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If they don’t want people purposely staying unemployed because they make more with the $600 boost, why not make jobs pay more money so that people want to go back to work?

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Because that's socialism.

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A living wage is socialism?

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>why not make jobs pay more money so that people want to go back to work?
durr what is inflation

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Loaning $5 trillion to corporations and making cheap money loans so they can do stock buybacks?

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the jews would never allow it.

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There is no such thing as a living wage you absolute brainwashed NPC.

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>American education

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Because flipping burgers isn't worth $600 a week.

Likewise $600 a week for free in perpetuity is also unrealistic unless you're a nigger.

The US government is only in the business of bailing out businesses not neets.

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>Anon invents hyperinflation

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No, it's supply and demand. If your pay isn't attractive enough to get someone to choose your job over unemployment, then you need to raise your wages to increase demand for your job.

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Yeah we should just start killing babies too because they don’t have jobs. Where do they get off thinking that living beings deserve to live without engaging in slave labor or consumerism?

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Because that's not how works the economy, you don't 'decide' what should be the wages. The wages are set to ensure profitability to the company.

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Government could just print enough money to make the minimum wage and welfare checks close to zero, thus allowing people to hire unskilled workers again.

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This. This right here gets it.

Paying everyone a fair wage sounds like the morally right option, but that would mean people would buy more things bidding up prices, hence inflation. In essence, some amount of poverty wages is necessarily in an economy to prevent rise in inflation while also growing the economy healthily. This is the true blackpill of capitalism which socialists do not want to admit.

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You're all a bunch of mongs and you took my bait.

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depends what OP means by "make". if that means force businesses to pay more, no, that isn't supply and demand, that's government regulation. still isn't socialism either way though.

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>government regulation
>isn't socialism
Pick one and only one, cuck.

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Anon this is quantifiably untrue. I understand your ignorance, as you're probably a millennial like myself. Our opportunities have been castrated by prior generations and constant economic reforms in favor of (((big business))).

Living wages work if you also handicap the kikes in charge.

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Minimum wages historically have been created to keep minorities and young people out of the workforce.
Please leave the internet and go learn about the world that you live in.

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>not letting business owners set up strip clubs across the street from high schools is socialism

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Finally, reason.
Those nerds need to get laid and those girls need part time jobs before they become infected by feminism.

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>This is your brain on Libertarianism.

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The U.S. is not comparable to any other 1st world country with cost of living discrepancies.
Several states already turn a blind eye to the current minimum wage because its simply impossible for rural counties.
$15 an hour is not enough for city living and is a ludicrous expectation for the pawn shops and general stores of Maine.

Here is the problem for the US: So long as poor states exist, rich states can't raise their own minimum wage too high without fear of business moving out to poor states. And the federal government can't raise federal minimum wage to livable city/suburban levels or half of America would have to ignore the law outright. This is why we have states like California screeching for higher federal minimum wage while refusing to raise it to the same requested level themselves.

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Same reason tech companies bitch and moan about lack of technically adept workforce and need for H1B's

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>This is why we have states like California screeching for higher federal minimum wage while refusing to raise it to the same requested level themselves.
This is peak Jew and I fucking hate how many people are oblivious to this.

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This. My grandpa fought the nazi socialist faggots in world war 2 and then my dad beat the shit out of the Russians during the Cold War. Fuck you socialist shills

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it was bait you absolute buffoon

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>paying workers a fair wage creates inflation but giving trillions to jewish bankers doesnt

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so was that anon

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Fucking drones

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Well at this point, I don't know how my local fast food chains are going to stay in business. Even before the fake virus thing, they were closing early due to staff shortages. It was a big thing on the news where they were interviewing random people who essentially said, "why would I work here for minimum wage when I can walk down the street and make more at the factory, or even more just collecting unemployment?"

Employers aren't willing to spend a little more to get quality workers, because they refuse to recognize that $7 isn't worth what it was 20 years ago. They don't believe in inflation apparently, which is pretty fucking weird for a business. But it really shows. I won't set foot in a restaurant because the service is so poor and the quality of the food is bad.

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Define a living wage to me right now. Pro tip, you can't. It will turn in to goal post moving forever just like every other progressive ghost you morons have been force fed since you were 10 years old.

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>It's impossible to be against both bankers and imaginary fair wage concepts

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