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who's dumber, this dude or the chainlink fag that thinks bitcoin dumps happen to suppress the price of chainlink?

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I want to believe man.
I REALLY want to believe.
But we're almost into July, and according to that chart, the price should already be on the way up...
Instead we've fallen below 9k instead, and barely holding on now.
It's all so tiring...

Do you have an updated chart?

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Lolol. No.

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Bitcoin is about to plummet

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No it’s not. It’s over, just sell your shit and start doing real business or just gamble on shitcoins if you want an actual 10x

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/biz/ is always wrong. thanks for the buy signal

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>NVT ratio is high
>RSI medicore, but before the march crash it was lower
>Volatility is low
>Price above 200day MA
>Long short ratio 80-20

75% for dump, 25% for pump

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Chainlink guy is way way dumber

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This is a critical moment for Bitcoin. If it breaks key resistances it’s going to test all time highs. If it fails $3567 is in play.


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Is always about to skyrocket to desperate /biz/boys remember of it rose 10% a year it would still be a good buy

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Oh and sick didgeridoos

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TA is an art, not a science. there is no causal correlation in market factors when you are looking at two different places in time. fractals are fucking retarded.

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checked and stacked up

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Exactly what I had in mind. We’re going to 10k boyis

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Don't be a fucking idiot and let them burn on the DeFi meme.

12.5k at least

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