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Who's genius money™?
>He's not balls deep in the virtual IOHK summit week
>he's not balls deep before the coinbase listing with sell orders set on 1500-2000 sats

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I think everyone that isn't new knows how this will end. The same way it always does when some newfags discover ADA for the first time.

short this vaporware and buy back at 2 cents. There will be no smart contracts on mainnet for 2 years. They have not even finished designing and testing their new "haskell style" smart contract language that will almost certainly flop (how many haskell, purescript or Elm devs do you know?). Many new platforms like fantom and harmony are already live with blazing performance metrics and developers have already bought into Solidity and EVM. Cardano is just a nerds wet dream, not a practical reality in any sense.

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why are you guys shilling and fudding the same shit in 5 different threads

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That's just, like, your opinion.
Plutus and Goguen were developed alongside Shelley and they will likely deploy this year.
You can think this is like the "other times", but you'll be the one left behind.
dumb FUD, best code in crypto.
Haskell is not moonspeak, Devs that wish for a better platform will move over, and I'm sure at least a few thousands of haskell devs know about/plan to develop on Cardano.
Cardano will support writing in Solidity, it's literally in the plan, educate yourself.

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hard cope

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I know haskell, that's how I know it was only used as a scam to help Charle's appear smarter than he actually is. Who takes 3 years to build a centralized ledger? The same faggot who picks languages for optics and marketing and plays with birds. This project is already dead.

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I unironically had a dream this night where this was at #2 on cmc.

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>educate yourself
this is unironically how charles scams you. He appeals to other lonley nerds with a need to feel intellectually superior. Then he tells you how they use Haskell, formal verification and other shit you don't understand.. and you say. ya sounds smart.. this is the one true coin.. then you obsess on it for a year while it keeps sinking and they keep buying birds and cars and not delivering shit. If they are so fucking smart why did it take them three years to build a centralized testnet?

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>muh eth killer
Been in crypto since 2015. There are two rules
Don't invest in chinkware
Don't invest in eth killers

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come on, try harder.
with over a thousand independant pools and governance underway, it's much better than [your shitcoin]
The year is 2009, there's one rule to finance. DCA into gold, everything else is a scam.
the past does not predict the future. touch phones are the standard now, and Nokia lost. would you bet against Nokia in 2004? lol.

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lot of work for nothing.

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Thanks for the free money faggots

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>COPE intensity

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intense fear

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>newfags when they first discover cardano and haven't figured out the scam yet

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been here longer than i care to admit bro. cope some more

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price will only go up from here anon. you're going to miss your chance. im sorry you dumped early. good luck getting back in.

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there are cycles.. you will learn. I'm sorry you bought the top.

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That's right goyim, they will go up in my pocket

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yes and this is the bottom of the next cycle.

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you are a seriously desperate try-hard fud machine and you're shooting blanks. go ahead, give it another try

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give him a break, this is his last chance to buy before ada goes parabolic with summit announcements.

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>shitter ran out of FUD so he posts an epic reaction image to mock me

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notice how he projects and claims i bought the top. what a champ, i bet he didn't DCA at 2 cents and instead sold the bottom and will now buy the absolute top again in a month.

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