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>anon got himself stuck in a logic error
hahahahaha get fucked WTC avatarfag. I was waiting for this all month, you fucking piece of shit
Fucking goat I hope you stayed poor

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Some faggots told me to buy statera, was ready to invest 1000$ and bailed at the last moment. Fucking kikes wanted to scam me out of my money.

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you would have had 50k from that 1k if you had invested and sold at the right time like me. fking loser.

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logic error
what do you think everyone?

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Your posts were what convinced me to buy. I was convinced it wasn't a pajeet shit tier coin and actually a token worth buying with an organic community when I saw your lambda post last month or your interventions in the threads posting Krauss, Erika etc. Fucking hell

Thread theme : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_2Sso-JoO4

I for sure didn't like this episode of When They Buy

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>logic error
she didn't specify what kind of dollar it was. For all intents and purposes it could have meant the Zimbabwe dollar or even a worse currency

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But I didn't say "when"!

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What a dirty trick you bitch!!

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Everybody ready for a homicide? The STA cultists seemed genuinely insane.

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be like krauss and hodl, moon hotels WILL be real, he's in it for the long game

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God, right about now I need some face-stepping and thigh-smothering. This low is brutal, especially after all those days we spent crabbing along before finally making a recovery.

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Kill yourself you fucking nigger. Even at 2cents I sold at a profit.
OP here, posting from my phone. I'm really sorry, anon from the deepest parts of my heart. This really came out of left field. I couldn't have predicted that the balancer pool would be prone to vulnerabilities tied to the deflationary aspect of the token, especially after the audit confirmed that there were no issues with the code. I was too short sighted and believed that everything was safe. I'm hurt because while I still managed to make a profit, I was unironically invested in STA. I still find the idea to be novel and worth all the excitement but there was a chain of bad events trying to kill this token. Several strokes of bad luck. Everything started to recover for God sake.
Kek, these were my arguments if it didn't go as expected. Never telling when or what kind of dollar it was, the dirty tricks you'd expect Ryukishi to use
Sorry anon, I failed you. No Erika to step on your face, no lambda to smother you with her thighs. No purgatory sisters to bully you for hours on end.

In the end, Bern was right. There's no place for miracles in this world.

Read Rose Guns Days and Ciconia anons, rose Guns Days is pretty redpilled on capitalism and the chinks in particular

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Damn, you were the only poster in that shithole of a general who I thought wasn't a giant faggot. I'm lucky that I managed to get a decent stake in DMG so I'm not burnt that hard on this, at least I can be content that all the niggers in the thread who I hated, especially that Dr Who avatarfag, also got burnt hard.

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This is the hacker's address. Leave a nice comment for him.

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Actually finished Ciconia last week. The ending was peak kino.

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Will you still believe, anon ? I know I won't
Same, at some point I took little profits to put in DMG, RSR and XSN. Not much though and now I wish I took more. That's life, I guess.

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Curious anon from /jp/ here. Can someone explain in layman terms what occurred here?

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Hacker stole 500k of pooled wealth, shitcoin plummets to the grave, suicides incoming.

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in actual money or just internet coins?

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$500k equivalent in internet coins, with 80% of that being in actual coins that hold real value, like Bitcoin and Etherium, so pretty much $400k of "real" money. People also bough a lot of the shitcoin which has now tanked too, people were putting $10,000 on the coin when it was at 10c a pop, it's now at 1c a pop.

tl;dr - people lost big money, some guy even put $100k into the pool and lost it all

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Is the hacker even human? Wouldn't you feel like utter shite stealing so much money from people? I feel like shit at the thought that some of my messages might have convinced people to invest in STA, I never thought the pool could be drained in an instant like so...

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/biz/ and /g/ aren't fucking around lmao

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I bought the dip. Let's see if I get fucked over or not

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Can anyone answer HOW it was hacked???

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Yeah, it's brutal. People are asleep right now too and are going to awaken to a TON of losses. pretty much everyone who didn't buy in early is in the red, anyone who bought after the 2nd of June just got fucked. Worst part is I woke up to see the coin valued at a point where I'd have turned a solid profit and went back to sleep thinking I was all good.

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my guess is something to do with the one pooling method

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It was a flash loan that bought all the Statera to 0. Then what I'm not clear on is the balancer somehow calls that infinite statera and supposedly only because its deflationary.

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So now cryptos are being backed in value by other cryptos? This shit has really gone down the rabbit hole.
Wonder how many people on /biz/ actually know in depth about what they're investing in.

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Judging from the threads, not many. Not that it would have mattered if you know how it all works anyway, someone running off with $500k was not actually foreseen by anyone, as much as people would like to say they saw it coming.

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At what level should we put "Lambdadelta cryptocurrency embezzlement" event?
Also, didn't know there were so many 07th Expansion fans on /biz/

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Kill me, witch, smother me to death with your breasts!

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wtf? Did they fork or are they just tanking?

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there's going to be an airdrop of the new one without a burn function
though without the burn it seems literally pointless

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>without the burn it seems literally pointless
Exactly. Might as well put any other coin with a big upside in there at that point. No one will have a reason to buy if it isn't deflationary

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It's just internet funny money, why should he care? Anyone stupid enough to gamble on a shitcoin knew what they could stand to lose.
The hacker is dangerously based for ruining all these streetshitters and bankrupting villages full of sirs.

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I want to sniff Beatrice’s asshole SO bad

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When did /biz/ become a den of cultured gentlemen with impeccable taste btw?

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I just wish my tastes correlated directly to wealth. We'd all be rich.

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>the girl's witch hunt starts playing

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That was the point of it you faggot

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The idea itself is genius, the exploit killed us. It’s literal game theory to drive upward momentum in price over time, and to prevent heavy dips (and consequentially upward spikes). Of course a great concept gets fukt. I missed out on HEX and I lost most of my money on this. Fuck me

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There's still DUAL you can hop on, someone made a thread. It's not too late anons, a x2 or even x3 is highly likely.
Also, this goes without saying, but Higurashi was better

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