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A retrace after a pump is healthy. This is normal. Number doesn’t just go up forever without red day(s). The whole market is currently red, it’s normal that DMG is

For all the fudders, you’ll see soon enough

I’m comfy. If you guys lose faith and sell, I’ll be buying your stack at a discount. It’s been two days, don’t be impatient.

Thanks in advance

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Not a safe time to buy or hold this coin. It has too much drama for now. Stay safe guys.

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dude you are done and your faggit millionaire who shilld this shit aint gonna change shit. Sell with a lose or lose it all.

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I think the lack of major exchanges means guaranteed pump, drama or not.
Listings will occur in weeks, not months

I haven’t seen a fud that dismantles the product as a whole, and the team has addressed most of them

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I’m up ya boner. You think I bought the local top?

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I take it you bought at ath?

No one holding is freaking out because we all got sub 50 cents

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How do you buy these shit coins? Where is the value listed?

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I don’t want crypto newbies to sell for a loss then hate themselves later

There’s always fudders for a new coin making a splash. In reality, they never take risks and never make 10x gains

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I bought via MXC a few days ago

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>no one is freaking out
yeah no one who already bought, but there's plenty of fudders who pretend they just got bitconnected to get a buy-in

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When it is at 20 cents I might it LOL

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I got 50k at $0.17. Feeling mighty comfy right now plebs

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Congrats bro :)

My buy in is ~.40.
Not as comfy as you but still v cozy indeed

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of course its not comfy you gonna lose it all lol

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Just bought more

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Seethe more faggot. Your talking to the new financial ruling class. Eat my dick

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What’re you trading right now then, hm?

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>Financial ruling class

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>whole market is down
Weak hands alert

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>imagine not selling at $1
Emotional people and nu-economists who don't even understand why almost if not all of the tokens in this market are utterly useless and only serve as a speculative tool to make bank on. Imagine believing for more than ONE MINUTE in a project who used photoshopped depreciated car liens in order to promote itself to the public.
>the next COMP!
>But it will be for real world assets this is merely the beginning!

Lmao. Did crypto and shitcoin marketing fry your brain? Real-world doesn't necessarily mean more valuable, and so far DMM has shown nothing truly worth all this price movement in the past week. Fucking old cars with no value kek. Delusional bagholders or people who bought the top will call this a correction, smart people who already sold and onlookers can tell at a glance that it's rightfully freefalling to its actual value : 0.30 USD per DMG. And even then, I'd believe this to be way overvalued considering there's literally nothing yet to justify such a high price. Not the faked Coinbase partnership. Not the rumors about a CIA agent moving funds into the project. Not the "partnership" with Chainlink, an argument used by almost all shitcoins in this DeFi bubble. They should be like RSR, below 1 cent because it's only air at this point.

At any rate, I'm off. See you for the next /biz/ PnD, anons. I hope that by then you'd have learned your lesson. Buy early and take profits. It's literally that easy.

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Do you really think the whole project is used cars baka

Congrats on the profits during the pnd though. We will all be good

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QNT and RSR disagrees with you

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I bought the top
I also bought BNT's top
Good thing I have a fetish for financial domination

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I also hold reserve my goi

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