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There isn't very much Stakenet left to buy.
Last night, .7% of the supply was up for sale. Now only .59% remains.
The remaining 600k is enough to make 40 more MNs. It takes 10 MNs to be a whale, and pre-existing whales like me are eyeing the rest.

If you've read up on this project, you know how much more room it has to go up. Do know entry will become increasingly difficult over the next few months. It's not so easy for Stakenet to lay low when it's pulling orders directly off of Binance without an account or KYC

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So the "real" circulating supply is about 5 million XSN. Maybe going to have some buying pressure soon, sucki sucki.

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down to 537k ~ approx .52%

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walls getting destroyed

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God damn wait you guys, my bank transfer needs till monday

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CZ on suicide watch

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fear the aggregator

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Based and suckipilled

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Lmao I bet binance is having an emergency meeting about stakenet DEX after their employe embarrassed himself on that reddit post yesterday.

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I genuinely think they're gonna try and sabotage them

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Good luck with that.. there are 1000's of Binance API's to choose from.. Remember that the Stakenet DEX can tap into ANY exchange. Centralized + Decentralized..

It's pretty fucking huge. Predict this one to reach between 10-20k sat very soon

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First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you-- U R HERE
And then you win

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True.. Next step, 1000 SAT

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they have enough money to warp perception, but xsn has vastly superior tech :D

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I think that is a very decent incentive plan to kickstart the platform. Nonetheless I think the MN engagement will be high, as seen in this thread, regardless of short term fee gains.

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it makes sense starting with hubs for stability and extra liquidity before migrating to mns
theyve been pushing out new builds everyday lately - sometimes 2x in one day :D

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only .4% of the supply remaining

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daaaaamn :D

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>imagine not buying a masternode and riding XSN to the Top 20

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This will do a similar run like XRB did. You can just feel it. It's the right tech at the right time. Stars are aligned.

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Quite literally, anon. We have just entered the age of Aquarius.

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been in crypto since 2016. xsn has felt like the next xrb for some time. only difference between it and xrb/ans is that xsn has massive staying power :D

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That's like pirate Bay of DEXs?

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It’s called FREEDOM!

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technically theyre doing nothing wrong
non-custodial :D

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based. thats a cool pic

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Dude just stop, "StAkEnEt" will never do more than a scammy multiplier and its hot garbage. If you wanna play the shitcoin casino at least buy EPIC under a $500k cap and hold some long term as it'll actually 100x.

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Why even attempt to FUD? Still accumulating?

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>fudding when he should be buying

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In the past 10 hours, the amount of buy orders for XSN has doubled from 700k to 1.4 million.
Since Thursday, the amount available for sale has been reduced from around 800k or so to 400k.
Double the demand. Half the supply.
There really isn't anywhere else you can buy this.
It takes 10 MNs to be a whale.
Approximately 28 MNs are remaining on the market now. There are buy orders for upwards of 93!

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What's going to happen once the supply has dried up and locked up into masternodes?

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I thought 100K XSN was a whale. 10 nodes is 150K.

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Never made it beyond their webpage. Looks like scammy garbage run by a team of teenagers. Pass.

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100K is whale.

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will you fucking faggots stop shilling this scam

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Considering how massive these accomplishments will stack up to be for the entire industry and how much room it has to grow beyond the innovator/early adoption phase?
More than likely, it will turn into a seller's market and demand will only increase as the network builds up it's utility.
100k is fair.

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try again, your fud sucks so much :D
i like those odds

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Does anyone know how to bypass the Livecoin 48 hour delay on withdrawals?? Help!

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I don't believe you can, anon. When I made my account, I had to wait too.
The only option is to wait. CEXs can make up their own rules as they see fit, unfortunately. Between a 48 hr wait and KYC (coinall), I'd choose to wait, but much more prefer to just use Vortex and not have to register any accounts or worry about disadvantageous rules.

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You have to contact livecoin personally.

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It's not worth it. It's Sunday and I think he'll probably be ok to withdraw before they get back to him.
Never had to contact Livecoin's support personally, so can't say for sure.

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Damn well probably gonna miss out on getting a masternode now

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I’ve gone through that shit to....
Just jerk off or something while you wait

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If you already own 15k XSN you're good anon, just wait for the to time to pass and then withdraw and set it up no worries.

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checked and this :D

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Price predictions?

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5$ is poor FUD

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XSN's current market cap is $7.8 million so. It's a rare instance of a lean dev team pulling off something massive. Entry now would guarantee you an excellent position if and when it does take off - and I'm absolutely certain it's a matter of when, not if.
If XSN hit $1 billion market cap? $10/coin.
$10 billion? $100/coin
It sounds absurd, and it is, but that's the way bull market logic works. DASH and a lot of altcoins that didn't really do anything hit $10 billion mcap during the 2017 bullrun so it's not exactly impossible.

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Look at that piece of shit Dash and how expensive a Masternode is, why? It doesn’t fucking do anything. XSN on the other hand is actually doing something with their masternodes which has a stupid amount of potential. By all rights XSN should already have a higher Marketcap than Dash and in the long term should be in the top 10

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Crypto is fucked atm. Hopefully by end of year most good coins will be the ranks they deserve to be in based on usage.

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XSN was hardcore enough to start in a bear market, survive, and push forward for 2 years developing. More and more, their ideas are being realized. As it's ecosystem comes together, it will undoubtedly pay off and pay off well.

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give me $50 :D

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Wow, someone was really bullish on coinall

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haha wtf

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The one benefit of only being available on a few exchanges. Fomo on Livecoin would have us pull a raiblocks

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1000 sats is broke on Livecoin, there is fuck all in the orderbook to stop this shit going to 10k sats, next stop lamboland

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Give me your real opinion, anon. I bought like 0.9 ETH of this on livecoin earlier because I was wary. Should I actually invest more into it? It doesn't feel like XSN will provide massive gains in the near future (one or two months from now) but the project is very legit and could very well BTFO every single dex. The thing is, I kept losing money this week and I would love short terms gains. Do you think it will be possible

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Please keep in mind that ppl like me hold it for the last two years. There was enough sell pressure and the idea is more and more developed to a useable product

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It’s never been a short term gain project but with DEX launch coming soon and people actually trying it for themselves in the beta it could have big pop in the short term. It’s one of those projects that just needs that one spark and suddenly it’s fucking massive, by all rights it should be in the top 50 already even at this stage.

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I have 30k Xsn but am too much of a brainlet to set up a master node. Will I still make it?

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why only one exchange in 2020?

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Can someone lay out the exchange listing dates of XRB? I'm trying to timeline the crazy run they had, and how it will reflect on the one we might experience, thanks.

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CZ in disbelief, binance employees are on the suicide hotline.

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Already popping. I swear people don't realize how big this is

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Don't forget 99% of people are retarded.

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that pump tho
no doubt this will go parabolic in the upcoming bull market

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it's a scam, a guy on discord proved the video is a fake (replicated it, putting an order on his phone) and got banned instantly, the problem isn't that the video proves anything, since maybe their solution works, but him getting insta banned is a huge redflag.

>> No.19986616

Proof or it didn’t happen

>> No.19986705

What order did he put on his phone as there is no mobile app at the minute....

>Smells like Chinaman low tier fud

Fuck off CZ we know it’s you

>> No.19986738


>places mobile order
>no mobile app, even in beta

Cry more, buy more or cry more later

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Come on ya chink... You gotta do better than this.

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Why wait this long for a scam? They've been delaying the dex for ages, if they wanted to create fake hype and exit scam this could've been done a year ago by just faking it in 2 minutes. I'd ban someone that malicious too

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They can’t even fake it for one the Binance video came from a fucking community member same as the Livecoin one. They made it while in the beta test testing the fucking software themselves something anyone can go and fucking do if they aren’t a complete retard just go into the discord and ask to be added to the test group. CZ trying to fud on this is absolutely retarded

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Other thread hit limit so I’ll repost my 2 cents ..

Been in crypto since 2015. I got in early on DAG coins, and number of privacy coins, Monero etc. Masternode coins like dash. I invested super early In XNS when I got wind of the DEX, hasn’t paid off yet. In the crypto game always invest in the Innovative next tech not the imitators. I totally missed COMP buy that was difficult to catch as that moved fast. Anywho... XSN is a moonshot for being a Binance killer or atleast serious competitor in market share for trading. And yea I was in Cryptobridge as well. In fact no true DEX is in it coming to the market so hopefully XSN will hurry the duck up already I been holding for almost 3 years. Fortunately I never get rid of bags...thank you anons for shilling Chainlink. XSN will be my5 or 6th moonshot so ehhh I’m not gonna right mad if XSN isn’t the top DEX this year and another project is but imo DEXs will drive the next bull run along with Defi lending. Sorry if rambling I have ADD. I only been seriously in 30 coins or so and been extremely right about 5 or 6 , granted all but 1 of them were before or during the bull run, but yea XSN is promising . Honestly I don’t need it to moonshot I have enough money I kinda just wanna be right and say that I called this one.

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How could it kill binance or any centralized exchange when it takes liquidity from them. Cexes are still getting their trade fees

>> No.19986990

first of all it will attract all the people looking for privacy and security. Then it will attract institutional traders since fees are very low. Then it will attract all people interested in swaps (but needs Raiden integration first). Then it will attract dapps developers. After that who knows

>> No.19987061

I agree it will attract plenty of user but I'm talking about the liquidity here. Even if everyone uses the sxn dex, all the cexes & dexes it pulls liquidity from will earn trading fees and make money. Calling this a binance killer is just wrong.

>> No.19987084

Because as people move over to the DEX then it will rely less and less on the aggregator pulling liquidity from other exchanges as it’s own orderbook will fill up naturally and directly cutting out all other exchanges

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Stats for 7 MNs at current price levels, if anyone is interested.

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I don’t know the specifics but the pulling from binance thing is only an initial liquidity solution. Last time I checked that is... once u have ur critical mass of trader and users the pulling from other CEXs won’t exist. I invest in the tech , never said I fully understood it.

>> No.19987226

Of course the long term plan is not to live at Binances, or any other CEXs mercy, but you have to have liquidity in order to kickstart the platform.

>> No.19987356

That makes sense, thanks

>> No.19987427

So.. First TRUE DEX, on Lightning (instant trades), low fees, hosted by the Masternodes AND manage to give it liquidity by taking it from each big centralized exchange ? HOLY MOLY

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No prob. Hard too keep up really. I just invest in the fin-tech area early. Still upset I didn’t invest in COMP or MKR but to be fair you could not really get in ground level . Now granted the DEX has been soon TM for ages now... but I just know it’s going that way. The future isn’t trading crypto at Barclays with kyc...

Now if the devs can hurry, shrug. This also reminds me this is a ledger coin.. like a real one not a token supported one . Good to see this being talked about haven’t seen it in ages, must be close now?

>> No.19988735

I typically stay away from coins that already had a huge pump and dump since theyll have a lot of bagholders just itching to sell. Why will this be different?

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1 millionen in buy orders, 350k in sell orders. 5 mins ago on LC. Just broke 1300 sat

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because MNs yield a comfy passive income with rewards and DEX trading fees

>> No.19988828


Because the mn dex fees alone will pay for each mn at its current price every fucking day if we get 1 billion in daily volume. Don't believe me?

0.25% trading fee * 1 billion

250k usd.

250k usd between 2000 MN is equivalent to 1k+ USD A DAY.

6 months from now people will look back and wonder how they missed something so obvious

>> No.19988849

Im a little upset I only have 1 masternode.

>> No.19988865


You are upset you could potentially earn 365k usd a year? Are you actually retarded

>> No.19988884

having more is better...

>> No.19989171


Dont be greedy it is more than what some will have for sure, 1 in 2000 is crazy.

>> No.19989362

>1 billion daily volume
never going to happen. literally only binance and bitmex have those numbers. xsn would have to THE standard exchange for all of crypto. I refuse to believe I'm that lucky.

>> No.19989414

Fuck even with a few million in daily volume MN owners still be making out like bandits

>> No.19989494


DESU it’s really healthy for a project to be super well distributed. So when I hear about guys that are not whales, makes me wanna invest more and I kinda don’t wanna miss the DEX wave.

>> No.19990011

Is that daily income for a single masternode ?

>> No.19990052

Some people have been holding with iron hands for 3 years. What makes you think they’re going to sell now, RIGHT BEFORE THE BETA LAUNCH??

>> No.19990202

how much is a node and masternode?

>> No.19990267

Very clearly states it is for 7. You have an iasue with maths, based on your other posts.

>> No.19990275

need 15000 xsn

>> No.19990342


This is just another cool sounding tech project that will NEVER get adopted. Yawnnnn.

>> No.19990353

>You have an iasue with maths, based on your other posts

Please point this out or shut your trap.

>> No.19990380

Livecoin won't let me buy USDT to convert into XSN idk why

>> No.19990389

Sounds like you need to take a nap pajeet. Nighty night, don’t let your past failures keep you up at night:^)

>> No.19990605

Bullish, article on Forbes released stating that Tesla needs the bitcoin lighting network for it's autonomous taxis in the future (not stated directly by Tesla).

>> No.19990704

So it’s dumping now. It’s dead right? Fuck

>> No.19990788

No just don’t be an idiot and FOMO buy like some idiots did, be patient and set your buy and wait for them to fill like a normal person would

>> No.19991147

Nice way to get priced out. And “normal” people don’t invest in decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges on an indian rug trading forum. This is a definite buy atm.

Sent from my iPhone

>> No.19991596

No what I meant was FOMO buying at 1500 was stupid, waiting for a retrace back to 1000 and then putting your buys in is smart

>> No.19991847

yeah it was a shit idea, I bought at 1500 like a faggot but also bought at 900 so dca isn't catastrophic, also I have fudded the project enough on this thread and others (too lazy to scroll for my posts since on phone) but it didn't lower the price enough, someone bigger than me was accumulating, I managed to get 300k and still have 0.8btc to spend on it if the price goes down.
that was me kek, well i hope you frens get in as well, keep fudding it desu I still have 0.8btc to throw at it but have a big enough stack that i don't need to fud it anymore.

>> No.19992042

Still trying to buy some XSN, but livecoin's verification with mercuryo is being a pain in my ass.

>> No.19992565

To get early Infos on development updates, changelogs regarding the dex, sucki sucki, and testing stuff you can give this tg channel a follow:


>> No.19993430

Cool, I never saw that one before.
I quite like this one https://stakenet.info/

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>> No.19994795

This is the sort of project that is going to go 20x overnight. You won't be able to buy in once it starts to moon

>> No.19995658

16% yearly return for the current state of the network is actually not bad desu

>> No.19996230

based :D

>> No.19996331

Should I exchange my eth to btc to get better liquidity? It's on $80 so I'm not sure if it even matter with the fees.

>> No.19996598

xsn/eth is still a pretty new coin pair on livecoin. xsn/btc has much better volume :D

>> No.19996719

Did it already. I hope I'll get rich off my 80 bucks /s

I'm a scared weener

>> No.19996851

That only accounts for block rewards atm.

>> No.19996946

I don't know if buy now or sleep and buy tomorrow. Help me sirs.

>> No.19997449

make it anon :D

>> No.19997892

xsn is now outperforming xrp and dash on livecoin. close to overtaking ltc! max 24h volume and biggest gainer :D

>> No.19998588

Do the needful and do both sirs

>> No.19998708

their bridge white paper is pretty cool imo. may I ask how this bridge differs from syscoin ethereum bridge ?

>> No.19999037

xsn is bridging two massive 2nd layers between ln and raiden :D

>> No.19999384

forgot to say you can usually get answers straight from the devs if you ask in the discord :D

>> No.19999731

>Now only .59% remains
How can you tell that? How do you know it?

>> No.19999811

total supply remaining /15k
33 million locked in mns, 600k for sale on books

>> No.19999831

didn't get in yesterday because I was too lazy to open a new account on livecoin. Regret it now, is it too late?

>> No.19999846

>going to have some buying pressure soon
It's on a shitty exange... this is the problem

>> No.19999853

just broke 1300 sat. looks like it has another leg to jump :D
now is the time to buy

>> No.19999924

We're gonna make it frens, XSN to 10000$

>> No.19999944

XSN 10k eoy >:D

>> No.19999961

First 1000$ then 10k$

>> No.20000012

checked rerolled and BASED
xsn will fly

>> No.20000032

First 100$ then 1000$ and then 10k$

>> No.20000226


>> No.20000289

>Raiden integration first

>> No.20000425

I believe around end of Q3/middle Q4, that's a very big achievement as it will be the first ever Trustless swap between BTC-ETH.

>> No.20000656

It'll break 2000 by Tuesday

>> No.20000674

are you a ta anon? the chart is looking stable and the buy pressure is solid :D

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I hear rumours that Raiden is a lot closer than people realise and there might be an announcement this week about it which is why it’s been pumping so hard

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What i like the most about this project is that everyone thinks that the DEX is the final product while it's really only the first piece of the puzzle.

>> No.20001599

This person gets it

>> No.20002014

Yeah that’s true most people don’t realise what the end goal is here they just think it’s a DEX and that’s it, nah the DEX is just the first step to something much bigger

>> No.20002198

>end of Q3/middle Q4
it's always postponed why?

>> No.20002206

>I hear rumours that Raiden is a lot closer than people realise
price prediction for raiden?

>> No.20002304

xsn is the final redpill
once you see how excellent the idea and tech is, and how desperately everyone influential in crypto that isnt a cabbage tries everything they can to keep it and other promising tech down for as long as possible, it makes you hate most if not all the crypto industry and the way it juggles its ethics
xsn will win, no different than banks and the media trying to step on btc :D

>> No.20002359

Fuck knows but if they pull it off then I believe it will make them the first true DEX where you can trade BTC, ETH and USDT completely anon and without restriction instantly which is a huge fucking deal

>> No.20002396

>first piece of the puzzle
always postponed

>> No.20002412

>Fuck knows
come on price prediction?

>> No.20002475

50$ easy

>> No.20002714
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>> No.20002720

Stop fudding

>> No.20002772


>> No.20002808

>50$ easy
can't even breack 11 cents

>> No.20002906

I think $1 is very reasonable which would give a Mcap of $100M and put them in the top 100 and to be fair they should be already be there with what they have done so far compared to some projects in the top 100.

By the end if they can pull everything off then they should be a top 20 project at least then that would be a Mcap of near $1B which would be $10 XSN.

However there is one factor which could push this much higher and that’s down to how much of the supply is locked up in MN’s and staking, something like 75% currently is so that doesn’t leave much on the exchanges which could potentially push XSN much higher if the demand goes crazy

>> No.20003033

Is there an ETA for the DEX?

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> why fud anon ? don't you want to be rich? for me it smells like the next chainlink of Passive Income

>> No.20003105

When they get to 95%+ swaps success rate they will publish the release date. Until then I'm buying as much as I can.

>> No.20003112

DEX is done, you can try it yourself right now. If you mean a big spectacle launch event then maybe a couple more weeks

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>> No.20003830

scarcity and an extremely useful and beneficial ecosystem - good pair t b h :D

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>> No.20004823

The difference between seeing potential in the original ideas behind something like Amazon or eBay early-on vs sticking with trusted companies too big to fail like Sears.