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$0.007 waiting room

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When binance?

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i have 10k in rsr, will i make it

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Why would binance list a competitor product before coinbase does?

If coinbase ever does since out of their 20+ projects they incubated only compound has been listed.

Not to mention, there is no real working product and based on hype.

Sadly the biggest hype is that an investor that put in a few million left paypal in 2002 and people think he still has a say in paypal in 2020 and cares about a small investment

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I only have 150k at the moment, but I feel that it'll get to $1 eventually which would be great

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fuck off with your pump and dump scams

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>Why would binance list a competitor product before coinbase does?
Because it would make CZ money. Same reason as every other token.

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>Not to mention, there is no real working product
Like most coins listed on binance then?

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so hes going to list a coin with no working product for no reason other than biz say but but but paypal?

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He'll list a coin just because of hype because he's done it it a hundred times before

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Are these the scammers anon?Is this the Sats Gang you keep warning us about? Is Peter Thiel in the gang? What about the rest of the PayPal founders/Reserve Investors? Maybe you mean Coinbase Ventures? They invested too! Which one is in the sats gang anon halp!!!

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app is released and working in several countries, includes an exchange, and is in the Play Store. Try harder faggots.

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>with no working product
How new are you? Many projects are added to binance before their mainnet product launch.
>for no reason other than biz say but but but paypal?
No, for the reason behind the project... a decentralized stablecoin with arb opportunities. CZ will see the value even if you don't.

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Comfy with 500k stack. Its not make it stack I know

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Nooooo. I don't have my million stack yet.

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80k reporting. I am up over $800. Wish I had more money to invest when I entered RSR. Slowly building up to 100k.

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Why are we mooning? Any news/rumours some crypto youtubers/twitters shilling?

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Yes, for RSV. RSV is a working system, NOT RSR. It says in their own fucking website that RSR is a placeholder token. It doesn' DO anything.


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holy fagonomics.. RSR works to stabilize RSV using arbitrage you brainlet fucking retard.

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No it fucking doesn't. Stop grasping for straws you fucking stinky indian nigger

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>closes eyes tight and places hands over ears

Get a grip you faggot

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>It says in their own fucking website that RSR is a placeholder token.
Correct. It will be swapped one to one with a new RSR token when main net launches. Just like many, many other tokens that were listed on binance before their main net swap.

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aside from DXD, this is one project i'm psyched about. 100k stackeroonie reporting.

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It's strange seeing people with less RSR than me at 300k. Strong hands frens.

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Keep going guys, you'll get a make it stack soon

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Only have 174k, so much for accumulating when I get my next paycheck, but hey still along for the ride!

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No chance of that unless something else I'm holding moons, unfortunately.

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good on you for limiting expos--i mean stay poor faggot

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Stop pumping this faggots, I need in at $0.0056

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Yes, I know I am from fucking south america. Look at the reviews for the app. Its horrible. Not to mention paypal had to freeze everyones funds that were using it.

Fucking common sense people here are using DAI or tether

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you might get a chance at that, the stoch is coming back down.. but i think that retracement is played out

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probs gonna retrace back to near 0.0053

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where are you storing your RSR stack, chads?

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MEW. Where else would you put it?

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RSR binance coinbase comp staking wen

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Trezor + MEW

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MEW with hw wallet

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>app reviews
All positive until recently when they spiked in users and had to upgrade the app because users with old phones couldn’t run it.
>common sense people are using Dai or Tether
This is where you fucked up, nobody uses Dai you imbecile. You had an entire year

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Retard here. When you say swapped, does that mean I must convert my RSR, or can I sell it normally if the price increases?

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holding strong w/ 2m+. fuck pnd shills and fuck niggers

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this is old news peter thiel is making all RSR useless after mainnet so he can market dump on noobs. don't buy satsgang pump and dump anon.

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It means the token you hold right now is useless, but after mainnet launches you will have to trade it with the real RSR which gives you access to arbitrage. Think of it as like an upgrade, every placeholder token of RSR you have now becomes a real RSR token when you swap them at a 1 to 1 ratio. You can do whatever you want with this token as well

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Me too, I had buy orders in at .54

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you had two years you pathetic broke jeet

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Imagine not owning this. Stay broke if you miss the boat lmao.

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Hey all, josh here, as most of you oldies know I've
been hopeful about RSR for some time, sitting on about 6M.
I lost close to $20k in the last dump but my hands are still strong.
My girlfriend left me and my precious bag mooning late 2020 or 2021 is the only thing really keeping me alive at the moment.
There's a great deal of stupid RSR fud floating around now,
people acting like this dump is a gigantic deal but not realising that the story of reserve has just begun,
mainnet, coinbase, binance, movement into other territories, potential paypal partnership etc are still upcoming,
this snowball has just started rolling down the hill,
stay strong guys, patience, we're in this together.

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nice try satsgang

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is this the gang anon????

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I wish I was satsgang, they don't exist which would suit me right now.

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