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Remember when I shared an image of Jo0hnnay's and Moonshot Josh's twitter and wallet?

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Jo0hnnay's wallet now

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Moonshot Josh's wallet now

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pic related his original wallet

If you want to confirm their wallets:
1) Jo0hnnay

2) Moonshot Josh

lmao at anyone who didn't believe me before
you deserve to be cucked

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all the dumbass pajeets on biz just made Satsgang rich again

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In every single rsr thread bizlets were warned not to fall for this satsgang p&d, but of course they didn't listen and now they're getting rekt. When will /biz/ learn

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Hi Valentin

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I got wrecked buying this piece of shit, got told to buy the literal top and had to sell at a loss, 10 fucking grand down the drain

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No shit

There was no new news on the product. In fact, there was nonews on the product at all except for a buggy app.

There is no staking

People rode the hype because of but but but coinbase with realizing coinbase has 20 start up projects with only one being listed on coinbase.

This compounded with PayPal hype. Its just one investor that put a few million that left paypal in 2002. How much power do you think he has in PayPal in 2020? Why would a multibillionaire care about sub million dollar investment.

I am part mudperson (south American) and I can tell you not one person would take a no name project over facebook libra. It's an established brand with much more financial security than this shit.

Fucking retarded biz fuck bought at all time high

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>I am part mudperson (south American) and I can tell you not one person would take a no name project over facebook libra.
based argentinabro, even if this is not a larp, you're full of it. facebook libra has no product, massive legal obstruction, delays, dropped partners, etc etc.

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Oh well, they helped it form a nice higher low and I'm still in profit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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it's far from over though

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There is no one that is going to trust their savings in Peru with a no name company versus a multinational company with a marketcap over fucking 600 billion dollars that is going to invest billions into a coin

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You wouldn't use RSR for your savings though. That's what BTC is for. The idea of a stablecoin is for transacting, so you would transfer maybe a few hundred from BTC to RSR each time to buy stuff.

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Schizo poster confirmed! KYS!

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Buy VRA. Contrary to popular belief, WE got in Verasity before them, and I am still buying all the way up to $0.01.

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>wow i bought after a random pump when basically everybody was saying to wait for a retrace and lost money
>what a scam!!
All of their major payment partners have dropped out of supporting Libra. No governments want Libra active in their countries. Even shit hole countries like Brazil and India don't want Facebook's WhatsApp Pay service, so do you think they'd consider letting Facebook launch their own fucking currency there? The US and Germany have both said they don't like the project, since Libra can't even answer how they'd prevent money laundering. Dead on arrival.

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what's schizo about this when etherscan + twitter logs show unrefutable proof of your scams, faggot?

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FB Libra not happening is not the point, the guy is saying no one is going to trust their money to a tiny no-name startup.

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What’s schizo is believing this P&D group with maybe one white guy with a million dollars an an army of pajeets can move anything beyond sub-1m shitcoins.

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You're the faggot here! KYS!

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If your money is hyper-inflated away to nothing by your retarded government then what's the difference in risking it to a stablecoin with huge backing.

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im down close to 21k ..just hodling now

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>2 of the low level satsgang faggots had combined $450k worth of RSR that they dumped at top
>there are possibly over 30 of them associated with RSR, but other wallets are yet to be confirmed so we can't estimate the total $ value of their holdings
>if we use these 2 as avg samples, they could easily have owned more than $6 million worth of RSR cumulatively, which is a lot considering the low level of liquidity for RSR

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such a dumb thread, real holders are still up 30-40%
because we bought at the bottom, only newfags who bought top got burned.
RSR has just fucking started, be patient, stfu and dyor,
lots is coming soon, they haven't even started marketing yet
mainnet yet to come
binance and coinbase listings yet to come
etc etc etc
satsgang fud is just a buy signal, retards.

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that tiny group can't do shit

that's why their social media presence is private

they create a myth and you idiots perpetuate it

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they have a public TG group of 1100 members who all get influenced by their "calls" with their rebrand when biz exposed what satsgang was doing and they had to change the name

>> No.20025252

they also have combined of 100k + twitter followers who also get influenced

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Dagcucks are getting so assraped by those people. Constellation pays 19,2 million DAG to each satsgang member as batch 0 node operator, as a big thank you for all their asskissing and PnD "marketing". Nobody is getting more cucked than Constellation investors.

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I'm still up 150% lmao and I will hold thank you.

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>>20025236 >>20025252

so fucking what? you think their entire twitter is invested in rsr?
there's 6000 wallet holders so it doesn't seem like it?
rsr is in fucking infant phase, soon as it grows and grows a few whales won't have the power to change anything..
oh and guess what, nobody cares about 30% pumps and dumps, because most holders are in this shit for the long haul and not selling until 50c plus.

This satsgang shit is so retarded, you realises bitcorn dumps when wales sell too? but nobody calls for satsgang then.

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how come all you mofos were so quiet when it pumped and all the threads were 100% still? another round of fudding and then pumping? I’m still at over 2x so you will need better fud or bigger wallets to dump on me, fuck you

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I'm tempted to move some of my RSR into KAVA, it seems to have the most momentum out of all the collateralised stablecoins.
And Nicholas Merten is shilling it.

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100% shills*

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both of these satsgang faggots in the first pics made over $100k thanks to idiots like you

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I'm still up $40,000 on rsr, was one of the first wallet holders, but ok retard.

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hey I went to a stonecutter's meeting last night
we all wore purple robes and chanted into the mist
plotting how to next sneakily shill rsr
oooooo ooooo ooooo
tis me the ghost of spooky satsgang
here to pump and dump

fuck off with your conspiracy theories.

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how is that relevant to the fact that the whole biz got scammed by these pajeets while they made over $100k profit each?

>> No.20025452

>literally have proof for every claim
>conspiracy theory

pick 1 faggot

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It's a legit project, fixing a real world problem idgaf what some early pump n dumpers made. Long term hold.

Coinbase ventures, DCG, peter fucking thiel

stay mad you didnt buy early

>> No.20025471


only dummies who bought at the top are suffering, if they actually listened to the people who said to buy for the last year they'd be up,
you think this is over? you think rsr has failed before its even begun?
there are so many announcements coming
this shit has only just started.

>> No.20025488


right? binance listing.. mainnet.. entry into argentina
coinbase listing, coinbase ventures

potential paypal partnership

but these retard fudders think we care about an early speedbump? nah.

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I'm not denying the project iself might be good
All I am saying is that satsgang/spectre group executed another succesful pump and dump at the expense of biz

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Can we do the same thing to reddit?

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Bless you fudders, you'r making it possible for me to get to 1M.

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thank god satsgang posted their wallets in the public telegram

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anyone holding has made big profit retard... late to the party much?

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except the bagholders never sold and thus didn't make profit
unrealized profit is not profit

the 2 satsgang faggots in the images dumped 27m + 31m RSR at the top

>> No.20026391

lmao at the satsgang larp keep seething you faggots, keep trying to crash the price as the price actually goes up and you keep getting priced out over and over again

>> No.20027173

>the 2 satsgang faggots in the images dumped 27m + 31m RSR at the top
And we're upsince then.
Who is going to suppress the price now?

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If you guys don't think of some more creative FUD you'll never get RSR before .005. Good luck I already have already reserved my right to financial freedom.

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these were just 2 out of probably around 30 insider members you dumbass

read the thread before posting dumb shit

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how much for a make it stack

>> No.20029305

3 sats up since you posted this

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>27m + 31m RSR
Welcome to crypto.. if I had dropped this amount, I'd be straight over to biz to lay down some more fud - much like this post.

>> No.20029559

So all the volume is fake and it’s a huge p&d project, backed by thiel and coinbase? Got it. Sold it all. Thanks, going back to making fries. Sorry that I tried to play.

>> No.20029631

you fucking retard. you are acting like less than 40 million RSR is a lot of money?
kill yourself pajeet. you had plenty of time to fill bags

>ohhh no 2 namefags dumped 40M RSR
you have shown us just how fucking poor (You) are

>> No.20029637

thiel is the leader of satsgang he will be arrested soon

>> No.20029730

I always thought satsgang was a meme of the archetypal pnd spirit, but does it actually exist?

>> No.20029932

original mudperson here

Its just too risky putting your money into a no-name.

Fuck, people here are just doing tether or dai.

>> No.20029955

yes but they are not as big as they were years ago

>> No.20030057

Every single time. People dumb enough to fall for the scams shilled on /biz/ deserve to lose their money.

>> No.20030504

google image search satsgang and you will find plenty of threads about them

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