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Trial Run Edition

What will be a place for discussion of our current plays and why we make them as well as tips/tricks type shit. Stocks only, no crypto shit

>Where a pastebin that I or someone else will eventually write goes

>What is DD?

>Stock Market Words:

>Risk Management:


> Basic Educational Sites:

>List of hedge fund holdings

>SEC Filings

>Understanding SEC Filings

>Starting to Research Info
Currently a mess of shit that I am dumping after scanning the page, to be sorted at a later date

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Finally, a thread without KTOV shills

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I like this idea.

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checked but don't get too cocky. If this thread survives the night stocktwat shills will spam their shit

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a gentleman and a scholar
thank you for this
Shall we dedicate this 1st thread to establishing etiquette?

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Also nice links OP.

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He said the "K" word!!!

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I bought into oas and tops. Just did it to do it. No reason or logic. Either ill be up or down. Let the die be cast

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Is this a good thread to ask the difference between a penny stock and a small/micro cap stock?

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DD - preparing research on a reasonable and objective basis

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Can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not.

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Yeah, I think it would be a good idea for today's to mostly be a meta thread where we come up with a decent pasta, get rid of shitty links and add good ones. If someone with a clue what they are talking about wants to write a pastebin on DD and especially what it means in clown world market, they can do that, otherwise I will probably write some bullshit that sounds nice but with somewhat questionable trustworthiness within the next few days.

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>establishing etiquette
Bully obnoxiously retarded questions like >>20036643

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This is a based idea

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Did you guys ever taking any classes or just trial by fire?

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Buy ktov :)
All jokes aside you sound like someone who bought at 1.30 and is currently in the red now lol

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I was semi-serious. I'm new and retarded but from what I understand penny stocks = companies with less than 5$/share but micro and small caps are companies with market cap below $2bn. I want to know if there are more things to know

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merely trying to promote decorum.
we're not savages that roam the jungles of plebbit.
we are learned gentlemen

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sir, I highly advise you to consult your search engine. It's is free available to you and at any rate would absolve you of the ridicule one would face for posting such asinine queries.

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We spend countless hours here every day trying to scope up the next "big thing".
I suggest we begin brainstorming how we may pool our combined research or DD so we may all benefit.

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Been following biz for awhile now. Have not heard one person mention StockTwits. Then all of a sudden end of last week i am seeing anons reference it a lot.

I am perplexed as to why.

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If its penny stocks there is no next big thing.

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Because stocktwits is a networking scheme for promoters to hype and pump up stock they want to offload.

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Yea I was trying to be funny but I agree some sort of culture should be established early on but my opinion is to prioritize on the material of these threads instead of how we behave here. For example I have some questions as the stupid one earlier asking for clarification on the penny stock/small cap thing.
Another thing I want to know is what quarter ending means for the stock or the market in general. Are things such as playing earnings a thing to ask here or shall I ask them in one of the stock market threads?

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this is a good idea fren, here is bump. I suggest etiquette 1: bully all mass quoters

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I like the idea of this being a more value investing oriented general than the very speculative and short term trading focused /smg/. Not sure if this is what you are going for with the DD theme.

As a general question, what sort of DD do you guys do before buying/selling stock? How do you gain confidence in your moves?

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It would be nice to have somewhere with a dump of good DD on stocks, I might just make a pastebin and try to update it a couple times a week with good posts from anons in here and the other stock market threads on /biz/

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for the company

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quality idea can’t wait to see where this goes frens

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My DD is does it have momentum, is there news, is it about to break out. That is all I need. For example ATHE. Probably too late for others to make a profit out of it, unless if it has another run up and consolidates again.

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If you ever go to /ptg/ this idea has been discussed there a bit over the past couple days between a few anons. Until a couple weeks ago /ptg/ used to be filled with lots of good information and discussion, but was somewhat limited by the penny stock part. My idea for this general is for it to be a place to discuss the market and specific stocks, in both short and long term. If you think a stock is a great long hold, let us hear why, if you think a pump is right around the corner, let us hear why. Just a somewhat civil meeting place where we try to help each other make money rather than just shilling and wojack spamming. Clown World has us in an awkward place where traditional DD isn't as effective, but there is also logic to it, which I think would lead to good conversations.

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really good idea for a general, hoping it sticks around

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(Warning) Ignore the random AH noise right now. It will be gone by tomorrow. They tweeted out news about a deal made a few days ago for a contact tracing app with AnyPlaceMD. That pump will likely be gone by tomorrow premarket.
(FA) PHUN is a mobile software development company for advertising and location tracking. They have been bleeding money for years and have been served NASDAQ delisting notices but they have changed management and have been aggressive since then in acquiring new contracts and deals. My thesis is that this stock has been overly beat down and has potential even beyond the drive for more location and tracking services associated with Covid-19. Or certainly higher than its current market valuation would suggest.
(TA) There is some very strong support at 1.2. The volume and volatility is currently low which means that any buy pressure causes the stock price to rise very quickly. All of these can be pinpointed to news events or new deals and partnerships.
My plan: I have been accumulating shares at ~1.2, then selling some of them during the next news event. These runs are typically ~10% and there have been several already. My goal is to have ~500 shares by their next quarter earnings and keep or sell most of the position if the "turn it around" narrative has legs.

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well done anon
I like your approach.

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Also, if anyone has any ideas for a more creative name than /ddg/ I think now is the time for us to make the choice

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stick with it, simple and straight to the point

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tfw no mad scientist gf

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Hey that's me

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Heh. We never left the carnival in the first place. Matter of fact, there is nothing but the clown world

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I feel like 4chan is a difficult place to perform this type of quality control but I have high hopes for this general.

How do you know your news isn't already priced in? What sort of metrics do you use to value a stock? Basing your purchases purely off momentum sounds risky.

I think there is certainly potential for a company like this to take advantage of COVID, but their debts are scary. What sorts of contracts give you faith that they will be profitable in the future? Has anything changed within the company since the 6/24 when this article was written? https://seekingalpha.com/article/4355498-phunware-still-name-to-avoid?mod=mw_quote_news

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I think the smart thing for all of us to do is to move towards bidenproofing our portfolios. Any thoughts??

I think the next big market is in battery tech, i've invested a good fifth of my portfolio into lithium mining, which seems to be growing steadily.

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Start DD on ODP

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Lithium mines are the smartest way to be involved in batteries I would say, but they are probably fairly stable but everything is most likely priced in already. Battery tech is in my mind very similar to bio tech, especially with the current race to the COVID cure, we already know a shitton about it and there aren't too many places to go. Prices are inflated by speculation because everyone wants to be invested in the company with the next breakthrough, but there are so many companies and so few breakthroughs left to happen that when one company makes it, the rest will all plummet. We are already basically there, but we are rapidly approaching the point of greatly diminishing returns, I think current chemical battery advancements will be basically completely dried up within 20 years, and nearly there within only 10. Mark my words, the real future is in hydrogen fuel. Not nearly as energy dense as chemical batteries, but has a near non-existent environmental footprint and is incredibly cheap, it doesn't cost much more than the price of electricity to produce. The only issue with it is infrastructure, which is basically non-existent, but I feel is likely fairly cheap and easy to build. I imagine that we will see massive hydrogen facilities near population centers, and then rural areas, each fuel station has its own generator just runs off grid power. Hell, maybe one day we will have our own at home, but that seems a bit far-fetched.

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>>How do you know your news isn't already priced in? What sort of metrics do you use to value a stock? Basing your purchases purely off momentum sounds risky.

Penny stocks are risky and highly unreliable, if you are looking for a penny stock to "make it", don't, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I don't trade longs, I rarely swing, read the charts and level 2s to determine when to get in and out, take profits when they come and never hold.
ATHE I got in at 0.63 and out at 1.25, I would like to assume there is more to come from the company with their news, but I doubt it.

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So is this general still for penny stocks alone?

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the later

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No, the idea for this general is to be the closest thing to a safe haven from retards and tourists as we can get. This is for discussing information, ideas and theories on tickers and the market in general with others that have some amount of knowledge, regardless of price point.

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CLIS intrigues me a lot. This type of application gets eaten up by the masses, such as with HQ. Mindless entertainment with the dopamine kick of gambling and winning money makes this application a surefire success so long as the company is managed properly. This idea is worth millions for another to capitalize on if they fail to perform.

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Alright, I'll stick around. This place was turning into wsb 2.0

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are futures allowed to be discussed here?

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>I think there is certainly potential for a company like this to take advantage of COVID, but their debts are scary.
Agreed which is why I am not committing much to this until I see if all these deals translate to something. The author of that article has been bearish for years on it and what I am hoping to see is a change due to a new management direction. You want "ten baggers" nowadays you kind of need to find beaten down stocks that are actually going to turn it around.
Most of their losses deal with a partnership and lawsuit they lost against UBER. That was a few years ago. I have only been looking at this since April.
This is a minor possible play, and like I said. For the time being, the TA appears stable. One of my major plays is a less beaten down stock but in an entirely different sector that I am also getting a little exposure now it seeing what the next quarter or two brings. I want to see if this general goes anywhere first before I even think of bringing it out.

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This is a great idea with a lot of potential.

Fundamentally, /biz/ is a great place to find high IQ plays (if you haven't found any, then sorry, but you're not part of the club). But it does take a retarded amount of effort to sift through everything else here. If we can build something to filter the good from the bad, we can make a lot of money and help out some Anons in the process.

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love the concept but I can't help but feel like compiling a group of /biz/ DD approved holdings is going to end up biting most people in the ass who will just blindly buy into anything they see posted here.

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Noted, thanks for the tip Anon.

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* Trading at very low P/E (6.17 at time of writing) and P/B (~1.1 last I checked)
* They are a mortgage insurance company, which might give you pause considering the circumstances, but their entire business model is basically built around being able to survive a 2008-scale event. According to them, they are tail risk hedged, and the default rate of the borrowers they approve is lower than it is for other companies. That said, their main revenue is from premiums, while their main expense is from partially reimbursing their clients if the loans default, so this is not a low-risk stock.
* Before COVID, they had consistently increasing revenues and a high (>50%) profit margin
* So, putting all of this together, if you believe COVID will *not* cause a 2008-like wave of mortgage defaults, this stock may be a buy. A return to form would mean a significant jump in their stock price (they are still ~40% down from their ATH) with further growth in store.

Personally, I'm waiting for Q2 earnings to get a better picture of the impact to their earnings from COVID, but I wanted to get my current state of DD in here to keep things going. I wouldn't buy at much higher than the current P/E without more information.

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That is their fault, its usually very easy to spot dogshit/retards from actual gold and people who know what they are talking about. If someone can have large info dumps handed to them and still get burned because they are playing follow the leader, they deserve it

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I am making a pastebin now that I will throw these into.
I feel I should say this now, I will probably do some light editing for the sake of continuity and legibility, but I will do very little if any fact checking on any info. Unless I already know it is wrong or find out later, I will add it to the pastebin. I will add more info to the different tickers as it is posted or as I find it on my own. If anything posted in there is incorrect, just say something and I'll eventually remove it.

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Do add the major debt risk to PHUN. It's why it should primarily be on watch lists unless you want to play the scalping game I have been doing.

>> No.20039319

The pastebin that will be DD masterpost

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Tons of even top-tier stocks are still 40-60% down. I don't see the point of ESNT, especially with its absurdly low volume.

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This is very well put, i just wonder if you or another OP who continues this type of general will have t constantly find and type up new stocks daily or weekly.

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ok, seriously though. someone post a list of companies headquartered in the flood zone in CHYNA after the dam breaks

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went all in KTOV at 1.12. will i make it?

>> No.20039452

Oh lord! They found us!

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None of this is my work, at least so far. How I plan on doing it is to just snag info that I see posted in this thread or other stock market threads on /biz/ or just anywhere, copy-paste into the pastebin, and then put it into a very loosely consistent format.
Some will be my original research, but it will mostly be from posts here. I will try to update it at least a few times a week and will scan through any threads I wasn't in and post info from there.
I will delete anything that is outdated to the point of irrelevance or that is incorrect, hopefully the posters in the thread will help me stay on top of that.
If some anon(s) that seem trustworthy and not retarded show up, I might give him/them the log in info for the pastebin so they can also keep it up to date, but this will probably be a slow enough thread that I can stay on top of it and even if it isn't updated for a few days, oh well, get over it

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GTFO, I'm invested in it too, but please don't talk about KTOV here. Stop shilling it for god's sake

>> No.20039847

I like it.
but there's a huge amount of retards and shills here right now. I was hoping to find this thread higher quality than smg right now, but it seems is shit all over right now.

Well I should probably get off the computer anyways.

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If ya'll nigga's aint swinging DLOC you're retarded. This thing could be both an excellent long term and short term play.




Their mission statement
>Digital Locations, Inc., is a developer of cell tower sites for the 5G revolution. 5G wireless networks are expected to be 100 times faster than current 4G LTE networks. This will enable global scale killer applications such as self-driving cars, the Internet of things (IOT), mobile streaming of 4K videos, real-time hologram-based collaboration, and lag-free high definition gaming. To realize this vision, many new 5G antennas are needed because high frequency 5G signals cannot travel farther than 100 meters. It is estimated that more than 1 million new 5G cell towers must be added in the United States alone. To rapidly enter the market, Digital Locations plans to partner or co-develop a portfolio of cell tower sites to help meet the demands of 5G networks. Our goal is to become a “landlord” of tomorrow’s wireless communications assets.

>DoD funding on PAWR/Powder

Anyone shitting on this literally bought it at $.40 and butthurt as fuck. More importantly. It seems to have found its floor. Bottoming out around 4-6 cents. Massive buys have been coming in from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, clearly looking to short the fuck out of it, which can make things rocky. Short plays are going to require being glued to this fucking thing or having sell limits in place to catch. I tripfag so you can all feel my smug aura in the coming months. Don't go in big, small buys. It's volatile.

>> No.20039891

Give it time, this was more just a laying the groundwork type thing for today. Give people that are interested time to find it. Also, there has been fairly little retardation and shilling, mostly just meta discussion about how we want this general to go with a few posts here and there having actual stock market discussion. We are only at around 70 posts so far, but I would consider this prototype thread a success.

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my friends, these are strategies to use stock options and reduce your losses.
educate yourselves.

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BRO, thread says DUE DILIGENCE not fucking SHILL

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I'll kill you in minecraft of course

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I work in the space and it’s not incredibly cheap by any stretch. Even if electrolysers and durable fuel cells could be made cheaply, applications like transportation are hamstrung by very high infrastructure costs: you can’t pipe hydrogen through existing natural gas pipelines at more than ~5% by volume otherwise it’ll embrittle most steels. To pipe straight hydrogen you need a whole new pipeline networks made of special steel or composites. You can compress it but you can’t liquify it without insanely low temperatures. Hydrogen tech is the best tech that never was and is likely to remain that way indefinitely unfortunately

>> No.20040020

OP, thank you so much for this. One of the only good stock market generals in the past few weeks

>> No.20040045

are we really going to place puts on human lives?

>> No.20040064

Is a dollar green?

>> No.20040080

The Chinese are humans?

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I bought some ARLP and IVR hoping to swing on both and got dumped on hard.

As far as swinging goes, I'm down by 33% on both. IVR has the upside as an mREIT with holdings that'll help it wade the waters, and the fact that it's a dividend stock (both are) make holding the bags slightly easier.

Is there a time when you just cut your losses and make other plays, or just have that iron grip?

>> No.20040189

ITT no weak hands getting shook the fuck out
no "will I make it" attention whoring
no red wojacks
so far so good

>> No.20040195

Really want to reiterate too. Don't put the fucking house on the line on this one. Who knows if it's actually going to do well. Could tank right down to less than a penny before it ever makes a comeback or any sort of success with this project. If you go in, go in small. Less than 1k. Less than 500 dollars even. It's way too fucking iffy. I'm high as fuck on the smell of my own farts after doing some digging. Could be big soon, could take 3 or more months or another year before it actually does something ridiculous.

That being said.


That's a lot of spaghetti, and 1 trillion dollars can go a lot of places, and I'll bet DARPA and the DoD get a fat fucking chunk of that. I would say use gains off something. I've seen so many people on twitter that went all in at like .$25 cents to watch it tank 50% the next day.

I'm lucky enough to have a position .01% off the bottom, after averaging myself up twice on 6 cents and 5.7 cents. I even felt iffy on those.

IVR has left a -25% hole in my heart, but I pretty much long fucking everything for a year into the future.

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no niggers

>> No.20040252

Bumping in hopes of seeing more threads like this.

>> No.20040408

When I said incredibly cheap, I was referring more to the actual production aspect, infrastructure is never cheap, especially for something that is completely unused as of now. My thoughts are that we are already moving away from fossil fuels, and the resources for chemical batteries are already in somewhat short supply, so there I think they will be restricted to specific applications in the future. And if you don't have chemical batteries, you are basically stuck with hydrogen for anything even remotely portable. I think we will continue to see improvements in the hydrogen field as the chemical battery field slows down and it will eventually become much more feasible if not somewhat necessary to make the switch. The only hope for chemical batteries is for there to be a major breakthrough that for some new composition made up of less rare and more environmentally friendly elements with comparable energy densities, but as of right now, there is no sign of such a thing existing, which means it likely doesn't

>> No.20040527

I’d like to believe that as a long term vision we’d adopt hydrogen but it’s broad adoption is predicated on a lot of things we’re nowhere near achieving. We’d need essentially free energy, like nuclear fusion (or even fission if we were mature enough as a species). Renewables won’t cut it as they’re too distributed without the previously mentioned rather expensive and massive infrastructure upgrades. My belief, cynical perhaps but hopefully realistic, is that fossil fuels will be consumed as long as there are fossil fuels available to be consumed. I’m a little surprised we don’t see more commercial adoption of natural gas powered cars. That’s something I need to look into, and if this thread becomes a regular thing maybe I’ll report my findings.

>> No.20040539

Trump has been talking about an infrastructure bill since 2017, shortly after he took office. And an infrastructure bill has really been "talked about" since the GFC in 2008.
I think the infrastructure play is really boring midcap material supply companies like MLM and VMC which is a bit too big I think for the flavor of this thread.
USCR is the small cap "beat down" brother. That might have more of an upside but I would wait until after Q2 earnings report which I think will cause a dip due to including the later part of March, April, AND May which was a bad time to be a small cap construction materials company. They are also based in Texas and that might be a shitshow if further stay in place orders are implemented. And even then I'd likely only give a little exposure until I see real progress made on an infrastructure bill. So I am thinking August to potentially move in there.

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Also, reference to the buys coming in. Near the end of the day, someone swooped in for 2 million greasy cheap DLOC buys. About 125,000 dollar buy. Big boys can afford to lose that, but someone with that fat of a wad to throw around is clearly confident.

>> No.20040968

where is the flood zone?

>> No.20041030

I'll by back in when it is .003 again

>> No.20041051

Which might just happen, or it might not. That's why i say go in small. Like 200 dollars gets you a few thousand. If it sinks. That's pretty easy to average down when you can get 30,000 then.

>> No.20041132

damn their website is BUSH LEAGUE

>> No.20041443

It is because they are a bush league OTC company, mainly focused on buying land for cell tower sites, I suppose they will be looking to lease/sell the sites to telecommunication companies to put their towers on.

>> No.20041508

I'm going to bed now, giving it one last bump, if thread is dead in the morning, I will go through all the links posted and get rid of redundant and shitty ones before I make a new one, try to clean things up and maybe be a bit more useful.

>> No.20041692

Why is no one talking about OSS?
The have DoD contracts, beat their 2020 Q1 earnings projection, and recently developed a first of its kind architecture for linking high end video cards to boost performance bigly

>> No.20041705

Learning TA, at times makes you feel like you can see the future. At times, though, you feel like a shit wizard who always casts the wrong spell.

>> No.20041765

good thread idea op

>> No.20041914

Let's pick a random stock and do research on it for a day or two and then after all of the autists in DDG find hundreds of info on it we decide if its worth buying or not. Good idea?

>> No.20041974

If this thread is still up later when I get home from work I’ll post my CLIS dd. Also interested to here other anons opinions on CLIS.

>> No.20042101

This seems sensible. We need something on which to focus our collective autism. Here’s one you might like that I don’t quite get: the Geo group runs private prisons and is paying nearly 17% dividends. I get that pension funds might dump it to be woke or whatever but that seems nuts to me.

>> No.20042173

I think with their celeb endorsements and tying real cash earnings into some gameshow thing on your phone. yeah it's time this was made

>> No.20042225

Dividends do sound appealing but with the whole BLM thing something with prisons might happen so I don’t trust it

>> No.20042269

However on this idea I think one stock per thread seems good. OP just chooses a stock that looks good we concentrate our autism then hold a vote with like strawpoll on what to do. One thing I’m looking at it BKYI

>> No.20042300

Scanned it. Not sure. I'll look more into it tomorrow.
I think the idea is that a dividend stock is one you want to hold for years and there might be a lot of headwinds to private prisons in the future.

>> No.20042325

I don't see anything in BKYI. Their Actual EPS has tanked yet their expected EPS has stated steady. That doesn't sit right with me. That means someone thinks their company is worth something, but the money just isn't there. Maybe for a quick 1 day buy and sell, but I don't see any future for this company. Even researching them, they have nothing exciting as far as products go.

>> No.20042330

I remember hearing about it actually didn’t go into it but I know about the thing they made

>> No.20042601

Some anon on /b/ said it would moon when market opens so I’ll probably just buy it and sell same day

>> No.20042641

This is exactly what is going to kill this general. This might as well be /smg/ if your due diligence is "I dunno, someone on /b/ mentioned it." That's literally the opposite of due diligence to the point where you can't even name me a single one of their products without looking it up.

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>> No.20042844

How niggardly.

>> No.20042865

I'm in this post and I don't like it

>> No.20043173

How googley*

>> No.20043177

I'm ARB'ing SUTER -> USDT for 20% / day.

Suterusu wallet.

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>housing countless men, some of which are actual criminals, against their will whilst also being responsible for their general health and wellbeing during a pandemic
Uhhh... not ideal
Prison staff aren't generally the best and brightest, I expect the virus is going to run rampant through these facilities if it hasn't already. Some of these people aren't in tip top cardiovascular health. Could be plenty of fatalities to answer for.

>> No.20044075

Bumping for fellow goys

>> No.20044661

>read the charts and level 2s
what is level 2?

>> No.20044871

Why are you in this thread

>> No.20045416

Doing my DD and bumping this thread

>> No.20045445

Level 2 quotes. Google it.

>> No.20045888

Nice job guys, it took a few bumps, but we made it through the first night. I'll start combing through the other threads here in a bit and start adding shit to the pastebin

>> No.20045986

The thread title and theme is literally "due diligence". If they don't do their own it's on them. Buying a stock just because some completely anonymous person on the internet said so is one of the dumbest things a person can do.

>> No.20046005

What your free account doesn't give you level 2s? Out of sight out of mind I guess.

>> No.20046325
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why no crypto though? DD is important there too
i feel like this thread could be a nice bridge between SMG and crypto threads

>> No.20046364

Crypto is like a stock being controlled by alternate universe events, how do you do DD on crypto?

>> No.20046365

So I went back and looked at this. I am honestly as confused as you are. It might be that it's current price is actually "pricing in" those numbers but that doesn't seem satisfactory. Being upset with 2019 Q1 and Q2 numbers doesn't seem to make sense with carrying that over to Q2 of 2020.

>> No.20046460

Because crypto is retarded and the stocks threads get enough crypto spam as is, and there is no better way to destroy a thread than to encourage crypto "discussion." If cryptofags come here to observe and learn how to do DD but don't discuss crypto, they are welcome, I just don't want this place filled with pajeets shilling their shitcoins with massive amounts of "DD" that is complete bullshit.

>> No.20046738
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Which premarket screener do you guys use?

>> No.20047174

They are doing precisely nothing, period.
Everyone and their mom can get government contracts. Usually it's a BAD sign, not a good one, because while it means the company can charge 100% arbitrarily (like, make up for their shit being garbage and not having any clients by overcharging by a factor 100, which is a common overcharge factor among government contractors like these), it also means 0 growth is possible (partly because there's just no incentive). The fact that literally everything in their "applications" is either outright lies ("unprecedented compute power, bandwidth, and memory topology to train massive models, analyze datasets, and solve simulations faster and more efficiently than previously possible in a single server." for example) or has nothing to do with them and is basically copy-pasted from wikipedia's page on a random product they know nothing about ("The first 8K TV was unveiled in 2012, boasting 16 times the resolution of a normal 1080p HD TV and 4 times that of the latest 4K.") speaks a lot about the company. Really their only business is as a reseller of poorly thought out racks. Their gpu rack in particular is even more retarded than the DGX1 from nvidia, which was retarded enough that its only users were famous DL groups especially in academia as a failed advertisement scheme and companies with so much money they don't care that the salespeople buy garbage (see: government).

>> No.20048468

There are a number of them in the pasta, figure out which one is your favorite.

>> No.20048533

ToS but i'm a pleb

>> No.20048554

Unfathomably based

>> No.20049172

I hope this becomes a regular general. /smg/ has been useless this past week for anything except memeing about WKHS

>> No.20049263

Bumping with a little more background on hydration fuel cell tech for transportation. So it turns out people like Honda have been trying to sell natural gas powered vehicles for decades and can’t seem to develop a market for them. To recap: the tech is established, natural gas is cheap as fuck, environmentally cleaner than diesel and gas, has an established distribution network, and yet still cannot achieve any significant market adoption.

Tldr: hydrogen a shit

>> No.20049288

Hydrogen* fuel cell tech

Fuck you and your autocorrect Tim Apple

>> No.20049391

It is probably late to the party but I want to add some gold mining exposure to my portfolio. I think I found a few interesting tickers (they even have been on programs to discuss what they are doing) but I don't know what I should be really picking apart with miners. Any advice or pointers here? I think they have good momentum but I don't know how to judge fair value or when its overbought. All I have been doing is looking at their capital, cash burn, lease terms, leadership pool, and break even (spot) price.
The tickers are OTCs: LRTNF (Pure Gold Mining) and GLDLF (GoldMining Inc.)

>> No.20049738
File: 141 KB, 947x276, Nextech-Logo-JPEG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look into Nextech.

They're making a secure version of Zoom for enterprises. Their product is being adopted by companies.

The stock has gone up these past few days. I suggest you look into the european listings (N29.F for example) which are currently dipping and ripe for an entry point

>> No.20050448

>Their product is being adopted by companies.
>secure version of Zoom
What a meme. Firstly there has been no attacks allowing people to silently eavesdrop on a meeting, which is the only thing corps care about. Second, they're no more secure than zoom until their code is audited by a serious security firm. Of all the differentiators you could choose, security is the most meaningless. I mean, not even to mention every other zoom alternative that is actually battle-tested, from webex to google meet to skype.
Not as buggy would have been good, not as resource hungry would have worked, open-source would also have made a point. But nope, instead it's "I'm just as crap as the other guy so dude trust me".

>> No.20051591

I have cleaned up the pasta quite a bit now, and added a few more links, but if anyone has any sites they find useful in performing DD or for teaching how to do DD, please post them here