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I am in the top 100 wallets, plus I hold 10K link.... I'm gonna be a millionaire soon, aren't I?

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I created around 8 FUD threads yesterday, was beautiful to see the selling down from 80c so I could double my stack to 20k

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Whale here, what is this and why should I buy your bags?

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>8m in used car loans is going to be the backbone for infinite amounts of money generating 6% annual interest

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>le 10% circulating supply pre-mined shit token flavour of the month

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How do they justify 6% interest?

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This fud has to be ironic. I refuse to believe that there are people on biz that are this fucking retarded.

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What fud? I only said facts. What's the circulating supply? Isn't it a premined shit token? Then shut the fuck up and deal with it.

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don't do it

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the used car loans are... wait for it... "generating 12% or more"

they are quite literally loan sharks preying on financially unstable retards who would take out a loan with ridiculous interest rates and likely have little ability to pay it back
but dont worry, the CEO got a participation award from the CIA so theres no possible way it could fail

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Dont forget that the loans themselves don’t just have predatory interest rates but they’ve actually overvalued all of the collateral so that they could purposefully have people take out bigger loans on the cars for predatory rates. Then, the original parent company pawns these loans off onto the dmm foundation which is registered in dubai, UAE. this is a legitimate scam. It’s not a bunch of retarded Pajeets trying to fool you into buying a uniswap flavor of the month. It’s incredibly well done.

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This. Fudding implies the project was legit. This is simply calling out a scam.
Fucking pajeets ..