you are drawing the line at "does this service exist?"

>> No.20049966
File: 514 KB, 1146x878, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20049970

Horse to $64 EOW confirmed

>> No.20049973
File: 31 KB, 400x400, 682BB9BE-91A4-4853-A354-C0C717916ECF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sell TSLA now
Yes or No?

>> No.20049977

Why didnt you buy at 15 you mong

>> No.20049982

That guy bought in at $2

>> No.20049985

2000 EOY

>> No.20049990

ohonononononono we got too cocky back to $13!

>> No.20049992

why is SSL dropping?

>> No.20049993

TSLA is just going to crab the rest of the day right, bought a call at the top and sold really quick before I lost more than $300

>> No.20049995


>> No.20049997

it is literally drawing a horse pattern on the 1m chart, look for the face to form and then we are off

>> No.20049998

When did smg turn to shilling penny stock pump and dumps

>> No.20050002

I wish it would, I would load so many bags full

>> No.20050003

alright, horsefuckers need their own thread.

>> No.20050004

New thread??

>> No.20050006

for the Nth time. the only thing they have in common is they're EV's, and workhorse owns part of an EV truck meme company after they axed their own.
they're a longer term hold, and it's still pursuant to them getting contracts. They're a pretty strong contender for it, but it's not granted yet. If you've done dd on something else and need liquidity, cut your losses now. Otherwise come back to it in three months.
Momentum chasers didn't even understand what WKHS is, they're retarded in thinking that they're a competitor to tesla. Different markets, and the pickup marketed to contractors from their partially owned company will not make it. But what will is their last mile delivery vehicles that have been in development for some time and have already undergone trials. Even moreso given how much more efficient evs are at stop/starting/high torque/low speeds than a gas engine.

>> No.20050008

KTOV we're throwing craps at this point, let that bitch roll.

>> No.20050011

t. hindsight fag

>> No.20050012

Its a cult of personality really just depends.

>> No.20050016


>> No.20050022

Not one of their employees has died from Corona and they get stock options that have 6x in value over the last year. Make the cars, bigot.

>> No.20050024

>10 posts by this id just seething about wkhs demanding a thread for them but not actually talking about anything else

>> No.20050025

I'm waiting for it to be included in the S&P . If it makes it, hedge funds will be forced carry some of it-ie higher price

>> No.20050035


>> No.20050038

day 1 of /biz/

>> No.20050041

What's going on with PLUG? Why is it pumping so much?

>> No.20050044

New shares came out today as dividend compensation. Sold them immediately, not gonna hold IVR especially with a 2 cent dividend now.

>> No.20050045
File: 14 KB, 706x341, dude.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It has literally never been anything other than that.

>> No.20050049

>he has 10 posts
>i bet he's seething about WKHS
no, i'm parsing out inflationary or deflationary expectations and it's not going to be done with other anons because of the horse spamming.

>> No.20050063

GTL isn't all that profitable when L isn't in shortage.

>> No.20050067

because I didn't buy it

>> No.20050069

Honestly the rush from seeing your pick of a shit pennystock pump feels amazing.

>> No.20050070


>> No.20050072

used up my last day trade for comfy horsie ride, is anything other than horsie worth holding for the next couple of days?

>> No.20050074


>> No.20050082

Why are cruise companies going up? I thought all boomers died????

>> No.20050083

WKHS premium has gone down the drain for the kind of risk you'd be taking. That blows how am I supposed to even sell puts?

>> No.20050086

Dude 15 is almost the hard stop at this point I know it touched 14 but once it was on the rise again you had to have some idea that it was time given this years projections. Are you blind or just retarded

>> No.20050090

I'm nervous about the 3 day weekend. Some shit's gonna go down on the 4th that will the excuse for this correction to finally happen.

>> No.20050102

>seething non-wkhs holders thought the horse wouldn't move up

>> No.20050103

EVERYTHING is going up. Except some pennystocks and oil LOL

>> No.20050104

Ayy blzitfgt

>> No.20050112

Natural Liquid Gas hit a 25 year low

>> No.20050121
File: 25 KB, 640x360, toto-africa-1516711131-list-handheld-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20050129

yes anon every single boomer died.

>> No.20050135
File: 160 KB, 1200x676, 1593570715599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20050136

I dont trust it, there is no way that its worth over 1000 a share, are people insane?

>> No.20050139


>> No.20050142

Why is cruise going up but not oil???? Oh my fucking god I don’t even have any stake in the cruise industry one way or the other but I think it’s such a stupid industry and should be made obsolete.

Hopefully this new H1N1 strain from China spreads a bit and cruising dies by 2021

>> No.20050145

Sell way out calls

>> No.20050148
File: 10 KB, 251x242, 32f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He sold BLNK below $5

>> No.20050149

the dip was just a gap fill back to 6/29 close, we are clear to 20 and beyond now

>> No.20050160

Hoping for 17 before the lunch dip. Lets gooo

>> No.20050168

Hey idiots make a new thread when it gets to 300


>> No.20050174

Well isnt MSNBC like one of Chinas many propaganda wings and isnt there like a concerted effort to like blackball american manufacturers and like flood the entire market with like cheap knock offs and stuff

>> No.20050176

More limit buys set at 15.70

>> No.20050190


it's really just workhorse. im hoping it triples again then crabs for a year so they shut the fuck up, or crashes 80% so they all get shaken out and start hating it. then we can go back to talking about more interesting broader stuff like tech/travel/oil etc

>> No.20050198
File: 684 KB, 1620x1620, ehh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buying and selling ATH no risk
>buying and selling after a dip No Point


>> No.20050209
File: 217 KB, 1079x711, Screenshot_20200701-102106_DuckDuckGo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20050242
File: 1.41 MB, 540x432, 1532925373_tumblr_p7yib42GOt1qa94xto1_540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A...anon, be friend with horse may be?

>> No.20050255

psilocybin stocks

>> No.20050291

Anyone else in OSTKO? It's overstock.com preferred stock. It's been on at 20% daily tear for the last few days

>> No.20050293

Game never, S2 never. Bad omen

>> No.20050307

Thats the bet I'm making too. HAL and NCLH. Set it and forget it

>> No.20050317

Thank god I timed that dip right.

>> No.20050359


>> No.20050427

>I sold WKHS at the dip

>> No.20050527

>tfw when cleared all positions once WKHS started dipping and went all in on the bottom

>> No.20050592

Looks like they just got a federal contract for a platform of some sort for e comm

>> No.20050595

I bought 1500 at 13.84 on the dip, I think I got yours, thanks.

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